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Money Vs Power

There used to be an old commercial that would air on the television.

The scene unfolds with several people seated at separate dining tables in a restaurant. They each are engaged in conversations of their own.

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The focus of the ad is on one particular table and the conversation turns to investment advice from a particular broker.

One man turns to the other and asks, “What does your broker think?”

The other man replies and says who his broker is and begins to share the advice.

Everyone in the scene, including the waiting staff, stops what they are doing and leans in to hear what the advice is.

The voiceover then says, “When E.F. Hutton talks everyone listens.”

That is a humorous display of power.

Often, people associate power with wealth and vice versa.

However, there are stark differences and one may not necessarily depend on the other.

Let us compare the power of wealth and the wealth of power.


Personal Story

I was traveling in our vehicle the other day and I confess that I may have been exceeding the speed limit by just a little bit.

Off in the distance, I saw a patrol car merge onto the highway, and immediately I took my foot off the accelerator and tapped the brake a little bit to come down to an acceptable level of speed.

Most likely, I was disobeying the rules of the road by traveling faster than I should.

The point is that something powerful came into my life at that particular moment it influenced my driving.

It was the power of that officer in the patrol car and the possibility of getting a speeding ticket.

That is the influence of power.




Definition of Money

By definition, money can be in the form of paper currency or coins.

It is usually printed or produced in different denominations representing different amounts.

The money is printed and minted by a government and it is used in exchange for the buying of goods or services.


Attaining Money

Money is an important commodity in the lives of people. Therefore, a variety of methods are utilized to accumulate money.

Money can be earned by fulfilling a job description at one’s place of employment.

The earnings can be calculated by multiplying set hourly wage times the number of hours worked.

Or the individual can be simply salaried.

Money can also be earned when money is invested and a return on that investment is provided to the investor.

Some investment vehicles guarantee a set percentage on the invested amount while some investments promise no set amount or percentage on the investment but are determined through many variables such as inflation, how an invested business may be performing, etc.

Money is always attained by selling. That selling can be someone’s time, a product, a service, an idea, etc.


What Money Can Buy

Money is a powerful commodity.

With sufficient enough money, just about any tangible item can be purchased.

Examples of the purchasing power of money can include the basics of life such as food, clothing, and a roof over one’s head, etc.

The spending of money can also stimulate a nation’s economy which in turn helps to create more money and add to the health of the nation’s financial condition.

Money can also buy the “trappings” of life that can provide a comfortable lifestyle.

Some of those trappings would include the purchase of a vehicle, jewelry, entertainment devices, etc.

Money can purchase the tangible things of life.


What Money Can’t Buy

On the other hand, the power of money is limited based on the things that are not available for purchase even if an individual has a significant amount of money.

Some of those priceless items include peace of mind, love, honesty, kindness, etc.

These items that money cannot purchase can be defined as the integrity of an individual.

The power of money has limits.

Money cannot buy the intangible things of life.

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When the Money Is Gone

To understand and demonstrate the power of money it can be reflected in our thinking about having money and all the items that can be purchased, places traveled to, experiences to be enjoyed, etc.

However, when the money is gone, then those items that were purchased through the power of money are no longer available to the individual.

In other words, when the money is gone so is the power or the ability to buy things.

Money is transient.


Value of Money

Money, in itself, does not have any value or worth to it.

The value and the worth are given by the issuing government and that worth is embraced by the individual citizens in that country as well as countries and nations outside of the issuing government or country.

Money that is issued by the government is backed by the financial solvency of the issuing country.

The value of money is not a constant. Factors that erode the power of money can include inflation, the fall of the government, political instability, interest rate differentials, etc.



The Purpose of Money

The primary purpose of money is for the purchasing of items needed or wanted by an individual or other entity.

Those who have significant amounts of money can also use this commodity to put their success on full display.

This can be accomplished by the clothes that they wear, the cars that they drive, the homes that they live in, their lifestyle, etc.

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In either case, the purpose of money in both these scenarios is still to purchase.

Those with sufficient enough money to purchase things to maintain or increase their lifestyle.

The purpose of money in those who flaunt their riches is trying to purchase the love, respect, and admiration of others who just may cast an envious eye towards those individuals who are well off.




