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Most likely, the first time that some of us picked up a paintbrush was as a toddler when we dipped our small brush into water and applied it to a silhouetted drawing.

To our delight, the drab page was transformed as a color miraculously appeared.

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Or perhaps, in pre-school or kindergarten, we advanced to dipping our paintbrush into various colors and splashing the vivid colors onto art paper.

We proudly took our artwork home and were complemented by our parents who would proudly display our creation on the refrigerator door or other prominent place within the home.

Possibly, little did we know that there was a business future in once again picking up that paintbrush?


Importance of a Painting Business

Just possibly the thrill of those first vibrant brushstrokes remains with us and now we are looking at capitalizing on those first painting experiences.

We are looking at starting a painting business.

As long as homes are being built, companies being constructed, houses being sold, and the need for a fresh coat of paint every so often, a need to protect an American’s biggest investment, there is a need for quality painters.

A professionally applied coat of paint can freshen the interior of a home and give the appearance of being new once again.

The painting of the nursery can welcome the newborn member of the family or the application of an appropriate color to the living room can give the appearance of being remodeled and provide new warmth to the living space.

Additionally, a vibrant paint on one particular wall within the room can provide an accent that is both inviting and meaningful.

Also, the practical side of paint is that it can protect one’s exterior portion of their home.

With the home being the largest investment that often an individual family can make, repainting can bring out a new vibrancy to the exterior of the home as well as protecting the home from the harsh elements of the various seasons.

Painting is also important when it comes to the possible sale of one’s home.

A fresh coat of paint can speak volumes to potential buyers about the maintenance and upkeep of the home as well as being more inviting when the home is placed on the real estate market.


How to Start a Painting Business (Tips to Help You)


Tip #1: Painting in between the Lines

If one is considering starting a painting business, it is important to know that it is more than just prying open the lid of a paint can, immersing the paintbrush or roller, and applying the various vibrant colors of the rainbow to various surfaces.

For the sake of this article, it is assumed that the potential paint company owner has the needed experience, understands the various equipment usages and qualifications to be a licensed painter.

However, a certain business and customer relations personality is required. Just like a good paint is blended to perfection, so the painting owner also needs a blending.

This blending is of practical experience, business as well as experience in customer relations.

Paint customers can be extremely demanding and expect near perfection in the painting jobs that are accomplished.

Therefore, the soon-to-be paint company owner should have an accommodating personality and can work with customers who may express dissatisfaction or additional needed work needed upon their inspection.

Also, similar to being exact when painting between the lines, the business owner should be well acquainted with government rules and regulations as it relates to the products that are utilized.

Additionally, there is the matter of complying with OSHA standards due to the product that painters work with and sometimes being called upon to climb scaffolding and scale ladders.

With these rules and regulations, the painter mustn’t paint themselves in a corner.

Therefore, knowledge of the painting business as it relates to the application of paint, customer service, meeting rules and regulations of various governments, etc. is critical.


Tip #2: Masking Preparation

One of the important pre-painting components is for the painter to use masking tape to protect surfaces that are not intended to be painted.

Examples could be masking around the window or baseboard.

Similarly, the potential owner of a painting business in starting their enterprise needs to make sure that they utilize masking tape.

This masking tape creates a barrier against the stroke of the brush or roller. For the painting company, the masking tape can be compared to legalizing one’s company, setting up a business plan, obtain licensing, permits, etc.

Consequently, the individual looking to start a painting business should consult with legal advisors in setting up an LLC.

An LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation that will protect the owner’s assets from any liabilities brought against the company.

This document also delineates how the business will be run and other specific business actions.

Related: Best State to Form an LLC & Pros and Cons of a Corporation.

Also, the business should look into the legal standards as required by their state of residence to make sure that they operate within the parameters of the laws governing painting companies.

Specifics include any business licensing requirements, permits, whether the painting company will paint residences or perform commercial work, need for business insurance, etc.

It is important to note that the requirements for operation within each state may vary.

Some states may be extremely strict and exact while other states may be more lenient as to the needed requirements.


How to Start a Painting Business

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Tip #3: Take an Estimate of your Painting Business

As a potential paint company, your business model will most likely provide an estimate to the customer.

This estimate to complete the painting job provides a written document to the customer and is based on the size of the job, paint needed, cost of labor, etc.

