Looking for where to buy off the rack wedding dresses?

This article will really help as it shows up to 25 sources and tips to buying off the rack wedding dresses, especially at great prices.



The planning of a wedding can be an extremely involved process.

There are wedding invitations that need to be purchased, the compilation of a guest list, securing a venue, planning the wedding ceremony, rehearsal dinners, sending out the wedding invitations, etc.

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All of this can be highly stressful as well as potentially expensive.

Of course, the most important person involved with the wedding is the bride, and therefore there are associated tasks need to be performed to make this day even more special for her.

One of those tasks or cherished times, depending upon your perspective, is the selection of the wedding gown.

When looking at the purchase of a wedding gown, some may incorporate the idea that the sky is the limit, while other individuals may be more frugal and look for ways of being moderate when expending money on the wedding gown.

One of those more moderate ways of purchasing a wedding gown is known as “off-the-rack.”

Prior to the bride walking down the aisle, let us look at ways that a bride-to-be can shop for an off-the-rack wedding gown and wedding boutiques that can be shopped at that offer this option.


25 Best Tips & Sources Where to Buy Off-the-rack Wedding Dresses


1. Know all about Off-the-Rack Wedding Dresses

An off-the-rack wedding dress is a wedding dress that has been pre-made rather than being created by a pattern or designer.

It is simply a wedding dress that is displayed on a clothes rack.

Typically the dress is displayed on a rack because it has been tried on by a variety of brides to be and were samples of what the bride could purchase.


2. Know the Reasons Behind Choosing This Option

There are many reasons why a bride would go with this option.

One of the reasons is that they may be pressed for time due to extenuating circumstances.

These extenuating circumstances may necessitate the purchase of a wedding dress without having to wait for any major alterations or going through the entire process.

The other reason why Brides choose an off-the-rack dress is that these wedding dresses are considerably less expensive.

So, yes, buying such a wedding dress can be a good way of saving money that you can put towards other aspects of the wedding – or even put towards your financial future as a married couple.

Talking about saving money, below are some articles that can help:


3. Know the Pros 

One of the major advantages is that if you fall in love with the dress that is currently available, you can make it your dream dress for your special day on the spot.

Another major advantage of buying an off-the-rack wedding dress is that time is not an issue.

Typically, a made-to-order wedding dress can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to go through all of the design and alterations needed to create a specially designed wedding dress.

Another important reason why an off-the-rack dress can be a good decision is that weddings can be stressful enough without having to go through one additional significant stressful activity through the selection and designing of a wedding dress.

Another major consideration when thinking about buying a wedding dress is that an off-the-rack dress is significantly less expensive.


4. Buy It If You Like It 

A vital consideration or a tip when buying an off-the-rack wedding dress is that if the dress resonates with you and meets your wedding dreams as it relates to the wedding gown, then it is important to purchase the dress on the spot.

Waiting may be detrimental as other individuals may see the dress and purchase it before you have made up your mind.


5. Time 

As part of the process of buying an off-the-rack wedding dress is the consideration of time constraints.

If this is one of the motivating factors, it is important to remember to allow for time to provide any needed alterations so that the specialness of the dress meets the expectations of the specialness of the day.


6. Money

With the alterations in mind, and if you purchase the dress before you leave the store, it is important to understand that alterations may cost some money.

Therefore, it is important as part of your wedding budget to include any needed alterations that need to be done by a professional tailor.


7. Be Open

Just because you are considering an off-the-rack dress, that is no reason to settle for anything less than what you had in mind for your special day.

Therefore, when looking at an off-the-rack dress, it is important to enjoy the wedding gown selection process as well as fall in love with the gown that is part of your wedding ceremony.

In other words, don’t just simply look at the dress and purchase it but go through the entire process.

Feel the fabric, enjoy the various nuances that the dress might display, and don’t just buy it off-the-rack without trying it on and visualizing the day ahead of you and you walking down the aisle in that specially selected wedding gown.


8. Cons

On the other hand, money may be an issue.

When a bride purchases a dress, generally, a down payment is required and then payment in full when the dress is delivered.

When buying an off-the-rack dress, the payment expected would be in full because no major alterations would be required.

Additionally, it is important to note that even though it is an off-the-rack dress, it may not be exactly the perfect fit in all areas of the dress being worn.

There may be a time element that could cause a delay in having the dress ready to be worn when walking down the aisle.


9. Research

When looking for off-the-rack wedding dresses, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to conduct your own research.

This can be accomplished by taking to the internet and utilizing a search engine and simply typing into the search bar off-the-rack wedding dresses.

Your screen will be populated with a number of sites that provide great visuals of what is available at a reasonable cost and represents off-the-rack wedding dresses.

Typically, when shopping for a wedding dress, the bride will be involved in the exciting process with a few close friends, a maid of honor, and a mother or mother-in-law-to-be, etc.

All of this could be done from the comfort of your home by projecting the Internet site on a large screen and enjoying the process over a few glasses of wine.


10. Check the Dresses Carefully

When considering an off-the-rack wedding dress, it is important to remember that these dresses may have been tried on by previous Brides.

Consequently, there may be a possibility of slight wear and tear.

You should always check the dress before buying to ensure that there are no loose threads, makeup marks or even armpit stains.


11. True to Size

That you before buying an off-the-rack dress it are important that you get a dress that is somewhat true to your size.

Certainly, the address can be altered accordingly to your shape and figure, but any major alterations could affect the Integrity of the design of the wedding gown.


12. Difference Between Sample and Off-the-rack

One other distinction that should be made is when looking for a wedding dress, the difference between a sample and off-the-rack is significant.

The off-the-rack dresses are less expensive but aren’t always a bargain.

