Yes, there are outdoor business ideas you can make money with, if you know what they are and exactly how.

This article reveals as many as 25 best outdoor business ideas you can use to make money with.


Why Outdoor Business Ideas? 

There are many types of office spaces available to individuals in the workplace today.

Some time ago, an individual that was part of the office workforce would often be in a cubicle or share a cubicle with another individual.

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The cubicle provided privacy or semi-privacy and helped to alleviate some of the noise.

There is nothing wrong with working in a cubicle but as of late, they have given way to open spaces.

Other individuals strive to earn that premier office location by endeavoring to move to a corner office with windows that provide a great perspective when one looks out the window.

This type of office is often associated with upper-level management or an indicator of a promotion.

However, there are some individuals who don’t go in for office spaces at all and definitely do not like to work within the confines of four walls.

There are those individuals who like to work outdoors and be part of the environment, enjoy the fresh air, and interact with nature.

Escaping the traditional four walls, let us look at office space that is conducive to outdoor businesses and ways that these businesses can help make money.


Personal Story

I must admit that I’m not one for outdoor activity.

I’ve always enjoyed working indoors, pushing papers, analyzing spreadsheets, attending meetings, etc.

However, I readily admit and thoroughly enjoy the outdoors when at the slightest hint of rain permeating the air or listening to the raindrops fall heavily or lightly on the ground, I am the first one to leave the confines of the four walls and take in the rainfall.

In moments such as these, I am in awe of nature and thoroughly enjoy the sounds, sights, freshness, and smell of rain whether it falls softly or is torrential.


25 Best Outdoor Business Ideas to Make Money


1. Lawn Mowing

A great way to earn money while working outdoors is to mow the lawns of individual homes and businesses.

This can be done with a single push lawn mower and eventually with a number of business customers paying, you could work up to a larger scale of mowing lawns by investing in a riding mower.

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2. Landscaping

Individuals always take pride in the way their home looks and part of that process is having a beautiful landscaped lawn and garden.

If an individual knows about landscaping including xeriscaping and the proper planting of plants that are conducive to the climate, you can map out landscaping plans and follow through on their design.


3. Plant Nursery  

A great outdoor business is to be involved with a nursery.

Individuals are always looking for wonderful and unique plants that will add to the beauty of their home’s exterior.


4. Dairy Farm  

An opportunity to be involved in the outdoors would be the operation or involvement of a dairy farm.

You could purchase a few heads of cattle and start the dairy process by working for an individual who owns a dairy farm.

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5. Horse Stable  

People enjoy horseback riding and as such will look to a horse stable so that they can learn how to ride and do a variety of horseback riding activities.

You could begin your investment with a couple of horses, rent per hour to customers or students who wish to learn how to ride and if you are qualified, provide horseback riding lessons as well.

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6. Dog Training  

Another outdoor activity to possibly pursue as an outdoor business would be involved with pet owners.

Specifically, you could operate a kennel and board dogs while individuals are away from their homes.

You could also include the service of training their pets with the purpose of being obedient training.


7. Hauling Junk

If you own a truck, in all likelihood, a great business opportunity that can earn you cash is to be involved with a junk hauling service.

Often people, will clean up their home or outdoor area and do not know how to proceed or what is the best process as far as hauling away the junk.

By providing this service you could haul away junk, debris, unused items, to the junkyard and charge individuals a flat fee.


8. Car Washing  

A franchise opportunity in which individuals can work outdoors is by providing the service of car washing.

If choosing to go with a car washing franchise, this could be an automated business and would not require much of your involvement for people wishing to wash their vehicles.


9. Rain Gutter Cleaning  

Many individuals get tired of climbing a ladder and cleaning out the gutters and drain spouts that are attached to their homes.

A great outdoor business would be to operate a gutter cleaning service or the installation of a drain sieve process that will filter out the leaves and other debris.


10. House Painting

Every so often, one of the maintenance requirements to maintain the care of an individual’s home is to paint the outside of the home.

A good outdoor opportunity that would present itself to you is to provide painting service to meet this particular maintenance project for customers.

Also, if the exterior of the homeowner wishes to have siding installed or needs to have the siding washed this could be an opportunity for service as well.


11. SCUBA Diving  

If you enjoy the water and in particular like to scuba dive, an outdoor business that you could provide is scuba diving lessons to interested individuals.

Scuba diving training can be accomplished, both on land and in the water.

As it relates to providing instruction on land, you can have the students get accustomed to the equipment and learn the mechanics and basics of utilizing the tank, snorkel equipment, and goggles, while on land.

As it relates to practical instruction if you live near a body of water that would be ideal or you could also make arrangements with a local pool to rent the pool for a few hours to conduct scuba diving lessons.


12. Boat Rentals  

Often people enjoy being out on the water and as such are in need of a boat.

You could invest in a fleet of boats and rent out these boats to individuals who wish to get out on the water to either go fishing or just enjoy being part of the drifting current.

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13. Fishing Guide

A great opportunity to be involved in an outdoor activity that involves the running of a business would be to provide a fishing experience for individuals.

The fishing experience could involve the availability of boats, helping to clean and ship fish that is caught to an individual’s home, or just providing a good family experience out on the water by fishing.

