This article looks at some of the online delivery apps and how to know which one might be best for you.

These days if you don’t want to go out of your house in order to get food from your favorite restaurants or even to make food, then you don’t have to. There are apps that make it easy to get what you want, when you want it.

Some of these apps can be used for more than just getting food from your favorite restaurants.

You can get various other products delivered to you from virtually any place.

Some of these apps focus on delivering ingredients and recipes to you in order for you to make the type of meals at home you’ve always wanted to. We want you to check out some of these.

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We’ve included 15 of them in total. We’re sure you’ll find one that works for your lifestyle or the area you’re in.

Understand that the apps that focus on sending you ingredients to make your own meals are focused on those who are into a healthy lifestyle.

These meal plans are designed to be easy and they take a lot of the hassle out of eating healthy. These enable you to be more proactive.


1. UberEats

People who make use of Uber are going to appreciate using them in order to get food delivered from their favorite restaurants.

The UberEats app is at the moment used in a wide range of different cities, which would include Los Angeles as well as Chicago.

UberEats and Uber aren’t the same app, both are individual options.

However, they do make use of some of the same components such as providing you with a delivery time estimate and making all transactions cashless.


2. DoorDash

The only real negative about DoorDash is that it doesn’t seem to be as large as Seamless or GrubHub, however it does seem to come with distinct features the other two don’t.

There’s a scoring system for example called “DoorDash Delight”.

The “Delight Score” makes use of specific factors like the quality of food in a restaurant, how trendy a restaurant might be, how long it takes to deliver something and things such as customer satisfaction in order to let you know what the top options are in your location.


3. Seamless

Seamless is another app that provides menu options from thousands of different restaurants in your area.

When you use the app you’re even able to get discounts that are exclusive to those who use the app. You typically don’t have to pay any fee with the app and ordering food from different restaurants only takes a couple of clicks.

Over 600 different cities make use of Seamless in the continental US.


4. Beyond Menu

The one unique thing about Beyond Menu is that before you decide to give them any of your personal information you’ll be able to take a look at the list of different restaurants they partner with.

You can decide to either have food delivered to you or you can decide to pick it up. Information is able to be saved so that future orders are made easier.

Over 40 different types of cuisines are offered and there are several restaurant options to select from.


Best Online Food Delivery Apps


5. GrubHub

You can use the GrubHub app on your Apple device or your Android device.

All you have to do is put in your location and then you’ll be shown a list of various restaurants within range.

You can decide to search based on the type of food you like or you can search based on the particular cuisine you’re in the mood for.

All of this makes it easy for you get the food you want and you can save delivery information in order to make the ordering process faster next time.

GrubHub is used in well over 900 cities and there’s no fee to use the app.

Just know that some restaurants will charge a fee or might require you to order certain amounts.


6. is a delivery service that focuses on more than what you can get off of the menu at different restaurants.

You can decide to get not only lunch, but groceries delivered, alcohol or even have laundry delivered when using this app. Just like GrubHub and Seamless you won’t have to worry about getting charged a fee to make use of the service.

The main way the company generates revenue is to take a tiny portion off of the pre-tip subtotal.


7. Postmates

Postmates isn’t the same as some of the other delivery service apps above.

For starters you’re able to make use of the app in order to get other options besides food.

Postmates delivery service can be used in order to pick up virtually anything you want from virtually anywhere and deliver it right to you.

This even goes for products such as alcohol.

Postmates doesn’t have partnerships with restaurants, so this means that depending on where you are you might be limited.


8. Yelp Eat 24

You can look at virtually any of the delivery service app options above and see that they have some type of rating system.

However, not one of them has a review system that’s as complete as the one you’ll have access to if you use Yelp Eat 24.

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The review system is created based off of several years of restaurant reviews. It’s because of this that Yelp Eat 24 has a little advantage over their competitors.

Yelp has help lots of people in the past in order to select the restaurant they’ll go to, not it can be trusted upon in order to deliver the food you want as well.

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9. GoPuff

The vast majority of delivery service apps mentioned here operate as sort of a middleman between the different restaurants you might order from.

GoPuff however functions like more of a convenience store, only a digital one.

