If you are looking for the best online shopping apps, this article is going to be very helpful.

It contains a detailed list of the best shopping apps that can help you save thousands of dollars on your everyday purchases.

And that’s without even the need to spend forever clipping coupons or doing any other such exhausting activities aimed at trying to save money on shopping.

No one will argue with the fact that when it comes to shopping online, whether it is grocery shopping or shopping for other necessary household items, it’s a good idea to save as much as you.

You can use a money saving app for sure, but there are great shopping apps that really help get you with the shopping process itself.

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This is especially because data has shown we spend more money on shopping than any other item.

As a result, shopping for cereals, vegetables, pastry, milk , sugar, and other types of groceries or necessary household items requires saving as much money as you can.

Clipping coupons and spending endless time checking weekly ads for deals from online and offline platforms are certainly not the only way to save money.

In fact, those are very stressful attempts at trying to save money on shopping.

Especially thanks to some very important apps that anyone can use today, to save a lot more, without as much stress.

You can now really save thousands of dollars by using these right online shopping apps!

Yes, there are online shopping apps that will link you up with places where you can actually partake in mouth-watering money-saving deals.

Even though these are not specifically money making apps, but the fact that they can save you thousands of dollars yearly definitely puts them in that category!

You don’t need to clip coupons when using these apps and you don’t need to worry about intrusive ads displayed on them.

using best online shopping apps

These shopping apps show you available groceries and other household items that attract cashback deals.

You will also get to access information on where shop for the items, and which coupon codes will help you save BIG when you shop online.

Saving money online is definitely one of the smart ways to make money online without as much stress.


20 Best Online Shopping Apps That Can Save You Thousands

That said, below are some of the best online shopping apps that can save you thousands of dollars without the need to waste forever clipping clippings or other such stressful attempts at saving money.


1. Ibotta  

Online Shopping Apps ibotta

Ibotta is a popular app that can reward users who take advantage of its features. This app comes handy if you really want to save money and enjoy great deals without couponing.

You don’t really need to worry about clipping coupons because Ibotta allows you to take pictures of the items or the scan the barcode of the purchases you made so you can get a rebate.

When you shop with any of the listed partner stores of this app, you are able to submit the transaction for verification. Thereafter, you will receive cash back for the items you have bought.

Ibotta partners with many retailers of grocery items. You can save big by unlocking the rebates on the app before you shop.

Earning with Ibotta is in three ways: Send Receipt, Link a Loyalty Card and Mobile In-app purchases. You can earn cash back and forget about couponing in any of these ways.

When your Ibotta account has grown to $20 you can cash out via PayPal or Venmo.

Click here to check out Ibotta

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2. SavingStar  

SavingStar is an app you can use to shop and save money, especially if you want to get better at credit management and expenses.

It partners with most shopping big brands. You will save big whenever you use this app to shop in stores like RedCard, CVS, Costco, Target, Walmart, etc.

SavingStar allows you to select and link coupons to your in-store loyalty cards. You can also use it to scan and upload receipts of your purchases every week and get cash back.

You can use linked in-store card to shop receive cash back. Instantly, the cash back will be added to your SavingStar account.

When your account reaches $5 minimal, then you can cash out. This can be done via PayPal, gift cards or for donation to your preferred charity. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

If you are someone who might need $10 now, this can bring you that much needed 10 dollars and more.

Click here to check out SavingStar

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3. Shopkick  

shopping app that will save you money

Shopkick is a shopping app that will save you money on grocery and other household item purchases.

This is especially when you use to shop at big brands like Best Buy, Target, Macy’s etc.

With Shopkick and other alternative apps and websites, you can save on online and in-store shopping, and you can also save by accessing coupon deals.

Every time you use this app, you are rewarded with ‘Kicks’ or points. So, be prepared to earn points whenever you use this app for shopping, for check-ins, and for scanning of products, and so on.

Your points can be redeemed for free gift cards and other rewards.

Click here to check out Shopkick

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4. RetailMeNot  

RetailMeNot is a place you can access lots of deals, especially when it comes to saving money with grocery.

You can utilize the features of this marketplace for coupons and discounted gift cards and also shop cheap from top stores.

