If you want to know the very best online dollar stores out there, this is the right article to read.

It reveals as many as 20 of the best online dollar stores to grab fantastic deals and why each rocks!


Why Online Dollar Stores?

Dollar Stores have made purchases easy for many people over the years as they can afford goods and products they would not have afforded if dollar stores never existed.

Dollar stores took the high prices of products and brought it low for everyone to enjoy and have the capacity to buy.

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Since technology has made waves globally, dollar stores must have their outlets online too. It would aid and make things easier for their customers.

We have outlined some of the best online dollar stores and why they rock. Come with us as we show you the uniqueness and perks of these stores.


20 Best Online Dollar Stores for Getting the Best Deals


1. Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a popular name in the dollar store business because of its $1 benchmark for every product sold in the store.

The popular refrain in the Dollar Tree stores is ”everything for $1”. The dollar tree is trusted in the United States of America to spread its business and tentacles over the country.

There are over 15,000 Dollar Tree outlets in the country.

This Dollar store business made an added advantage for those doing business with it as it aligns with Rakuten for some cash-back rewards for those who buy from its store.

The online Dollar Tree store is active, and you can request an in-store delivery or a delivery to an address.

An in-store delivery is complimentary, while delivery to an address will pay some shipping fee. The store sells stuff from groceries to beauty supplies to clothing.

Click here to check out Dollar Tree


2. Dollar General

One of the perks of ordering goods from Dollar General is the free shipping option, where you order for items that cost more than $25.

This brings traffic to their online platform and has increased their physical presence in USA as they have over 16,000 outlets all over the country.

There are many money cut opportunities with Dollar General, from rebate platforms to bonuses given for opening an account or downloading the mobile app.

Just like Dollar Tree, Dollar General offers a wide range of products from health to pet foods and supplies to cleaning products to food, etc.

Click here to check out Dollar General

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3. Rosegal

Rosegal is one of the specialized dollar stores as it focuses mainly on the sale of apparel, particularly those of plus-size women.

It makes provisions for men’s clothing, jewelry, and other accessories.

Prices in Rosegal start from $0.99. This means you can get clothing that is worth more than a dollar.

While it may not be of the best quality, it would save you some money as you would get some pretty good stuff there for a small amount.

Rosegal’s online platform gives up to $110 off purchase for new users who use its platform. It also allows for a return option within 30 days.

There is free shipping on orders beyond $58.

Click here to check out Rosegal


4. Five Below (Hollar)

Five Below was formerly Hollar before 2020, before its acquisition. Five Below is mainly known for its high quality amongst other dollar stores.

While the prices are not as low as most dollar stores, they are pretty affordable for their wide range of products.

Most prices range between $1 and $10 for apparel, books, snacks, cleaning products, etc.

Shipping is not free but costs a constant of $5.

To enjoy a high quality of products within the dollar stores sector, you should visit the Five Below online platform.

There are also price cuts where products are bought in bulk.

Click here to check out  Five Below


5. Dollar Store

For people who do not wish to go through the stress of promotions and coupons before getting the correct prices for their goods, Dollar Store is the place for you as its prices are pretty constant without any reduction.

They have a wide range of products and offer free shipping services for over $25 purchases.

They have products ranging from home care, office & school, health, toy, Halloween, kitchen, hardware, pet, beauty, pharmacy, houseware, auto, etc.

Most of their products cost less than $5. With a responsive website, you can visit the Dollar Store online platform to have straightforward shopping.

Click here to check out Dollar Store


6. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a dollar store that focuses on providing razors for its customers cheaply.

The club tries not to reduce the level of quality to compensate for low prices.

While the prices are relatively higher than most dollar stores, it provides high-quality razors for its customers at a reasonable price.

It offers free shipping and monthly subscription for its customers. The online platform provides an opportunity to cancel orders at any time.

There is also a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

There are three monthly subscription plans opened to every customer:

  • The Humble Twin, where 2 razor blades and 5 razor cartridges are given to the subscriber for $4 a month.
  • The 4x where four-blade razor and four razor cartridges are given to the subscriber for $7 a month.
  • The Executive where six-blade razor and four razor cartridges are given to the subscriber for $10 month.

Click here to check out Dollar Shave Club


7. Miss A

Where you are particular about the absence of violence in everything you buy or use, Miss A is your best dollar store. The store has personal care products such as

  • Makeup collections,
  • General makeup products,
  • Lashes,
  • Hair,
  • Accessories, etc.

With most prices below $10, Miss A is a place to check for anything personal care.

To get free shipping within the US, you have to buy products worth over $35.

Shipping is quite fast as it is usually done within two business days.

With their variety of products, you can get products as low as $1.

Click here to check out Miss A

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8. Dollar Fanatic

One prominent feature of Dollar Fanatic that sets it different from other dollar stores as it is 11 for $10.

It means that you get 10 products for $10, and you get the 11th free.

This online platform sells in bulk, reducing prices and allowing customers to get more products for less price.

There is also free shipping for anyone who buys goods worth more than $35.

There are other opportunities, such as 50% off products on the online platform. This online platform sells different products and goods.

Click here to check out  Dollar Fanatic


9. H&J Closeouts

H&J Closeouts is an online wholesale shopping platform that sells its products in bulk. It offers free shipping for its US customers.

Each good’s prices start from $0.05 to $0.15. When we say majority in H&J Closeouts, we refer to the case as the dollar store sells per case for all its goods.

It has different products such as

  • Apparel,
  • Baby stuff,
  • Books,
  • Office supplies,
  • Crafts & scrapbooking,
  • Electrical/lightning, etc.

