If you think you have no purpose in life, this article will really help you in far more ways than you can imagine.

It reveals as many as 15 powerful tips that can help you or anyone who thinks they don’t have any purpose in life.


First things first…

Would it surprise you to know only 25% of adults living in America know what their purpose in life is?

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In other words, when you woke up this morning the question is then, do you know what your purpose is in life?

From the start, it is important to differentiate what is a goal and what is your purpose.

When you woke up this morning your goal may have been to do the errands around the household, go to work, be with family members, etc. Those are goals that you have for the day.

However, having a purpose and knowing your purpose is completely different than goal setting and achieving those goals.

Purpose is your knowledge and understanding of why you are here.


No Purpose in Life – Personal Story

It was a hot muggy day in West Texas and I just finished running my errands.

Opening the door of the vehicle, I slid behind the wheel of the car, inserted the ignition key, and tried to start the vehicle. Rather than the engine coming to life, a taunting clicking sound fell upon my ears.

Long story short, I had a dead battery and I had no tools to remove the battery in order to exchange it for a new one.

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan came along as I had tried to remove the battery with a little toolkit that I had in the trunk of the car. But the items in the toolkit were not equal to the task.

A good Samaritan who just happened by had the right tools and I was able to remove the battery and get it swapped out with a new one and continue on my way.

The point is everything has a purpose. We are made for a specific reason.

Just as the tool that I had did not meet the demands of the job, so is it that each of us in our own uniqueness becomes the right tool created to respond to the right job or situation.

Everything has a purpose… made and designed for a specific use.


15 Powerful Tips to Help Regain Your Sense of Purpose


1. Introspection

So often, the loudness of the world is deafening and we are not able to hear our inner voice.

Therefore, the first significant tip in reviving one’s sense of purpose in this life is to crowd out that noise, get alone with oneself, and reconnect.

This reconnecting can be accomplished by listening and meditating with one’s inner being.

Quite frankly, the most important person in this world is you.

Even certain spiritual teachings emphasize that we are to love others as we love ourselves.

Therefore, this is not a selfish action by focusing on one’s importance.

It is simply an empowerment action that realizes one’s self-worth and purpose in this world and is, therefore, able to respond to the needs of those that are important in our life as well.


2. Not Goals but Purpose

At the risk of sounding redundant, it is important to remember that goals are uniquely different than what a person’s purpose is in this life.

A goal is something that is achievable. A goal is that particular action that one wishes to accomplish over a period of time.

A goal is an action item.

On the other hand, purpose implies more of a mental or spiritual state. Purpose is more in “being” than “doing.”

Purpose is being true to oneself and understanding one’s role in this life.


3. Attitude

An important tip on regaining one’s purpose begins in the heart and mind.

This focus can be defined as one’s attitude.

Therefore, it is critical to have and maintain a positive attitude rather than a negative attitude.

In other words, when the circumstances of life happen, rather than putting a judgment on them as to whether they are good or bad, just simply acknowledged that they happened.

Accept those situations, give gratitude, and continue on with one’s life.

Often, these circumstances in life are part of our purpose. They help to refine and define us as an individual that lives a purposeful life.


4. Take Control

It is also important to take control.

Many individuals feel that the circumstances in life are like being caught in a hurricane. The hurricane-force winds have their way with us and move us in this direction and the other.

However, an individual who lives a purposeful life is anchored. They are not moved by what is happening exteriorly but concentrate on the strength and power of their inward being.

Therefore, an individual living with purpose takes control of their life.

Despite the circumstances, a purpose-driven life embraces the hurricane-strength winds and uses them rather than the other way around.


5. Joyful Living

Another beneficial tip for an individual to regain their purpose is to live in joy.

Joy is contrary to happiness. This is because happiness is dependent upon what is happening to the individual.

In their estimation, if it is a good thing then they are happy. If it is a bad thing then there are sad.

But a purposeful life is a life of joy and is not dependent upon the exterior circumstances of life.

A joyful and purposeful life is in control, manages the situation, and realizes that the things that happen to them and around them have meaning.


6. Write It Down

A good way of keeping on track in living a full purposeful life is to do journaling.

In other words, by writing down what is happening to the individual on a regular basis, they can see the progress that is being made and expressed gratitude for that progress.

Journaling will also reflect steps taken backward.

By journaling, an individual can reflect their inward thoughts; capture their emotions, and how they proceeded forward in life.


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7. What Do You Need?

A way to identify what one’s purpose in life is about is to reflect and meditate on those things that come into one’s life and brings joy.

