This article shows you the most profitable crafts to sell to make really good money.

It also explains how you can make a lot more money than you probably thought you would, selling crafts.


What Are Crafts?

For the uninformed, crafts are handmade products made from common materials like wood, clay, glass, paper, cloth, and plastic.

They are produced by hand labor and the artists or crafter also employs their creative mind to customize the items for customers.

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All crafts are not the same. Some sell better than others in the marketplace.

If you are into craft selling then you would want to go for the most profitable crafts.

The question now is what are the most profitable crafts to sell?

What criteria do we use to identify the most profitable crafts?

As an explainer, most profitable crafts are those that are guaranteed high yields or income taking into consideration low production costs.

These crafts have the potential for her high profits and potential for low material, labor, and overhead costs.

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17 Most Profitable Crafts to Sell To Make Good Money

Some of the most profitable crafts to sell in the marketplaces include:


1. Beaded Bracelets

Beaded Bracelets are pieces of bracelets made from beads.

They are popular fashion accessories for many people.

Yes, people of all ages go for Beaded Bracelets because they are inexpensive and funky.

If you are interested in a profitable craft you can sell then consider this craft.

They are easy to make and can be crafted in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

You can make a good profit if you can make this item.

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2. Velvet pillows

Velvet pillows are soft decorative pillows made from velvet materials.

They are popularly sought after by many people because of the luxury velvet materials and polyester pillow stuffing.

As a craft, you can exercise your excellent sewing skills to make these pillows and sell them for profit.

These can be displayed at craft shows, yard sales, or other popular marketplaces where people go to find handcrafted products.

To make the most from velvet pillows, you need to use your creativity on the designs.

Most people would love velvet pillows that are sewn and customized to their names or needs.

You can offer various colors and characters for your customers.

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3. Mosaic picture frames

Mosaic picture frames are home decoration crafts that you can sell for the most profit.

They are what they imply – frames used to hold pictures. Also, these frames reflect a design of small pieces of colored stone or glass

You can make them cheap and sell them for a good profit. These crafts are popular on many popular marketplaces like Amazon or like eBay.

So, consider selling the easy crafts and make money for a profit.


4. Palette Clock

Palette Clock is an easy craft you can make to make the most profit.

You can employ your creativity to create this timepiece that easily designs your wall or home.

Palette Clock design requires your creativity and imagination.

You can cut a circle out of a wooden palette, attach clock hands and add numbers and decoration to the palette.

You can create the palette to suit whatever style you fancy.

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5. Pottery Fruit Bowls

Pottery Fruit Bowls are now trendy as decorative crafts in many homes.

They can be placed on the dining tables or any other strategic place in the home.

These bowls are made with a little clay, a pottery wheel, kiln, and some pottery-making creativity and flare.

The demand for them is high, you can make and sell them for most profits.

They are inexpensive to make and you can sell them for high profits.

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6. Children’s Headbands

Children’s Headbands sell well as they are popular with many small girls.

These headbands are items of fashion. They come in different colors to suit the tastes of different users.

You can make them with inexpensive clothing materials and sell them for great profits.

Children’s Headbands stick with many crafters as a profitable fashion accessory to sell.

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7. Glass Pebble Magnets

Glass Pebble Magnets are popular with many people.

They are made from glass pebbles, a hot glue gun, glue sticks, and patterned papers.

These popular DIY crafts are beautiful and are often sold for a profit.


8. Palette Picture Frames

Palette Picture Frames are some pieces of crafts you can make sell for profits.

They are funky and fashionable picture frames made from a palette.

You can sell them at online marketplaces or some craft market near you.

Making these crafts is easy, cheap, and fun. You simply paint the palette frames in a trendy palette color and sell them for a good profit.


9. Wood Crafts

You can make a lot of things out of wood. You can use wood to craft wooden shelves, frames, wall decors, bookcases, and more for use in the home or offices.

If you employ lots of creativity on these items, then you can sell them and make big profits.

Wooden crafts are often in high demand at craft shows and markets.

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Most Profitable Crafts to Sell


10. Decorated serving trays

Decorated serving trays can be sold for profits. These are trays used for serving foods or drinks.

They are decorative and trendy with many homes.

If you are creative with woods, then make a decorative serving tray and sell them at a craft market.

If you are not that creative, then you can buy one that is unfurnished at a thrift shop, spruce it up and resell it.


11. Painted canvas

If you have a creative art mind then you can make a good profit selling paintings you drew on a canvas.

With your brush and other creativity, you can create abstract splashes that inspire art lovers.

Arts are in hot demand and you can make profits with painted canvas.


12. Handmade purses

You can be creative and make handmade purses for women. You can use different types of fabrics to make them trendy and fashionable.

The overall cost of making a purse at home will be nothing compared to the profit you will make from it.

You can sell these fashion accessories at some online marketplaces or any nearby craft market.

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13. Knitted scarves

Knitted scarves are among the most profitable crafts to sell. This is not surprising since these are items of fashion for women.

Scarves are a garment worn around the head or neck or shoulders for warmth or decoration.

Knitted scarves are made by intertwining threads in a series of connected loops rather than by weaving.

If you can make and sell Knitted scarves then you will make more money especially if they are customized to the buyers.

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14. American Flag Wall Décor

American Flag Wall Décor is among the most sought-after crafts.

If you are an American and love to promote patriotic spirit then you can paint the American flag on wooden pallets boards or fencing.

This decor is cheap and easy to craft. The best part is that they are profitable.

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15. Metal Roses

Metal Roses can be used to decorate the home. They are also perfect as a gift for loved ones.

This decor is made with some pieces of scrap metal sheets.

You will need a hammer, tin snips, chisel, drill, file, welding torch, and gauge sheet metal.

You have to exercise your sculpture creativity to cut, design, and bend the layers of the flower up.

Metal Roses might sound expensive but they are cheap to make. You can also sell them for profit because of their uniqueness.


16. Homemade Candles

You can make homemade candles and make the most profit.

Candles are regularly used by people in their homes. Some people also buy them as gifts to loved ones.

If you have a candle-making skill then you can exercise it to make and sell homemade candles.

Candle-making is made from wax and other ingredients. The crafting is easy and profitable.


17. Decorative Champagne Flutes

Champagne Flutes are tall narrow wineglass.

They can be decorated with diamantes and glitter to sparkle. These wine glasses are crafts that can sell for most profits.

Many people would love to buy Decorative Champagne Flutes for their homes and as the perfect festive gifts.



As this article has shown, there are really profitable crafts you can sell and make a lot of money.

It also revealed the exact and most profitable crafts you can sell and the marketplaces to use.

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