With their app, you can start saving without worrying about the clipping of coupons.

There is a variety of coupon offers on this site such as Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons and many other coupons for many different things.

To get the coupon for what you need, it’s as simple as using the code that appears when you click on the link of the offer.

You can use this app to download the coupon you want to use when shopping in-store.

Click here to check out RetailMeNot

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5. Checkout 51  

Online Shopping Apps checkout

Checkout 51 is one of the best cash back apps that can really help you get cash back on the purchases you make.

If you are looking to save thousands of dollars without clipping coupons and wasting endless time checking weekly ads, then you should consider Checkout 51.

This app enables you to scan and upload the receipts of the purchase you made. This is so you can get a rebate from your purchases.

Deals are updated every Thursday and you will be mailed a check if your minimum balance reaches $20.

Click here to check out Checkout 51

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6. Receipt Hog  

Online Shopping Apps receipt hog

Receipt Hog is an app that can help you save money whenever you make purchases from stores.

You can use its features to store the receipts of the purchases you made and also to track all of your spending.

After shopping for grocery or other items, you simply use this app to scan and submit the receipt. As you do this, you will be rewarded.

The use of Receipt Hog to save money with shopping is real and has saved many people a lot of money over the years.

You also earn points or coins with this app when you use it to fill surveys and play games.

Click here to check out Receipt Hog

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7. CardStar

CardStar is a simple app that can save you a lot of money.

It enables you to take a photo of your loyalty shopper cards and then show them to the cashier whenever you shop.

This app is a couponing app. It can save you money even without you manually clipping coupons from magazines.

You can also use the Express Checkout app of CardStar to scan your items then pay with your card right in the app. (Merchant contingent)

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8. SnipSnap  

Online Shopping Apps SnipSnap

SnipSnap is another awesome app you must never ignore if you are serious about saving thousands of dollars per year in your online shopping.

It works a bit like personal loan apps but with this you get cash back and don’t have to repay anyone.

It provides you with the opportunity to search through a massive database of coupons for the best money saving deals on grocery and other items.

This app can be used to take the picture of any printed coupon. The features can be used to convert the text, images, and barcodes to a mobile-optimized offer.

When you go to a store, use SnipSnap to pull up the coupon barcode, promo code, or photograph,  you can then present it to the cashier to redeem your reward.

With SnipSnap, you can now save big shopping grocery.

Click here to check out SnipSnap

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9. My Coupon Genie  

My Coupon Genie is an app you can use to save money shopping grocery. It is more than a coupon app, and list for you all of the special deals and offers of shops in the US.

My Coupon Genie will come very handy in helping you save thousands of dollars from your shopping.

You can use My Coupon Genie to browse items, compare prices and shop for the best deals at places which offer great discount percentages and savings.

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10. The Coupon App  

The Coupon App is an app that allows you to search for the best coupon and promo deals. It allows you to save money during your grocery shopping.

You can use this app to find up-to-date one day sales, coupons and shopping deals at your favorite retail stores and restaurants.  Also, this app is free and easy to use!

You will find coupon codes on this app. Use the codes to get discounts from the checkout counter whenever you shop in-stores.

Without wasting time clipping coupons, you easily use this awesome app to save a lot of money.

Click here to check out The Coupon App

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11. Grocery IQ  

Online Shopping Apps groceryIQ

The Grocery IQ app is one app that can help you organize your shopping list, and it can also save money for you.

With this app, you can arrange your list and save the items you buy regularly in the favorites and history section. This is so you can keep track of what you buy with ease.

This app also partners with top coupons sites such as Coupons.com.  All the coupons that are pulled up to match your list are from this popular coupons database.

You are expected to upload your list and have this app match it with the best coupons deals.  Then you can save thousands of money on your grocery shopping.

Click here to check out Grocery IQ

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12. Yowza

With the Yowza app, you may have to bid endless coupon clipping goodbye!

This app enables you to use your smartphone to find coupon deals around your local stores.

It can also help you find best place to sell your iphone.

You can start using this app and start saving money today.

Use the coupon deals you found with Yowza to shop at your favorite shop, then ask the cashier to scan and verify items for cashback and discounts.