Therefore, if you are looking for a dress that falls within your budgetary constraints, it is best to look for the end-of-season sales where you can find a number of samples that are more affordable.


13. Enjoy

Just because you are possibly looking at an off-the-rack the wedding dress does not mean that the wedding excitement and the specialness of the day are minimized.

Therefore, it is important to keep a good attitude and enjoy the excitement of the preparation in selecting that special gown in celebration of your special love and day.

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Where to Buy


14. Wedding Dress Salons

A wedding dress salon is a retailer that specializes in everything surrounding the wedding of a bride and especially the carrying of various types of wedding dresses and different styles.

When selecting a wedding dress salon, you most likely will need to schedule an appointment and when scheduling that appointment, let them know that you are interested in looking at off-the-rack dresses as well.

Often, you will be assigned a bridal consultant who will help you select that perfect dress to match your silhouette and your chosen style of dress.


15. Uptown Bride ABQ

If you need your wedding gown quickly, some sites offer off-the-rack dresses that will not only save you money but are from designers that are well known in the area of wedding gowns.

Often these brands can be purchased at this kind of price because they reflect last year’s inventory or wedding gowns that have been discounted. one such site is UptownBride.


16. David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal offers a variety of off-the-rack wedding dresses at reasonable prices.

This store that specializes in wedding gowns offers a vast selection of various styles, including different sizes, to accommodate the radiant bride-to-be.

This store also carries a broad collection of dresses for the bridesmaids, accessories and other wedding-related items.

Click here to check out David’s Bridal


17. Lulu’s

The wedding gowns offered by Lulu’s are specifically designed to be financially friendly for the bride-to-be and looking at wedding gowns.

Also, they have very affordable off-the-rack wedding gowns, which are all under $500, and the majority of those gowns are under $200.

The gowns range from the classic wedding gown look two more trendy or cutting-edge looks.


18. One Love Bridal Outlet

At One Love Bridal Outlet, the bride and her wedding party can shop online with the promise that through this website, a variety of dresses at various prices will match the bride’s budget.

The site promises to assist you if you are on a tight timeline or looking for a bargain and have available the Professional involvement of a wedding consultant.

The site indicates that immediate purchase of off-the-rack dresses are available.

Click here to check out One Love Bridal Outlet



BHLDN is an online store, as well as having a physical presence.

They indicate on their homepage that they have beautiful gowns for all brides that range anywhere from the classic looks to plus size brides on a budget.

Click here to check out BHLDN

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20. Reformation 

An online off-the-rack wedding gown website can be found at Reformation.

The site indicates that dresses are available whether it is a marriage that is going to be in the backyard, city hall or an elaborate affair.

Also, they talk about brides that are minimalist as well as traditionalists.

Click here to check out Reformation


21. Needle & Thread

This site offers wedding dresses that are exquisite in taste and look and feature eye-catching ruffles and sparkles.

The gowns featured on this wedding shop’s Internet site utilize beads and sequins to bring out the uniqueness of the wedding gown.

Click here to check out Needle & Thread


22. Shopbop

At Shopbop, there are a variety of wedding dresses that range anywhere from simple Slinky slips to mini dresses to a variety of beta designs, and more.

Click here to check out Shopbop


23. Fame & Partners

At the site you have the opportunity to customize your special dress for your special day in accordance with your taste and what you are looking for.

You simply click on the bridal designs or silhouettes and then begin customizing according to your taste and your own unique style of beauty.

Customization includes the choice of fabric color, the shape of the bodice, and the length of the skirt.

Click here to check out Fame & Partners


24. Poshmark

At Poshmark, you are provided an opportunity to review a variety of beautiful and stylish wedding dresses that can match your glow and Radiance for your special day.

The dresses are extremely reasonable as well as you have the opportunity to use a filter to determine what your price range will be.

Poshmark is a site on which individuals who own clothing can list their clothing for sale on this site.

Click here to check out Poshmark


25. Amazon

Amazon may not seem to be the most romantic or first retailer one would think about when considering the purchase of a wedding dress for that significantly special day.

However, surprisingly, there are wedding gowns that are available on this site and can be purchased at a reasonable cost.


Personal Story

My wife doesn’t typically have a sense of humor, and she jokes around a lot.

However, she does enjoy a good laugh and pulls an occasional practical joke on someone.

In August of the year in which we got married, she jokingly indicated to me that we would have to get married.

She laughed when I looked at her with a surprised look on my face thinking that maybe somehow there was a shotgun involved.

After she enjoyed the moment and laughed, even more, she indicated that she had to get married because she had already bought the wedding dress.


Buying Off-the-rack Wedding Dresses FAQs


What is the Average Cost of a Wedding?

According to Motley Fool, the average cost of a wedding is $27,000.


What is the Average Cost of a Wedding Dress?

According to CaratsandCakes, the average cost of a wedding gown is in the range of $2,000 to $4,000.


You Can Do It

As the bride, your wedding day is your special day.

All of the arrangements have been made, and all eyes will be on you when that wedding March begins to play.

To make sure that the day is special, you have a number of choices as it relates to a variety of the surrounding events of the day.

One of those choices is the beautiful gown that will accent your loveliness and beauty.

Whether you choose to buy a top of the line wedding dress or whether it is off-the-rack doesn’t really matter because the focus will not be on your dress necessarily but the love and the vows that will be exchanged between you and your husband.



The wedding ceremony is a beautiful reflection of a couple’s love for each other as they vow their eternal love in front of the wedding guests and in the presence of God.

Leading up to that special event are a number of decisions that need to be made.

One of those decisions is the choice of a wedding dress for the radiant bride.

It is not an afterthought but takes considerable time, involvement, and a great deal of stress in that choice of the gown to be worn.

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