There are indeed online jobs for 10 year olds to make money.

This very comprehensive and helpful article reveals 25 of such online jobs for 10 year olds who want to make money online.


Are Online Jobs for 10-Year-Olds Legit?

Of course they are!

There is something about the age of 10 in which it seems that both a young boy and girl are at that level of maturity where they can take on responsibility and be involved in a job and get paid in doing so.

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The typical jobs that were always offered to young people at this age included:

  • Babysitting
  • Paper route
  • Lemonade stands
  • Washing cars
  • Taking care of the trash
  • Etc

Today with the availability of the internet, a whole new dimension of work opportunities, even for a 10-year-old, is available.

Leaving the hose connected to the water faucet and putting the trash can away, let us look at some online employment opportunities in which a 10-year-old can be involved and earn money.


25 Best Money Making Online Jobs for 10 Year Olds


1. Etsy

If your 10-year-old has a hobby that they like to be involved with and has the potential of being sold, this would be a good opportunity to be involved with

Examples of a hobby that could be listed on this site and others for sale could include the making of jewelry, bracelets, graphic designs placed on T-shirts, duct tape wallets, etc.

You as the parent could work with him and set up an online retail store, upload pictures of the items, and then offer these items for sale.


2. Publish Books

Perhaps your 10-year-old has a keen imagination and has demonstrated a writing gift.

You could encourage your son or daughter to continue to expand their imagination and even start writing down their thoughts or forming a story around what they are thinking.

Their story or number of stories could be bound together and published as a book and listed for sale.

At this self-publishing site could be a start to that process.


3. YouTube

There are many YouTube channels in which the host of the video presentation is a young person.

The focus of the channel hosted by your son or daughter could be technology, book reviews, perhaps they enjoy a particular sport, etc.

Also, there is a YouTube opportunity specially designed for kids that provides a safe experience, use of wholesome videos, parental control, etc.

This YouTube channel is known as YouTubeKids.

To learn more about this app you can click here.


4. eBay

If your 10-year-old has several items that they wish to sell they can use the eBay platform.

You can help them set up an account and help walk them through the process which includes taking pictures of the items that they wish to sell and uploading those pictures.

This is not only a good opportunity for them to earn money through this online site but also will help them to learn about business and the retailing process.


5. Blogging

If you notice that your child has a talent or a gift in writing, you can encourage them to start a blog.

The blog can be monetized as your 10-year-old talks about a variety of subjects that they may be interested in.

Examples of subjects could include their love for video games, a particular school subject, sports activities, etc.

You would be able to monitor the content of the blog and any responses and support monetarily might come through their followers, and potentially affiliate advertising.


6. Online Surveys

An opportunity to earn money through the online process is by taking online surveys.

Often these jobs are fun and can include taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, etc.

When you actively participate in these tasks, some sites pay cash while some sites give you rewards and you can earn gift cards.

Two of those sites are Swagbucks and My Points.

Because the child involved is 10 years old, they would need permission from their parent.


7. Illustrations

Children can have an artistic flair and with that flair, there is always the opportunity to make money off of this skill through the online process.

A website that will enhance their process and build on their inherent skills is Deviantart

They can submit their illustrations and begin to build their portfolio.


8. Photographs

It appears that your young darling has a gift as it relates to photography, you can encourage them and have them take unique photos based on their perspective and imaginative photographic capabilities.

Ways that they can earn money online is to enter various contests that are designed to encourage young photographers, even at the age of 10, to pursue this passion.

The possibility of a website where your young photographer can submit photographic works can be found at


9. Walk Dogs

There are many websites and applications in which the individual can sign up to be a dog walker for individuals within the community.

Unfortunately, the age requirement to be involved with these processes excludes your 10-year-old.

However, the young 10-year-old can use their social media platform to offer their services to others and walk a family’s pet at certain hours of the day.


10. Product Flipper

A great way to not only earn money for the young 10-year-old but to teach them about business is through the process of product flipping.

The process involves buying items in the local store at a fairly reasonable rate and then selling those items at a markup on various online websites.

Some of the websites could include eBay, Etsy, etc.

The young entrepreneur can take pictures of the item and keep in mind the questions of whether there is a market for this product and would others would want this product and pay for that product at a markup.


11. Streaming

There are many gaming websites in which there is an interest in people watching other gamers or people playing video games.

This is called streaming and it involves watching others play video games in real-time.

If this is an enjoyable experience for your 10-year-old, perhaps they can create their account and start their streaming channel on Twitch or another gaming platform.


12. App Tester

An opportunity for your 10-year-old to earn money is by being an app tester.

The process involves the downloading of the ab and putting it through its paces as per the instructions of the creators of the app.

Two particular places for you and your 10-year-old to investigate as a possibility would include Tester Work and Uber Testers.


13. Create Games

Young people today are particularly savvy and knowledgeable as it relates to playing games and as they play they may indicate ways the game could have been improved.

Perhaps, if these are comments you hear, then a possibility of earning some money would be for your young daughter or son to be involved in the creation of video games.

A website that may be helpful can be found at


14. Setup Computers

Although not an online job per se, the setting up of computers would involve your child’s knowledge of computers.

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They could offer their service as a young person who is tech-savvy to individuals in the neighborhood, family, and friends by setting up their computers.

The process could include the creation of a Bluetooth network, the use of a router, a VPN, etc.

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15. Pet Sitter

Sometimes, a family needs to get away but their pets must stay behind.

Therefore, a family, taking care of the various family pets, needs someone to take care of the animals while the family is away.

Through your child’s social media sites, they can advertise their availability to meet this need by pet sitting animals while the family is away.


16. Baby Sitter

Sometimes a husband and wife with children just want to get alone for a couple of hours to enjoy a meal out, take in a movie, etc.