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14. Hunting Guide  

A great business opportunity that combines the outdoors with your passion for hunting would be to operate a hunting experience for individuals.

The hunting process could involve escorting people out to various hunting grounds and looking for game that is in season or even teaching people the proper processes of hunting as it relates to safety and hunting protocol.


15. Christmas Tree Farm  

An opportunity to be involved with the care of plant life and trees and bring joy to people during the special holiday season would be your involvement in a Christmas tree farm.

There would be time constraints as to when the trees are mature for an individual home. That length of time can range anywhere from 6 to 8 years.

Perhaps an already operational tree farm could be purchased.

The selling of the trees could be to families who visit your farm and select their trees or mass delivery of trees to market.



16. Snow Clearing  

As long as there are four seasons, a constant seasonal job that will most likely be in demand is the need for snow removal.

If you have a truck a great option is to equip that truck with a snowplow and then when the snow begins to fall reach out to customers to provide snow removal services.

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17. Summer Camp  

There are many opportunities that you can be part of and provide a great service by being involved in a summer camp.

Often, summer camps are made available to young people from the inner city as well as individuals who are working through an illness or who have perhaps lost a parent.

A summer experience at camp is a great opportunity for the young person to refocus and help them through a difficult period of time in their life.

Your involvement as a summer camp provider could be actually working for an organization or being licensed to run your own camping experience.


18. Fence Installation  

It has been often said that good fences make for good neighbors.

As part of an outdoor business, you could reach out to various businesses and private residences and offer your company as a provider of fence repair and the installation of fences.

The types of fences that you can install could include wood or chain-link fencing, etc.


19. Patio Building  

Families love their barbecues and enjoy entertaining guests and family as they “light up” the grill.

As part of the process, the opportunity to repair, refurbish, or repair patios is a great opportunity for an outdoor business in helping people enjoy their barbecues and family outings.

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20. Graffiti Removal  

Unfortunately, there are individuals in our community who, for a variety of reasons, wish to express themselves by using walls, fences, and other canvases in their community to place graffiti.

An outdoor business that can help mitigate this issue in communities is providing a graffiti removal service.


21. Pest Control  

A service that can be provided to apartment buildings, businesses, and homes is a pesticide service.

By utilizing appropriate equipment and environmentally safe deterrence for pests, you can build up a customer base and help the customers to mitigate or control pests that are often unwelcomed guests.


22. Dog Walking  

A great service to offer to pet owners is to provide a dog walking service.

There are many services available to owners of animals and it would be best to distinguish yourself from the rest of the providers of this service.

Perhaps, an added dimension to the service that you provide could be the offering of taking the animal to a veterinarian to make sure that their immunizations and ongoing health is taken care of


23. Bicycle Repair  

Not only do people enjoy bicycling as a hobby but many individuals have minimalized their lives and have exchanged their vehicles for bikes.

Reasons could include their concern for the environment or for economical reasons.

As a bicycle repair business, you can meet the maintenance requirements for these customers and keep them pedaling on in life.

You can set up shop outdoors by utilizing your garage or another outdoor facility.

Other potential customers could include bicyclists who compete in races.

You could specialize in unique bikes such as racing, electric, bicycles built for two, etc.

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24. Window Washing

As long as there are windows there will be a need for window washers.

This outdoor business could contract with local retailers to provide a schedule for washing windows on a regular basis.

A clean-looking retail business is inviting to customers and a critical component of that process is clean windows.


25. Roofing

Owning a roofing company is a prime example of an outdoor company.

As a licensed roofer, your work would take you out into the elements to reroof homes and businesses that qualify or the placing of a new roof.

There are a variety of roofs that can be built which include:

  • Metal
  • Mansard roof
  • Asphalt shingle
  • Flat roof
  • Tile
  • Slate
  • Etc.

Your roofing company could specialize in one or two of these types of a roof or provide the full range of services.


Best Business Ideas for Outdoors FAQs


What Is the History of the Cubicle in the Workplace?

In 1964, the first original cubicle was designed by an individual named Robert Propst.

He was with a home furnishings company by the name of Herman Miller.

The idea behind the cubicle was to provide a semi-private workspace to increase the productivity of the employee.

Also, the height of the cubicle was appropriately measured so that people could stand up, and look around and that would increase the blood flow.

The design was released in 1968 and it basically fizzled or flopped.


How Are the Various Different Types of Jobs Classified?

Because, we enjoy categorizing people, a variety of collars and their colors were put forward to represent the various types of jobs associated with the American worker.

For example:

  • The white-collar job represents office workers,
  • Blue-collar workers represent construction or manual labor jobs
  • Pink-collar represents the service industry
  • Brown-collar represents military
  • No-collar represents people who are freelancers or freethinkers


You Can Do It

For an avid outdoors person their office or working space is not contained by four walls but is the entire scope of the outdoors.

Their light is not artificial, the air is not circulated by fans or HVAC systems, and their work doesn’t necessarily involve the pushing of papers, pressing of buttons, or gazing at computer screens.



You enjoy working in the outdoors.

The good news is that there is an abundance of employment opportunities and outdoor businesses in which the individual who chooses to work beyond the enclosure of four walls can do so and not only earn a good wage but taking advantage of office space, that for them, is better than any corner office.

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