Perhaps writing a narrative, giving a speech or talk, even plugging numbers into a spreadsheet.

If any of these activities bring you joy, then perhaps that is part of the practical demonstration of your purpose in life.


No Purpose in Life


8. Capture Your Story

In conjunction with journaling, it’s always good to write down one’s thoughts and feelings.

Somehow, words that capture expressions of feelings that are felt internally somehow take on more power through words.

Therefore, like most companies with their vision statements, what is your vision? What would you like to see happen in your life?

In other words, in a perfect world, what would that look like and how are you part of that perfection?

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9. Time For You

Often, people mistake action for a purpose. They think that if their calendar is booked and has no blank spaces their life has a purpose.

Consequently, an individual interacting with others and having time for others only will find themselves in the back seat or the end of the line.

This can be accomplished by scheduling time for yourself and using it to meditate, reflect, or simply just reading a good book that is entertaining or stimulates self-discovery.

It is important to live a purposeful life in which they take time for themselves.


10. Tell Your Story

Another practical activity that can reveal an individual’s purpose is to tell their own story.

This can be accomplished by sitting down with a pen in hand or at a word processor and write out one’s story.

Specifically, it is important to recall incidences in one’s life that were meaningful and impacted the individual.

Perhaps, in one’s life, they visited an orphanage and were extremely moved by these children’s situation or the care that was provided to them by the volunteers and staff.

Or perhaps, a visit to a hospital or doctor’s office had a significant impact as the individual was moved compassionately by those who were suffering.

Or maybe inspired by the way a medical professional handled a medical situation.


11. Community

Another important part of helping a person maintain or realize their purposefulness in life is to associate with others who are of like-mindedness.

Like-minded people or people looking for their purpose will help the individual to find theirs through this shared common denominator of finding purpose.

Additionally, a community of purposefully driven individuals will help support, encourage, and walk alongside that individual seeking purpose in their life.

A good support community is a strong asset for an individual.


12. Be Pliant

It is important to remember that we are not made for stagnation, the complete opposite of stagnation is moving forward.

Therefore, we need to remember that forward-thinking is the path to keeping true to our purpose.

It also means that in moving forward we may possibly leave old habits, old relationships, and interests behind us.

To find purpose or to stay on that road of purpose one must remain flexible.

Remember the difference between a grave and a rut is only measured by feet and inches.


13. Helping Others

Of course, we are not alone in this.

Therefore, the definition of living with purpose is an impactful road that interacts with others.

Whether we know it or not we are all on this path of growth and progression and each of us has our own unique purpose in life.

Consequently, we may be on different roads but we are all headed in the same direction.

Therefore, part of discovering a purpose-driven life or living out one’s purpose involves interacting with others.


14. Feedback

If an individual feels like they have no purpose in life another quality action step that can be taken is to ask others for their feedback.

Often, our vision may be up obscured because we are too close to the trees and cannot see the forest.

Therefore, a good way of finding or regaining one’s purpose is to ask others.

Their feedback on what they see and how they perceive our interaction with others may go a long way in rediscovering what our actual being here is all about.


15. What Bothers You?

There are two sides to every coin.

In regards to finding one’s purpose, one side of the coin may say what do you love? While the other side of the coin asks what disturbs you?

Consequently, an indicator of what your purpose in life might be is by reflecting and concentrating internally on what bothers the individual in this world.

An example might be that if one is genuinely and powerfully moved by the injustices of this world. The look of a neglected child’s face may be the catalyst needed to find or reengage one’s purpose.

Another example could be a lack of educational tools for teachers in the classroom.

Consequently, one’s purpose in life may be to address that challenge or organize others in addressing that challenge.

It is important to remember, more often than not, our purpose is fulfilled behind the scenes rather than on the actual stage.


No Purpose in Life FAQs


How Can You Fulfill Your Purpose in Life?

First and foremost to find your purpose, read lots of the tips included earlier in this article and then follow that purpose as your Northstar.


How Do You Find Out What Your Passion Is?

A person’s passion is demonstrated when a particular cause or challenge resonates with the individual’s being.

A person’s passion, like a relationship, is in full force when all thoughts are crowded out with the exception of this one thing.

It can be compared to an old-time radio where the broadcast was on a certain frequency and the radio was able to tune in that frequency and create that perfect communication.



You are a specially designed tool of the universe that was specifically created for a unique purpose.

Your life has purpose and meaning and by following some of these tips and more, that purpose can be refreshed, renewed, or discovered.

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