If you are thinking of making money doing online data entry jobs, it’s definitely possible.

But there are so many lies and outright scams out there about it all.

Thankfully this article reveals all the hidden truths you absolutely need to know, to get started on the right track.

It also shows you some of the best companies that really pay people to do complete offers or data entry jobs online and working from the comfort of their homes!

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It’s really true – Data entry jobs are among those jobs that can earn you money online.

It’s also true that they can be done from the comfort of your home or office.

The use of computer and the mastering of keystrokes are important if you want to achieve success with data entry jobs.

It is also important that you know the truth about making money online with data entry so you can take the right steps towards earning good money with it.

This article discusses some of the hidden truths about making money online with data entry jobs.

It also shows you some of the very genuine places to find the best jobs for data entry clerks or operators.


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What Are Online Data Entry Jobs?

Online Data entry type jobs involve the entering of data into a computer system with a keyboard.

They are definitely among the set of works that are popular with many people who want to work from home.

companies that offers online data entry jobs

Doing such jobs involves a lot more than just entering data online of course, but that’s the simplest way to explain it.

The data entered could be numbers, alphabets, or symbols.

These jobs may include the preparation and editing of database or files from hand-written documents.

Data entry jobs online usually encompass work that involves activities like:

  • Typing of documents online
  • Transcription of audio files online
  • Coding or programming of computer files online
  • Processing of electronic data online
  • Filling of Captcha texts and images online
  • ETC

Data entry can also be specialized or non-specialized.

The former may require some form of training and certification while it may not be required for you to engage in training with the non-specialized or general forms.


The Hidden Truths About Making Money Online with Data Entry Jobs From Home

Let’s get something out of the way first – it’s really possible to earn money just doing data entry jobs online. There are many people doing this and you can be one of them.

And yes, it’s very easy to do such jobs and get paid daily.

But it’s not always as often advertised. That’s why some people fall for the scams that are associated with these jobs.

To help you prevent falling for any scams or lies about this, below are some of the hidden truths to help you:


Experience You Need For Online Data Entry Jobs Or Work

To make money from home with online data entry jobs, you really don’t need any particular experience.

skills for online data entry jobs

Of course this doesn’t imply that no experience is needed at all. What this means instead is that most companies or employers will hire entry-level data entry clerks or operators to complete assignments for them, without requiring them to have particular experience.

So, yes,  the years of experience you have working as a data entry professional is not what is counted but your ability to pass an evaluation or test. That’s what will get the work for you.

But still, before signing up with any company that hires data entry clerks, check on the experience required.

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Skills You Need For Online Data Entry Jobs

Don’t let anyone try to sell you programs that promise to teach you skills needed for data entry jobs. There are usually no specialized skills required.

Unlike the skills needed to do jobs like online medical transcription or even tutoring students online, the skills needed to accomplish data entry jobs are basic typing skills.

However, to really make money with data entry, you will need to have basic computer and software skills.

Again, the main word here is – basic!

So, yes, you must be acquainted how to use basic word processors, spreadsheet files, PDF files, and recording programs, etc.

You must also have fast and accurate typing skills, a good sense of organization and pay great attention to detail.

If you do have fast and accurate typing skills though, you can also make money online doing specific typing jobs even without any investment.

As for data entry jobs, you also need to have a good communication skills so you are able to clearly and effectively pass on information to others.

Patience and high tolerance for repetitive activities are other skills you must have.

This is because data entry jobs may demand you to sit in one spot for a long time doing the same type of work over and over again.

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Equipment or Tools You Need For Online Data Entry Jobs Working From Home

The equipment or tools needed for data entry jobs, especially at home, are pretty basic.

The most important of which is – a high speed computer with high-speed Internet access.

Online Data Entry Jobs Working From Home

You may also acquire a good headset and a number pad for entering large volumes of numbers.

Some number pads come as standalone accessory while some are integrated with the keyboard.

No, you won’t need special blogging apps or writing apps or any such fancy apps to be able to do these jobs.

You will also need reliable word processing software like Microsoft Office Suite, etc.

It’s also a good idea to have a good cloud storage facility to ensure your work is always backed up, in case something goes wrong.

Dropbox and Google Drive are among the best cloud storage platforms out there that give free space, but you can find many other alternatives to Dropbox or even alternatives to Google drive that give free space as well.

