If you want to know how to become a music video model to make money, this article will prove very helpful.

It reveals the different ways you can become a music video model, the different ways you can make money and most importantly, some of the best modeling companies that can help you get paid.

In fact, some of the modeling companies included in this article pay models from $194,000 to $200,000+ annually!


Why Become a Music Video Model to Make Money?

Why not, right?

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Especially as it’s possible to become a music video model and get paid for doing what you love!

And of course, the music video model life is an exciting one.

Who wouldn’t love to travel for free, eat for free, stay in nice hotels for free, and of course, meet celebrities for free!

It’s like going on vacation and not paying a dime.

But being in the music video modeling business is not as sleazy or easy as it sounds.

It’s a lot of work, hard work, and dedication.

It involves mastery of movement, grand poses, graceful posture, and understanding and adjusting to lingo onset when the director says, “Give me more of…not too much of…”

To know how to give a particular aura per scene to keep it tasteful.


How to Be a Music Video Model (7 Helpful Tips)

First, you must lay a strong ground foundation upon which you will build upon. You can become an iconic face ready to make money by following these steps:

  1. Identify Your Strengths
  2. Hygiene
  3. Image Consistency
  4. Know who you are
  5. Networking
  6. Go for auditions and open casting
  7. Get an Agent


1. Identify Your Strengths

What makes you stand out?

Your face?

Your body?

Whether your face, body, or both, invest in getting a really good professional photographer to take a professional headshot, several shots to accentuate your strengths, and sell your package from great angles (close-ups, father way).

This helps to market you when agencies are called on for submission of shoots for “this-and-this kind of model,”; whether skinny, muscular, slim, curvaceous, or thick.

Are you a professional dancer?

Do you know how to work the camera? Leverage on it.

Music video modeling branches into many parts. To mention a few:

  • Dance/choreography
  • Acting
  • Modeling

If dancing or choreography is not your thing, think of what else in the other branches you can deliver.

If it is a sexy walk in your curvaceous thickness, an acting role, pretend shopping, or just sitting and smiling.


2. Take Care of Your Hygiene

Your body and face are your prized possession. Take such good care of it so well it’s smooth as a baby’s butt: skincare, Hair shave.

You don’t want to be on set and have one loose hanging strand shooting out when on a shoot.


3. Have Image Consistency

Create a professional account for yourself on every social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, most especially).

And set a standard for the least quality of content you can post. Have taste and finesse.

Market your professional photos. You never know who’ll come across your account and give a job.

A scenario was with Matilda, who has now founded a music video modeling agency of her own. She got her first gig in a big artist music video for just being pretty on Instagram through a dm.

You must make agents see you as a brand they can sell to artists, clients, brands, and more.

I know of a music video model, Natasha, who changed her hair color to red, and that did it for her, bookings! Bookings! Bookings! I kept coming in.

How recent are your pictures in your post? Don’t upload three-year-old pictures unless it’s #ThrowbackThursday. And Post Quality Content Consistently.

Show people what you’re up to and what you’re working on, those you’re working with, little snippets of videos you’ve been in, behind-the-scenes scenes, be regular and diligent about it.

On TikTok, people just love to see pretty girls literally just model clothes, shoes, dance to songs, sit pretty by the pool, show lavish lifestyle and spending.

If the Lavish-Instagram-Baddie-Oppulent-Model is your vibe, portray that consistently on all your platforms.

This is why even big names or clients will want to work with you because they see you have clout.

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4. Know Who You Are

The moment you are clear on who you are, you will know which jobs you will and will not accept.

Open your mouth, be proud of the limits you’ve chosen not to exceed and say what you are not willing to do.

This may come out as “diva-ish” sometimes. Regardless, if you are not comfortable doing it, don’t do it because the internet never dies.

If you know your strengths, you won’t get into the pressure of doing what you’re not comfortable with.

In this business, the more clothes come off, the more you’re paid. If you want to go all out, then go for it.

