This is a comprehensive Opinion Miles Club review that shows whether this is a scam or a legit survey site.

It also answers very important questions most people have about it, especially regarding how much it pays and whether it really pays or not.


What Is the Opinion Miles Club?

Opinion Miles Club is a unique survey site.

It rewards members with “miles” they can exchange for free flights, free vacation, and other types of rewards.

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Opinion Miles Club is available to only members who have joined the United Airlines’ loyalty program called the MileagePlus program.

Thus, you can only partake in Opinion Miles Club if you are a member of the MileagePlus program.


Is Opinion Miles Club a Scam or Legit Survey Platform?

Opinion Miles Club is definitely not a scam.

It’s a legit survey platform that helps members make money from answering surveys.

If you are interested in making money from surveys then you should consider Opinion Miles Club.

However, this is not a survey like your normal survey platform.

It is exclusively for those who are members of the United Airlines MileagePlus program.


What Is the MileagePlus?

As I have mentioned above, Opinion Miles Club is a survey panel that is exclusively meant for MileagePlus members.

Now, you may want to know what the MileagePlus Program is all about.

Well, the MileagePlus is a loyalty program put in place by United Airlines.

Customers who are members of this program get free air miles or “points” when they travel with this airline.


How Does Opinion Miles Club Work?

If you become a member of the Opinion Miles Club then you will start to complete paid surveys and earn United MileagePlus miles.

Yes, you will receive award miles for completing surveys.

Opinion Miles Club as a platform is a free online community.

It is created exclusively for those who are qualified MileagePlus members.

Major brands and companies contact this platform to conduct surveys that would help them make better decisions about their products.

Opinion Miles Club will then present the United MileagePlus members with surveys aimed at getting their opinions about specific ideas, products, or services.

After completion of the surveys, Opinion Miles Club will be rewarded with MileagePlus miles.


Key Features of Opinion Miles Club

Opinion Miles Club is a unique survey community or website.

Its key features which make it a stand out survey platform include:

  • Opinion Miles Club is exclusively for members of the United Airlines’ MileagePlus program.
  • It rewards members with ‘miles’ or MileagePlus Miles. These can be exchanged for flights, trips, and other vacation awards. Of course, these are not money but can be regarded as real money.
  • Opinion Miles Club provides members with the opportunity to keep their awards miles from expiring. Once you remain active, you will avoid the expiry of each mile which has a lifetime of 18 months.
  • Your activeness with paid surveys will help you receive new award miles regularly. Yes, the more surveys you take, the more new miles are deposited into your account.
  • Opinion Miles Club offers members levels of membership. These are indicated with badges. You can maintain your badge status when you take at least one paid survey in a week.

Badges are awarded to members who activate their Opinion Miles Club account.

If you continue to take surveys and fill out your profile, you earn more miles and badges.


Membership Levels of Opinion Miles Club

There are five levels of memberships that represent the badges won through surveys. These are:

Bronze Member – This member is for starters or beginners. To become a bronze member, you simply need to sign up and activate your Opinion Miles Club.

Silver Member – To level up in this membership, you need to complete at least 25% of your survey profile, you must take one survey in the last week, and you must have completed your first survey.

Gold Member – To become a Gold member, you must complete 50% of your survey profile, you have taken at least one survey in two consecutive weeks, and you must have completed your tenth survey.

Platinum Member – To become a platinum member, you need to complete at least 75% of your survey profile, you must have taken a survey in three consequent weeks, and you must have completed your 25th survey.

Diamond Member – To become a diamond member, you have reached completed 100% of your survey profile, you must have taken a survey in four consecutive weeks, and you have completed your 50th survey.



Where Is Opinion Miles Club Available?

Opinion Miles Club works with members from many notable countries.

If you are a United Airline MileagePlus member from countries like Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The platform advises that you check your inbox for the next opportunity to join this platform.


Who Can Become a Member of the Opinion Miles Club?

As stated above, you can join Opinion Miles Club if you are a member of the United Opinion Miles Club.

You can also check your email from United Airlines for a chance to join Opinion Miles Club.


How Do You Join Opinion Miles Club?

If you are interested in joining Opinion Miles Club, you don’t just log in and start filling your profile.

Joining this platform is strictly by invitation.

Once you have an account with United Airlines or a member of their MileagePlus program, your chances of getting being invited.


Ways of Getting Rewarded With Opinion Miles Club

Opinion Miles Club allows members to take surveys and get rewarded.

These paid surveys are carried on behalf of brands, companies, or government agencies that need data to improve their products, services, or ideas.

When you complete Opinion Miles Club’s surveys, you are awarded miles.

Each survey has a specific time limit for each respondent.

So, you are expected to complete the surveys on time.

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How Does Opinion Miles Club Payout Process Work? 

After earning enough miles from Opinion Miles Club, you can then redeem them for rewards at the United MileagePlus website.

You can always view your earned award miles when you check on the ‘Account’ tab and click on the ‘My Survey History’.

It should interest you to know that your Opinion Miles Club award miles will transfer to your United MileagePlus Miles Club account within 7 days of earnings.

You can redeem your earned miles for awards like free flights, trips, vacations, and more.


Pros of Opinion Miles Club

Opinion Miles Club has many pros which you should take advantage of.

These include:

  • Opinion Miles Club provides free rewards for members of the United MileagePlus Miles program.
  • Opinion Miles Club rewards members with miles which can be exchanged for rewards.
  • Opinion Miles Club allows you to earn extra miles each time you complete a survey.
  • Opinion Miles Club allows you to earn more if you become actively involved in completing surveys.
  • Opinion Miles Club provides members with different levels of badges. These are membership statuses that indicate the number of surveys completed. The membership tier system allows you to earn more rewards with each level and over time.
  • Opinion Miles Club surveys are fun to complete. They relate to topics and ideas you are interested in.
  • Opinion Miles Club surveys do not take long to complete. You can typically complete a survey within 10 to 15 minutes.


Cons of Opinion Miles Club

In as much as Opinion Miles Club has many benefits for members.

There are also cons or disadvantages associated with the use of the Opinion Miles Club.

These include:

  • Opinion Miles Club offers survey opportunities to only exclusive members of the MileagePlus Miles program. If you are a member of this program, you won’t be eligible to participate in the surveys.
  • Opinion Miles Club does not offer monetary rewards. Instead of giving real money, the platform gives you miles.
  • Opinion Miles Club’s support team is often difficult to consult.


Is Opinion Miles Club Worth Your Time?

If you are a member of the Opinion Miles Club, you will discover that this platform is worth your time.

This is because it is a true platform that rewards members with MileagePlus Miles.

So, the survey platform is worth your time if you follow its requirements.


What Are Opinion Miles Club Alternatives?

Opinion Miles Club users can still consider other platforms.

The alternative platforms with similar features as Opinion Miles Club include sites like PointClub, Superpay, Survey Honey, Opinion Inn, Zap SurveysTimebucksOpinion Miles Club, Grabpoints, Mindspay, Specpan, Quest Mindshare, UniqueRewards, Tellwut, and Branded Surveys.



Opinion Miles Club is an exclusive community available to only members of the United MileagePlus – a reward program from United Airlines.

This platform allows members to earn miles upon the completion of surveys.

People can take surveys with this platform and be awarded miles.

Opinion Miles Club is available to people in the United States.

The features of this platform include award miles that are easily exchanged for free flights, vacations, and more.

Opinion Miles Club features also include membership badges that depict the survey for members.