Did you know that Online Marketing and Money Making Opportunities Are The Lowest Converting Niches?


For a long time I thought the IM niche was where all the money was. I figured that since it was the niche that brought about the evolution of online marketing, then it must be highly lucrative.
Boy was I wrong!  oops

The IM and Money Making niche’s, although they seem to thoroughly saturate today’s market, have the lowest conversion rate of all the top 5 niches. Could it be that over saturation of these niches has actually lowered their conversions? Or that the competition has out paced the market.


Or is  it more complicated than that?   

90% of the people online don’t even no what Internet Marketing is and don’t use the internet to look for money making opportunities.  So as marketers we’re leaving 90% of the money on then table by concentrating on a saturated niche.  We should be marketing products that the online customers are buying.


What type of products should you be marketing?

Of top the 5 converting niches, Money Making Opportunities and IM aren’t even runner up’s.


The Top 5 Converting Niche’s in 2016 are:

⦁ Sports – 21.7%
⦁ Food & Wine – 21.5%
⦁ Spirituality – 15.8%
⦁ Self Help – 13.7%
⦁ Green Products – 12.5%


Internet Marketing and MMO products came in at dismal 21st place, with a top conversion rate of less than 6 percent. I understand that most of the people in this niche would be satisfied with a 6% conversion rate, it’s a heck of a lot better than the 3% average for IM products.  However, most of the offers that convert in that niche have price points of $10.  You have to sell more products to make the same money you would selling high ticket low converting offers..

But don’t worry….

There are a few hidden digital gems in the top 5 niches:

1. 3 Minute Meditation is killing it in the spirituality niche.
2. Body For Golf in the sports niche, is a high converting product.
3. Paleo Cookbook is ranking high in the food and wine niche.
4. Synergy Spanish is a top selling self help product.
5. Model Trains For Beginners & Insiders Club, is a hot niche with a residual income.

All of the products listed above are currently high converting digital affiliate offers on Clickbank. So as you can see there are still digital products with high conversion rates but they’re not in the niches the guru’s point you towards.

The real money seems to be coming from the other 95% of the online market.
So applying your efforts to these other niches may be a lot more lucrative than following the herd of low conversions.


What do you say?

Is it time to get off the poor conversion train and join a high converting niche or are you satisfied with 3%?