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13. Coupon Sherpa  

Online Shopping Apps couponsherpa

Coupon Sherpa allows you to search for updated and listed coupon deals from thousands of your favorite stores. You can use the app to select your favorite place and items to shop.

You can scan coupon codes, printable coupons and grocery coupons from your phone and show the cashier at checkout.

Unlike paid online survey programs, with this you can then save money from purchases you make, even without doing extra activities for the company.

Take advantage of this app and get great deals without the need to spend endless hours clipping coupons.

Click here to check out Coupon Sherpa

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14. Walmart App

Online Shopping Apps wallmart app

Walmart App allows you to save big money when you shop groceries from Walmart stores. It is a coupon app for accessing deals and offers exclusively from Walmart.

This is a money and time-saving app. It comes with great features that can be used to scan barcodes and to compare deals.

The Savings Catcher feature compares your eligible in-store purchases. This is so you can benefit from gift card giveaways and actually get free gift cards when you find any place with a lower price than what obtains in the Walmart store near you.

Click here to check out Walmart App


15. Target App  

The Target App is an exclusive app for those who shop for items from Target.com stores. You can use this coupon app to save big on items you purchase from the retailer.

Similar to the advantages you get with, say, a costco membership, you can use the features to search for coupon deals as well as to access weekly deal ads from your phone.

It is also very easy to shop with this app and keep track of your purchases.

So, if you love shopping at Target and want to save thousands on your grocery and other household items’ shopping, then take advantage of this coupon app!

Click here to check out Target App

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16. Walgreens App  

Online Shopping Apps wallgreens

Walgreens App gives you access to exclusive coupon deals and weekly ads on the Walgreen’s online or in-store near you.

You should install and start using this app to save big in your shopping today

This app connects your Balance Rewards account so you save money when you use the app.

It may not have all the features of investment apps but can be used to digitally “clip” coupons and also save money from the weekly deals and bonuses advertised.

The Walgreens App should come handy if you want to save big on personal care products.

Click here to check out Walgreens App


17. CVS App

If you still want to save from personal care products as well as your grocery shopping, then you should consider using the CVS App. This is a store-specific app from CVS.com.

It allows you to access great deals of coupons and weekly ads from the CVS’s online and in-stores.

It can even help you get samples every now and then for free, including free baby products samples.

You should download and use this app if you plan to save thousands of dollars shopping without clipping coupons.

Click here to check out CVS App

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18. DealNews

Online Shopping Apps dealnews

DealNews app comes handy at helping you get access to great deals from the DealNews website. You can shop for items from any of your favorite retailers.

This app can help you get updated coupon codes from stores like:

You will also receive alerts whenever there is a reduction in price on any item you are watching.

So, get this app today and save big from items that complement your grocery purchases.

Click here to check out DealNews


19. Shopular  

online shopping coupon app

Shopular is another wonderful online shopping coupon app you can use to shop and save money on your purchases.

You can save thousands of dollars the more you use this app.

It allows you to access great coupon deals and to get the weekly ads from top stores and retailers.

You will get cash back of up to 25% from your favorite top stores like Target, Walgreens, Macy’s, Cartwheel, Kohl’s, etc.

With this app installed on your phone, you can instantly access the best deals on stores.

Coupons can be redeemed right from your phone and you don’t need to worry about coupon clipping or printing.

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20. Groupon app  

Online Shopping Apps groupon app

The Groupon app will help you save big money on lots of things you need to buy online.

You can use this app and ensure you find great deals from your phone, even if you want to start the business of phone flipping.

You don’t need to print vouchers or clip coupons as you can use the Groupon app to buy and redeem deals directly from the phone.

This app connects you to thousands of coupon deals.  You can save up to 70% of the things you already do every day.

Click here to check out Groupon App

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As you can see from this article, these are indeed the best online shopping apps that can save you thousands of dollars.

With these apps installed on your phone, you don’t have to worry about spending forever clipping coupons or going back and forth checking out a gazillion weekly ads for the best shopping deals.

You can check them out now to access money-saving deals on your grocery and other household items’ purchases.


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