Yes, there are specific online typing jobs for students without investment from home!

This article reveals 25 of the best such jobs that pay well!



Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

This sentence was devised by a man named Charles E. Weller

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In addition to the possibility of this being a clarion call for citizens of a nation, the actual line was devised to be a typing drill.

Also, in the original sentence, rather than their country, where the words “the party.”

Typing is just as important today as it was when those words were devised to be a typing drill.

Our communication and communication devices depend on being able to use the various keyboards that are available to us.

Some keyboards are connected to our computers through the use of a cable, there are Bluetooth keyboards, there are pop-up keyboards on our portable devices, etc.

Most of us have keyboard skills and some of us are amazingly fast especially as it relates to texting and using the smaller keyboard and yet still being able to effectively communicate.

With your typing skills, why not put them to good use especially if you are a student and need to earn money, work from home, and without any additional investment.


10 Tips to Online Typing Jobs for Students to do Without Investment from Home


1. Know What is Involved

Online typing jobs are an opportunity for an individual to earn income by working at home and taking on a variety of typing opportunities offered by various online companies who are looking for transcribing, rewriting, etc. work to be accomplished.

Your online typing job would expect to accurately meet the requirements of what the job entails.


2. Duties

When exploring these opportunities, it is a good idea to decide what particular job or category you wish to be involved with and put your typing skills to work.

Some of the jobs require data entry while some typing jobs require involvement with captcha images. Other opportunities include being a website tester, being a transcriptionist, etc.


3. Tools

To be an effective online typist, you would need the following tools to satisfy the requirements of the job.

Those tools would include:

  • Quality Internet connection
  • Laptop or desktop
  • Word processing software
  • Good typing speed


4. Speedy

For most online typing jobs, one of the basic requirements is that you are adept at the keyboard.

Typing speed is important to do the particular typing position that you have accepted.

The average typing speed for an individual is around 40 words per minute with better productivity coming in the range of 65 to 70 words per minute.


5. Accurate

Of course, speed is important but if the information is captured or recorded through the use of the typing process is inaccurate then speed becomes a moot point.

A skill set that is required is accuracy.


6. Good Listening

Some of the typing jobs available require listening to audio recordings and then transcribing to the word processing document what is being conveyed in the recording.

An important skill if taking on the role of being a transcriptionist who captures audio/video presentations is to have good listening skills and capture accurately what is being conveyed through the file.


7. Grammar

Another significant expectation that your online typing employer will have of your work is that the submitted documents are grammatically correct, with no spelling errors and punctuation in all the right places.

An online tool that you can utilize to check your grammar is Grammarly.

This basic grammar checking online software will look for spelling mistakes and suggest sentence rephrasing.

Also, for a monthly subscription, you can get more features that will provide further suggestions on your submitted writing.


8. Technical

To round out the skills that are needed to be successful at online typing jobs for students is important that you have the necessary technical know-how in meeting the job requirements.

In other words, you should know how to use MS Word, Notepad, or other software programs that may be required.

Specifically, you may be called upon to enter the data in tables, or even use a spreadsheet of sorts to capture the data that needs to be typed in.


9. Micro Jobs

One of the online typing jobs is known as a micro job and it is a simple typing task.

The task involves the taking of information, generally provided to you through a PDF, and entering that information into the format that the job requires.

For example, the job may require the entry of the information into a table that has different headers.

You then type the information under the corresponding header utilizing the software that will facilitate this process.

As the title suggests, micro meaning small, these are small jobs that you can take upon yourself when you register on the online job website.

Often, these jobs have deadlines attached to them.


10. Online Survey

Another online typing job involves typing responses to survey questions that are asked by the online company.

Through the online surveys, the customer’s feedback is captured which is utilized by the marketing company to improve their product’s image and enhance their product.

This would be an opportunity for you to earn money by completing these surveys and utilizing your typing skills.

One of the more well-known survey-capturing websites is


11. Captcha Entry

A fairly easy way of earning money through typing is through the captcha process.

The job entails the identification of the images and entering those captcha images into the text box that is provided and then clicking submit.

