This article shows you how to get MPL Referral code, as well as a lot more helpful information that will help you get ahead when it comes to MPL.

So yes, if you are a fan of mobile games then you can check out MPL. This is a mobile gaming app for those who love virtual cricket and other fantasy games.

To make the most of this app, you may need to apply a referral code.

This article reveals what you should know about MPL and how to get the MPL Referral Code.


What is MPL?

MPL is short for “Mobile Premier League”. It is an online gaming platform that offers exciting games

You can use this gaming app to play virtual cricket and earn rewards.

The MPL app is meant for mobile users. However, play the MPL game on your PC if you use emulators like Bluestacks.


How to Play Games & Win Cash on MPL

  • Download the MPL App from the iOS or Android platform.
  • You can sign up using your Facebook, Google, or Apple account, or with your email address.
  • Choose a game from the available games. MPL has over 9 games that everyone loves.
  • Select and play for stakes or for free.
  • Play hard and win big. Score higher to beat your opponent and win cash.

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About MPl Referral Code

The Mpl referral code is an alphanumeric code that serves as an identifier to the holder.

This code is used to earn bonuses or rewards when you use to invite others.


How to Use an MPL Referral Code

The following are highlights of the quick steps you can apply to use the MPL Referral Code.

1) Open the MPL app on your mobile phone.

2) Now click on the wallet option and then click on the invite and earn option.

3) Then, copy the MPL referral code or MPL code.

4) Now, when your friend signup through your referral reward code, you will get a signup bonus or/and tokens as applicable.

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How to get and apply the MPl Referral code

The following are details where to get and apply the MPL Referral Code:


1. MPL website

At the MPL. Live website, you can find and use an MPl Referral code.

This is the main website of this gaming app, and so it makes sense that you utilize it for the MPl Referral code.

Upon sign up with this site, you can use a referral code for signing up by following these instructions as highlighted on the site:

After installing MPL, you can sign up using your referral code. Click on “Do you have a referral code?” Enter your code and get started! Choose one of the available options – Facebook, Google, Apple, or Email to log in.

Also, you can invite a friend to join MPL by following these instructions:

You can invite a friend by tapping on the “Refer & Earn” button on the bottom of the app. Go to “Your Referrals” and tap on any of the available sharing options to share your referral code and an install link by text message, email, or other messaging/social media apps on your phone.

So, you can apply an Mpl referral code on the MPL website to sign up or invite a friend to join the platform.

In both instances, you will bonus cash.

Use this bonus cash as part of your entry fee to enter battles and tournaments.

When you enter a competition, you can use a certain percentage of your entry fee as bonus cash.

When you win in the competition, your cash reward is 100% Winnings Cash.

Click here to check out the MPL website

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2. Earning Kart

Earning Kart is an Indian-based website. It reveals to users many details about coupon offers, deals, freebies, samples, and referral deals.

On this site, you can also access various types of apps that would allow you to save and earn when you shop online.

You can access various types of valid MPL referral codes on this site.

The site also explains what steps you should take to invite friends and apply the code for maximum benefits.

As at the time of writing this piece, Earning Kart reveals various types of MPL referral codes.

It also highlights how users can get Rs 75 on Inviting Friends via the code.

Here are 11 steps highlighted by the site on “How to Enter Refer Code in MPL Pro App”

1) Firstly, go to the MPL website from Offer Page and enter your ten-digit mobile number.

2) Now click on the “Get App Link SMS” button.

3) Now, you will receive an SMS on your mobile number with a download link.

4) Then, the mobile users can visit the above link and click on the Download button and then install the app.

5) Now click on that download link, and you will be asked to download the MPL Pro app.

6) After that, click on the download button, your browser will download the app to your device.

7) Then click on the MPL gaming app launch icon and complete the signup process.

8) Now, enter the mobile number and verify it with a one-time password, then enter the referral reward code for MPL pro.

9) Now enter this MPL pro referral login code: 9IBI6J

10) Also, if there is no option to enter the MPL pro referral code, click on claim now.

11) Then, you will get some signup bonuses and tokens.

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3. Indian Hot Deal

Indian Hot Deal is another website that provides users with the latest online gaming apps, referral codes, and reviews.

It also provides exciting details on the latest fantasy cricket predictions and Dream11 predictions.

Since MPL is a fantasy cricket app, one of the best places to access and check out valid MPL Referral codes is the Indian Hot Deal website.

On this site, you will find the latest and valid MPL Referral Codes.

You will also find details on how to apply and win rewards for each of the referral codes at your disposal.

On the Indian Hot Deal, you can access links to where you can download the MPL Pro APK app.

This is an app you can use to earn bonus cash.

It is not available on the Google Play Store.

As of the time of writing this review, Indian Hot Deal is promoting the “MPL Referral Code 2021”.

If you apply this code, you get up to Rs.50 Bonus cash bonus & Free TRs.40 Token for MPL Referral Coin instantly.

Click here to check out Indian Hot Deal

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4. CoolzTrick

CoolzTrick is an Indian-based blog about free recharge tricks, free recharge offers, and free recharge apps.

It is also a platform where you get details on the latest fantasy APK apps and shopping deals.

On this platform, you can find the MPL APK Referral code.

This is a code that allows you to earn bonus cash when you play your favorite fantasy cricket games.

The site highlights the available codes and how to use them.

You can check on this to find the available and valid MPL referral code.

Click here to check out CoolzTrick

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5. RechargeNDeals

RechargeNDeals is another website where you can access different types of coupon codes and referral code offers.

On this site, you can find a valid MPL referral code.

If you are a fan of the popular fantasy cricket app, MPL, you can use the features of RechargeNDeals to find valid referral codes.

This platform explains how to make the most of the latest MPL referral code.

At the time of writing this review, you can take advantage of the latest MPL Pro App Referral Code 2021.

This site reveals details on how you can sign up on the MPL Pro App and apply the latest referral code.

  • First of all, download MPL Pro App.
  • Once download just click on install and open it normally.
  • Once you open, you will get the signup page.
  • Now signup through Mobile number, just enter your mobile number.
  • To get a Signup bonus you need to enter below MPL Pro App Referral Code.
  • MPL Pro App Referral Code:- GNSR85
  • Now click on submit and verify your mobile number with a one-time password.
  • Now you will receive a signup bonus in your MPL Wallet.

Click here to check out RechargeNDeals

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The above are details you should know about MPL. Also you the details reveal how to get the MPL Referral Codes.