Regardless of the tools through, it’s very important that your work environment is comfortable and suitable for carrying out your data entry tasks or jobs.


How Much Do You Get Paid For Data Entry Jobs Online

The truth is that data entry jobs do not pay very well, especially considering the tedious nature and time consumption some of them take.

If you have read or heard that you can become rich doing these types of jobs, it’s not true at all. Yes, you can get some extra money that can be put into other ventures that may make you rich, but doing just data entry jobs as a way to become rich, in of itself, won’t happen.

However, if you are consistent and work very with good companies, you could earn good money.

You can be paid hourly or can be paid based on the output or number of items entered.

The pay rate varies from employer to employer.

On the average, hourly pay for most data entry jobs in the United States is around $13.

That is between $19,396 and $34,990 per year, according to Payscale.

So, the most important thing to know is – since data entry jobs are low skilled, it is not expected that the pay rates or wages would be very much nor will they be enough to make you rich overnight.


Timing For Completing Data Entry Jobs From Home

Data entry jobs are time consuming and you may need to spend a lot of time sitting with your computer.  That’s the truth, no matter how others may try to tell you it’s super easy.

But the good thing is that the timing of these jobs also means you can work at any time, day or night.

Since you can be working as an independent contractor, you can schedule your own timing and work in your own flexible time whenever there are jobs available.

So, while the jobs can be time consuming at times, you can still be in control on when you work and how much you can earn.

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Some Of The Types Of Online Data Entry Jobs Available

Types Of Online Data Entry Jobs

If you are looking for data entry jobs online you will discover many different terms used to describe the jobs.

Some of these include:

  • Data entry clerk jobs
  • Data entry operators’ jobs
  • Data entry typists
  • Data entry transcription jobs
  • Data entry specialist jobs
  • Data entry associate jobs
  • Data entry operator jobs
  • ETC

Many of these are among the best jobs for introverts with social anxiety and depression as it can be done without even physically meeting anyone.

With online job boards like Flexjobs.com, Upwork.com, or Monster.com, etc., you can enter “data entry jobs” as keywords and get results on different terms used on data entry specialists’ jobs.


Online Data Entry Scams To Be Wary Of

You must be wary of data entry scams because they are very common.

Scams on these jobs may surface like most scams on other work from home jobs such as promises of getting paid for stuffing envelopes from home.

Common red flags to avoid include:

When a data entry job is promising to pay you huge amount after completing a task. Data entry jobs are low-skill jobs and they do not pay high wages.

When you are asked by a potential employer to pay a signup fee or pay for training to show you are serious about getting the job. Legitimate data entry companies will not ask you to pay a dime before giving you job.

When you read and review a company that has reputation of non-payments. Most companies with negative reviews must be avoided. 

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Where to Find the Best Online Data Entry Jobs

Below are some of the best companies or services to help you find the best data entry jobs, especially without fear of falling for scams.


1. Axion Data Entry Services

Axion Data Entry Services hires data entry clerks or operators that can work from anywhere, even at home as independent contractors.

This company has available data entry job positions from time to time.

You can sign up with this company to get access to apply for available data entry jobs.

You will need to have at least 2 years’ experience and you should have at least a typing speed of 50 WPM which is equivalent to 15,000 keystrokes per hour to work with this company.

You are paid per piece or per project.

Making money as a data entry clerk with Axion Data Entry Services demands that you are able to type fast and with accuracy.

Click here to check out Axion Data Entry Services


2. Clickworker

Clickworker is a place where you can find jobs as a data entry clerk.

This is a company that also hires researchers, writers and translators, etc, for its clients.

You sign up and complete a short assessment test to demonstrate your abilities.

Whenever any data entry job turns up, you can be hired to complete the tasks and get paid.

You can work at your own schedule and you get to make money based on your performance.

If you do excellent work, you will have increased earning.

Your pay is per-piece and you make money via PayPal as your pay is sent every week or every month.

Click here to check out Clickworker

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3. DionData Solutions  

DionData Solutions is data entry company that hires independent contractors from time to time.

You must have a high fast typing speed of 60WPM to work with this company.

You must also have a high degree of self-discipline as well as the ability to complete multiple projects simultaneously.

DionData Solutions is place you can make money with data entry jobs if you really have high typing skill.

