If you want some of the best money movies to watch on Netflix that can help you make money, you should definitely read this article.

It reveals 25 of the very best such money movies on Netflix that can really help you make money.


Importance of Watching Money Movies on Netflix

Nothing quite matches the enjoyment of movie night within a home as the family, friends, or even watching a movie alone can bring quality entertainment.

The movies could be comedies, love stories, crime adventures, tales of the supernatural, etc.

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Sometimes these stories can be completely fictional or sometimes they can be based on real people and real-life events.

Added to the mix is not only the filming of movies that have entertainment value but there are films that are made that can be classified as documentaries.

Often these documentaries are depictions of real life as often investigative reporters and producers delve into certain areas and create a film that can expose certain practices that occur in our world that we are unaware of but often benefit from.

A topic of interest for most people is money and there are entertainment movies with a sprinkling of reality along with documentaries that have been produced about this subject.

Let us turn down the lights, grab a bowl of popcorn and tune into our Netflix Channel and see and review some of these movies and documentaries about money.


25 Best Money Movies on Netflix


1. Dirty Money

Dirty Money is a revealing documentary series that addresses and exposes the economy globally by zeroing in on crime, corruption, and greed.

The topics that are covered include vehicle emissions, the pricing of prescriptions, and more.

Click here to check out Dirty Money


2. Living on One Dollar

Living on One Dollar is a documentary that was produced that follows four friends as they travel through the Latin American country of Guatemala.

The premise is that they are given $1 a day for 2 months and are to use that $1 to provide for their daily living expenses.

The documentary is a demonstration of practical ways that you can stretch a dollar and the various money-saving ideas that you can implement.


3. Dog by Dog

This documentary is a heart-wrenching exposé about puppy mills.

The film exposes the sad reality of how even the most gentleness of creatures are commercialized and abused while unscrupulous individuals try to make money.

The bottom line is the extremely poor conditions of this industry and those that endeavor to make a financial profit.


4. Schooled The Price of College Sports

This documentary takes the viewer into the world of college sports by observing through the filter of money.

The reality is that higher education and associated costs put a tremendous burden of debt on students and their families.

Taking this reality a step further the film focuses on athletes involved with the NCAA and how many of them work hard at their athleticism but are often unable to afford food yet their involvement in the athletic program earns their schools millions of dollars.


5. Chelsea Does Marriage

Chelsea Handler did a variety of documentaries on topics such as marriage, racism, Silicon Valley, and drugs.

The documentary in which she delves into the marriage industry is a realistic look that is entertaining and yet enlightening due to her personality and sense of humor.

This particular documentary lifts the wedding veil on the expenses of the marriage process, amounts of money spent on weddings, etc.


6. The True Cost

This documentary takes a swipe at the fashion industry and its ramifications on not only people but the planet.

The cameras take the viewer on a journey into the world of fashion and focus on third-world countries where clothing manufacturers thrive by utilizing sweat factories.

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7. The Money Pit

The Money Pit is a comedy starring Tom Hanks.

The plot is about a house that is classified as a fixer-upper and it seems that anything that can go wrong goes wrong.

Being a fixer-upper the film entertains the viewer as the homeowners get involved with do-it-yourself projects.

The various mishaps that occur make it a funny and entertaining film and yet reveal the cost of being a homeowner.

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8. Planet FIFA

FIFA is the International Federation of Associated Football.

Planet FIFA takes the viewer off of the football field and into the business boardroom to show the financial side of this world’s famous sport.

The realities of intensified conversations, amounts of money that these organizations have, etc. are the focus of this revealing look into this sport and delves into the corruption that is sometimes on display and in action.


9. Goldman Sachs The Bank That Runs The World

As the name of this documentary implies this is a revealing film that focuses on Goldman Sachs and the financial powerhouse that they are in this world.

As with most things, there is more than meets the eye and this documentary reveals the financial wrangling that goes on along with the sharing of their history to get them to this place of financial dominance.


10. The Pit

This film is a revealing look at Wall Street Trading as it takes the viewer into the pit or the trading floor of the stock exchange.

The film follows a group of commodity traders as they endeavor to make a living trading the commodity of coffee before trading became so technology driven.


11. The Wolf of Wall Street

This entertaining movie is based on the true story of a wealthy stockbroker in New York City and his involvement in corruption and fraud on Wall Street.

Click here to check out The Wolf of Wall Street


12. Corporate

This movie is an intriguing look at two major competitors and the variety of tactics that they use to grab and seal an important business deal.

On full display are also the emotions involved in these business dealings as individuals are highly stressed and motivated to realize profits.

The premise of the book is based on three fundamentals.

Those fundamentals include:

  • Politics
  • Power
  • Paisa (monetary unit of India)


13. Boiler Room

The plot of this movie, The Boiler Room, is about a college student who drops out of school and lands a job as a broker with an investment firm.

This opportunity puts him in the fast lane and he is well on his way to success.

However, the financial success that he realizes obscures his judgment and immerses him in the ugly world of greed and corruption.

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This movie takes the viewer into the world of stock broking through the experiences of this character.


