This article reveals 25 best online jobs for medical students to earn money at home.

It also contains some SECRET tips that will really help.



One of the popular variety shows in the early days of television was the Ed Sullivan Show.

Entertainers include singers, puppets, comedians, etc.

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It was on the Ed Sullivan Show that the Beatles first appeared on stage in America.

As an entertainer, if you could get “booked” on the show you had a good chance of having a successful show business career.

On the Sunday evening telecast, there also appeared a variety of juggling acts.

One act involved plate spinning where an individual would spin plates on a long stick.

He would get one plate spinning and add another and another and would constantly go back and forth between plates to keep them spinning.

Perhaps as a med student, you can relate to all of the “plates” that you have spinning.

The spinning of all your medical classes, personal life, etc. can make more than just the plates spin.

Now, you wish to add one more plate by looking for an online job.

Let us see what that plate looks like.


25 Best Online Jobs for Medical Students to Earn Money Working From Home


1. Blogger

One of the revenue-generating actions that involves being online is the creation of a blog site.

After a long day of studying human anatomy, a course on prescriptions, diagnosis of certain diseases, etc., the medical student most likely would want to de-stress and get away from the intensity of the teaching of the day.

A way to do this and earn money at the same time would be to sit down at your laptop or workstation and blog about things that have nothing to do with medicine.

You could talk about the current events of the day, technology, relationships, etc.

Monetization of your blog site could come through your support from your followers as well as possibly gaining a sponsor for your site as well as having affiliate advertising links within your blog.


2. Etsy

Etsy is an online retailer that works with individuals to set up virtual retail stores.

The individuals can register on Etsy and establish an account to sell items that they possibly have made.

Examples of items that they may be sold through Etsy could include handcrafted items such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, purses, wallets, etc.


3. eBay

Another online retail option for individuals to sell items and make a profit is eBay.

After you have registered and set up your financial account, you can then start to download pictures of items that you have for sale.

A big seller on eBay is books and as a medical student perhaps you have a duplicate copy of a medical book that could be sold or other books within your library that you no longer need.

With eBay, you can set your price, or you can have potential customers bid on the product.

If you agree with the bid that is provided you can then make the transaction with the individual.

When the item is sold you go on eBay and print a label for the item that is sold.

The item is placed in the packaging, the label is affixed, and you take the package to the post office for shipment.


4. Pet Walker

The app that is available for individuals who have pets and wish to engage someone to care for their animals is the Rover app.

The app is downloaded on your phone, and you can be registered as a provider.

When an owner of a pet requests a walk for their dog, you will get a notification through the app.

You open the request read about the animal and see when the walk needs to take place.

There are a variety of scheduling options and if it happens to be a good fit you can accept the walk and then you enjoy your walk with the dog.

This could be a good online way of earning money as it can be beneficial to you to walk after an intense day of study as well as gain exercise and interact with a dog as a pet-lover.


5. Freelancing

Many freelance websites are available on the Internet.

Two of those freelance websites are and

After registering on the site, you have the option to search for several freelance opportunities.

The power of this process is that you can work as often and as you like and can set your pay rate.

Freelance opportunities include writing, graphic design, virtual assistant, grant writing, etc.


6. Graphic Design

A graphic designer is an innovative and imaginative way for the individual to demonstrate their creativity.

Various designs ranging anywhere from business cards up to a company’s logo can come to life.

Having strong computer skills is almost a necessity for a graphic designer along with their artistic flair and a significant perspective as it relates to detail.

There are many ways that you can locate a graphic designer position which can include going to or a freelance website such as


7. Writing

A freelance writer is an individual who uses their creative word database and their extensive vocabulary to provide writing for many genres.

Some of those genres could include grant writing, ghostwriting, creative writing, technical writing, etc.

Writing jobs can be found through a variety of websites with one being

Writing can also be a soothing process as it relates to doing something imaginative and creative after an extensive date of taking medical classes.


8. Photography

Another option for earning money by being online is to replace your biology textbook with a camera and take photographs.

The photographs that you take can be of fellow medical students during times of relaxation or extensive involvement in a class, or you can take photos of animals, landmarks in your area, the campus that you are studying on, etc.

The monetization of your photography can be obtained by selling your photos to stock photo websites such as:

You could also enter your photographs in various photography contests which could include

The winners of these competitions are eligible for a cash prize along with other potential awards and recognition.


9. Data Entry

The online data entry clerk is a fairly straightforward way to make money online.

The individual or company will send you significant amounts of data and your job as the clerk will be to enter that data accurately into different types of formats.

The formats could include a table within a word processing document, a spreadsheet, a specific software, etc.

This position is usually outsourced because it is fairly monotonous and tedious, and it is better to have someone outside of the company do this work rather than employing a member of the company.

Data entry positions can be found in a variety of places including freelance websites or by logging on to a job posting site such as


10. YouTube

A creative and fun way to earn money while being online is through the creation of your own YouTube channel.

The focus of your channel could center around something that you enjoy or have a talent or a skill for.

The idea would be to provide YouTube videos that would resonate with others and create a following so that you could gain financial support for your effort with the secondary benefit of doing something you enjoy.


11. Teach

Being a medical student and eventually becoming a doctor you most likely have a propensity to teach.

There are many websites on which you may be able to put this ability and talent to good use.

Teaching options could include instruction of the English language to individuals globally through telecommunication methods or teaching others various types of subjects such as math, science, etc.

A website that you can check out to see if you qualify to be a teacher can be found at

Some sites may or may not require you to have a teaching degree.


12. Tutor

If you have a musical talent, you could teach others how to learn what you have learned.

For example, if you play piano, you can tutor a single person or group of people on how to play the piano.

The teaching can be done in person or can be through technology via Zoom or Skype.

You could charge per person, or you could charge per group and earn anywhere from $25 an hour on up depending upon your geographical area and what the market will bear.


13. Podcast

A podcast is similar to a radio broadcast with the exception being that the podcast can be downloaded and conveniently listen to at a later time.

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To create a podcast does not take a significant investment in equipment and some individuals even use the voice recorder on their smartphones.

Editing can be done by downloading Audacity and you can list your podcast on a website such as

The easiest way to monetize your podcast is by specifically talking to your audience and asking for donations during the podcast.

Your donors can donate to you through your PayPal account, or you can set up a Patreon account to receive any financial support.

Also, you can provide premium content on your podcast to add to your financial income.

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14. Voiceover

Some websites look for individuals or rather utilize an individual’s voice.

These websites are known for looking for a unique voice that will resonate with the audience.

Uniqueness could be defined as having a particular dialect or accent or a particular tone that could be commanding or comforting.

Generally, an individual who lends their voice in this way will be involved with marketing, advertising, doing commercials, or perhaps the use of their voice in an audiobook.

One such website that utilizes voice talent can be found at


15. Life Coach

The arduous road to becoming a doctor is not an easy one.

No one needs to tell you that it takes a lot of discipline, having a vision, and keeping that vision in focus by following a definite strategy.

These are the very attributes that a life coach can bring to an individual who is struggling in finding purpose in their life or sticking with a goal and achieving those goals.

Through the online process, you can advertise yourself as a life coach and promote your services through your social media platforms and offer to come alongside an individual who wishes to receive help from you in obtaining structure in their life.


16. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is an individual who transcribes the text from an audio or video file and types the narrative in a word document, notepad, or other word processing software.

There are a variety of websites available on which you can register and the qualifications to be a good transcriptionist would be good listening skills and the ability to type quickly.

One of those sites is

The transcriptionist is generally paid by the number of words typed or when it comes to transcribing audio files pay may be based on an hourly rate.


17. Web Developer

A web developer can do the creation of a webpage on a remote basis.

Being a web developer would be a good match for an individual who has a decent computer background and can utilize software language when developing a webpage.

Webpages today are a must and are a critical component as it relates to the success of a business.

To find a webpage developer employment opportunity one can go to a particular job posting website.

Those job posting websites could be or


18. Test Websites

Another online employment opportunity that one can work remotely and get paid is by testing websites.

The thought process behind this employment position is for individuals to log onto certain sites as assigned by the Internet company to evaluate the site.

As part of the evaluation, the user will be looking for broken links, misspellings, vague writing, etc.

When they have finished evaluating the site, they will be asked to respond by providing an evaluation sheet as it relates to the site that they visited.

One of the sites that recruit individuals to test websites can be found at

At this particular website, you are involved in a feedback session that lasts approximately one and a half an hour. $10 is earned for each session.


19. Online Surveys

Another opportunity that affords you to work online in a remote capacity is to take advantage of websites that pay you or provide rewards when you complete several tasks.

Those tasks could include taking a survey, watching videos, playing games, etc.

One of those online survey sites is

In addition, when individual signs up as a registered user of this site, there may be a sign-up bonus.


20. Video Captioning

Another online employment opportunity that presents itself is through the process of video captioning.

Many websites have video files that need captioning placed in these files so that people can have the audio translated into a specific language or to help an individual who has hearing issues.

One of those sites is

The video file is sent to the individual and they listen to the words being spoken and type out the words as part of the captioning process.

Payment is made for each minute of the video that is captured with the pay ranging anywhere from $.40-$.75 per minute.


21. App Development

If you have a talent for software development and can create an app, a good way to get paid as part of the online process would be the creation of an app.

The app could be specific to being a resource for medical students and could provide study guides, tips, evaluation of the courses and what to expect, etc.

If you do not have the acumen to create an app possibly you could collaborate with an individual who does and the moneymaking aspect of the app would be a subscription service or outright payment for the app itself.


22. Proofreading

Often, the submission of writing is a twofold process.

The first process is the written narrative that is submitted and then often, that narrative is read by a proofreader to assess the grammar.

If you have a good sense of grammar and all of the ins and outs as it relates to a properly formatted document, then perhaps a good online employment opportunity would be to be a proofreader.

A proofreader employment position can be found on many freelance websites.


23. eBook

If you have a flair for writing and an idea to develop into an e-book then perhaps this is a way of realizing some revenue.

Examples of ideas that could be developed into an e-book could include a mystery novel that takes place on the campus and involves medical students and murder has been committed.

The way that crime occurred was due to a particular chemical that was used which just happened to be the focus in a recent chemistry class.

Or your e-book could be an autobiography on some of the challenges that you faced and now here you are taking medical courses and well on your way to becoming a physician.

This could prove to be inspirational and good reading as it would inspire others and challenge them to pursue their dreams.

To further develop this idea, you can log onto


24. Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator is an online user that is hired to utilize search engines such as Google, Bing, Duck Go Search, etc.

The purpose of this employment role is to be involved with the search engines and provide feedback so that the company can modify its algorithms to serve people better

A potential of finding such an employment role can be through (now Appen).


25. Social Media Manager

With all of the social media platforms available to individuals, today individuals and companies need someone to manage all of these sites, content, and engagement with potential customers.

Those sites include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter

The position of social media manager does exactly that and not only builds a presence on all of the social media platforms but interacts with these communities in conversations.

The purpose is for companies to market and provide visibility for their products and encourage customers to take action by reading posts, signing up for email, purchasing their products, etc.


Personal Story

I had just gotten out of the Navy and had served two tours of duty overseas which took me away from my family for a total period of 16 months.

I missed out on so much with my family that I vowed to make the most of my time with them after my discharge.

Six months later I enrolled in school which created some scheduling conflicts.

I became a full-time student during the day, spent time with my sons in the evening, and often found my world spinning as I pulled out the books at 8:00 p.m. and worked another four hours.

I was a plate spinner but, as you can most likely relate, it was one of the most satisfying times of my life.




How Many Hours, on Average, Does a Medical Student Study?

According to Kaptest the average medical student studies about 30 to 40 hours per week.


What is the Cost to Attend Med School?

The average cost to attend med school for four years is $220,222.


You Can Do It

Going to school and taking full advantage of the opportunity is a time and energy-consuming commitment.

Added to the mix is the need/want to work as well.

The good thing is that you are focused and organized, and you have the drive to make it happen.



Several comparisons can be drawn from the entertaining act of plate spinning with our lives.

There are many plates in the air, they all need attention, and just when we have them all spinning another one is added.

Success and notoriety are a combination of how many plates you can spin and keep them spinning.

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