Yes, there are now very good online jobs for students that can pay thousands of dollars, each and every month.

This article reveals exactly how most of these jobs work.

It also shows how normal students are getting paid a lot to do these jobs… all in their spare time.

As a college students, it’s obvious you need money to take care of many things at school, so it’s okay to be looking for other ways to make money.

College is expensive on its own…

You need to buy books…

You need to pay tuition…

You need to take care of some dormitory expenses…

And a gazillion other important financial commitments.

Unless you are from an extremely wealthy family, you cannot easily ‘breeze’ past college without looking for extra ways to handle these financial commitments.

To supplement your college loan or allowances from your parents/guardians, you definitely need money and have to come up with extra sources of getting the money you need.

Thankfully there are so many types of online money making opportunities or even jobs out there now for college students.

And what’s so great now is that many of these jobs pay well and some can be done online.

They are also flexible and will not negatively affect your studies or academic goals.

Don’t worry about whether these jobs will affect your learning.

They will not because you can work part-time and on your own schedule.

In other words, you can juggle both school and work, thereby achieving a balance!

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10 Online Jobs For Students That Can Pay Thousands Of Dollars Per Month

If you want to know the highest paying best jobs for college students, keep reading.

This article highlights some of the very best jobs.


1. Become a COMBO Expert

This is a special way of making money that can be done by anyone, including college students.

It’s a COMBINATION of doing online surveys and doing offline market researches… and getting paid.

I am sure you have heard about doing online surveys for money, but you obviously also know they don’t pay very well, right?

Well, instead of only doing online surveys, you can combine that with also doing offline market researches and your earnings dramatically increases.

While online surveys can make you $10 to $50 dollars per day for the time you spend, doing offline market researches can make you $50 to $200+ per hour!

You see how doing a COMBO of both can earn you thousands of dollars per month as a student?

Of course not all online surveys pay very well. That’s why the most recommended is SurveyJunkie.

They have paid millions of dollars to members over the years and are very credible.

Click here to sign up and start earning.

As for companies that pay for offline market researches, click here for a pretty comprehensive read about how they work as well as list of market research companies that really pay.

online Jobs for students

And yes, SurveyJunkie and all these other market research companies are completely free to sign up with.

You simply sign up and they will email you whenever they have market research jobs that are right for you.

And yes, most of these offline market research companies pay you right after every market research.


2. Become an Online Tutor

You can teach others online and get paid well.

As a college student, you are definitely good at several subjects that you can teach to other younger students or even adults, and get paid for your knowledge.

You can get paid to teach English and other foreign languages online.

You can also get paid to teach other academic subjects that include Math, Science, Psychology, and so on.

You can teach after college hours or on weekends and make money.

You can work as an independent contractor, or you can teach at any tutorial centers near you.

You can also apply to teach students online by signing up with platforms like VIPKID, QKIDS, and

There is also a list of the best online tutoring job sites on this article.

Tutoring jobs demand your expertise and patience.

The average pay that for college students that are engaged in part-time teaching is around $17 per hour.

If you put aside couple hours per day to do this, your earnings can easily run into thousands of dollars per month.

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3. Become a Freelance Writer

Best Online Job For Students

College students can do freelance writing jobs online and get paid well.

As a freelance writer, you use your writing skills to write articles and other types of content for individuals and businesses.

You can even write poems for fun and get paid.

And don’t tell me you can’t write because you absolutely can.

As a college student you definitely know how to write better than most people out there, thanks to the many assignments, essays and other types of writing you have done to get here.

All those writing experiences will come handy here in helping you write very well for other clients, for money.

You can write for publishers, websites, advertisers and so many other clients. and are popular online platforms to get freelance writing gigs.

Freelance writing assignments can serve as a base that will launch your writing career after school!

According to Payscale, freelance writing jobs pay averagely $24.29 per hour!

So, if you work only 20 hours in a month, that will be extra $480.58 to take care of some of your college expenses.

Double or triple that time and you are looking at easy couple of thousands a month.

Of course, instead of doubling or tripling the time you spend writing, you can also focus on writing for publications that pay much more per hour or per accepted article.

For example, you can get paid 200 dollars in one day from some companies just for writing.

Just 10 of such writing jobs per month and you will have easy $2,000 coming to you every single month!

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4. Become a Resume Writer

You can specialize in writing resumes for job seekers and get paid very well for it.

This is a writing gig you can start when you are in college.

You will get to help graduating students write resumes when they search for work.

Or, you can set up a blog or website to promote your resume writing business.

In addition, you can work part-time for firms that employ resume writers and make extra money while still in college.

Resume writers earn around earn around $21 per hour according to Glassdoor

Click here if you prefer to write reviews and get paid by genuine companies.


5. Become a Transcriber

You can get transcription jobs while in college and get paid well.

This job entails you listening to audio recordings and typing what you have heard into text.

In other words, you listen to recorded files like lectures, speeches, interviews, etc, and convert what is said into readable text files.

