This is a very detailed Nielsen Mobile Panel Review that explains all you need to know about this platform, especially when it comes to earning money with it.

First things first…

Do you know that there are programs you can install on your phone and get rewarded for surfing the web?

Nielsen App is one of such programs. It is one of the best programs that extracts data from your surfing so that companies can use them for better decision making.

The Nielsen App is a computer program and a mobile app. You can install it on your browser as well as on your mobile platform.

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The app promises several amazing features and functions. However, some people may think these are too good to be true.

You are not wrong if you also think in that direction. After all, there are several scam apps out there, and you may not know which one is genuine.

The good thing is that you are now reading a Nielsen App review. Keep reading to find the right answer to some of the frequently asked questions about this app.


What Is the Nielsen Mobile Panel App?

Nielsen App is a mobile platform from Nielsen Company. This is also a platform that provides users with the opportunity to participate in research and get paid.

This app is also referred to as the Nielsen Mobile Panel. You can use it to extract information or data as you visit some websites and apps.

The information or data you get from this app is used by market research companies to understand consumer behavior and develop new products.

The Nielsen App is from Nielsen. This is a company that has been into consumer research since 1923.

In some countries, this app is called the Nielsen Digital Voice Panel.

Nielsen app is available in countries like the United States, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.


How Nielsen Mobile Panel App Works

Nielsen App allows you to earn points once you install and activate it on your phone.

You don’t need to do anything to get rewarded and paid, just use the phone as you would normally – especially to browse the Internet.

Points should accumulate in your account. If you have enough points, you can then cash out for free gift cards or other prizes of your choosing.

With Nielsen App, for every 805 points, you will receive $5. These the minimum points and equivalent monetary value to cash out.

You will get to claim your prizes or rewards from the rewards page.

Nielsen allows you to use your points to enter sweepstakes when you utilize the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel.

Though not as weird as trading your toes or feet pics on platforms like Feetify, Instafeet or Feetfinder, it’s definitely fun getting rewarded for just browsing.


Key Features of the Nielsen Mobile Panel App

The key features of the Nielsen App include:

  • It can install it on your mobile device, or you can use it on a computer browser.
  • After installing this app, you can earn points. You can redeem your points for prizes and gift cards.
  • You can also participate in sweepstakes to earn more from your laptop or mobile device.

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Sign-up Process With Nielsen Digital Voice Panel App

To sign up with Nielsen in the following process.

  • Visit the website or app.
  • Sign up by filling in the necessary details including your email address
  • Confirm your email address
  • Answer some questions about your demography.
  • State how many devices you have and which ones you want to register. Remember, Nielsen does not want you to register all of your devices.
  • If you have completed the above processes, then you can install the app on your phone.
  • The sign-up process you can follow to install the Nielsen app may take you at most minutes.

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How to Make Money With Nielsen Mobile Panel App

To make money with the Nielsen app you can simply need to take the following steps.

You can sign up with this app by answering all the registration questions. You have to provide answers that relate to your household, and the devices you use.

After registering, you can download and install the app on all of your registered devices.

Once you have installed the app, you can start using the app for browsing the Internet. You will earn points that you can redeem for real gifts or rewards.

Yes, this is definitely one of the genuine and legit money earning mobile apps out there that can earn you some money.

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How Much Money You Can Earn With Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

The Nielsen computer and mobile panel app uses the point-system to reward users.

When you accumulate enough points, they can be redeemed for gift cards to retailers like Starbucks, Target, and Amazon.

You are expected to earn about 800 points before you can cash out with Nielsen. The equivalent of these points is $5.

The gift cards you exchange the points for can be sold at some websites like and

If you accumulate enough points within a year, you can earn up to $50 in rewards.

Another way you can earn from the Nielsen app is by participating in the Nielsen giveaway.

This company gives away over $10,000 per month. This giveaway prize is split among 400 winners.

If you participate in the Nielsen giveaway and become one of the top two winners, then you can get about $1,000 each.

So, you technically earn from the Nielsen app by earning points and participating in their monthly sweepstakes at the same time.

It would also interest you to know that what you earn from the Nielsen app could vary from your location, the device type, and the number of devices.

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Nielsen Mobile Panel Review


Pros of Using the Nielsen Mobile and Computer App

The following are some of the pros of using the Nielsen App. These include:

  • The Nielsen app collects data from the devices of users. The data are used to improve future mobile devices.
  • The registration and installation process of this app takes a short time. It will just take you up to 15-minute.
  • This app can be used on more than one device.
  • You can easily reach the threshold required to cash out.


Disadvantages of Using the Nielsen App

  • Nielsen app does not reward users with cash. The rewards are points that are exchanged for gift cards.
  • You may not qualify for both the monthly sweepstakes entries and gift card rewards at the same time. Your location or country will determine whether you are eligible for both rewards at the same time.

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Is the Nielsen Mobile Panel App Scam or Legit?

Nielsen app is a legit app. It is not a scam.  This app is developed and operated by a reputable company.

They started from Nielsen TV Ratings and they have been a trusted leader in media measurement for over 90 years.

Yes, you read that right – 90 years! They currently do global business and study consumers in more than 100 countries!

Also, Nielsen has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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As you have seen from this review, Nielsen Mobile Panel is a legit app or platform that allows users to get rewards for using the Internet.

This app will not make you rich but it is a sure way to get rewarded for doing what you do online.

Nielsen Mobile Panel app allows you to accumulate points for rewards. It is a free download app that can be installed without cost on your device.