If you are looking for the best P&G coupons, this is the right article to read. It shows you exactly how and where you can find the best P&G Coupons.

For those who don’t know, The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) is an American consumer goods manufacturer, headquartered in Ohio, USA. It was founded as far back as 1837.

P&G’s products are available in countries all over the world including North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

The corporation produces a wide range of personal, health care, hygiene, and beauty products.

The products portfolio is segmented into health care, grooming, beauty, fabric & home care, feminine,  family care, etc.

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Food, beverages, and diagnostics products are also included in the products portfolio of  P&G.

P&G’s products are found in most homes in the United States and in other parts of the world.

This is not surprising since P&G is a reputable and global brand!

Consumers that purchase P&G’s products daily would definitely want to save money on the items they choose.

One way of doing this is to use P&G’s coupons. This is similar to the use of coupons such as Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons to save money on meals at the KFC.

These coupons come as printable and/or digital coupons.

Customers can use these coupons to save money and time with P&Gs products every day.


Best Places to Find the Best P&G Coupons

Below are some of the best ways and places to find the best P & G coupons online and offline:


1. P&G Everyday 

The very first place to save big when it comes to P&G products is the P&G’s Everyday website.

On this website, you will find various coupon offers that allow you to save on different P&G products.

You can sign-up to receive great deals, coupons, and samples exclusive to P&G products.

In addition, this website hosts a community that shares great tips, recipes, inspiration and advice to members.

Digital coupons and printable coupons are always readily available on this platform.

You can choose the electronic or digital coupons by clicking on the “Load to Card” link.

For the printable coupons, you simply click on the “Add to basket” link.

Both links are on this website.

Click here to check out P&G’s Everyday for both Digital and Printable Coupons

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2. P&G eStore

The P&G eStore is the shopping website for P&G products. The online shop publishes various home care, health, baby & kids, men, women, and travel products for Procter and Gamble.

You can shop on this site for top P&G brands like Tide, Crest, Old Spice, Bounty, Pampers, Olay, Febreze, Pantene, Oral-B, Gillette, etc.

You will get regular coupons, deals, and special offers that will definitely save you some money.

If you are a regular with this site, you may even qualify for special offers like giving away of gift cards, giving away makeup samples, etc, from P&Gs brands.

Click here to check out P&G eStore

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3. CouponInserts

This is a website where savvy shoppers look to, for deals and coupons on their favorite products.

This platform is run by Debbie, a mom that loves sharing coupons and deals to those who loves to shop and save big, including stay at home moms.


Best P&G Coupons Online

If you are looking for P&G coupons, then you should check out Coupon Inserts.

There are lots of coupon offers listed on this website.

If you are planning to save money on cleaning supplies, baby products, and personal care products, you should check out the P&G coupon offers from Coupons Inserts.

You will definitely save a lot of money like other people who have been saving on P&G’s items over the years, even without using apps for saving money.

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4. SlickDeals  

SlickDeals is another popular website known for publishing top coupons and deals on many different products.

If you are looking for one of the best coupons websites that can save you money, then SlickDeals is one of the best that comes to mind.

P&G coupons are lavishly published on this platform. You can always use them to save time and money whenever you shop for your favorite P&G’s products.

You should visit SlickDeals.net and click on the “Top Coupons” link on the top bar. Then the available coupon deals would be displayed.

You can also type “P&G” in the search bar and see results of the available top coupons.

Click here to check out SlickDeals

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5. Coupons.com

Just as the name suggests, Coupons.com is a place you can get access to various types of coupon deals.
The website offers both printable or digital coupons.

Coupons.com publishes coupons from P&G and other brands regularly.

If you don’t get the brand coupon when you visit this website, you should check back again.

This is because the coupons are updated regularly and you can apply them to your daily purchases.

Doing this can help you save money like most shopping apps you use online out there.

Coupons.com has a search bar in which visitors can enter and search for the coupons they want.

You can also subscribe for newly released coupons by having alerts sent to your email.

Click here to check out Coupons.com

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6. The Crazy Coupon Chick 

The Crazy Coupon Chick is a place to save money one clip at a time.

It provides visitors with several coupons or code offers.

These coupons will save you money when you use them to shop for specific brands.

P&G coupons are published on this website just as other branded coupons.

The Crazy Coupon Chick will help you to access top P&Gs coupons for health care, personal care, baby products and hygiene products.

Click here to check out The Crazy Coupon Chick

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7. The Krazy Coupons Lady

This website also helps people find the best coupons and deals online.

It publishes valid top coupons on various brands including P&Gs.

Click on the coupons section to find P&G coupons for Pampers, Olay, Crest, Tide, Pantene, and other P&Gs brands.

Another good thing you should know about The Krazy Coupons Lady is that it provides visitors with varieties of coupon deals.

Visitors can easily find beginner coupons, extreme coupon deals, printable coupons and online coupons on this platform.

With the ease of finding coupons on this website, it also becomes really easy to save money.

You can draw from the savings you make through couponing if you are in need money now.