One such website can be found at

This particular website provides a service to their customers when they collect images from the customer and they are sent to you as their freelance worker.

Through a simple process, you enter the text correctly per the images that are shown.

For each captcha that you enter correctly you are paid.

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12. Website Testers

This particular employment opportunity that utilizes your typing skills is that the company will offer you a task associated with the testing of a website.

The process involves your checking each of the web pages and accessing the various buttons on the website.

When this has been accomplished you then respond to the performance questions as it relates to the website.

The typing that comes into play is that you must respond with an answer to each of the questions related to the testing process.

Also, you indicate to the company any of the defects or bugs that you find.

Many of these particular tasks can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to complete.


13. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is an individual who listens to a recorded audio file and converts that audio feed into text.

As a typist, it is your role to capture everything that is being said.

The services that these various companies offer can be to a variety of industries which could include legal, medical, and other opportunities

As a transcriptionist, you should have good proofreading skills as well as be able to type quickly and accurately.

The average salary range for being a transcriptionist can be anywhere from $17-$57 an hour.


14. Freelance Writing

There is a variety of freelancing websites on which a typist or writer can find remote opportunities to work from home.

By registering with sites such as or you can search for jobs that match your typing or writing skills.

You set your pay rate and when you locate a job that seems appealing, you write a proposal letter, the timeframe in which you can complete the task, and your rate of pay.


15. Content Writing

Another niche as it relates to typing is content writing.

A content writer should have good typing skills, be an excellent writer and be able to utilize their quality proofreading skills.

Some content writers get paid hourly while others get paid once the project has been completed.

When applying for the position of a content writer, the individual hiring will most likely ask for samples of your work.

With this position, not only is your creativity as a writer on display but your typing skills and ability to provide exceptional work of high quality as it relates to grammatically being correct, proper use of vocabulary, error-free, etc.

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Best Websites for Finding Typing Jobs without Investment


10. Online Typing Jobs

Through you are introduced to the opportunity of searching for captcha typing jobs.

This work can be performed at home and there is no investment on your part.

The project, according to the site, is for as long as you wish and there are no hidden charges or fees associated with the use of the site.

Also, you can work at your own pace but the requirement is that you have to meet a 90% accuracy level

Payment is made daily and can be accomplished through a variety of sites.

Some of those payment sites include:

  • PayPal
  • Gpay
  • Wire transfer
  • And more.


17. Rev

At the interested typist looking for freelance opportunities to get paid to type will have several options that they can explore.

Some of those options include human transcription in which audio is converted into text with the expectation of having 99% accuracy.

The pay for transcribing voice into text phase is $1.50 per minute.

The second option is for the individual to provide English captions where these subtitles are placed on various videos.

Again, the expectation for accuracy is set at 99%.

The pay for English captions is $1.50 per minute.

The third option pays $3 to $7 per minute and involves global subtitles.


18. AccuTran Global is still inviting individuals to be part of the writing team.

The available opportunities are transcription, stenographers that can be involved in real-time work, and voice writers.

The qualifications of the individual that they are looking to hire include the ability to work independently, meet a variety of deadlines, work within the guidelines, etc.


19. Casting Words is looking for typists who can capture accurate transcription.

The transcriptionist must meet the standard of 99% accuracy, and choose from a variety of audio transcription processes, with the transcripts being provided in plaintext, MS Word, and HTML

The pay schedule is $1.00 per minute and if working every week $1.50 per minute or if working daily $2.50 per minute.

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20. Transcription Hub

Another transcription online website that is looking for typists to transfer voice to text is

The pay for being involved with this company is $.75 per minute and requires 99% accuracy.

The site indicates that, on average, you can make $1161 per week which is 33% more than the national average.

The process involves the typing of audio/video interviews, podcasts, lectures, and seminars, into properly formatted and error-free text.

The worker accesses the various tools and documents needed through the cloud and is just a matter of dragging and dropping the particular file into the online software.

Also, they accept documents placed in Google Drive or Dropbox.

The audio or video content is converted into transcripts in the format that you request.

You are alerted via email once the transcript is completed.

You then log onto your account through the website to access and download the completed transcripts.