If you need some products in bulk at a meager and sometimes ridiculous price, visit H&J Closeouts’ online platform to order your preferred goods.

Click here to check out  H&J Closeouts


10. DHgate

DHgate sells various products in its physical and online stores.

It sells products such as apparel, electronics, shoes, etc.

There are opportunities to gain coupons and price cuts on the website, particularly for new users, as they have a $2 price cut for orders over $3.

They sell products as low as $0.02 and as high as $36. You can get quality products from this online platform at low prices.

Many of its goods are not from the United States, which opens diversity to the goods’ background and quality.

Click here to check out DHgate


11. Harry’s

Harry’s is another online platform that sells mainly razors to its customers. It also has a membership subscription.

The starter park cost at least $5, and the membership subscription for a year costs $15. There is no extra cost for canceling your order at any time.

Harry’s focuses on men’s hair care products, including Hair, Anti-dandruff and scalp care, etc.

It also offers free shipping services for products that cost more than $15. There are free perks for using their products.

Their products are of high quality.

Click here to check out Harry’s

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12. Dollar Days

DollarDays is a wholesale dollar store that focuses on providing non-profit organizations, betterment organizations, etc.

They sell in bulk, and they have free shipping services for purchases over $400.

Orders under $100 cost a $6.99 shipping fee, and purchases between $100 and $399 ship for $9.95.

You can order online and get your products delivered to you within ten days.

They sell baby clothing, personal care, school materials, etc.

There is a return policy for goods within 14 days of delivery.

Click here to check out DollarDays.



13. 5dollarfashions

5dollarfasions is a female fashion dollar store.

It sells female apparel with its accessories.

It is mainly known for having $5 products, but many of its products cost more as some cost as high as $66.

It sells plus-size clothing, skincare, jewelry, etc.

It has a free shipping option where you make purchases worth over $200. It can ship its products internationally where the customer requests that.

With the quality on the high side, 5dollarfashions is the place to be online for cheap women’s clothing.

Click here to check out 5dollarfasions.

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14. Dollar Item

Dollar item is a wholesale store that sells its products in bulk.

Instead of selling the products by the case only, this dollar store also allows you to pick the quantity of the products you need and help calculate the price per item.

Dollar item has been in the business of providing cheap products for its customers for over 40 years.

It sells various products, including kitchenware, household items, animal pet supplies, floral supplies, food and beverages, sporting goods, stationery, etc.

You can check them out on their online store.


15. Family Dollar

Family Dollar is a dollar store where many of its products are less than $1.

You can get various products on their sites, and they can deliver the products you ordered to your doorsteps.

However, some products require extra verification and can only be bought in the store, like alcohol, as only an 18-year-old and above can order and pay for it.

Other products such as electronics cost higher than $1.

Check it out on its website.


16. Wish

Wish is not your traditional dollar store as it is mainly a typical store with standard prices. However, there are sections where you can get products for meager prices.

These prices could come from a heavy price cut in the products- reducing the price to the level of a dollar store, or the prices are low.

Wish exports from China, which is one of the reasons why its products are pretty cheap.

Before you use the Wish website or app, you have to sign up first.

Wish delivers your products anywhere for a fee. Though, the delivery could take some days.

Click here to check out Wish.


17. Amazon

Amazon is also not a typical dollar store, but you can get less than $10 products there. In fact, you can get products that are less than $1 on the online store.

Amazon makes a delivery to every part of the world with extra fees as shipping fees. Being a member of Amazon Prime can bring the advantage of getting free shipping from Amazon’s store.

The online store has made a name for itself and sells quality materials and items even at seemingly ridiculous cheap prices.

Click here to check out Amazon.


18. Dollar King

Dollar King is a dollar store where most products have their prices at $1.99.

Dollar King has many perks: it has a 5% coupon code for new users of its website, it is free shipping, locally, for the purchase of 15 items from its store, etc.

The products in the Dollar King store differ from crafts to makeup products to pet supplies, party decor, housewares, school materials, etc.

You can check out Dollar King on its website.


19. Romwe

Romwe offers many coupons that will significantly reduce your purchase price if you happen to claim all the vouchers.

Products cost as low as $1 on the Romwe website.

Romwe provides free shipping for orders made dependent on the shipping method the customer intends to use.

For Economic Shipping, the flat fee for shipping in the US is $3.99, but shipping is free for orders over $9.90.

For Standard Shipping, the flat fee for shipping in the US is $4.99, but shipping is free for orders over $19.90.

For Express Shipping, the flat fee for shipping in the US is $19.90, but shipping is free for orders over $59.90.

Romwe has various products in stock, and it is mainly categorized according to sex.


20. eBay

eBay, just like Amazon, is not a typical dollar store, but you can get products that are low as $1 there. eBay has a worldwide delivery platform for all its customers, no matter their destinations.

eBay is a selling platform that ensures the products sold are authentic and of a certain quality. There is also the return back option.

Click here to check out eBay.


Is there an Online Store for 99 Cents Store?

Yes, 99 Cents Store has an online store and you can check it out here –> https://99only.com/


How Much Money Do Online Dollar Stores Make?

Many of the online stores mentioned in this article make a lot of money.

It was recently reported by The Business Wire that one of the top dollar stories “Dollar Tree” made over 7 billion dollars in 2020 alone.



We have examined some of the best online dollar stores, with the many advantages of patronizing them.

We have also given rough estimates of the number of products you have to buy before enjoying some benefits or price cuts from online dollar stores with links to these online stores.