Motivational Posters for Your Startup – Startup Vitamins


Everyone has a saying of their own for how they run their business. In this game of internet marketing we really live by these rules… everything from “Everyday I’m Hustlin” to “Get Shit Done!“… we EAT, SLEEP and LIVE internet marketing. There is awesome new site called that has put some of these awesome slogans and mentalities into real motivational posters fit for any startup or home office.

I just ordered a few of my own, fully framed and can’t wait to throw them up in my new office. It was actually tough just to decide on which two I wanted since there are so many good ones.


  1. You’re right. It’s so hard to choose! They are all so awesome, especially for someone like me who is such a sucker for inspirational quotes. I have made up a few of my own, the rest are from my personal favorite artists and ordinary people.

    But from this list, I’ve picked this: Our job is not to please investors. Our job is to delight our users. -Micki Krimmel, Neighborgoods

    Reminded me once again, that only when I start giving my best, will I then start receiving its worth.

    StartUpVitamins got a very cool concept. 🙂

  2. There could be nothing more motivating than seeing an inspiring word posted around the office or table. StartUp vitamin has good concept and it is good that Internet marketers get a daily dose of their motivating words. There concept can benefit many people and not just Internet marketers. Its truly motivational!

  3. Motivational posters can have behavioral effects. It inspires the customers and yes I agree it is a brilliant StartUp vitamins. Picking a poster should suit your business.

    Nothing works better than just improving your product. -Joel Spolsky, Stack Exchange
    My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to make them better. -Steve Jobs

    There sayings are my favorite.