But ensure you make it worth the while, charging additional fees for kissing scenes, nudes, etc.

Know Your Angles. Practice literally in front of a mirror and camera, find out your key angles, how to tilt your neck, body posture, poses, and movements that make you look great on camera.

You may look stupid, but at least it’s just between you and yourself.

In this industry, you’ve got to do your homework like school.


5. Network Like Crazy

There are always photographers looking for models, ready to pay a good sum, and some looking for experience to whom you need not pay as much.

Use this to have up-to-date content you can use.

Effectively network at these events. Follow and like the post of those you network with.

They don’t have to be established. They can be upcoming in their field in the industry.

Volunteer to do free gigs at video shoots; jump in and help out. This will help your exposure and show you’re interested in what others do.

A good reason why your image has to be set in stone.

So, when they ask, “Can I get your Instagram?”

What they’ll see is your brand; you promoting your craft, announcing upcoming events, professional photoshoots posts.

Your social media platforms have to be business-oriented all the time. Most especially your Instagram, that is your business card.

Pay your dues in free service for a while. Meet new models, casting directors, booking agents, producers.

Connect most importantly with video models. They tend to get direct calls from people they’ve worked with to bring other models.

If they have you on their contact list, you most probably will get paid this time around.

Don’t be one always asking for handouts without giving anything back. Really push other stuff if you really want to work with them.

Like and comment positively on their post.

Make videos of yourself supporting them on your social media story, live, and TikTok, caption “Hey! Here’s my favorite dope artist with a new song. I love to hip to this jam. It’s a vibe. It’s my jam!”

You can dance or be cute while doing it, and caption how you’d love an opportunity to collab with them.

They’ll take a second look at what you do since you’ve shown an eye for the kind of art they create and appreciate it.

Why I say again, your Instagram brand must correlate greatly with what you do.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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You don’t want your favorite artist scrolling through your post, about to give you an opportunity, seeing cute fuzzy dog pics, hamburgers, art, and less on your craft.

There is no image consistency there.

Check out the following for more career path ideas:


6. Go for Auditions and Open-Casting

Put yourself out there. Go for auditions and open casting. The worst they could say is, no.

If you’re already under an agency, ensure you enquire about your contract’s flexibility to allow you to go for external jobs.


7. Get an Agent

You can apply to a modeling agency or get an agent with a proven history of consistently getting jobs for their models.

For this, you’ll pay a fair percentage between 20-25% of your fees for their hard work at getting you to work.

It rids you of the stress of searching for jobs, so you focus on more important roles like creating a brand (image consistency), a following, and networking.

They help out with legal matters and contracts, make sure the set is correct, ensure you’re being looked after, and that nothing bad happens to you.


8 Example Modeling Firms That Pay Music Video Models

  1. Elite Model Management.
  2. Ford Models.
  3. IMG Models.
  4. Wilhelmina Models.
  5. Premier Model Management.
  6. Storm Management.
  7. NEXT
  8. Marilyn Agency.


1. Elite Model Management

Elite model agency was founded by John Casablancas. Elite prides itself in having made popular the coined term “supermodels.”

Want to be a supermodel? Go to https://www.elitemodel.com/newyork/empowerme/ or submit your story and images via email at becomeelite@elitemodels.com.

Or share your story and images through the hashtag below #BecomeElite

  • Hourly Rate: $35
  • Annual Pay: $18,500 – $189,000


Become a Music Video Mode


2. Ford Models

Want to be a Ford Model?

Their expert scouts are on the lookout for something different from what you think; a clean face with absolutely no makeup.

They want you at your most natural.

A photo of you with your hair pulled backward, with form-fitting apparel like skinny jeans and a tank top, that shows the shape of your body.

No nudes or lingerie photos should be submitted.

Become a Ford Model today! Fill the form via the link https://www.fordmodels.com/get-scouted.

