If you want to know all about phone actress jobs and exactly where to find the best ones, this is the perfect article for you.

It explains how these phone actress jobs work, how you can get involved and the best sites that either pay for these types of jobs or help you find the high paying jobs.

So yes, if you are interested in becoming a phone actress, there are lots of jobs available for you.

Some companies or brands hire people to work for them as phone actresses.

You too can sign up and start making money with these types of job.

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Keep reading to find out some of the best phone actress jobs you can find and where you can find them.


What Are Phone Actress Jobs?

Phone actress jobs are those jobs where people communicate with callers or customers.

They can talk, chat, and text others from remote locations that may include the comfort of their homes.

They communicate with others and help them answer pressing questions, troubleshoot product issues, and take care of their loneliness.


16 Best Sites to Find Phone Actress Jobs


1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the major and best known companies that offers phone actresses or phone assistant jobs. It is one of the largest online marketplaces.

On this site, customer support assistants are hired to respond to customers’ needs.

They do the job through chat, email, and phone.

Amazon can hire this personnel for a full-time job or part-time job.

So, you have flexibility in choosing what best suits you.

Click here to check out Amazon for phone actresses or customer support assistant jobs.

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2. American Express

American Express is the very popular company that deals with travel and lifestyles.

This company also hires people to work as phone actresses, even though they are not exactly called phone actresses.

If you are a female with good communication skills then you can apply to work with this platform.

Phone actresses working on this site are referred to as virtual customer assistants.

You can get paid to work from a remote relocation helping customers solve their problems.

If you pass the qualification to work with American Express as a virtual assistant, the company will install a landline and high-speed Internet in your home.

This will allow you get completely free Internet on your computer or even get free Internet connection on your mobile device, to help you save on the cost of running the service from your location.

Click here to check out American Express.


3. Apple

Apple is the well known computer technology company. They are known for the famous iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iMac computing systems.

This company also hires people who can work as phone actresses, even though they are not exactly called phone actresses.

Instead they are called at-home advisors. Their job involves providing customers with tech support and troubleshooting services.

At-home advisors can provide their services through chat, email, and phone.

Candidates must be able to type more than 40 WPM and must have at least two years of tech support experience.

Apple pays its ‘phone actresses’ very well.

It would interest you to know that the job also comes with benefits including the use of a headset and iMac.

Click here to check out Apple.

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4. 1Q

1Q is a company that hires phone actresses to give feedback to consumer questions.

You can work as a phone actress and help provide market research companies with the information they can use to make better decisions.

1Q can pay you from $0.25-$0.50 for each question you answer.

What you earn from each question is dependent on the complexity of the question.

You can earn more money if you answer more questions.

Click here to check out 1Q.


5. Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines is a company that provides travel and vacation planning services to customers who prefer to cruise on ships and pleasure boats.

They often hire phone operators or virtual vacation planners to assist customers with their travel plans and needs.

If you are looking for a phone actress job then this company can hire you.

You need to prove that you can do the job and you must have a dedicated phone line and a quiet office space to work.

Your core duty as a virtual vacation planner would be to help the customer with questions and concerns especially with regards to their travel plans.

Click here to check out Carnival Cruise Lines to get hired for a phone actress job.


6. Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit is a well-known platform that hires phone actresses who work from home.

The company pays phone actresses to chat with strangers using their phone or SMS.

Yes, it’s somewhat similar to getting paid money to be virtual friends to others online.

Phone actresses can also use a Webcam to chat and flirt with clients.

If you work with this Chat Recruit as a phone actress, you will make a lot of money.

How much you earn will depend upon the time you spend engaging clients.

On average, you will be paid $2 per minute of chat. The higher the talk time, the more earning you will receive.

Chat Recruit will deduct a small commission from your earning. You will get paid through direct bank deposit or bank transfers.

Click here to check out Chat Recruit.


phone actress jobs that pay


7. Concentrix

Concentrix is a company known for providing businesses with customer engagement and performance services.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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This company was established in 2000 and has since been providing global business services to clients.

Concentrix always provides multiple work-from-home customer service opportunities.

You can be recruited to work as a phone actress. Your duties would include providing customer service to clients.

