Yes, paid audience is a thing and you can really get paid to be an audience member.

This article explains how it works and shows you the best companies that can pay you to be an audience member.

If you are interested in becoming an audience member of a live TV show or sitcom then you should consider going for those that really pay.

Yes, you can be paid money to be an audience member. Many companies and websites pay the members of the audience that grace their shows.


Who Is an Audience Member?

First off, we have to remind ourselves of who is an audience member.

An audience member is someone who is part of a gathering of spectators or listeners at a public performance or entertainment a TV, radio, or theater show.

The audience claps, cheers, boos, or laughs when the actors on stage are performing.

Some shows allow members of the audience to contribute by asking questions, volunteering themselves, and giving feedback, etc.

A member of the audience may be selected after passing a screening test.

Some shows will invite a specific group of persons only to be part of the audience.

They use criteria such as age, gender, ethnic background, academic qualification, etc.

However, most of these shows display all kinds of people from the general public who are interested to be part of their audience members.


Different Rewards an Audience Member Can Get

If you become a member of an audience, you can be paid or rewarded in different ways. They include:

1. Cash

Some shows will pay members of the audience some stipend for gracing the performance and for their time.

Most shows will pay their audience members to lump sums like $50 – $70.

2. Transportation

Some members of the audience would be provided with free transportation to and from the event venue.

3. Food

Members of the audience can be provided with completely free food during their stay at the show.

Some shows may provide the audience members with other types of freebies including physical products for their participation.

Shows may organize contests for members of the audience so they have the chance of winning big prizes before leaving the show.


5 Ways to Get Paid to Be an Audience Member 

Now, if you are wondering what are the different ways to get paid to be an audience member, they include:


1. Score Free Tickets to TV Shows

One of the things you can do to become an audience member is to get a free ticket to TV shows.

You may even be offered a free ticket to become part of an audience of a show.

Or, you can enter into competitions where you can score free tickets to an audience.

Another way to become an audience member is when you use your gift cards from rewards websites to get free tickets to shows.


2. Get Cast as a Performer at Product Endorsements

If you are chosen from an audience and get cast as a performer at a product endorsement on a live show, then you can receive payments or rewards for your role.


3. Be a Fan of a Show and Get Paid

You can get paid to be an audience member of a show you are a fan of.

You can watch your favorite shows as an audience member for free and get paid.

However, some producers may pay you to become part of an audience of your favorite show.

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4. Become a Movie Extra

You can become a member of a paid audience if you are a movie extra.

Some Shows hire extras and aspiring actors as members of the audience.

You can check out these gigs and make extra money while you clap, cheer, and laugh during the performance.

Check out this comprehensive article on getting paid as a movie extra.


5. Become a Non-union Member of a Set

You can be chosen to be paid as a non-union member of a set and get paid in as an audience member.

Most union members of a set, staff of the production, and non-paid staff whom the producers cannot control are not permitted to be life members.

So, if you fall under the category of a non-union member of a production set, then consider being chosen and get paid to be an audience member.

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8 Best Paid Audience Companies That Pay 


1. The People’s Court

The People’s Court is an American court-based reality show.

It has been delivering reality show for more than 30 years.

The show is currently presided over by retired Florida State Circuit Court Judge Marilyn Milan.

As an arbitration-based reality TV show, The People’s Court handles small claims disputes in its simulated courtroom set.

You can get paid to become an audience member of this Emmy award-winning show.

The People’s Court pays audience members $70 to be part of the sitting.

Those who want to be paid as audience members may also get the chance to watch the live courtroom action in the studio.

Bus service to the studio would be provided to the audience during the period of filming.

Click here to check out The People’s Court to get started with the concept of getting paid to become an audience member.

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paid audience members


2. Beat Bobby Flay

“Beat Bobby Flay” is an American cooking competition show.

It features various chefs competing against the American celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

The show is shown on the Food Network and has was first released in 2013.

So far, the number of seasons and episodes under this show are 27 and 333 respectively.

You can become an audience member of this show and get paid. Yes, the show is taped in front of a live audience.

Audience members of this show are paid $65.

Click here to check out “Beat Bobby Flay”.


3. Backstage is a top resource for actors and performers to find high-quality roles to match their interests, grow their careers, and get cast.

This platform is best tailored to meet the needs of actors’ film, theater, and TV.

Those in commercials, modeling, voiceover, and other mediums can leverage the tools of this amazing company as well.

You can use the features of this site and get paid for audience member gigs.

You can find an audience member gig that would pay you $40 or more in the industry.

Click here to check out

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4. Standing Room Only

Standing Room Only is a full-service audience & casting company.

If you are interested in getting into a paid audience member role, then you should take advantage of this platform.

If you are interested in becoming an audience member and get paid to attend TV shows, here are steps that Standing Room Only recommends:

  • Create an SRO profile, apply for the shows through the shows page.
  • Once you are booked for a show, complete the 4-step confirmation process.
  • You will then receive a confirmation email with the show information.
  • Date, Time, Location, Dress code, etc.
  • NOTE: All audience members are on Payroll through a payroll service. You will need to bring the required documentation to be onboarded for payroll attending your first show.

All information on how you are paid as an audience member with Standing Room Only can be found on their payroll information page.

Click here to check out Standing Room Only to see how you can get paid to a paid audience member.


5. On Set Productions is a full-service audience and specialty casting company.

It is a popular company with offices in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Connecticut.

You can enroll with this company if you would like to be a paid audience member.

Yes, for many years, this company has been able to cast audiences and extras for productions.

You can click on each show or event on this site to see the time and place of taping.

Also, you can find out how much the cast or audience would be paid or incentivized after the show.

Click here to check out for how to get paid to be a paid audience member.


Other companies or platforms you should also check out include:



8. Auditions Free



As this article has revealed, it’s indeed possible to get involved in paid audience and get paid to be an audience member.

This article showed how anyone can get started doing this and the best companies that really pay.