  • Hourly Rate: $44
  • Annual Pay: $44,000 – $194,000


3. IMG Models

This agency’s picture format submission is quite unique, as they allow phone-taken pictures for submission, not necessarily pictures from a professional photographer. Pretty cool, right!

Ensure to check out there before going ahead with submission at IMG Models.

To become an IMG Model visit https://www.imgmodels.com/get-scouted/apply

You can also go inside the IMG Models’ unique mentorship program to prep Models.

Gain knowledge from industry professionals and veteran models as they share expertise and experience with upcoming talent.

Cheat codes into the industry will definitely be dropped in this in-house meet.

  • Hourly Rate: $46
  • Annual Pay: $62,500 – $208,000


4. Wilhelmina Models

They were founded by Dutch supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper.

An age-long pioneer in the fashion industry for over 50 years and counting.

They were counting originality as one of its priorities, taking the safety and well-being of its aspiring models seriously.

It brought us the famous Ashley Brown.

To join the Wilhelmina Models visit https://www.wilhelmina.com/

Use the hashtag #WILLYSCOUTS

  • Hourly Rate: $48
  • Annual Pay: $51,000 – $194,000


5. Premier Model Management

If you are not 5Ft 8In and above as a woman and 6ft and above as a man, your chances are slim with this elite agency made up of three divisions; Women’s, Men, and Artists.

Her founder, Carol white, is a highly respected and celebrated voice in the fashion industry, seen in how News media don’t take her opinions and views lightly.

Care to join in? Visit https://www.premiermodelmanagement.com/become/

  • Hourly Rate: $37
  • Annual Pay: $24,000 – $174,000


6. Storm Management

The agency is constantly improving its expansion, making it as convenient as possible for aspiring models to reach out and achieve their dream.

Professional photos are also not a requirement.

Are you on TikTok? This is your chance to make it into this outstanding modeling agency.

Are you a gorgeous curvaceous girl? Storm Management is looking for you right now!

Visit https://www.stormmanagement.com/. Any model aspiring for greatness can apply here also.

Storm Management offers great modeling advice and what it takes to succeed in the industry in the above link.

Really great write-up every aspiring model must read.

  • Hourly Rate: $35
  • Annual Pay: $13,500 – $206,000



NEXT prioritizes bagging profitable endorsements, providing leadership and direction, having at heart its model and talent welfare.

They have a strong digital influencers management division and a proven track record of working with top-notch, profiled talent in the digital sphere.

Apply to be the world’s Next Model at https://www.nextmanagement.com/be-discovered

  • Hourly Rate: $12
  • Annual Pay: $11,000 – $70,000

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8. Marilyn Agency

They represent models, TV/Film actors, voice actors.

And have a grand array of diverse talent under their belt.

Diversity is their strong suit.

If that is what you’re looking for, click the link https://marilynsagency.com/sub.

They build careers to last, giving adequate oversight.

  • Hourly Rate: $65
  • Annual Pay: $104,000 – $208,000


How to Find More Modeling Agencies to Apply for Music Video Modeling Jobs

If you want to easily find agency pages to submit modeling applications.

You can simply google “Agency name get scouted.”

For example, “Storm Management get scouted.”


Now You’re Landing Music Video Modeling Jobs, What Next?

  • Have Character.
  • Carry Your Own Makeup Kit and Clothes.
  • Invest in Assets.
  • Change Some Friends.
  • Don’t Fail to Discuss Your Modelling Career with Your Partner and Family.



The competition is now stiff.

Instagram has made it easy to look cute. TikTok has made independent video content easier.

Yes, the music video modeling industry is oversaturated, but you stand out if you put in the work.

Distinguish yourself. Who you’ve worked with doesn’t matter as much as what your name is; what your brand is.

So, you want to get paid for what you love? Be rest assured all the groundwork is your work.

This is an exciting industry!

Hustle, live life, enjoy the moment, soak it in, work hard, and you’ll be fine.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE