If you want to know how to start a lawn care business and succeed, this article will prove very helpful.

It reveals a lot about starting this business and ways to make it successful.

First things first…

Are you interested in starting a pet sitting business?

If yes, then it means you probably love to take care of pets for their owners.

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A lot of people and families own animal pets and would do anything to see that they are well cared for.

You can start a business of pet sitting as a way of caring for pets on behalf of their owners.

A pet sitting business is a business you should plan and execute well.

Thankfully reading this article will provide you with answers to important details on how to start and succeed with this business.


What Is a Pet Sitting Business?

A pet sitting business is an enterprise set up to provide care for domestic pets.

These include caring for animals like dogs, cats, birds, and more.

It can be a really good for just about anyone, especially those who love pets. It can even be a good business idea for teens who want to make extra money.


Why Start a Pet Sitting Business?

If you want to know why people start a pet sitting business then you should read through this section.

Although individual reasons may suffice, the truth remains that there are general reasons for setting up this business.

These include, but are not limited to, the following:


1. Relatively low start-up costs

A pet sitting business is not too expensive to start.

It’s one of those really low investment business ideas that you can start with next to nothing and have people contact you to care for their pets.

Basic pet supplies are what you need to get started and you will not break the bank to get them.

In most cases, the pet owners provide their supplies, and so you don’t have much to invest when it comes to supplies like leashes and pet foods.

The startup costs usually center around investing money in advertising your business to clients.


2. No storefront is needed

Pet sitting business is a kind of business you do without worrying about a storefront.

It is a service-based business and you don’t have to worry about the storage and maintenance of items until they are needed by the customers.

Except if you add the selling of some pet food to this business, you don’t need to worry about inventory or storage costs.

Your operating base would be from your home and you may use your vehicle to visit clients at their homes.

Yes, it’s one of those work from home businesses to make money from.


3. You Make Money From Your Love Of Animals

You can start a pet sitting business if you love animal pets like dogs or cats.

This business will allow you to make money from what you love doing.

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4. You Can Work As Much Or As Little As You Want

A pet sitting business from home offers you the opportunity to work as much or a little as you want.

This means you will have the flexibility and convenience to work at your time and from where you want.

You can decide to work on this business part-time or full-time.


5. You can connect with many potential clients

A pet sitting business allows you to reach out to many types of clients at homes, schools, or offices, etc.

Your client base may also include, neighbors, friends, family members, veterinarians and pet stores, etc.

You can establish a relationship and communicate with potential clients or pet owners.

Yes, it’s one of the ways to make money from your neighbors by looking after their pets when they are away.


6. Work out while you work

A pet sitting service may cause you to do a lot of exercises.

If your pet sits dogs most often then you may have to engage in dog walking most of the time.

The more pet sitting you do, the more workout you will encounter for your body.

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How to Start a Pet Sitting Business


1. Plan Your Business

You need planning before you start a pet sitting business. The planning should cover the following:


2. Decide What Type of Pets You Want To Sit For Clients

Most people own dogs and cats as their pets.

So, you may want to focus on any of these animals.

Your decision as to whether to focus on a dog or cat or any pet should be guided by your passion.

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3. Decide Where To Provide The Pet Sitting Service For Clients

You can decide whether to pet sit in your home, at the home of the pet owners, or both.

You will make this decision based on where you have the facility and get the most comfortable sitting the pet.


4. Decide the Timing You Would Like To Be Providing the Pet Services

You can plan to offer this service during the day or at night.

Also, you must take cognizance of the fact that you may have to be called upon irregular hours to provide the pet sitter service.


5. Decide If You Would Like To Stay At the Homes Of Clients To Offer the Services

Or, you can simply choose to visit at the scheduled time to sit the pets.

If you decide to stay at the home of the clients, you may also plan to render other services like mild cleaning, watering the plants, and bringing in the mail, etc.


How to Start a Pet Sitting Business


6. Form a Legal Entity

Once you have determined the kind of pet sitting service you want to provide, you can then go ahead and form a legal entity.

This means you are going to make the business legal.

You can register the business as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a limited liability company (LLC).

Since you are just starting, it would be best to stick with forming the business as a sole proprietorship or a partnership.

You should also consider registering the business as an LLC so you can protect your assets against business losses.

Check out the requirements of your state or city to register your pet sitting business as a legal entity.

Check out the following for more tips on Corporation and LLC:


7. Register for Taxes

Your pet sitting business will pay taxes eventually. From the onset, you need to register for the necessary taxes.

In most countries, there are federal and state laws that may apply to small businesses.

Before you are open for business make sure you have sorted out taxation issues.

If you are in the United States, you may need to apply for a taxation number like the EIN.

Contact the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) for more details on how to get EIN.

Remember that the type of or amount of your tax you pay would be dependent on the structure of your business.

If you register your pet sitting business as a sole proprietorship, you may not pay the same type of tax for an LLC.

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8. Check Licensing and Permits Requirements

You can contact local business licensing offices and inquire about necessary licenses for the operation of a pet sitting business.

Get the necessary licenses and permits before you open the business.

Since you would be dealing with pets, you may need permits and licenses to board and feed the animals.

You can check on your local Chamber of commerce and/or contact an attorney to assist you with the basic permits or licenses associated with setting up this business.

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9. Get Your Supplies and Equipment Ready

You will need pet supplies and some equipment when starting a pet sitting business.

If you plan to visit clients at their homes, then you should get a car for transportation.

You can also get pet food, emergency medical supplies, toys, leashes, and treats. These would come in handy if you are planning to board animals at your home.

You need some extra pet supplies in case clients run out of them.



10. Open a Business Bank Account

You will need to open a dedicated bank account to make transactions with your clients.

This account should be separate from your account.

This is important so that your business liability won’t affect your assets.

Another reason for setting up a business account is for easy accountability and easy filing of taxation data.


11. Set Up Business Accounting Method

You need to set up an accounting method for your pet sitting business.

Here, you will have to determine how your business is going to accept and send payments.

You will need to set up your pricing structure.

One great idea you can adopt before setting up your pricing structure is to get an idea of the average rates charged by other pet sitting businesses in your area.

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12. Marketing Your Pet Sitting Business

You can start marketing your pet business once everything is in place. There are many steps to market this business. They include:

  • Choose a memorable name for the business.
  • Create a professional-looking website to list the service your pet sitting business is offering. It should also cover the rates and your contact info.
  • Promote your business on various social media platforms. Make use of the popular ones like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. You can also create a channel and promote your business with Sponsorships on YouTube and other business platforms.
  • Design business cards and flyers and advertise your business online.
  • Network with other pet sitters and connect with vets in your area. Networking can bring in businesses for you.



If you like to start a pet sitting business, then you need to follow the tips shared in this post.

The details provide you with important steps you can take to start the business.

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