This article reveals 25 best online mobile jobs for students without investment to earn money.

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According to Education Data, the recent average tuition cost for a college student is $35,331.

This total amount includes books, daily living expenses, and supplies.

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This figure changes whether the student is a resident of the state or is attending school from out of state.

If you do the math and divide this figure by 52 weeks and divide that by 40 hours in the week, you come up with an hourly salary of $16.99.

Based on this “in-your-face” financial statistic, it is no wonder that student debt has risen to the record levels that it has and that students are looking for jobs while attending school to mitigate some of this financial impact on their lives.

To further add to your knowledge and education let us look at online jobs that can help the student to earn money while still juggling the roles and responsibilities of being a student who wants to make the most of the opportunity that has been afforded them.


25 Best Online Mobile Jobs for Students Without Investment to Make Money


1. Freelance Writer

An interesting and educational way of earning money by working remotely as a student is through the option of freelance writing.

Many websites offer writing opportunities for individuals to write for others and submit that writing for payment.

Some of those websites include and

Registration is at no charge for the sites and once you have created your profile and indicated your willingness to write, you can search for employment opportunities, write a proposal, submit your bid, and wait to see if your bid is accepted.

The interesting and educational component of freelance writing is that often the writing requires some research to be done on the topic and often the topics are an interesting plus when the research is conducted you are more educated as to the various topics covered.


2. Freelance Editor

Another opportunity that may present itself to you on some of these freelancing websites is the ability to be a freelance editor.

An editor will review the various writings that are provided.

Your editing comes into play as you look over the narrative, make suggestions, review for sentence structure and make sure that the information is correct and grammatically sound.

The pay to be a freelance editor is set by you and if accepted you will begin to go to work.


3. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is an individual who uses their imagination and creativity to come up with a variety of designs that incorporate various colors, accents, geometrical figures, etc.

A graphic designer may be called upon to create a unique design or possibly develop a logo for a company.

Employment opportunities to be a graphic designer can be found on various freelance websites.

Additionally, you can take your designs and upload them onto an online retail store such as

After registering, you are given a virtual retail store where customers can shop.

If they see one of your designs that resonates with them, they can purchase that design and have the design placed on a variety of products.

Some of those products could include coffee cups, T-shirts, purses, wallets, etc.


4. Web Developer

The function of a web developer can be done remotely and would be a good match for students who have a computer background and can utilize software language in the development of a webpage.

The reality is that without a website, businesses today would be hard-pressed to fully be engaged in maximizing their business revenue.

Therefore, a webpage needs to be user-friendly, clean looking, utilize fully the average six-second attention given to a page by the user, etc.

Being a webpage developer is an employment opportunity that can be found on various websites including or


5. Online Surveys

There are many websites available that will pay or reward individuals for a small portion of their time.

Often, what is asked by these online survey sites is that an individual participates in various tasks.

Some of those tasks could include taking a survey, playing a game watching a video, etc.

Additionally, many sites offer a sign-on bonus when an individual registers as a first-time user.

Payment can be in the form of cash or sometimes through gift cards.

Specific online survey sites are and


6. Audio Transcription

An online typing opportunity that requires listening skills and the ability to type moderately fast is audio transcription.

Through these sites, the audio or video file is presented to you and you listen to what is being said and transcribe the recordings into text.

One such site that you can access to possibly register and be employed is


7. Video Captioning

Along the same lines of transcribing are websites that are looking for typists that can capture and can type out captioning as it relates to a video presentation.

One of those sites is

This site, in particular, allows the individual to work from home and select the captioning job that they wish to apply for.

Payment is made weekly through PayPal.

Captioning is paid for each minute of video that is captured and can range in payment from $.40-$.75 per minute.


8. Photography

Although photography is not necessarily an online job, the use of the photographs that are taken can involve the online process.

Specifically, as a photographer, you can take a variety of photographs and submit them to various websites as part of competitions that provide cash prizes and other rewards.

An example of photography that you can engage in would be at school to take pictures of your fellow students, the campus, and other unique photos as it relates to the world of academia.

Those unique photos with a creative perspective can be submitted to several online sites.

Some of those online photography contest sites are:


9. Teaching English

By sitting in front of your computer, you can interact with students around the world and provide a great service by tutoring or teaching English.

Because the English language is utilized significantly as it relates to business transactions, this makes the learning of English a priority for many parents as it relates to their children.