So it is for the entrepreneur looking to paint their way into the successful business world. You’ve researched the viability of your painting company and have determined that you want to proceed in the painting business.

An estimate should be gathered considering the cost of conducting business.


Tip #4: Formulate a Business Plan

The next step is to formulate a business plan.

The elements of the business plan will include how the business will run and financial estimates of potential income and expenses.

Included in the plan or estimate would be any equipment costs, the use of employees and how many, marketing strategy, whether the company will provide for the painting needs of commercial businesses or private homes, etc.

Also, a component of the business plan will be whether you will be purchasing several trucks or vans to comprise your painting fleet to transport any employees and paint supplies.

This estimate or business plan can then be taken to various financial institutions in hopes of gaining a small business loan in starting your capital venture.

Often, before a loan is granted, the potential lender will want to know how the business will operate, what sort of profits will be anticipated, how the company will market itself, etc.

They want to make sure that they get a return on their investment through the repayment of the loan at whatever interest rate that you can negotiate.


Tip #5: Priming

As a painter, you are well aware of the painting process. Depending upon the paint that is used and the soon-to-be-painted surface, sometimes the beginning of applying paint begins with the application of a primer.

The primer is first applied to the surface so that when the paint is applied there is better adhesion of the paint.

The application of a primer also enhances the longevity of the applied paint and adds an extra layer of protection from the elements.


Tip #6: Persevere in Your Painting Business

Those who have overcome all of the business hurdles and are on their way to business success may find it a bit slow going at first. A few tips to get your painting and businesses name out in the community are to consider doing charitable work.

By offering some of your paint services to not-for-profit’s in town, your reputation as an involved community member plus the sterling work that you will perform will speak volumes to other citizens and companies within your geographical area.

This is often because not-for-profit’s have boards comprised of community leaders.

Consequently, your charitable work may gain some customers in appreciation of your donation of work performed at the charity that they support.

Another way to get traction with your new painting business is through potential discounts.

If an individual is a first-time customer and wishes to engage in your painting services, you may offer a 15% discount.

Also, a discount may be offered if they happen to refer your company to someone else and that company or individual utilizes your services.


Watching the Paint Dry

There is an old expression thrown about regarding events or activities that we sometimes get involved with. The expression is that it was so boring it was “like watching paint dry.”

The arduous process of starting a business is an extensive and sometimes complicated journey.

However, if an individual has a vision, practical experience, resources, and business sense, the process or journey itself can be part of the reward.

This knowing that you have invested your entire self in the goal of successfully starting and running a business and that you are all in and truly invested in seeing the entire business process to its completion.

A startup business is an exciting adventure with the rewards being both personal as well as financial.

Starting a business, especially a paint business is anything but like watching paint dry. It is a profession that enhances the home life of others and truly makes a house into a personalized home.


Personal Story

Other than drawing with paint during my pre-school and early years of grammar school, my first actual painting experience came as I encountered a picket fence with peeling white paint.

I was offered this opportunity to paint the picket fence, unlike Tom Sawyer, by a good friend of the family.

My reward was to be a fishing trip on a weekend during the summer months.

Diligently day after day after attending school, I went to the friend’s home and began to scrape the peeling paint off of the fence.

After accomplishing this I was then taught the proper technique of applying the paint with a brush to restore the quaintness and beauty of this white picket fence.

No, I did not pursue a painting career; however, this hard work taught me many lessons that have carried over to this day.

Those lessons being one of hard work, the right tools for the right job, taking pride in the work that is done, not cutting corners, etc.

Also, enjoyed were the fruits of our labor as I eventually found myself enjoying a fishing outing; a memory that still is with me today.


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Quality and professional painters still have a great role to play in today’s economic market.

Without these artisans, where would we be as far as maintaining the quality of our homes, protecting our assets, bringing life or vibrancy to dull interior walls within our home?

The need for painters who take great pride in their work and represent painting companies that will not settle for shoddy work is the standardized expectation of customers.

Consequently, if an individual with painting experience, the necessary start-up resources, and the needed business know-how wishes to start their own paint business we wish them success. They can color their world and the world of others.

It can be tough going at first, but with perseverance, success can be attained.

Besides where would we be without those picket fences in our lives and the lessons we learn with a paintbrush in hand.

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