If you want to know whether Norwex cleaning products are good or not, this comprehensive review will come very handy.

It reveals a lot about Norwex as a company and answers some of the pressing FAQs people have about its cleaning products.


Why I Prefer Norwex Cleaning Products

First of all, I would like to start out by telling my readers that I am not a Norwex rep – I am an actual person who has a family to take care of, and that involves making sure the house stays clean and tidy.

So far, I must have spent thousands of hours cleaning my house (what can I say, I love a clean home).

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I love a clean home, but the actual power that has to be put into it (you know, the good old scrub-a-dub-dub), well I don’t exactly love that.

When cleaning supplies pop up that have the potential to make my cleaning sprees easier, I take advantage of them. In this case, we have Norwex.

Mind you, I’m pretty picky on the cleaning tools and supplies I use when I’m cleaning – they have to be top-notch, this is an absolute must.

I have no time to mess around with sub-par cleaning supplies because this will only make my job of cleaning harder and I really don’t feel like having to put more muscle into it.

Plus, when you use sub-par cleaning solutions, you will only be required to clean more often, and come on, whose got time for that?

When it all comes down to it, each and every single one of us will have to clean sooner or later (Yes, even you) – some sooner, some later, but that’s a topic for another time on another day.

When you clean, you probably don’t want to use all of those harsh chemicals. I know I like to use as few toxic chemicals as possible.

When you’re taking small steps towards a toxin-free, natural lifestyle, detoxing those cleaning supplies is the way to start.

With that thought in mind, I’d like to say that Norwex is my favorite non-toxic cleaning product that is currently on the market.

Who knows, maybe later on, something new will pop up that catches my eyes, but for now, I’m Norwex all the way.

Over the past nine years, I have used numerous Norwex products and have not found one that I am disappointed with. In fact, I love them all.


Why Choose Norwex Over Other Cleaning Products?

I have many years of using Norwex products and I originally turned to Norwex after hours of research.

For years, Norwex has been the best quality natural cleaning product that I could find and here are some reasons why Norwex cleaning supplies really stand out for me:


1. Anti-Bacterial

The microfiber is able to pick up even the smallest organisms and particles when it’s wet.

This includes all of those nasty germs (yuck, no one likes germs), and from there, the germs are rinsed down the drain (goodbye germs) when you rinse the cloth out in the sink.

Now here’s where the real magic is – the cloth naturally disinfects while it dries and waits for you to pick it up again.

There are two factors that relate to the claims of anti-bacterial:


Microfibre that is Higher Quality

The typical microfiber you purchase in the store are around 1/16th the width of human hair. However, the same cannot be said about Norwex microfiber, because it is 1/200th.

By this, we can determine that Norwex cloths will be better at grabbing germs and dirt (stuff your eyes can’t even see), and in return, your surface will be left cleaner than it would be if you used an alternative.


Embedded Silver (also referred to as BacLock)

If you have paid attention to Norwex, you probably see them being labeled “BacLock.”

What this means is that they contain an agent that is silver-based and embedded into the small microfibres of the cloth.

What’s interesting to learn is that silver is a natural anti-bacterial agent.

Now, I’m not saying that the silver that is in the cloth is meant to disinfect the surface, because it’s not, this is a misconception.

However, it is designed to prevent mold, bacterial growth and milder from forming in the cloth itself as it dries.

Of course, I still recommend putting it in the laundry, especially after a heavy clean, like if you have cleaned up raw meat juices from the counter, or the toilet.

However, for everyday use of simply whipping the counter down, it is okay to just let it dry.

Personally, I love not having to toss the kitchen cloth in the washing machine every time I wipe the counter down.

With regular clothes, I could only let them go half a day before I tossed them in the washer. With my Norwex Kitchen cloth, I don’t have a problem waiting up to 5 days to wash it as I know it’s safe.


