You are definitely not alone wondering about money superstitions. Many other people also have money superstitions.

This article reveals a lot about these superstitions and some of the most common ones.

It also answers some of the most common FAQs you might have about money superstitions.


Why Money Superstitions?

Almost everyone appreciates the importance of money.

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With the money, we can provide the necessities of life such as rent, food, and other needs to add quality to our lives.

Money is also important as it provides for our loved ones.

Additionally, if we had the opportunity to have more money coming into our household, who wouldn’t be open to that?

Even those who see money as a necessary evil, would probably still agree that more money coming into the household could also mean more money going out to help others in need.

Like most things, money is good in the hands of good and well-meaning people.

On the other hand, money can be bad if it is used for negative purposes and is earned or achieved in a way that goes against the laws of society.


Personal Story

Often, during the holiday season, we as a family would exchange gifts.

Of course, it was time for excitement and magic as presents were opened and gifts were exchanged.

In addition to the children getting toys, it was a time for our parents to provide their children with practical gifts.

Those practical gifts included underwear, socks, clothing, etc. Not too exciting but needful.

Often, when we as children opened up these types of gifts we would be polite and thank everybody but our real concentration was on the toys and other playthings.

One such practical gift that we would sometimes receive would be a wallet or a purse.

I can always remember my mother saying that when we opened up the gift and looked inside the wallet and all of the various compartments, we would be sure to find a least a penny.

Not to put a penny in a wallet or a purse was considered, in our household, bad luck.

Superstition or just being practical?


15 Common Money Superstitions and Lessons


1. Money Trees Superstition

Perhaps your growing-up experience included a comment from your parent when you asked for money.

Often, parents talk about money trees and that if we wanted money to go ahead out to the tree and get some.

They sarcastically would add, “Do you think money grows on trees?”

Well low and behold, there is such a thing as a real money tree.

Money trees are thought to be lucky, and the owner would be prosperous for having such a tree.

As the story goes, once upon a time there was a man who prayed for money.

He did become wealthy but not by the money growing on trees.

His wealth was achieved because of the number of trees that he planted and they, in turn, grew into a profitable business venture.

Also, according to believers of Feng Shui, positive energy can be created from a money tree by placing the tree in certain parts of one’s home.

Also, money trees typically have five to six leaves on each stem.

However, if one finds that one limb has seven leaves this is a good sign.

According to legend, you may want to do something to take advantage of that seventh leaf.

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2. Make a Wish Money Superstition

This belief or superstition involves the throwing away of money.

It is throwing money in a fountain or pool of water in hopes to attain a wish that you have on your heart and mind.

The process involves standing before the water fountain or pool of water, pausing before the gurgling sounds of the water, thinking about something that you want to come true in your life, and then tossing a coin into the water.

Your wish is supposed to come true.

This superstition started when people began dropping coins into bodies of water as their way of thinking about the various gods for clean water in their lives.


3. Purse

If you are the owner of a purse, there is a specific taboo associated with where you place your purse.

According to Feng Shui, the purse represents wealth in an individual’s life.

Therefore, if you put your purse on the floor that is considered a very negative action and an indicator of disrespect and non-appreciation for one’s money.

Consequently, when money is disrespected, it may not continue to come into one’s life.


4. Money Attracts Money

In Greek culture, this particular saying is a favorite amongst the Greeks.

That is why in the Greek belief system if you give someone a wallet or purse as a present, they are to put money in one of the compartments.

That money can range anywhere from a penny on up and denomination.


5. Pennies

A superstitious belief surrounding the finding of a penny on the ground is that if you pick it up throughout the day you will experience nothing but luck.

However, there are added caveats to picking up a penny that you find on the ground.

For example, if the penny is facing heads up that is good luck but if it is tales up that is bad luck. The penny should stay where it is.

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6. Along Came a Spider

Most people have an aversion to spiders.

However, there are, according to beliefs, some species of spiders that can bring wealth to an individual.

The superstition requires the individual to catch this particular type of spider and put it in one’s pocket.

The belief is that if this type of spider travels across one’s clothes and they’re able to catch it and put it in their pocket that one’s pocket will never lack money again

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The particulars spider is known as a money spider and is from the family of spiders called Linyphilidae.



7. Numbers

What about numbers?

In the world of superstition and good luck, numbers are supposed to have significant meaning that will bring good fortune to an individual.

A trip to one’s local casino would certainly bear this out as the number 7 seems to be the magical lucky number that when 3 of them line up across the pay line, the gambler is rewarded.