Definition of Power

Power exhibited in an individual can be defined as something intangible.

Power, although cannot be seen or touched, is usually demonstrated in an individual who can be an influence or medium for change.


Attaining Power

To attain power is not a matter of taking power 101 in a classroom setting.

It is not something that necessarily emanates from the mind but is attained through the heart and is demonstrated through the mind and one’s actions.

Power is attained through the development of one’s character and maintaining their integrity.

Power is tempered in the storms of life. In weathering these storms, the result is an insight into life and demonstrating that power to others through instruction and example


What Power Can Buy

Power can buy the ethereal things of life.

Examples of those nonphysical items include joy, confidence, integrity, honesty, sincerity, and more.

The buying energy of power can buy transformation in the lives of others, inspiration, and enacting concrete change, respect, and demonstrate leadership abilities.

The power of money speaks to buying things; the purchasing strength of power speaks to people.


What Power Can’t Buy

Power cannot buy things; it is not a commodity that is used in purchasing or selling.

Therefore, power cannot buy tangible or intangible things.

In other words, it cannot buy cars, homes, clothes, etc. Concerning the intangible, it cannot buy love it cannot buy devotion, it cannot buy loyalty, etc.

However, rather than buying intangible items, power inspires people to be better versions of themselves and act differently.

A powerful person is not placed on a pedestal but their character is lifted as a standard or an example of humanity.


The Purpose of Power

The purpose of power is to be a positive influence. It is not about telling people how to act or respond.

The purpose of power is to be an example and encourage change.

The purpose of power at the moment is to be force or light that may have long-lasting effects.


The Value of Power

Power in this world carries a heavy price tag and is often admired, revered but not often pursued.

That is because power carries a heavy price tag.

Power is not achieved on the stock market or is a reflection of one’s net worth or credit score.

The value of power is realized by an individual and is pursued as they work towards setting themselves aside and encouraging and empowering others.

The value of power is not reflected in dollars and cents but in the change in people’s lives.


Survivability of Power

For the most part, money is fleeting.

Story after story is told about individuals who become overnight millionaires and spend in a wild manner their fortunes which are lost over a short time.

Money is fleeting.

This is because the power behind money is dependent upon several variables and the reality is that there is no intrinsic value to money itself apart from those people and entities providing value to the currency to buy and sell.

On the other hand, power-based upon an individual’s character is memorable and can be generational.

How often have individuals lifted historical leaders and figures who demonstrated power in certain situations and the history books record their great influence on the people of their times?

Even, in our own families, how often do we talk about a parent on his or her family figure whose influence is retold generationally and still has its impact long after they’ve gone?

The power of money is fleeting but the power of a person of integrity is long-lasting.

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Good or Bad

Money can be good or bad.

If an individual utilizes their money to harm others or for the purchase of counterproductive things, it is not the money that is bad.

It is the individual that utilizes money in this nonproductive way that could be argued is less than good.

It is the same with power. If an individual has the power either through a position or because of their wealth and utilizes this power to hurt others, it is not power itself that is at issue.

Again, it is the individual who has been gifted with this power and if used in a demeaning or dehumanizing way, it is the individual at fault, not power.

The power of power itself or money is not good or bad. It is the individual who is in control of these factors.


Money Versus Power FAQs


Is It Wrong to Want to Be Powerful?

No. However, it is dependent upon your motivation in wanting to be powerful.

If you want the power to control people, then yes, achieving power for that purpose is harmful to all involved.

If, though, you wish to be powerful to be an influence for good and bring about positive change then, on the surface, that does not appear wrong.


Who Is the Most Powerful Person Today?

The list would most likely need to include world leaders like Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Jeff Bezos, Pope Francis, Angela Merkel, and Nancy Pelosi.


You Can Do It

You can be a person of power.

Having the power of money in your life is not bad.

Most of us wish to accumulate as much money as we provide for ourselves and our loved ones. The power of money can be good.

Additionally, the power of influence can be demonstrated through your character and other admirable qualities.

That truly is the power that you most likely wish to achieve.



In the words of the commercial, when that particular broker spoke, everybody listened.

They were attentive and influenced by the words backed up by the success of the brokerage.

The same is true today people of power when they speak and lead by example gain the attention and consequently the influence of an individual who has power.

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