14. Inside Job

Inside Job is a documentary that was produced in 2010.

The film takes a hard and intense look at the various financial services within the United States and the corruption that is involved.

The film also explores the devastating effect of the environment that creates these policies and procedures and the various banking practices that foster various financial crises.


15. Bazarr

Utilizing the backdrop of the stock market this film is about money, business, and the power that having money wields.

The story unfolds when a small town stock trader goes to the Metropolitan city of Mumbai and gets employed as a successful Gujrati trader.

Of course, a volatile situation arises and it follows his dealing with that financial rough patch.

The movie reveals the inner workings of the stock market and the various businesses that are involved.

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16. Too Big To Fail 

This movie tells the intriguing story of the former U.S. Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson on how he was involved with the historic global economic meltdown in 2008.

The story revealed in this film is an epic look at the failing housing market and is sure to keep the viewer on the edge of their seats.


17. Guru

This film is based on the successful financial life of one of India’s biggest industrial captains of industry.

The story unfolds with his arrival in the city of Bombay in the late 1950s and his successful climbing of the corporate ladder from the streets to become one of the biggest and wealthiest business leaders in India.


18. Money Monster

This dramatic movie is about a television financial host who provides insight and advice on trading to his viewers.

A disgruntled average American takes control of the TV studio and threatens to explode a bomb strapped to his body.

This is an intriguing, dramatic, and thought-provoking movie about the possibility of various manipulations that go on behind the scenes of the financial world.


19. Margin Call

The plot of this movie begins with the firing of the department head of a financial company’s management division.

The individual that he was grooming as his successor attempts to complete the analysis that the fired individual was working on and it is revealed the true reason behind the financial downfall that was occurring.

The backdrop for this movie is a large Wall Street investment bank during the crisis experienced from 2007 to 2008.


20. Freakonomics

This documentary-style movie is based on the book entitled the same.

The film provides insight into how human behavior unfolds as it relates to the science of economics.

The movie provides case studies and is often humorous in tone.


21. Gafla

This film is loosely based on the scam experienced by the stock market in 1992.

The main player of the scam involved Harshad Mehta and the dramatic story relates the impact on the Indian economy as well as the individual financial lives of thousands.


22. Wall Street 

This film could be classified as a sequel to the original film of 1987.

Wall Street was produced in 2010 and it is the continuing story of Gordon Gekko who has supposedly been reformed.

The year for the backdrop of the story is 2008 which involves another financial crisis and Gekko’s efforts to reconcile with his daughter.


23. Betting On Zero

This documentary was produced in 2016 and it involves Herbalife.

The investigative documentary provides research as to whether Herbalife was a pyramid scheme.

The documentary follows hedge fund giant Bill Ackman as he provides a billion dollars to expose Herbalife as one of the biggest pyramid schemes in American history.


24. The Big Short

The Big Short is a drama/comedy film based on a book by the same name.

The film is told in three separate but simultaneous stories that are all connected by the various financial actions that led to the housing crash of 2007.


25. Money For Nothing

This story is an adaptation based on a true story of a dock worker who finds 1 million dollars that fell from an armored car.

Joey Coyle, the dock worker, does not return the money but engages in a spending spree and to hide traces of his money engages in a crime ring to launder the money.


Personal Story

I had the pleasure of watching one of the movies on the above list.

Although the movie had great entertainment value and the cast was star power, the entertainment value of the movie was also coupled with the reality that what was being portrayed on the screen.

There was a significant amount of truth to the film as individuals wishing to make significant dollars rode the backs of uneducated and ill-informed individuals who were trying to make a better life for themselves and their families.

The movie was not only entertaining but also challenged my thinking as it relates to big financial institutions.


Best Netflix Movies on Money FAQs


How Are Money Movies Funded?

Possible sources of funding to produce a movie or documentary can include :

  • Government grants
  • Personal investment from filmmakers
  • Corporate grants
  • Financial support from a streaming service such as Netflix


What is the Impact of Money Movies?

The major impact of money movies or documentaries is to provide enlightening and educational teaching to the individual viewer.

If enough individual viewers view these films and are moved to action there can be a groundswell or grassroots effort that can enact change as it relates to what the documentaries reveal.

For example, if a business is utilizing child labor to create their product in a different country a grassroots level of not purchasing that product or boycotting that product can have financial implications for the business and possibly enact change on how they utilize labor.


You Can Do It

Awareness and having our eyes opened can be a wonderful enriching experience.

One of those enriching experiences can be through the viewing of films and documentaries that have an important message for all of us to enhance our own individual lives and the lives of others.

You can know more about the inner workings of large financial institutions and how they affect all of us by watching films that are designed for entertainment but also have a critical message along with documentaries.



Sometimes, we just want our lives to be comfortable, do what we need to do, and maintain the status quo.

However, there are other individuals who wish to “stir the pot” and get people thinking and provide various insights into different aspects of life.

These individuals are activists and sometimes through the artistry of movies or the discipline of documentaries expose various practices in life that affect us all and often, at the heart, are motivated by financial incentives.

These renderings can make us feel uncomfortable and often will call us to action to do our part as citizens of the world.

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