Additionally, in the game of blackjack, the number 21 is prevalent as that is either a hand that will win or at least ties the dealer.

In the Chinese culture, the number 8 is particularly significant as it represents wealth and prosperity.

This number makes it a popular number to have in one’s phone number or on a license plate.


8. Bird Poo Money Superstition

This delightful superstition and a good indicator of potential good luck and wealth coming into an individual’s life is if a bird relieves itself on your person.

This is a Russian-based superstition and is grounded in that the reality of a bird pooping on an individual has less of a chance that it happens than the individual winning the lottery.

Consequently, being used as target practice by a bird was thought to be an omen of good luck.


9. Jumping Frog Money Superstition

Well, let’s jump right into this one as this superstition symbolizes good luck when a three-legged frog is made from a dollar bill.

This three-legged paper dollar frog can bring supposedly prosperity.

The superstition involves the placing of this origami frog in one’s wallet or hidden around the home to attract some good money vibrations.

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10. The Lid of the Toilet

In addition to being a common courtesy regarding putting the lid down on the toilet, in the Chinese culture this can be considered as part of one’s money leaving the household.

The Feng Shui belief is that if the toilet lid is kept up, there is a possibility that one’s prosperity will escape by going down the drain.

The Fang Shum belief is that water is one of the most powerful and passive elements on earth.

This belief is enforced due to the reality that everyone needs water to survive.

As an aside, Fang Shum means wind and water.


11. Wealth Corner

The tradition, superstition, or belief of Fang Shum is the importance of the southeast corner of one’s home, business, or space of ownership.

This is because this belief system believes that is known as your “wealth area.”

Therefore, the individual should determine which part of the area of their home in the southeast area and adorn that area with various symbolic items that represent wealth or money.

Examples of those items could include actual cash, coins, valuables, or other valuables.


12. The New Year

As the clock strikes midnight on December 31, before you kiss someone and wish them a happy new year, a money superstition is that the individual should have money in their hand.

According to Hispanic tradition, having cash in one’s hand to bring in the New Year will also bring usher in prosperity.


13. Itching Palms Money Superstition

If all of a sudden the palm of your right hand becomes itchy, that, according to superstitious beliefs, is an indicator that you are about to receive money

A warning, however, not to scratch that itch or that will stop the money from arriving.

On the other hand, if your left palm inches that means that you are about to lose money.

The instructions are that if your left hand or your left palm inches that you are to rub it on a piece of wood or according to some traditions, on your knee.


14. Hairy Arms

Another part of your anatomy and more specifically your arms and if they are hairy is thought to be a sign of good luck.

This reference is made in the book entitled the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn when Jim tells Huck that a hairy chest and arms is a sign of good fortune.


15. Shooting Star

When one sees a shooting star there are several options available to the witness of this heavenly event.

Some individuals see it as an opportunity to make a wish with the strong possibilities of that wish coming true.

Another variation of what to say when seeing a shooting star is by saying money, money as quickly as one can.

This is supposed to be good luck and enhances the wish coming true.

It stands to reason that if you say money, money that your wish is money.


Money Superstitions FAQs


What About a Piggy Bank? Is That Good Luck?

Many cultures believe that a piggy bank is good luck.

For example, the Chinese consider a piggy bank to be a good luck charm.

Whereas in Europe, some Europeans believe that a piggy bank is an indicator of wealth and fortune.

Also, a gift of a piggy bank on New Year’s Day is supposed to be a good luck charm for financial success for the New Year.


What About the Superstition About Putting Coins on a Deceased Person’s Eyes?

This stems from Greek mythology in which the coins were placed on the deceased person’s eyes to pay for the decease’s trip across the Styx.

The money was to pay the ferry keeper for passage into the underworld



Perhaps you’ve heard of some of these superstitions surrounding money or perhaps not.

Or, quite possibly, you may have on occasion or frequently indulged in these potential omens that may or may not bring prosperity.

Additionally, if you find a penny and you do pick it up, at least what is true, on the surface, is that you are a penny richer than when you first started on your walk.

Many beliefs and superstitions swirl around various events that occur in our lives.

To explain these events, people in days gone by, use to associate various superstitions or beliefs to explain these situations.

Often, superstitions arose because of coincidental events that happened when these events occurred.

Consequently, they became a belief because when a star was wished on or a coin was tossed into the water the wish just happened to come true.

Believe it or not, superstitions remain and for some individuals is an inherent part of their belief system.

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