2. Norwex Cleans Better than Anything Else I’ve Used

This is my favorite part, I think – when I first started to use a Norwex cloth for my windows, I didn’t want to use any other cloth on my glass, stainless steel or windows.

That’s just how amazing the Norwex cloths are. When I first purchased them, I didn’t expect there to be a huge different, but there really is a difference.

When I clean my stainless-steel faucet in my kitchen with a regular cloth and some cleaning spray, with a little bit more scrubbing, it’s clean, but afterwards, it’s full of smudgy spots and streaks.

When I use the Norwex window cloth to clean the same faucet, it doesn’t leave those streaks, it is flawlessly shiny as can be …almost as if it’s brand new, and I’m not even kidding with that.

I love shiny things, they’re my favorite and for this reason, I can say that the window cloth is my new best friend.

Oh, did I mention, it does the same thing for different types of glass and mirrors throughout the house – it doesn’t leave a single streak on the mirror and that is pretty impressing.

In a way, Norwex kind of makes cleaning a little fun. I especially love when I get new Norwex supplies, I just can’t wait to start cleaning right away.

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3. Norwex is Cheaper in the Long Run

While the Norwex supplies may seem to be a bit more expensive, you got to understand, I am a very frugal person, but due to the fact that Norwex supplies last longer than any others, they are cheaper in the long run and let me tell you, they are totally worth the money.

Norwex isn’t that cheap microfiber you buy in the dollar store either. That cheaply made microfiber cannot even begin to compete with what Norwex offers.

I have used the cheap dollar store microfiber and tossed them in the garbage, never to see the light of day in my house again.

Norwex …they’re a s superior product and I cannot think of very many that could compete with them.

I have a Norwex cloth set that I purchased 8 years ago and they’re still going strong (and I clean a lot).

While they may have been more expensive than the average cloth, I figure over a period of 8 years, if I went with any other cleaning cloth, I would have purchased a hundred by now, so in this retrospect, Norwex has saved me a ton of money.

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4. Norwex Makes Cleaning Fun, and Easy

I like how Norwex products are free from those harmful chemicals, but with the way they clean so good, you wouldn’t be able to determine this.

If you have allergies, or are sensitive to chemicals, these are perfect and I highly recommend you giving them a try.

I hate cleaning with harmful chemicals, I don’t like breathing in more toxic chemicals than I have to.

There are already enough toxic chemicals around us in things like product packaging and even furniture.

I also fancy how I can just wet the rag and get going. I don’t have to drag around an assortment of sprays and cleaning supplies.

All I have to do is wet the cloth and it’s good to go. With just this cloth and no other cleaning supply, I can clean up almost any mess in the house.

The idea of cleaning my entire house with just a couple of clothes or a scrub mitt is amazing to say the least. Hands down, I love this system.


Norwex Review


Which Norwex Products are the Best?

For those of you who haven’t got the memo yet, I absolutely love Norwex.

Which products are the best? Well, that’s a tough one. Let me think about it for a second….

1. Enviro Cloth

I have a couple of these that I store in different rooms so that I can use quickly use them.

For example, I have one that is dedicated solely to the bathroom, two that are dedicated to the dining room, one in my laundry room and one in my bedroom.

2. Kitchen Cloth

The kitchen cloth is thick, with deep grooves in it, making it easy to scrub kitchen messes on the counter. I use this one every single day.

3. Bathroom Scrub Mitt

When I use the Bathroom Scrub Mitt to clean the tub, it’s so fun. I don’t even have to put much muscle into it, it has scrubbing power built in.

4. Cleaning paste

When my normal Norwex cloth disappoints me (rarely), I break out with the cleaning paste.

All it takes is a tiny bit of cleaning paste and it will help you push through those tough spots (like toddler wall art).



As this comprehensive review has shown, Norwex does a very good job with its cleaning products.

This article also revealed a lot Norwex as a company and answered some of the pressing FAQs people have about its cleaning products.