Click here to check out The Krazy Coupons Lady

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8. Retailmenot 

Retailmenot helps shoppers save through coupons, promo codes, dollar-off discounts, sales, and cashback offers.

Visitors of this deals website are offered variety of coupons from top retailers and brands.

Some of these are  brands that offer special promos like one-day sales  through which various incentives like bonuses, coupons, paid product testing, special discounts, etc, are offered to customers who buy the promoted product within one day or 36 hours at most.

P&G coupons are among the top promotions and deals you will find at Retailmenot.


best P&G Coupons for shoppers

Check out various P&G coupons and deals on this website and save big on hygiene products, personal care or baby care products.

For instance you can save up to 20% off Beauty Essentials from Olay, Pantene, & Covergirl.

You can also subscribe to new or latest deals and top coupons from the P&G Shop and other retailers via Retailmenot newsletters.

Click here to check out Retailmenot

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9. Offers.com

Offers.com is another top site you can visit and save money on your everyday shopping.

Coupons, deals, and saving tips are regularly shared on this website. The offers of many websites like Amazon are also shared here.

If you love P&G’s products then visit Offers.com to save money through coupons.

P&G’s printable coupons, digital codes, site-wide codes, free shipping offers, and other deals are regularly published on this site.

Visit Offers and click on the “Get Offer” button and you would be taken to the P&G Shop.

There you can follow the instructions and apply the coupon code.

You can also sign up for Offers’ newsletter and get P&G coupons emailed to you regularly.

Click here to check out Offers.com

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10. Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant is a community that helps members shop responsibly.

Shoppers can save money with cashback and coupon codes at over 3,000 online brands or retailers.

Members can donate a portion of their cashback earnings to any one of 1.2 million 501(c) 3 nonprofit and charitable organizations in the U.S.

Giving Assistant provides members with simple, free & secure cashback system that ensures that they save money when they shop.

The member benefits of Giving Assistants are similar to benefits enjoyed by Costco warehouse club members

Although, Costco membership is not free, You can still get Costco Membership for free. 

If you are shopping for P&G moisturizers, cleaners, and other products, then check out Giving Assistant for P&G coupons and deals.

Click here to check out Giving Assistant

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11. Groupon

Groupon is still one of the most popular online marketplaces that connects shoppers to retailers and the brands they like.

This website offers a variety of deals and coupons from different stores.

online marketplace that gives P&G Coupon

You can save on products like Auto & Home improvement, Baby & Kids, Health & Beauty, Personalized care, etc.

Groupon has a local classified section which is set up for those who prefer to buy items locally or around their neighborhoods.

This section is similar to what you will find in sites that work like Craigslist for buying and selling online, including selling feet pictures like in this article.

P&G coupons and deals are published on this platform. You can check out various types of Procter & Gamble Men’s & Women’s, Body and Home Products from PGeStore.com.

Some of these Products would be delivered to your home free.

Click here to check out Groupon 

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12. Money Saving Mom  

This website offers visitors the opportunity to save money on different items they buy. It is well known as a place where the latest deals and frugal tips are shared.

These latest deals may include promotional offers that provide incentives like bonuses, discounts, different freebies and even completely free gift cards to online shoppers.

You can always check out the latest P&G coupons and deals from the platform.

Printable and electronic P&G coupons are shared by this site.

Click here to check out Money Saving Mom

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13. The Thrifty Couple

The Thrifty Couple is another online platform where visitors can get the best tips on how to save money.

You can check on this website to access good coupon deals and to save money as well.

good coupon deals

The Thrifty Couple publishes available offers P&G coupons to the public. You can check out your favorite P&G brands and save money from here.

One of the famously published P&G brands is the coupon booklet filled with $110 worth of coupons.

If you qualify for this, you download it for FREE.  Similar to getting this free booklet, don’t forget that there are websites where you can read books online free.

These platforms freely publish books that are already in the public domain from authors or content creators who prefer giving these books free.

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14. Savings.com

Like the name implies, Savings.com offers you the opportunity to save money through different ways, including getting coupons from popular brands and stores.

If you are looking to save from P&Gs products then you should search this platform for the available deals.

You will find any available coupons for your favorite beauty care, personal care, baby, or hygiene care products from P&G.

Just enter your “P&G” in the search bar and get the available search results displayed on your screen.

You can also sign up for the Savings newsletter and receive regular updates the latest P&G coupons.

Click here to check out Savings.com


15. Hip2Save 

Hip2Save offers different types of coupons and deals that help shoppers to save money.

It is an online platform where visitors share important tips on how to save money.

If you are looking for P&G coupons, you will also find them on Hip2Save.

Both printable and digital P&G coupons are published here.

Click here to check out Hip2Save



P&G products are popular with many households. They are bought every day.

With the use of P&G coupons, people truly get to save money from everyday personal, health care and household products they buy.

The above are details on how and where to find the best P&G Coupons.

The websites or platforms shared above should be visited if you would like to start saving money on products promoted by Procter and Gamble.

Most of these platforms offer deals that can be maximized with the use of cashback websites and apps that reward shoppers.


P&G Coupons



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