Available online today are virtual babysitting services.

Your mature 10-year-old can provide this babysitting service by interacting with the children that they are watching through virtual technology and interacting with the kids at the other end of the video call.

Of course, emergency numbers would be provided and guidelines would be set up that if the child is away from the computer for a certain small length of time, then the parents would be notified as well.

It is not optimal but if it was a last-minute need then this would work out or, the parents could be in another part of the home and simply want a breather from their children and possibly vice versa.

Therefore, this would be optimal if the parents are still at home near the child but not interacting with them because they are virtually being engaged with by your 10-year-old.


17. Be a Friend

For a variety of reasons, there are people in our community who are isolated and are not able to get out or interact with others.

Often, they are senior citizens who may or may not have their grandchildren but the families may live a considerable distance away and not up able to interact consistently.

An online way for your 10-year-old to interact with these individuals and get paid a little bit of money would be to interact with these individuals who are lonely and long for human connection.

This can be accomplished through Skype or Zoom.

When these conversations, reading to the senior, etc. occurs you can be in “earshot” of the conversation and monitor accordingly.


18. Read

Another online option as it relates to interacting with lonely people and particularly seniors is the service of reading.

Through Skype or Zoom, the 10-year-old can set up a time to interact with the senior and read to the senior a story that the senior citizen would thoroughly enjoy and would be thrilled with the interaction.

Although you wouldn’t necessarily ask for money, the senior more than likely would want to make a donation or contribution to the young person for their time and effort.


19. eBook

Quite possibly your child is gifted with writing ability.

Maybe they are writing a story, keeping a diary, have written some poems, etc.

This creative work can be incorporated into an e-book and listed on Amazon for sale.

To learn more about creating an e-book you can go to KDP.


20. Music

If your child is musically inclined and is gifted in this area then perhaps an opportunity that may present itself is to create or be involved with music.

One of the best places to get started is through Spotify but would need your involvement as a parent.


21. Video Game Tester

What could be more natural than a 10-year-old playing a videogame?

To take advantage of this relationship, you as the parent can search for videogame testing jobs or by being a home game tester through an online site to find the right job for your 10-year-old to play games and test them out.

A website that may be of interest can be found at

It appears that young people, ages six through 12, can participate with a parent.


22. Influencer

An influencer is an individual who fully maximizes the use of social media platforms, provides interesting and quality content, and subsequently has a large following.

Consequently, the individual who hosts these platforms has become an influencer and what they do or say is followed by others.

Marketing departments of businesses are keenly aware of those with large followings and as such try to work out agreements where they work with the influencer to incorporate links to their products on their platforms.

When the followers click on these links and purchase something then the influencer receives a portion of a commission of the money that is spent.


23. Manage Social Media

If a 10-year-old is knowledgeable about social media the way that it operates, its functionality, and its social media power, they can help others with their social media platforms.

Through this online process, they can teach others about social media and ways to improve its use for the individual.


24. Podcast

A podcast is like a radio program except that the podcast can be downloaded onto a person’s smartphone and listened to at their convenience.

Your 10-year can set up a podcast service.

The first step would be to determine the focus of the podcasts with suggestions being something that your 10-year-old enjoys.

Examples could include:

  • Sports
  • Technology
  • A hobby they enjoy
  • Video games etc.

The podcasts can be a single person (monologue) or an interview with someone associated with the field of interest.

Editing can be done through and the recording can be accomplished through a recording app on the smartphone.

Through SoundCloud, an account can be created to upload the various recording sessions.


25. Deliver Newspapers

One of the traditional jobs that were performed by a 10-year-old was the delivery of newspapers.

It seems that a good idea would be to continue to deliver newspapers by a 10-year-old but have the 10-year-old compose their newspaper with news for kids and then deliver this newspaper via the Internet by having people sign up for the subscription and deliver the newsletter through e-mail.

The tag line or the “hook” quote for the e-newsletter would be a new entrepreneurial job for a modern-day kid.


Personal Story

At the age of 10/11 our son announced to us that he wanted to take on a paper route.

For him to do this we needed to sign a paper permitting him to do this along with some other stipulations that were detailed above are signature.

It was a mixed moment for me because it was at about the same time in my life that I had taken on a paper route and with his wanting to do this it seems like it was a rite of passage somehow.

Of course, I was happy because it was a new stage in his life and came with a whole new set of roles and responsibilities.

Of course, we gave permission and my only piece of advice or word of caution to him was to remind him about interacting with his customers and regardless of how nice the customers may seem not to go into their homes or take any gifts from them without our permission.


Money Earning Online Jobs for Ten Year Olds FAQs


What Are Some Good Investment Options for a 10-year-old With Their Earned Money.

Some good options for saving the money earned by a 10-year-old would include:

  • A high-interest savings account
  • Custodial Roth IRA
  • Youth Account possibly with Fidelity
  • Greenlight


What Are the Added Benefits of a 10-year-old Working?

The 10-year-old will learn about:

  • Business
  • Customer service
  • Following through
  • Being of service
  • Handling money
  • Planning
  • And much more


You Can Do It

Just because you are 10 years old does not mean that you cannot put into action your business ideas to make money.

Of course, as with any business venture, it is important to check with your local community and your state of residency to ensure that there are no legal issues as it relates to you or your 10-year-old implementing any of these online activities.



There are many acceptable ways for a 10-year-old to earn money through a variety of traditional methods of making that money.

Lemonade stands, car washes, paper routes, etc. are all part of those traditionally accepted methods.

Why not then kick these traditional ways of earning money up a notch and couple the possibilities of working these same types of jobs but only utilizing the Internet to maximize the earning potential.

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