Yes, money multiplying legally is possible and even easy, if you know how and what to do.

This article reveals a lot of very powerful and helpful tips for really multiplying money legally.


Importance of Money Multiplying

Money is a powerful commodity in our society today.

With it, we are able to purchase our needs and our wants, money is what we get up every day to go to work for and money is spent to help improve our quality of life.

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Money kept in its proper perspective is something that most individuals want more of not for the sake of money itself but for what it can do to improve our lives as well as the lives around us.

Therefore, who doesn’t want to see their money multiply?

With that in mind let us look like look at a few ways that our money can grow and multiply, legally, of course.


20 Powerful Ways & Tips That Work for Money Multiplying


1. Learn

One of the foundational tips that you can incorporate into your life to multiplying your money is to be educated.

This learning can be accomplished by reading personal finance books from individuals who not only know what they are talking about but have accomplished and followed their own advice and made their money multiply.

The benefit of reading these authors is that you will gain a different perspective as it relates to having your money work for you, learning about tips and actions to take, and being inspired.

Their stories of having started out with small amounts of money, through investing and having amassed larger portfolios are awesome.


2. Budget

As with all things that have a goal in mind, it is important to have a plan of action.

For the individual wishing to multiply their money, this plan of action is called a budget.

The budget is a listing of all of the income and expenses for the household and gives a clear picture of where the hard-earned money is committed to be spent.

One of the significant line items on the expense side of the dynamic tool is to set aside a budgeted amount for savings.

In fact, most financial gurus argue that the first payment that should be made from the household is a payment to you.

This payment should be invested in a financial account that will provide a fairly decent return on your money.

Examples of starting investments would be contributing to a high yield interest savings account, money market, CDs, etc.


3. Side Hustles 

Another way that an individual can make their money multiply is by earning more money.

The purpose of earning more money is not so that you can spend more but so that you can save and invest more.

A side hustle is defined as writing, driving for a delivery service that transports people or ordered restaurant items, etc.

A side hustle can also be working at odd jobs in your neighborhood or through various online websites to earn that extra cash.


4. Payoff Debts

As it relates to multiplying your money it is also important to remember that the money that you are able to keep as your own is an important action in multiplying your money.

If you carry debt with a credit card, you are paying that credit card company interest on unpaid balances.

Often, interest on a credit card can range anywhere from 8% on up to close to 26%.

If you are paying this interest on any unpaid balances, you are in essence robbing yourself of your money in order to give it to these credit card companies.

A powerful way of multiplying your money is to not carry balances and keep the interest paid to credit card companies for yourself.


5. Invest 

A proven way of multiplying your money is to invest your money in a variety of ways.

Some of those ways could include the purchasing of bonds, investment in the stock market, opening an IRA, purchasing precious metals, etc.


6. High-Yield Interest

A fairly non-risky way of investing your money is by opening up a high-interest savings account or money market account.

The money that is placed in these accounts is FDIC insured and therefore there is no risk of losing this money up to a certain amount.

The financial institutions that accept this money and pay you a higher than the normal interest rate, as compared to a savings account, utilize your money in financial loans and dealings with other people.

To find out what companies may be offering the best rate you can log onto

The higher amount of money that you have to invest will equate to a greater interest rate provided to you


7. Expenditure Log 

A practical way to multiply your money is to keep track of your money and that will reveal a full accounting of the money that flows into the household.

Often, at the end of the month, there are certain amounts of money that are unaccounted for. These amounts of money can range anywhere from $10 on up.

The monies are not generally budgeted but through debit cards, credit cards, and spending of cash, there are accounted expenditures.

By keeping a log, one is able to account for each amount of money spent by logging that expenditure date, what the money was spent on and the actual cost.

One may be considerably surprised at the end of the month to realize that $20 or more has been spent on a variety of items that were compulsively bought and could have been done without.

That $20 is money that can be utilized elsewhere and can help to multiply your savings portfolio.


8. Real Estate 

Another great way to make your money work for you and make it multiply is by investing in real estate.

Real estate is a time-tested investment opportunity.

One of the ways that you can invest in real estate is to actually buy the property and then use it as a rental for a family single-family home or retailer.

You can collect the rent and earn a monthly income, have a management company provide oversight of the rental process, and realize some tax breaks when you file your tax return.

Another opportunity is to invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs.

This is a security that you can invest in and trade like a stock and involves real estate assets.

However, they are given a special tax consideration and offer, typically, a high dividend yield.

By investing in a REIT you are not actually owning property but investment in a trust that owns and operates real estate.


9. P2P 

Peer-to-peer lending is the investment opportunity of lending money to other individuals.

The process is done through a third person or online website.

One such website is Upstart.

With this investment opportunity, you provide the money, and your partner, the P2P company, manages the loan process.

The rate of return can vary, and some reports indicate an investment return of 10% or more.

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10. Extra Job 

Another way that you can make your money multiply is by earning more of it.

This can be accomplished by taking on an extra job or working overtime when opportunities are provided in your current place of employment.

The extra money can be used to further your investment dollars and make your portfolio grow.


11. Yard Sales 

A way to make your money work for you and multiply is by putting the money that you have laying around your house to work.

By this, it means that we buy many things and often, those things, for various reasons, are no longer utilized and take up space within our home.

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Why not have a garage sale and utilize those items that are worth money and sell them for money to bargain seekers.

The extra money can be added to your investments.


12. Stop Procrastinating 

There is no time like the present.