GoPuff provides just about anything you need such as toilet paper, smartphone chargers, alcoholic beverages, sodas, you name it.

The app basically enables you to be able to get anything you need without having to go outside of your door for it.


10. Foodler

Foodler isn’t that much different from some of the other delivery service apps mentioned above, but it does offer one major advantage.

Yes, it’s obvious that one of the perks to using these apps is that you can make transactions without the use of paper money.

You can use things such as PayPal or Apple Pay. However one of the main benefits to using Foodler is that you can pay using Bitcoin or Foodler Bucks.

On top of being used in order to deliver food there’s also a rewards program built into the app, which enables you to get free meals as a reward once you rack up a certain amount of points.


The following delivery service apps we’re about to mention aren’t really based on you being able to get food from your favorite restaurants or get items delivered.

These apps are more about you being able to get complete meals delivered that are specialized and provided by the service themselves.

Take a look at some of these and see how you like them:

11. Home Chef

If you like the idea of making easy meals at home that are going to come with complete very easy to follow recipes along with nice, fresh and pre-portioned ingredients delivered right to your door, then the Home Chef app is perfect for you.

The app makes it simple to keep track of what your favorite meals are and your deliveries. You get access to recipes, cooking tips and referrals.

You can leave feedback about your experience and it gets sent straight to the chefs who work with the site.


12. Hello Fresh

Each week Hello Fresh will deliver a box of very nice recipes to you along with all the fresh ingredients required in order to make them at home yourself.

If you’re someone who has struggled in the past to cook delicious and healthy meals at home, then using the hello Fresh app can make things along easier for you.

With this app the ability to cook healthy meals on a consistent basis becomes very easy.


13. Sun Basket

Sun Basket works well for those people who are into the organic lifestyle.

Using the app people can get the top of the line organic ingredients and produce delivered to them easily, along with different recipes in order to use the ingredients with.

You’ll get all of this right at your doorstep every week. You’ll be able to select from different recipes created by Justine Kelly, who is an award winning chef.

These recipes are varied such as being Paleo based, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Mediterranean and more.


14. Dinnerly

The Dinnerly app enables you to take a lot of the confusion out of making dinner.

If you want to make meals that are not only going to be healthy, but affordable and easy, then the Dinnerly app might be just what you’re looking for.

You get meal kits sent to you each week that will include all the ingredients you need in order to make the easy to follow recipes.

The recipes are only 5 steps. The app does all the grunt work of getting everything ready for you to prepare the meals.

You’ll be choosing about 8 different recipes each week.


15. Plated

If you want access to meal recipes that will not only be nice tasting and healthy, but also fun to make, then the Plated app is an option you need to look into.

Plated works so well because for the most part they take a lot of the heavy lifting out of making meals by doing all the planning for you and eliminating you having to shop for the ingredients.

Plated will give you all the ingredients you need on top of very easy to follow recipes, sent right to your door every week.



Now that you’ve had a chance to look at some of the food delivery app options above, which ones do you believe will work best for you? Even though it might seem obvious at first, we encourage you to take some time to think about it.

If you live in a fairly large city, especially one of the bigger east coast or west coast cities, then you’ll be able to use virtually any delivery service app you want.

If you like to eat a particular type of food, then you might find that one app is partnered with more of the type of restaurants you’d find this type of cuisine at.

What we encourage is for you to take measures in order to be versatile. Don’t limit yourself to just one app option.

Yes, we know it can get confusing to use different food delivery apps, especially if you get very comfortable with using one primarily. However, if you keep your mind open to different options then you never have to worry about being inconvenienced.

You can have one app you decide to use most of the time and another app you decide to use when the other isn’t able to provide what you need.

In any case most of these apps are free to download and it doesn’t take long for you to get comfortable with the ordering process.

In fact we would recommend that you take the time to make sure you understand what the ordering process is first.

This will prevent you from getting frustrated if something should go wrong and it will truly enable you to get more comfortable.

Certain apps aren’t as easy to use as others, but the learning curve shouldn’t be too bad. UberEats, GrubHub and DoorDash are the big boys on the list, but don’t let this trick you into believing they are the only delivery service apps you should focus on.

The smaller app options can come with perks that the big boys don’t.

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