You can access some of these websites to see if you are qualified to teach English through teleconferencing methods.

One of those websites is


10. Blogging

A refreshing and de-stressing way of leaving your school studies behind and earning money in the process is by blogging.

You can set up a blogging site by utilizing a host site such as

Once your site has been set up, you can write about anything that you wish which could include any loves or passions that you have for various subjects, events of the day, subjects you are taking, interaction with fellow students, etc.

Monetary support may be achieved through support from your followers, working with an affiliate advertiser, gaining a sponsor for your site, etc.


11. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an individual who works remotely and supports leadership and management within a company.

The role or job description of a virtual assistant is to answer phone calls, schedule appointments, work with customers, and perhaps even do a little bit of bookkeeping.

In essence, a virtual assistant is like an office manager or admin, but the work is done remotely.

Virtual assistant opportunities are often advertised on freelance websites.


12. Resume Writer

If you have a good command of the written language, a great service that you can offer to your fellow students and get paid in the process is by offering an online resume writing service.

You can work with individuals through the online process and gather significant biographical information from them including their major, work experience, etc.

Once you have collected all of this information you then can create a powerful resume for the individual that utilizes engaging, action, and powerful words meant to capture the potential employer’s attention for employment consideration.


13. Podcast

A fascinating way of earning money through the Internet is by creating podcasts.

A podcast is like a radio program except for the beauty and value of a podcast is that it can be downloaded onto the individual smartphone and can be listened to at their convenience.

Your podcast can be based on a variety of subjects or situations which could include the interviewing of special guests that come on campus for speaking engagements, dialoguing with interesting professors, interviewing the class valedictorian, etc.

The podcast can be through a subscription process or can be made available at no charge with an added subscription benefit of receiving added content.

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14. Voiceover

Many online websites will pay you for the use of your voice.

These voiceover websites often are looking for individuals with a soothing or commanding voice, particular dialect, certain accent, etc.

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Often the individuals who are hired for their voice will be involved in advertising and marketing or perhaps be involved in the narration of an audiobook.

One of those websites that look for voiceover talent is


15. Etsy

Etsy is an online retailer in which individuals can register for an account and then proceed to sell items that they have made,

Upon registering, Etsy will create a virtual retail store where the individual can upload pictures of various items that they have hand crafted.

Examples could include jewelry, bracelets, wallets, purses, etc.

In addition, the retail store owner may also have produced various graphics that can be made available for sale.

If the individual is enthralled with the graphic, they can buy the graphic and then have the graphic placed on another product such as a coffee mug, T-shirt, wallet, purse, and more.


16. Online Courses

Being a student and observing all that is going on especially as it relates to the courses that you are taking, perhaps you have seen the ways that they can be improved.

You can devise these new courses or improve upon the existing ones and utilize a variety of platforms to sell those courses through various websites.

One such website where you can sell any newly devised online courses can be found at


17. Personal Trainer

In addition to further educating your mind, perhaps you have always been one to take care of the way that you look and provide for your physical body.

A good online way to make money is by being a virtual online personal trainer.

You can work with individuals through telecommunication apps and help an individual with their physical well-being by helping to outline not only an exercise regimen but ways to eat more healthily.

Also, perhaps your educational focus on being a professional sports trainer would add to your being an authority on sports training and getting and staying in shape.


18. Study Soup

Study Soup is a learning marketplace that is similar to a study hall session when classmates got together to study as a group.

Through Study Soup the availability of notes taken in college classes is made available.

The notes reflect multiple readings and scores of hours of lectures.

Often this process can be overwhelming, and some students don’t know where to begin with their study strategy.

Through this online site, the individuals who have mastered the art of note-taking can help their fellow students and make money in the process by posting study materials on the site.

Estimates indicate the possibility of earning $300 to $600 per semester.


19. Data Entry

Many companies rely heavily upon data for their marketing strategies as well as to meet the needs of their customer.

Additionally, many companies, rather than employing an individual as a regular member of the staff, will outsource this need to others.

Through freelancing websites, you can find opportunities to make applications to be a data entry individual.

This simply requires having a computer, a good Internet connection, and working with the company by taking the raw data that they provide and putting it into the appropriate software of their choosing.

That software could be a table in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet or through other formats.

It is reported that a data entry individual can earn anywhere from $30,000-$47,000 per year.