Many individuals want to make their money work hard for them but for whatever reason, they convince themselves that today is not the day.

In order to multiply your money, it needs to happen.

Not taking action is simply another way in which we lose money because of another day wasted.

Today is the day. Roll up our financial investment sleeves and get to work.


13. Turning Your Hobby into Income 

Many of us have hobbies that we indulge in to help pass the time away or to help us relieve the daily stress that we sometimes experience in life.

Have you considered turning that hobby into a financial enterprise?

Such websites or will allow you to set up an account and list your homemade products or hobbies on those sites and offer them for sale to individuals.

This is a great marketplace to earn extra cash and help to multiply your money.


14. Savings 

A strategy to multiply your money is by incorporating a layered strategy as it relates to setting aside money.

The layering strategy begins with a savings account, then a high-yield interest account, money market account, CDs, and then an added investment mix of bonds, stocks, etc.

This diversification of your portfolio is powerful in that if something significant happens in your life then you can begin to draw on that money as needed so as to limit the need to look for money elsewhere at a high-interest rate.

The first part of that layer is a savings account that should have a bit of money available that will cover any minor unexpected expenditures so as to avoid taking from other higher-level interest earnings accounts.


15. Sell on EBay 

Often, we have things lying around the house that may be of value to another individual.

By creating an account on eBay, the individual can list these items and offer them for resale to individuals who may be interested.

EBay is a great place to sell books, collections you may have, or other things that perhaps have run their course in your life.

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16. 401(k)

If you work for an employer that offers a 401(k), it is important to maximize the benefit that your employer offers.

A 401(k) is an investment benefit offered to the employees in which the employer will match the employee’s contribution up to a certain percentage of their salary.

If you do not maximize that percentage that the employer has committed to then you are not maximizing your investment opportunity and making your money work hard for you.


17. Purchase a Home

A great way to multiply your money is to purchase a home.

In this way, you are not paying your landlord for the privilege of living in their home but are buying your own home.

This would mean that you would start to build up equity in your home and this would be a great multiplier of your money in adding to your assets.


18. Cut out One Expense

A powerful way to make your money work hard for you and multiply is to revisit your budget and specifically the expense side of the ledger.

The challenge would be to identify one particular line item and cut that out from the budget and apply it to your savings line item.

Examples of one particular item within the budget could be an entertainment streaming service, cable service, or other expense.

When that particular expense is subtracted from the expense side of the budget then apply that amount to your budgeted savings line item.

Another option, as it relates to the budget, is to take a particular percentage, maybe 5% to 10%, and reduce your entire budget by that amount.

That money then could be set aside for your investment portfolio as well.


19. Insurance 

A way that you can multiply your money is by looking at your insurance needs and trying to trim some of the premium costs that you are paying on a monthly basis.

Perhaps a quick call to your automobile policy company can realize savings.

There can be a reduction in your premium if you are no longer traveling the same distance that you once traveled, or if you have taken a safety education course, or don’t need the same level of liability limits as was once required.

By renegotiating your automobile policy, you can save additional money which will help to multiply your finances.


20. Emergency Fund

In a roundabout way, setting up an emergency fund is a way to multiply your money.

The reality is that planned and unplanned things happen in our lives that can impact our financial situation.

There could be a major car repair that is needed, replacement of an appliance within the home, medical emergency, etc.

Often, when these financial challenges occur many individuals do not have the immediate resources to cover these added expenses.

They, therefore, have to scramble to find other ways to cover the costs.

By setting up an emergency fund, the individual has planned for this contingency, and rather than having to borrow money or charge the cost to a credit card, they can tap into their emergency account and make their money work for them by not having to pay interest on these surprise expenses.


Personal Story

Mark Twain humorously said, “Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.

One of the wonderful qualities that we have as human beings, for most of us, is being blessed with a sense of humor.

When I got married several years ago on our wedding day an old friend of my wife’s came up to us and congratulated us and was very sincere and gave a very nice speech wishing us nothing but happiness in our marital lives.

He then went on to say that he wanted to give us a very special wedding gift to start off our marriage life properly.

He said I’m going to give you a washer and dryer.

I had never met the gentleman before but somehow, I think my wife was in on the gag as he produced a washer that you put around a bolt and a cloth that was to serve as a dryer.

Hence, he gifted us a washer and dryer for our wedding.

This leads me up to the old joke about wanting to multiply or double your money.

The advice is to simply fold your money over and there you have it.




What Are the Safest Investments That Provide a Better Return Than a Savings Account?

The safest investment that an individual can make with their money and yet still realize a better return than what would normally be received through a savings account is through a high-interest yielding savings account, money market, CDs, treasury bonds, money markets, to name a few.

These investments are deemed safe because some may be under the protection of the FDIC or are backed by the stability of a company, or the US government itself.


What is the Worst Thing That I Can Do as It Relates to Investing My Money? 

The worst thing that an individual can do when it comes to investing is be in debt.

The bonus answer would be not investing at all.


You Can Do It

Want to multiply your money?

It can be done.

It just takes your decision to do so, come up with a plan of action, choose how you want to make your money work for you, and then move forward.

It is the best decision that you can make as it relates to your money.



It’s no joke that we want to see our money work hard for us.

This is due to the reality that we work hard for our money.

To just have our money nestled safely in a low-interest savings account is not a good return on our money nor does it honor the expending of our life’s energy to earn this money.

Although we have a sense of humor, not investing our money wisely to gain a good return is no laughing matter.

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