You can transcribe almost any type of audio file as a general transcriptionist.

Apart from general transcriptions, you can also specialize in the medical and legal profession and get more pay.

Yes, online medical transcription jobs pay very well and can be done by medical college students or those in similar fields.

Transcribers are paid around $15 per hour.

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6. Become a Social Media Manager

social media jobs for students

Most college students know so much about social media than most business owners. If you are one of such students, you can make money with your knowledge.

Most business owners have no idea how to even manage their social media accounts, let alone how to get traffic, engagement and results.

That’s where someone like you comes in.

You can help such business owners and can paid for your time.

Even 16 year olds can do this, making it one of the easy jobs for 16 year olds that pay pretty well.

Thankfully this job can be done from any location. It can also be done using your mobile device.

If you successful get one client that pays you to manage their accounts, imagine having 5 or 10. That will definitely increase the amount you get at the end of the month.

Click here for apps that pay you to share social media links.


7. Become a Virtual Assistant

You can be in college and still get paid to do a lot of administrative tasks for clients.

Yes, you can definitely work from your college dorm and complete office work as a virtual assistant.

Not as easy as jobs such as SMS sending jobs but they can be done by students like you.

This type of job pays well and it offers lots of flexibility that provides the student a balance in studies and work.

Your job as a virtual assistant can involve:

  • Helping to take calls for your clients
  • Creating databases for your clients
  • Creating presentations for your clients
  • Updating and improving clients’ websites of your clients
  • Scheduling appointments for your clients
  • Managing and reading email for your clients
  • Writing short letters for your clients
  • ETC

You will be working from a remote location and completing assignments as they come, so this job definitely doesn’t involve you commuting back and forth.

Averagely, as a virtual assistant, you can earn more than  $15 per hour.


8. Become a Photographer

make money as photographer online

College students who have nice cameras and the gift of taking quality photos can make money as photographers online.

If you have photography skills then consider making extra money as a freelance photographer.

You can set your own prices and distribute to as many stock photography websites as you want.

The average pay that a college student will receive as a photographer is between $15 per hour and $25 per hour.

You will get more money for your pictures if the photos are of high quality.

By the way, you don’t even have to do weird things like sell pics of your feet online to make money.

Just taking and selling high quality pictures can make you good money on the side, without resorting to weird stuff online.

Some of the photo sites and apps that you can sell your photos include:

  • BigStockPhoto
  • iStockPhoto
  • Foap
  • ShutterFly
  • ETC

These websites and apps provide you the right platform and audience to sell your photos online.

Talking about apps, there are lots of awesome apps out there nowadays that for different things, such as online buying and selling apps, coupons appscashback and reward apps, money saving and budgeting apps, apps for finding dog walking jobs, apps for finding cheap gas stations, apps that pay you to watch ads, apps that pay you to play games, etc.

Of course you can even use a good quality smartphone to take awesome pictures, such as an iPhone. If you don’t have one, here are the best sites to buy cheap iPhones.


9. Become a Mystery Shopper

You can get mystery shopping assignments when you are at college and earn decent money.

A mystery shopper gets paid to go to stores, restaurants, theaters, shops, etc, and pretend to be customer.

You will act normal by doing things like:

You will then submit a report of your experience and get paid by the mystery shopping company.

You will also be reimbursed when you have paid for a product or service.

The report you have submitted as a mystery shopper can be used for product research and product improvement.

Getting paid and rewarded for shopping is a dream come true for most people, especially those students who love shopping.

Who doesn’t, right?

You can work at your own schedule when doing mystery shopping assignments. So, as a college student, you can still find a balance when you complete this job.

Most mystery shopping assignments will earn you between $8 and $25 per hour.

What you earn will depend on the complexity of the assignment and the company asking you to get information.

Click here for more details on how to become a mystery shopper. You will also learn all about the many mystery shopping companies that really pay.

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10. Become a Graphic Designer Online

If you are a graphic design student, you can work as a freelancer and get paid very well.

As a freelance graphic designer, you can create different types of designs for individuals and businesses.

Logos, websites, T-shirts, posters, magazine covers and other stuff can be designed for money.

If you are very good with graphic design then this can be a source of good income for you as a college student.

You can earn up to $29 per hour doing graphic design jobs.

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As you can see, there are many online opportunities and jobs online that college students can do to get thousands of dollars per month.

They all don’t involve too much time commitment and can be done from the comfort of your home or dorm.

But of course, the best method from these is becoming a COMBO expert, as explained earlier – which is doing a combination of online surveys and offline market researches.

While online surveys can make you $10 to $50 dollars per day for the time you spend, doing offline market researches can make you $50 to $200+ per hour!

Doing a COMBO of both can earn you thousands of dollars per month as a student!

Of course not all online surveys pay very well. That’s why the most recommended is SurveyJunkie.

They have paid millions of dollars to members over the years and are very credible.

Click here to sign up with them and start earning.


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