These jobs are often pasted as full- and part-time sales and service reps, customer service reps, and tech support reps jobs.

You can work from home in virtual call center positions.

Concentrix will employ you even if you have a high school diploma or GED. Also, you just need a one-year customer service experience to get started.

If you are in the United States, Concentrix only hires residences of 35 states except for Alaska, California, Connecticut, Washington DC, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, or Washington.

Click here to check out Concentrix.

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8. Dream Lover

Dream Lover is a website that hires phone actresses. Men can also apply to work as models.

The jobs you do to get paid involves sending text messages to clients. You can also talk with clients on your mobile phone and share videos with them.

When you send SMS on Dream Lover, you must restrict to characters to 160 as required by the platform.

You will get paid to chat, phone, and send SMS to clients.

To get started as a phone actress on this site, you must attain the legal age of 18. You can then complete your profile.

If the profile is approved, you can start sharing your seductive photos and flirting with clients through text messages.

Clients that show interest in your messages and phones will buy coins to have conversations with you.

Click here to check out Dream Lover.

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9. Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings is an American car rental company.

It runs the Alamo Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car companies.

You can work as a phone actress with this company especially if you sign up for their reservation sales representative job.

This is a work-from-home position that allows you to contact, connect, and provide car rental reservation help to customers.

You can connect with customers by phone, chat, and text messages.

Enterprise Holdings pays you about $12.85 per hour. You also earn a competitive commission structure.

Click here to check out Enterprise Holdings for work-at-home phone actress jobs.

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10. Flirtbucks

Flirtbucks is another popular platform that makes it possible for you to make money chatting or flirting with strangers.

The clients include those who are lonely and want people to talk to.

You can chat with any customer you want and you don’t have to be nude working on this platform.

Flirtbucks allows you to make up to $0.10 per minute of talk time. The more time you spend talking and chatting with clients, the more money you will make.

Click here to check out Flirtbucks Review.


11. LiveOps

LiveOps is another well known company that provides customer support services to clients. You can be hired for a customer service job and get paid to talk and chat with customers.

LiveOps hires freelancers or Independent contractors’ across 36 states of the United States.

You can be hired and connected with work-at-home opportunities that fit your unique skills and experience.

When you work with LiveOps, you get paid well to provide real-time chat support and tech support to clients.

You can earn $12-$15 per hour when you complete a virtual call center job with LiveOps.

Click here to check out LiveOps to work as a phone actress in a virtual call center position.

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12. McMoney

McMoney is a branch of a telecom company called CM Telecom. This company was founded in 1999 is still in operation.

McMoney works as an SMS delivery testing platform. It tests SMS for a wide range of companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

You can work with this company and get paid to receive SMS on your mobile phone while virtually doing nothing.

If you can work as a phone actress and receive SMS on your phone. You can also make money if you join their referral program.

On this platform, you get paid from $0.02 to $0.06 per message.

You can download the McMoney app and start making money receiving SMS with your phone.

Click here to check out McMoney.


13. MyGirlFund

MyGirlFund is a platform that offers members the opportunity to make money while chatting and flirting with others.

You can join this platform as a phone actress and get paid to phone, chat, email, and share videos with clients.

You can set your rate and rules on this virtual chat assistant platform.

Once you create a profile on this platform, any interested client will connect you with you.

To boost your chance of attracting more clients, you can post flirting pictures of yourself

Click here to check out MyGirlFund.


14. NexRep

NexRep is another popular company you can work for and get paid for customer service jobs.

If you are a woman, you can apply for a phone actress job on this platform.

This company hires work-at-home agents for inbound sales, outbound sales, and customer care positions for other companies like GrubHub, Priceline, Red Bull, and more.

When working with this company, you would be expected to have good skills that include data entry skills, customer-oriented problem-solving skills, organization and time management skills, and in-depth product knowledge.

NexRep pays around $13 to $15 per hour. Some top earners receive around $30+.

Click here to check out NexRep to start getting paid for a phone actress’s job.


Other platforms you can also check out include:

15. Phrendly

16. Working Solutions



As this article has indicated, there are genuine phone actress jobs out there that pay very well.

Some of the best places to find these types of jobs were also covered in this article.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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