Click here to check out DionData Solutions

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4. Working Solutions

Working Solutions provides work at home entry jobs for those who can work from home. As an agent, you should be able to work on more than one project at a time.

You can earn between $7.50 and $30 per hour based on the type of data entry project you are working on with this company.

You need to fill out an online application form and also pass an assessment test to be accepted by this company.

Your payment is made either via direct deposit or mailed check.

Click here to check out Working Solutions

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5. The Smart Crowd (formerly Virtual Bee)

The Smart Crowd is company formerly known a Virtual Bee and is now part of Lionbridge.com.

This company often provides data entry jobs as well as other types of micro tasks to individuals who can work from home.

What you earn depends on the tasks and your performance.

The data entry jobs you will complete for this company may fall under the following categories:

  • Dates
  • Letters only
  • Alphanumeric
  • Dollar amounts

The Smart Crowd doesn’t emphasize your experience as you can get work at entry level capacity.

You will earn $0.30 per every 1,000 characters keyed.

Your speed and accuracy will determine your overall earnings.

Click here to check out The Smart Crowd

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6. SigTrack   

SigTrack is a database platform that really provides data entry opportunities for crowd sourced freelancers.

Most of the data entry jobs provided by this platform have to do with grassroots campaigns for elections.

To work with SigTrack, you must meet the legal requirement. This restricts freelancers from accessing voter data, and every user must provide proof of U.S. residency.

data entry company for college students

So, if you are not from the US, SigTrack may not be the right data entry company for you.

You must also meet the system requirements which will help you optimize your performance and pay.

Windows 7 Pro, 8.1+, or Mac OS 10.11+, dual monitors and 20MB internet speed are required.

With SigTrack you can earn up to $80 for a data entry job with value of $100 if you have 98% accuracy.

Most of the jobs offered by this platform are data entry tag jobs. They will pay you via PayPal.

Click here to check out SigTrack

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7. Amazon Mechanical Turk

make money doing data entry jobs

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a marketplace that requires human intelligence and can help you make money doing data entry jobs.

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or MTurk, as it is called for short, provides independent contractors or freelancers the opportunity to make money by providing different types of jobs.

MTurk connects you to variety of business firms that need workforce for data entry jobs.

These jobs may include categorization of information to match a given schema or taxonomy, creation of database and editing of files, etc.

With this and other programs you can definitely work online from the comfort of your home and get paid.

You are free to work on the data entry job that is most interesting to you.

Also, it is advisable to embrace the easiest jobs and increase your chance of getting paid the most.

Click here to check out Amazon Mechanical Turk

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8. DataPlus+

DataPlus+ is another good company that provides variety of data entry services.

It specializes in:

  • Developing data entry
  • Database programming
  • Data handling
  • Data reporting
  • Business processing
  • ETC

These functions are geared towards ensuring clients or businesses achieve quality, security, and confidentiality.

You can be hired by DataPlus+ to work from home as a data entry clerk.

You are expected to meet the system or computer requirement.

Also, when you are applying to work with this company, a background check would be required.

Your typing speed and prowess should be strong before you can stand a chance of succeeding with DataPlus duties on this website.

The pay for completed data entry assignments will not make you rich overnight but it pays really well.


9. Capital Typing  

Capital Typing is another genuine company that really offers typing and transcription services and pays.

It also provides data entry and other work at home job opportunities and pays.

They specifically provide the following services to clients:

  • Data mining
  • Data formatting
  • Data extraction
  • Data processing
  • Data integrity testing
  • Data conversion services
  • ETC

These are inculcated in their database development and management, research, direct mail and marketing services.

Data entry clerks that work with Capital Typing can be hired as independent contractors.

If you have data entry skill and meet the hiring requirement, then Capital Typing will be a source of inspiration for you.

The pay you receive or what you earn as a data entry independent contractor by this company is based on the projects you do and your performance.

Click here to check out Capital Typing

Apart from data entry jobs, below are even more additional ways to make money to consider:



So, these are the hidden truths about making money with online data entry jobs and where to find the best jobs. Hopefully, you can use these details to find the best jobs without falling for the many scams out there.

But of course, if you are looking for the easiest way to make extra money from just filling out surveys, click here and check out this amazing survey program. It’s very easy to get involved with and can make you an easy $5 to $25 each day, all from filling our surveys in the comfort of your home.

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