There are certainly awesome music-related side hustles for musicians who want to make extra money.

This article reveals up to 25 of the very best such side hustles for you to bring in extra cash, as a musician!



For most of us, music plays an important and impactful role in our lives.

At weddings, the couple may sometimes have a song sung or played that has a special significance in the relationship or at anniversaries the celebratory couple will say that they are playing our song.

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Young people will have various technology devices attached to their ears to follow their favorite band or soloist, and during times of expressing our faith we are moved and committed through the music of worship and praise

Music is a powerful medium.

Of course, behind the impactful music that we listen to are the musical artists that not only create this wondrous gift but make the notes on the music score come to life.

They are the composers, lyricists, band members, vocalists, members of the symphony, etc.

Music is important but sometimes work for the musicians can be sporadic.

What can a musician do to earn income to supplement their musical careers?

Let us open up the musical score and find out what extra notes can be played to earn additional income.


25 Best Money Making Music Side Hustles for Musicians


1. Creating YouTube Videos 

A side hustle that may possibly bring some extra money as well as create a presence for you on the Internet is through the development of a YouTube channel.

The key is to develop a particular niche on YouTube that will resonate with individuals who have the same musical interest or want to learn about this particular segment of music.

You could use the channel to teach others how to play a particular instrument, musical theory, playing certain songs that are known but will have your particular skill and technique applied to them, etc.

Money can be made by attaining viewers and by being part of the YouTube pay process or securing an advertiser or requesting support from your viewers, and more.


2. Podcasting

Podcasts have become extremely popular over the years and money can be attained through sponsorships.

The podcast can involve interviews with special guests, music talent, unique stories that provide background on a certain musical event, etc.

The revenue-generating point of podcasts bringing in money is the download of roughly 100 episodes of your podcast.


3. Writing Songs 

Being a musician, you might possibly have a talent for not only playing music but writing or producing music.

Therefore, as a side hustle, you could write songs and definitely make money.

If needing help producing music you can access Soundtrap.


4. Design 

Being musically talented, you most likely have an idea about the album or CD covers that are used by bands in promoting their music.

Perhaps you can draw on this experience and design or create your own ideas for various art covers as it relates to the world of music.


5. Stock 

The purchasing and investing of stock may be a new opportunity that you are not familiar with.

However, it does afford some opportunities to realize some income over a set period of time when you invest in stock the company may pay its stockholders a dividend.

As a musician, it is difficult to have a steady income that you can rely on.

Investing in the stock market and earning dividends could be a good start of planning for your future financial needs as well.


6. Street Festivals 

As the restrictive movement begins to subside again, the need for live music may present itself to a variety of musicians and talent.

An opportunity to be part of this scene and obtain an opportunity to perform in a live setting may present itself.

It is important to approach various Chambers of Commerce in the community to talk about participating in street festivals or other organizers of these community events.

The possibility of being paid to perform or manage the musical component of the event may present itself.


7. Alzheimer’s 

Given the aging of our population and the rise of dementia, an opportunity that might present itself is to take your musical skills to various facilities that provide a great service to individuals suffering from this disease.

You could work with residential facilities, centers where seniors gather, or even work with a local hospital providing this type of treatment for caregivers and those loved ones that they are caring for.

It would be not only a valuable service provided to individuals suffering from dementia but also may earn you some money in the process through music therapy.


8. Fiverr

Online there is a website known as Fiverr.

This website serves as the junction point for individuals needing jobs done with those who have the ability and talent to perform those jobs.

By registering on the site, you may be able to link up with a company or individual who is looking for musical talent.

A bid could be submitted for that employment opportunity and extra money may be earned.


9. Upwork

Similar to Fiverr is Upwork.

This website also brings together those needing work done and those that can accomplish that work.

After registering, the individual can search a robust database of job opportunities that includes the needing for musical skills.

Once you have found these opportunities you simply submit online a cover letter indicating your skill and talent, answer any questions that are posed by the individual who has posted the position, indicate your requested rate of pay, and submit the proposal.

You can also attach samples of your work that might indicate to the individual the level of your musical talent to help them with their decision.


10. Tutor

Families and individuals are always looking for somebody to provide personalized musical instruction.

By being a tutor, you can hire out as an individual musical instructor and teach people music theory, how to play an instrument, etc.



11. Churches

Many churches as part of their worship and exercise of their faith often use music to provide that strengthening.

Many smaller churches are not blessed with a musician in their midst.

A possibility of earning a small amount of money on a weekly basis is to offer your services as a musician to play the piano or strum a guitar while the congregation sings their hymns of praise.

You could approach a Ministerial Association to see if such needs exist and offer your services.


12. Merchandising

As musicians, sometimes there is an associated reputation of being on the cutting edge.

Therefore, as part of your repertoire of songs that you play, perhaps you can capture that uniqueness on a T-shirt, coffee mug, or other merchandising options.

You could offer these items for sale as well as any CDs that you may have recorded and produced.


13. Jingles

A great way of earning money is to compose and pitch a jingle to a variety of companies.

These companies do not need to be major corporations but a local company or even a company that is within your geographical area.

Companies realize the importance of marketing and advertising and the significance of putting their name to a melody.

This melody, if catchy, will stay with the potential customer and help the company to possibly realize additional customers.

Barry Manilow is famous for the jingles that he created with two of the companies purchasing those catchy jingles being McDonald’s and State Farm insurance.


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14. Special Events

Often people to enhance their celebrations will utilize music as part of that process.

Some of those special events can include wedding receptions, anniversary parties, birthdays, or other special events.

As a musician, you can provide that music either through your own specific talent or if you have the audio equipment, set yourself up as a DJ.


