Yes, there are specific online jobs for Autistic adults who want to make money online!

This article reveals 25 of the best such jobs that pay well!



In a recent book penned by Jim Collins, Good to Great, he states the premise that for business owners to get to great the start of that process does not begin with the word “where” but with “who.”

He proceeds to compare companies to buses and get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and those that remain on the bus in the right seats.

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In other words, matching what the “rider” brings to the bus environment is a match for the role and responsibilities they are assigned and held accountable for.

Each of us has our own unique skill set and personality that is best utilized when we match what we bring to what we can do.

It is like the children’s toy of geometric figures and trying to take “a personality and skill set” of a square and trying to fit it into a circle.

Understanding and acknowledging that we are all different so it is as it relates to the abilities and strengths of an individual who is autistic and has difficulty communicating and interacting socially.

However, this does not negate their strengths and abilities to be involved in other areas within the workplace or be in the right seat.

Let us, therefore, take a look at the best online jobs for individuals who are autistic and wish to earn a living.


25 Best Online Jobs for Autistic Adults


1. Bookkeeper

The role of the bookkeeper is to take the financial data generated from a company or individual and incorporate that data into a software program or possibly even into a spreadsheet.

The bookkeeper’s role is to enter these numbers accurately so that the financial department or the individual will maintain the integrity of the business accounting.


2. YouTuber

Although as a YouTube presenter on your YouTube channel you are being photographed and communicating, in actuality you can just concentrate on talking to the camera.

By being a YouTube presenter you can talk on a variety of subjects that you are passionate about or that you wish to help others acquire more information.

Examples of topics of interest could include new gadgetry, book reviews, and even talking about autism.


3. Transcriber

A transcriber is an individual with fairly decent typing skills and utilizes those skills to transcribe audio and video recordings.

The transcriber will listen to the audio files or the sound files and will capture what is being said and with their typing skills translate the script and the information from the meetings to various formats which could include Notepad or a Word document.


4. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides administrative support to management personnel.

This is accomplished by keeping track of schedules, answering phone calls, making appointments, possibly doing light bookkeeping, etc.

Interaction with others is fairly insignificant and the roles and duties can generally be accomplished through technology such as email, text messages, etc.


5. Website Designer

A website designer is a professional who utilizes their imagination ability to formulate a website that is appealing, easy to navigate, minimizes the time the user needs to be searching, etc.

This is a perfect occupation for an individual who has autistic tendencies because of the necessary computer language required in the forming of the webpages, discovering errors, and being provided with an employment position to work minimally with other people.


6. Mechanic Engineer

A mechanical engineer must have an aptitude for the utilization of software and be able to think well on their feet and exhibit good problem-solving acumen.

Mechanical engineers create new products that improve the quality of life of individuals.

They may be called upon to work with a team but their interaction is more on the level of individuality and a personal level.

A significant amount of their work is online-related.


7. Video Game Designer

Most people enjoy playing video games and individuals that are diagnosed with autism are no different.

However, an autistic individual can take the video game process one step further and higher by their potential involvement as a videogame designer.

Video game designers rely heavily upon computers and gaming systems to not only create new games but enhance current games and work out system bugs.

A videogame designer job’s description would include:

  • Assisting in design
  • Free of errors and computer bugs
  • Exploring and being imaginative as it relates to new ideas


8. Software Engineer

A software engineer is heavily involved with computer use and in addition to enjoying computers knows about computer code relative to programming software packages.

A software engineer does work in a team setting but for the most part can work independently in the development of software packages, testing and refining the various functional aspects of the software.


9. Paralegal

A paralegal uses online resources for excessive research as it relates to legal cases.

A paralegal assists lawyers by providing the necessary research and basic study so that the lawyers can analyze that research and present their defense

Other tasks for the paralegal include:

  • Filing documents
  • Attending client meetings
  • Filing documents

Paralegals must be extremely organized and have an excellent command of reading and writing skills and be able to, on occasion, interact with clients to ask questions.


10. Financial Analyst

The position of financial analyst requires a strong mathematical ability to study trends.

These trends are reflected in the analysis which studies the marketplace and demographics.

The role of the financial analyst is to help their employer make smart investments based on the analysis.

This is a highly involved online occupation and requires significant organizational skills and attention to detail.

Some of the more important roles of the financial analyst include:

  • Doing analysis
  • Providing reports
  • Creating budgets

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11. Data Analyst

A data analyst can pour over large amounts of data and then utilize that data to formulate charts, and reports and provide conclusions.

To be a data analyst requires the individual to have mathematical skills and be comfortable with a variety of software programs.

Some of those software programs include:

  • Excel,
  • SharePoint
  • SQL databases

A data analyst does need to provide reports and interact minimally with others but a great portion of their role and the work that they conduct is done in solitude.


12. Technical Writer

The role of the technical writer is to create documentation that provides instruction for various items that are purchased.

The included manuals in many products or that are found online are created by these technical writers and walk the customer or purchaser of the item through the various steps in operating the item, caring for the item, troubleshooting, etc.

As a technical writer, the individual with autism would be able to work in an office setting and be basically on their own.

A good technical writer is proficient in their narrative and the explanations on how to operate the product are clear and concise.


13. Computer Programmer

If diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s syndrome an ideal position for these individuals would be the role of a computer programmer.

A computer programmer can work from home and is typically involved in an office setting and sits in front of a computer and keyboard and utilizes computer software to develop new programs or repair programs that are not functioning properly or need to be “debugged.”


14. Content Writer

A content writer is an individual who has a good command of the English language and can use that talent and skill and translate it into writing.

A content writer can write creative stories, write grants, be involved with tech writing, etc.

