The Month Google Shook the SERPs


As a group, we SEOs still tend to focus most of our attention on just one place – traditional, organic results. In the past two years, I’ve spent a lot of time studying these results and how they change over time. The more I experience the reality of SERPs in the wild, though, the more I’ve become interested in situations like this one (a search for “diabetes symptoms”)…

See the single blue link and half-snippet on the bottom-left? That’s the only thing about this above-the-fold page that most SEOs in 2014 would call “organic”. Of course, it’s easy to find fringe cases, but the deeper I dig into the feature landscape that surrounds and fundamentally alters SERPs, the more I find that the exceptions are inching gradually closer to the rule.


  1. With Google anything can happen! The unpredictability of the search engine with the changes it often make in SERPs gives SEOs the goose bumps.

    I am aware of the changes that shook the SERPs but one that really got to me surprised was Google’s removal of photos from the Authorship profile.

    I still wonder if the search engine is planning for a better option seeing that it already got searchers, bloggers, and marketers interested in signing up with Google +!
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