21. TranscribeMe

By clicking on the job link at you can see how the transcription process works with this website.

The rates for transcribing audio range anywhere from $15-$22 per hour.

Also, the site indicates that there are opportunities to move upward within the company which includes transcribing medical and other specialty styles which provide a higher rate of pay

The site also indicates that payouts are regular and that there is consistent work available for the individual.

There is no fee or charge to join the site.

Transcription involves 2 to 4-minute clips and when one clip is completed the system then transmits another to transcribe.

There are no limits on how many transcriptions can be processed consecutively.

The only challenge with this website is that when you click the “get started” button you may be the recipient of the message indicating that they are not accepting any transcribers from your geographical area.


22. SigTrack

At you can learn how to get started with this online transcription service and work as a freelance transcriptionist.

The requirements call for the individual to be a US resident but they cannot reside in the state of California or Massachusetts.

Also, the individual must have an active PayPal account and their computer must be running Windows 10 or 11 or Mac OS 10.14 or higher.

To sign up you take a 3 to 5-second video of your driver’s license or your state ID that reflects your face.

This site does not ask for money nor do they send a check.

The application process is through an email sent to

If accepted as a transcriptionist, you can work when and how often you like as you are an independent worker.

The pay range for this remote job pays you as a freelancer up to $9.00 an hour depending upon how quick you are as a typist.

Accuracy must be at a level of 95% for the first 1000 units that you transcribe.


23. Speechpad

When you log onto you are made aware that this is a transcription service that utilizes individuals to transcribe audio or video as well as transcribing subtitles and captions along with a foreign language component.

When clicking on the career link at the bottom of the page you are taken to a new career opportunity area and it appears at this time there are no positions that are open or people being hired.

Despite this, it is always a good idea to keep checking back to see if there are opportunities that will present themselves.

The pay rate for this transcription service ranges from $.25 per minute for beginning work as high as $1.00 a minute for jobs that require added experience.


24. Scribie provides an hourly pay rate ranging from $5 to $20.

By clicking the “get started” button, you are provided an opportunity to fill out a form and register.

The pay to the freelancer takes into account many factors. Those factors include:

  • Quality of an audio
  • Difficulty level
  • And other factors


25. Go Transcript

The pay rates for working at GoTranscript are up to $.60 per audio/video minute.

At this site, also indicates that the average earnings for a transcriber can be around $150 per month.

The different transcription services that are provided reflect the fields of:

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Academic
  • Enterprise


Personal Story

When I was a teenager one of the enjoyable classes that I elected to take in high school was typing class.

Perhaps, a bit unusual, but I enjoyed the use of the manual and electric typewriters and enjoyed the typing of words and challenging myself to increase my speed and accuracy.

To help with my skills, I can remember sitting in my bedroom in front of the TV and watching one of my favorite past times with that being a baseball game.

I would set up a portable table, sit at the table, borrow my sister’s typewriter, and set it up in front of the TV and watch the game.

The practice of my typing skills came into play as I would do a “play-by-play” of the innings by typing out what was taking place as it related to hits, runs, strikes, balls, home runs, etc.

For me, it was the perfect blend of learning how to type and watching something that I thoroughly enjoyed.




When Was the First Typewriter Invented?

The first typewriter was invented and patented in the United States in 1868.

The inventors were Christopher Latham Sholes, Carlos Glidden, and Samuel W. Soule.


When Was the First Electric Typewriter Invented?

The first power-generated typewriting machine was invented in 1914 by a man named James Fields Smathers.


You Can Do It

Most likely you have typing skills based on your involvement with the computer and other technology devices that require the input of information through a virtual or physical keyboard.

As a student, you are also called upon to utilize your typing skills as part of your study and various assignments.

Why not, therefore, put your typing skills to work by searching out online typing jobs and earn money from home to supplement your income while going to school.



Typing today has come a long way since we first typed out the sentence “now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”

In addition to the improvement of inputting text and data through the use of the keyboard so have your typing skills improved as well.

You can utilize those skills to earn extra money all from the comfort of your home through online websites.

Perhaps the practice sentence of typists should now be “now is the time for all good typists to access online typing jobs to earn money.”

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