Never Post These 10 Things on Social Media


We share so many details of our everyday lives online, but where should we draw the line on that which we share about our online buddies, our family, and ourselves? Below are ten things we should not share on social media

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Never Post  these 10 Things on Social Media

1. Your Present Place

Many people don’t recognize that when they post a tweet or a status update, they may also be revealing their present location. Because it tells potential thieves that you simply may not be at home, giving out your location information can not be safe. Depending on your privacy settings, the bad guys might be given the green light they were waiting for to rob your house by that innocent tweet from your vacation spot.

2. Your Actual Phone Number

While you may want friends and family to get in touch with hold you, what if your actual phone number falls into the incorrect hands? It’s not impossible that your place may be narrowed down by someone using a reverse phone number lookup tool which are accessible on the web.

A good method to permit folks to contact you by phone without giving them your actual phone number is using a Google Voice phone number as a go between.

3. Images of Your Children or Your Friends’ Kids Tagged With Their Names

Alright, this is really a sensitive topic. All of us want to protect our kids, we would lay down in front of a truck to protect them, but a lot of us post hundreds of name tagged pictures of our kids on the internet for the world. The issue is that you could never be sure that only your friends are seeing these graphics. You can’t rely on the “Friends only” setting because you really never know. Assume that everything is public and don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want the world having access to.

In the event you must post pictures of your kids, remove any geotag tips, and avoid using their actual names in the picture tag or description.

Your true friends know their names, no need to tag them. Same goes for labeling pictures of your friends’ children. If in doubt leave out the tag.

4. Your Complete Birth date

While you may adore getting lots of birthday wishes posted by your friends on your own social media Timeline, having your birth date posted on your profile may supply one of the key bits of information needed to steal your identity and open up accounts in your name to scammers and thieves.

5. Vacation Plans

“Hey, I’m going to be on vacation on the 25th of August, please come rob me”, that is essentially what you’re saying to social network trolling criminals when you post your holiday plans, vacation photographs, and when you place tag yourself while you are still on vacation. Wait until you’re safely home before uploading your vacation pics or talking about your vacation online.

6. Your Relationship Status

Want to give your stalker the green light they’ve been waiting for while simultaneously letting them understand that your more inclined to be home alone? Posting your relationship status is the most certain method to realize this. In case you prefer to be cryptic, merely say “It Is Complicated”.

7. Pictures With Geotags

There is no better road map to your current place than a geotagged image. Your phone may be recording the location of all pictures you take without you even understanding it.

8. Uncomfortable Things you’d not Want Shared With Family or Your Company

If not, don’t post it. Even if you delete it and post something, doesn’t mean that someone didn’t take a screenshot of it before you had the chance to remove it. Do not post online, things you would not want to share with your family or company

9. Information About Your Current Occupation or Work-related Endeavors

Talking about work-related things on social networks isn’t a good thought. Even an innocent status update about how crazy you’re about missing a deadline on a project could provide valuable info to your opponents they could leverage against your business

10. Your House Address

You can’t know who might be looking at your profile, do not post details of where you reside as you would be making it easy for armed robbers to rob your home.


  1. Hey Ngwu,
    I agree with you on these 10 things that must not be shared on the Internet.
    It is important to keep our private information private and we must watch out for any information and shares that breach our security.

    Its exciting doing social networking but most people often sacrifice their reputation in the pretest of posting on social media.

    Identity thieves, trollers, and stalkers can use information “shared wrongly” on social media to cause “harm”.

    I am sure many would realize th eir mistakes and become more conscious about the kind of information they share.

    Personally, I never share any information I will regret sharing on social media.
    Sunday William recently posted…What Steps Do You Take To Keep Freelance Writers Honest?My Profile

    • Hi Sunday,

      Glad to know that you’ve been conscious of what you share on social media. Many people fail to understand that the social media is not perfectly secured. You might share updates with the intention of revealing it to your friends alone, however, most times, such information are being extended to people you’d not wish to learn about such.
      To be on the safe side, do not share information you’d regret sharing on social media.

      Thanks for stopping by sunday, its been a while

  2. Whatever that will breach an individual’s privacy online should not be shared on social media. Reputation management online begins with managing what is shared online.
    I agree with all the things you have discussed here. I will also add that sharing naked selfies or nude pictures should be avoided like plague!
    Celine recently posted…What Steps Do You Take To Keep Freelance Writers Honest?My Profile

  3. Hi Joseph,
    I agree with you that the above described ten things must never be shared on social media.

    Sharing them can lead to easy breach of online privacy and security.

    With the coming on of the Internet comes different disadvantages like identity theft. Hence, it would always be wise to desist from sharing things that could easily lead to identity theft!

  4. Hey Chris,

    There are things indeed we must share and not share on social media. The wiser we become on these platforms the better for us.

    Whatever that we fear would give us unsettled mind when exposed to the public must be avoided.

    Thus, I agree with all the ten things you have so WARNED!

  5. Hi Chris,

    Of course, it is not wise to post those ten things you have described on social media! Personal details remains personal while private remains private!

    Social media should be used to inform, entertain and educate with guarded and respected facts and figures.

    Whatever that would result in the violation of privacy must not be shared on social media!

  6. The reason(s) for not posting certain things on social media is to avoid hacker, stalker and criminal activities. If these are allowed to thrive then we would be at the mercy of cyber criminals.

    I will never post nor share my personal details on social media. Especially if has to do with things I want to remain private.

    Hence, being watchful is the key because there could be times when you unknowingly share these details.

  7. Hello Chris,

    You are right, we shouldn’t post these ten things on social media. Posting them will breach our privacy and security.

    From the facts of this post, social media marketers will get real practical ideas on what would really work for increased social media success.

    Thanks for sharing these eye opening tips!

  8. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for sharing these 10 tips on what not to post on social media. I agree with you on all of them.

    Social media postings must respect the privacy of the individuals. There are lots of scams, hackers and fraudsters that can take advantage of the information left online.

    So, whatever that will bring about ‘discomfort’ must not be shared online!

  9. Hi Chinedu,

    Sorry everyone has been calling you Chris… 😉

    I agree with you on all these things but I think some are much more serious than others.

    For instance posting you home address is just out right crazy. Posting a relationship status is a little debatable but I DO see your point, especially if maybe you’re single.

    This just can be read by stalkers as being alone at home at night.

    Thanks for sharing my friend…

    Take care,