15. Gigs

With the restaurants and nightlife venues beginning to come back to normalcy, an opportunity to play live in front of an audience may present itself either now or in the near future.

You can visit some of the local establishments in your particular area and offer your musical talent to help entertain the customers that are looking to dance or just simply be entertained in a relaxing nightlife atmosphere.


16. Repair 

Being a musician most likely you are well acquainted with the particular instrument that you are proficient at.

You can offer your services of repairing musical instruments for individuals who are in need of repair service.

For example, if an individual utilizes a brass instrument, there may need to be a new valve placed on the instrument or if a guitar needs to be restrung or repaired in other ways, you could provide that service.

You can advertise your services through your social media platforms.


17. Take to the Street

Another great opportunity to display your musical talent and interact with other individuals is by taking your musical talent literally to the streets.

Yes, you can use your musical talents to earn money on the streets easily!

If you are a vocalist, you can sing out on the street a cappella or use canned musical accompaniment…

If you are a drummer you can set up a unique drum system by using empty canisters…

If you play some other type of instrument that can be used to entertain individuals as well…

Be sure to set out a tip jar or use your musical case to capture all of your donations.


18. Substitute 

Sometimes band members are unable to perform or be involved when a commitment has been made for them to perform.

You could advertise to bands of your availability and knowing that each musical organization is different or musical group is different, you can offer to practice with them prior to the performance so that you get an idea of how the band plays the music in their own unique style.


19. YouTubeKids 

YouTube is launching its own specific platform that is geared to the younger generation.

This could be a ground-floor opening for you to be involved in this particular venue.

Your involvement could include the writing of music for the background of the YouTube presentations or actually creating videos to teach children not only about the importance of music but how to play their selected instrument.


20. Rent 

If you have audio equipment you can always consider renting out this equipment to other musical professionals.

If in doing so, it is important that you set up an agreement with the individual when the rental is taking place.

That agreement should include returning the equipment in the condition that it was received, understanding their responsibility if any of the equipment is damaged or lost, ensuring that a down payment of some sort is received and then returned when the equipment is brought back.


21. Beats 

Selling beats is an opportunity for a musician to musically create melodies, drum patterns, and loops.

The best way to promote your own creation is by setting up your own website and your own musical talent.

Additionally, there are other websites that will allow you to do this, and you will get paid depending upon who wishes to purchase your musical creation.

One of those websites is Airbit.

This particular site offers commission-free sales, and they do all the heavy lifting as far as setting up your musical account.

Of course, there is an upgrade offered, at a cost that will provide other selling options for your production.


22. Sell Musical Instruments

Another great way to earn some quick cash is by buying musical instruments.

By searching eBay, other websites, or by going to garage sales, you might be able to purchase an instrument that can have the potential of being refurbished and once that is done you can then go ahead and sell that instrument at a markup.


23. Music Critic

Being knowledgeable about music and its flow, beat, and other aspects of good music may earn you money by becoming a music critic.

One such website is called Playlist Push and gives an opportunity for musical artists to upload their music and have it reviewed by a qualified individual.

You can be that qualified individual and can be paid anywhere from $1.25 to $15 per song that you review.

This role is defined as being a curator and in order to qualify you to need to have at least 1000 Spotify followers.

Related: Tips for Earning Money from Spotify Playlist.


24. Digital 

Everybody has a story to tell and a special caveat to your story would be your involvement in the music world.

Therefore, a possibility of a side hustle or earning extra money would be to write an e-book on your musical experience.

You could include your early learning, antidotes associated with taking the stage, the challenges you faced, as well as expressing the moments of triumph.

Or, rather than a biography of sorts, you could write a book about musical instruction or the history of music, etc.

Additionally, if you’re not comfortable with writing, you can always hire a ghostwriter through one of the freelancing websites and engage an individual to do the writing for you based on your direction.


25. Charitable Work 

During the holidays, there are a number of not-for-profit’s that operate a holiday distribution site.

Often, the process involves individuals standing in long lines to receive their food baskets and toys for the children.

A great way to be of service to the community is by providing your musical talents to these individuals to help them enjoy the holiday festivities and to also provide encouragement to the scores of volunteers that help in this process.

Additionally, opportunities may present themselves as a variety of influential individuals help with these causes and might take note of your talent and book you for the various events that they hold not only through the holiday season but throughout the year.


Personal Story

Often a song or a melody will play, and it will bring back a variety of memories across our minds.

We might be able to recall when we first heard that song or the specialness of the song as it relates to our interaction with others or an event in our life.

The power of music is on full display in individuals as well who have been diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other forms of mental challenges.

My wife has dementia and in the latter stages of her disease often gets agitated.

During those times I play music and incredibly, she is able to sing along, remember the lyrics, or often, calm down and enjoy what she’s listening to.

The power of music in our lives is very deep and profound.


Money Earning Side Hustles for Musicians FAQs


How Do Bands or Musicians Get Paid?

Musicians get paid in a number of ways.

Some of those ways include royalties, selling merchandise, licensing fees, advances, playing live, etc.


How Do Individual Members of the Band Get Paid?

Bands do not get a salary, weekly wage, or paid by the hour.

Their payment comes through royalties from record sales or if they perform on a tour.

Generally, no band member gets paid more or less than the other band members.

Therefore, whatever revenue is earned by a band is split evenly minus other related expenses such as paying the manager.


You Can Do It

There are a significant number of opportunities that you with your creativity as a musician can take advantage of in order to earn additional money.

It is just a matter of picking up your instrument and utilizing your creativity and playing for the enjoyment of others and in turn enjoying their payment and appreciation.



Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti do.

With a heavy emphasis on the dough (do), there are musicians who are looking for ways to supplement their musical career income through side hustles.

Your musical talent is greatly appreciated and is in demand.

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