A content writer generally works alone and their interaction with others is minimal.

Content writing jobs can be found on a variety of freelancing websites with one of those being or can look at job posting websites such as

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15. Journalist

A journalist is an individual who has an affiliation and appreciation for what is happening currently in the world.

The journalist also has a good grasp of their native language and therefore can use their skills and talents in transferring the events of the day to the reader in a completely objective manner and remain neutral in their recording.

A journalist can find online positions and can work for such employers as news organizations, newspapers, magazines, etc.


16. Blogger

Although a blogger interacts with individuals who read what you have to say and your perspective on different topics, your interpersonal interaction is minimal.

Your blogging website could be on a variety of topics that you are passionate or appreciate or have knowledge about.

For example, if you enjoy technology, you can talk about some of the latest technology that is being released and how it operates, its benefit, and whether you recommend it or not,

You can earn money through this online activity by gaining followers who may support your efforts and the information that you provide along with affiliate advertising and the potential of gaining a sponsor.

A website that you can access to set up your blogging site can be found at


17. Proofreader

When it comes to writing, perhaps you can evaluate the writing as it relates to the use of grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

This skill may serve you well as you can be an online proofreader.

Many opportunities are advertised for proofreaders that you could take advantage of.

You can search on such websites as or go to a job posting website such as

The beauty of being a proofreader is that you do not have to interact much with individuals and simply focus on the writing that is being proofed.

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18. Data Entry

Data entry is work that is generally done by the individual with no one near or around them.

Data entry can be labeled for some as boring and monotonous but for an individual with autism, the routine is welcomed.

The role of the data entry employee is to simply enter information into a computer database.

The entries need to be accurate and done as quickly as possible without jeopardizing their accuracy.

Often the data is obtained from recordings or other spreadsheets or various types of documents with copious amounts of data.


19. Accountant

The online role as an accountant would be a good match for an individual who has autistic tendencies.

An accountant does not interact significantly with other people but keeps to themselves as it relates to working with numbers, managing budgets, creating reports, monitoring cash flow reports and sales reports, and filing taxes.


20. Actuary

An actuary is an individual who works with insurance companies with their primary role being the analysis of volumes of statistics.

An actuary is a critical component of the insurance company industry because through their analysis they can provide the necessary data to keep the companies financially healthy.

Specifically, the actuary uses statistics to measure and manage risk and determine what the possibilities are related to future events occurring and utilizing statistics.


21. Auditor

The specific role of an auditor is to be invited in or contract with a company to provide oversight to the fiscal management of the company by looking through the various financial records and bookkeeping.

An auditor will pull a sampling of various records which could include the areas of accounts payable, accounts receivable, checking, banking, etc.

From this sampling, they will determine what the accuracy is of these items in comparison to bookkeeping standards (GAAP – Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).

An auditor also evaluates and examines the handling of money to make sure that there are processes in place to provide accountability and proper stewardship.

An auditor does not necessarily deal with individuals but concentrates more on computer entries, paper trails, etc.


22. Author

If you enjoy writing and have creative thoughts or would like to write about a skill or talent that you have then perhaps being an author is an online opportunity for you.

You can endeavor to pitch your book to several publishers or you can self-publish your book through a website such as Bookbaby.

You could also access Kindle Direct Publishing.


23. Animator

An animator is another perfect fit for a creative who has autism tendencies.

This job requires that the individual spend a lot of computer time and be involved with the animation process.

Similar to being an architect, an animator is heavily engaged in the design, drawing images, and making those creations come to life through the animation process.

A quality animator will have the following attributes:

  • Design skills,
  • Detail-oriented
  • Good artistic and drawing skills
  • Creativity
  • Outstanding computer skills


24. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer communicates with others through a variety of colors, images, and shapes.

This communication conveys a variety of information to others especially to consumers and customers as it relates to business products.

A graphic designer uses appropriate software and relies heavily on computer technology.


25. App Development

Being creative and wanting to work online with minimal interaction with others, a good job would be the development of apps.

The two aspects of this occupation could be the development of an idea and then marketing that idea or you can write the code yourself.

In either case, this involves significant use of online resources and computer use as well as working in solitude.


Personal Story

Being part of a family of seven our family vehicle would hold three people in the front seat and four people in the backseat.

These were the days before everyone had to be buckled up in a seatbelt.

Whenever we went on a trip there was a code that we as the kids followed which was the shouting out of what seat we claimed whenever we would travel.

Of course, seats were switched when we stopped so everyone had a turn.

Of course, the prime seats were the seats nearest the windows and the other three seats were the middle passenger area in the front and the two passenger areas in the back seat in the middle.

What was always good and exciting was when that moment came during the trip when our wise mother would give up her seat in the front right passenger area and swap out with one of the other members of the family.


Autistic Adults Online Jobs FAQs


What Causes Autism?

The exact cause of autism is not known.

The suspected risk factors include:

  • Genetics
  • Being born to older parents
  • Low birth weight
  • Metabolic imbalances
  • Possibly being exposed to auctions when young
  • Maternal history of viral infections


What Percentage of the Population is Diagnosed With Autism?

Answer: According to the centers for disease control and prevention, about 1% of the world’s population has autism spectrum disorder.

That equates to over 75 million people.


You Can Do It

If you are autistic you are no different than anyone else.

You just have unique skills and personalities.

It is just a matter of matching those valuable skills, talents, and abilities to match the requirements of the right job and what that job entails.



For the most part, everyone has a role to play in the job market.

Everyone has something to contribute based on their skills, education, and talents.

When all participate, as much as possible, everyone is strengthened and benefits.

In the job market, there is room for everyone on the bus.

It’s just a matter of getting everyone in the right seat as much as possible.

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