20. Video Editing

Because of the increase in videos being captured and displayed on a variety of websites including YouTube, video editing is becoming a significant opportunity to earn additional money.

If you have video editing skills, then this may be an excellent opportunity for you to earn extra money.

To get started you would need to select editing software for video, enhance your existing skills, join freelancing websites and start marketing your services.


21. YouTube

By creating a YouTube channel, you can realize additional revenue by gaining support from your followers and working with affiliate advertisers.

Through a YouTube channel, you can do video presentations on just about any subject that you like that is of interest to you that you think will be of interest to others and gain a following.

Examples of a YouTube channel focus could include trying out new gadgets, providing educational instruction on your favorite class, student life with a variety of twists interjected, etc.


22. Artistic Tutor

If you have a talent or skill that you are proficient at, you can teach others by providing musical or artistic tutoring.

Examples of artistic talent could include the playing of guitar, piano, dance, etc.

By accessing telecommunication such as Zoom or Skype, you can interact with individuals and teach them lessons as it relates to your skill.

You could also do group settings and charge the group or person or a group rate.

You can advertise your services through your social media platforms.


23. Freelancing

A great way to work online through mobile jobs is to access various available freelance websites.

Two of those websites are and

By registering on the sites, which are at no cost, you have access to several remote employment positions or opportunities that you can make an application for and if your proposal is accepted you can go to work and earn money at a rate that you have set.

Some sites require that you pay for “connects” that are affiliated with the application process of the vacant job postings.

These connections do cost money to purchase.


24. Reselling

The technical term for buying one item from a retailer and then selling it through a different retailer at a markup is known as retail arbitrage.

This entails buying many items in bulk from one retailer that you think you can sell to other people who would like this product and all you do is pick a different retailer and sell the items at a higher price.

It sounds a bit on the shady side but it appears that this is a legal business option and some experienced sellers have reported making $1000 a month in utilizing this model.

It entails buying bulk items at a cheaper price through a store such as Walmart and then creating a seller account on Amazon or utilizing

You then list these items for sale on these different retailers and see what happens.


25. Website tester

By accessing you can get paid by going online and testing various websites that you have been assigned.

The idea is to access sites, click on the various links and determine whether there are any broken links, vague wording, spelling errors, etc.

The process works begin through the submission of your application, answering screening questions to determine your demographics, then being involved with the testing and earning money.


Personal Story

I was quickly approaching retirement age and kept crunching numbers as to what experts were saying about how much money was needed when you retired.

A lot of the “financial gurus” indicated that if you could retire and have income that was equal to 80% of your last paycheck you could maintain your standard of living and retire comfortably.

So, I retired at 66 years of age but then reality set in because in conjunction with the retirement plans my wife became ill which added significantly to the expense side of the ledger.

Consequently, all of the financially planning when out the door due to the circumstances and reality of life.

Fortunately, as human beings, we all adjust and survive the various twists and turns of life and I found myself taking on a remote job to help cover the additional expenses with the added income.

We have, most likely, all been in that monetary financial boat in which it is either sink or stay afloat.

Often, we choose to stay afloat which requires adjustments in our plans and taking on additional job opportunities.

This is true whether we are students in college, starting in our career, or our post-retirement days.




How Many Students Have a Job or Work While Being Full-time Students?

According to a report issued by Georgetown found that 70% of full-time college students are working.


What Are the Precautions for a Full-time Student Working?

The obvious precaution that a student should take into consideration when working while attending school is that their studies may suffer.

The other significant challenge as it relates to working while a student is not only on your academic focus but also on your personal life.

This means that you need to be cautious about working and going to school as it relates to experiencing stress and exhaustion.


You Can Do It

As a student, you keep a fairly hectic schedule.

You are required to either attend classes physically or through technological means.

All of which in itself takes up the majority of your day.

Added to the mix is the homework that is required, the various term papers that have a screaming deadline, and studying for various tests.

Now, added to the mix is your desire to take on a job.

The reality is that you can do this as demonstrated by your attending school and now wanting to work as much as possible with any remaining hours that you may have.

Your hard work will pay off.



Going to school is a full-time job that provides no monetary earnings for the moment but will pay off in the future.

For the time being, you need some cash now to supplement your schooling lifestyle and perhaps save some of that money to pay off student loans and other expenses.

The good thing is that there are jobs that can be done from your home or dorm and can pay money depending upon how much time you have and are willing to devote to this extra job.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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