Yes, Money is indeed Energy!

If you want to know exactly why, this article is going to really help.

It examines the concept that Money is Energy, the different ways and tips to help you use the energy of money to your benefit.



Currently, one of the hot topics of the day is energy.

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Gasoline prices are soaring; there are concerns about the burning of fossil fuel and its impact on the environment; the use of energy is being weaponized in certain parts of the world as people look towards the winter and their heating needs, etc.

It seems that energy is not keeping pace with the demands.

It is obvious to most people that energy is important.

In addition to energy being needed to supply our economy, energy is required for our own personal health and well-being.

Another important commodity in our lives that provides energy is money.

Without money, we are not able to purchase the food that we require other basic resources to maintain our way of life.

Let us be energized as we look at the reality that money is energy.


Why Money Is Energy – 25 Best Reasons Why and Tips You Use the Energy of Money


1. Know What is Energy

Energy is power derived or obtained from utilizing physical or chemical resources.

For human beings, energy is derived from the use of molecules, lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates.

We utilize energy, and we give off energy.


2. Know What is Money

Money is a commodity that is printed or minted by a nation and is backed by the nation’s economy.

Money is a medium that has a designated value and can be used to purchase products or services as well as to invest.

Basically, money comes into our lives primarily because it is earned.

We earn money either through investments, exchanging time and work in order to be paid, etc.

It can be easily argued that money comes into our lives because of the expending of energy.

Therefore, it stands to reason that energy is valuable not only for its assigned value by the government but because of our expending our lives energy to earn it.


3. Negative Energy

There are two types of energy that can be emitted from an individual.

One of those types of energy is negative.

Negative energy can be seen and heard in that person as they display a negative outlook on life or viewpoint that is always focused on the worst-case scenario.

These individuals are always complaining, don’t see the value in anything and often, it seems, have a dark cloud that is always enshrouding them.


4. Positive Energy

An individual who emits positive energy is always upbeat.

They are good to be around because the vibrations of the energy that they emit make you more positive and fully appreciative of life and all that is going on.


5. Everything Has Energy

If we accept the assertion that there is energy in money because of our energy expended in earning it and the energy expended in creating it, then we can make the leap that everything has energy because it has been created or manufactured.

A further step in this process would then logically play out that if we are beings of energy and the items around us that are manufactured have been created through energy, then the energy between us and any other item has that common bond.

Therefore, we, through our negative or positive energy, can attract or repel these other items that we see around us.

This is true and demonstrated just as we do not want to be around negative people but enjoy being around positive people.


6. Mixed

Knowing that money is energy, it is important that if we wish to bring money into our lives that we don’t send out mixed signals.

In order to be on the same energy wavelength, we need to make sure that our thoughts are not chaotic because we will get chaotic results back.

However, if our energy is positive, then the positive vibrations will be, like a radio, tuned in, and we will be able to receive the energy signal loud and clear.

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7. Relationship

When thinking about money as energy, it is important to think in terms of a relationship.

For a relationship to be established, there needs to be good communication sent out that will attract the same energy vibrations that are being admitted.

As part of the relationship, it is then important to think in terms of your thoughts, and whether you are thinking about the positive aspects of money and not having negative thoughts or unworthy thoughts would be the first step in connecting.

The next step would be as it relates to your belief.

If you don’t think that the positive aspects of energy are deserving for you, then that can short-circuit the energy due to unbelieving thoughts.

Finally, your actions need to be in sync with your thoughts and beliefs.

In other words, you might be thinking one thing and believing one thing, but if your actions are saying differently or otherwise, then that is detrimental to receiving the energy of money.


8. Think

To align yourself with the energy that money emits, one of the key components in your mind or thinking.

For example, if you have started a consultant business and your clients should be paying you more and believe that the service that you are offering as a consultant is worth everything that you charge and more, but you do not increase your pay structure to align with all of that thinking then you are out of sync, focus, or alignment.

The flow of energy is similar to an electric cord that, when plugged in and the appliance or light is turned on, then the energy flows.

If there is an obstruction, broken cord, burned-out light bulb, or broken switch, then the energy flow is disrupted.


9. Emotions

Another indicator that we are in concert with the flow of energy from money is to take into account what we are feeling.

Emotions play a critical part in identifying any obstructions or beliefs that are not conducive to the flow of energy from money.

A good way to analyze how you feel about money is that when you begin to think about this source of energy, what do you begin to feel or what emotions begin to bubble up?

If the emotions are negative such as feeling unhappy or worried, etc., these negative emotions will block the energy flow from money.


10. Believe

When wishing to attract the energy of money, it is important that you believe.

Your belief comes into play in knowing that you are worthy and that money is coming your way because of your belief in yourself, that you are a good person and worthy of the energy of money.


11. Limiting

When thinking about the flow of energy that is blocked or thinking about limiting beliefs that you may have about the flow of money into your life, it is important to analyze what you are thinking.

This can be done by asking a few probing questions directed at yourself.

One of the comments that you may hear yourself asking is that I would love to have more money in my life, but it is not for me, or I’m not good with money, or I don’t deserve to have money.

These are limiting beliefs, and they need to be rephrased and made as statements of affirmation.

One such affirmation is the universe is abundant, and there is enough for everyone, including me.


12. Learn From Others

A great way to learn about the energy of money and attract it into your life is to read the teachings of others who have been helpful in teaching these concepts.

A sampling of those authors could include :

  • Louise Hay
  • Napoleon Hil
  • Wallace D. Wattles


13. Fears

One of the critical emotions that can restrict the flow of money energy and cause paralysis is the negative emotion of fear.

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So often, we indulge in fear of failure, fear of not being liked, and sometimes even the fear of being successful.

When we recognize this type of emotion welling up inside of us, it is important to identify it for what it is and not indulge in our fears but substitute them with positive affirmations.


14. Exercise

It is important to realize that we are complex creatures, and there are many dimensions to who we are.

We have a physical body, we have a soul, and we have a spirit.

When exercising the components of our soul and spirit, it is important not to neglect the exercise of our body.

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15. Vibration

The best way to define the waves of energy being emitted from money is by utilizing the word vibration.

The vibrations can be similar to the waves of energy emitting from a tuning fork.

As the vibrations or the waves of energy are sent out, you need to be a receiver to accept those waves or vibrations, which means that your frequency needs to be in tune with the energy of the money.

This can be accomplished through believing, trusting, aligning, and receiving.


16. Avoid Negativism

Another important consideration is to avoid negativism.

Negativism can be demonstrated in your interaction with others through their speech or actions, and when you sense that the conversation or the actions are releasing negative energy, it is best to avoid this interaction and distance yourself.


17. Meditate – Solitude

A great way to clear your mind and your being are to be alone.

Through meditation, it would be a good idea to concentrate on your breathing, and when thoughts come into your mind, just accept them and let them pass but do not dwell on them.

Continue to clear your mind and allow yourself to be free of any obstructions that will prevent the flow of energy into your life.


18. Abundance

When thinking about attracting the flow of energy from money, it is important to have a particular mindset.

That mindset should be one of abundance and not scarcity.

An abundant mindset thinks in terms of there is more than enough for everyone.

There is no limit to the resources available, and you are on the receiving end of that abundance.

A scarcity mindset thinks in terms of limitations, and will the resources run out?


19. Reminders

When wishing to attract the energy of money into your life, it is important to utilize practical reminders.

These reminders of who you are and your worthiness and that money are coming into your life because you are in harmony with the energy of money.

An example of how reminders can be utilized could be the writing of various affirmations on Post-it Notes and placed on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator, steering wheel, etc.


20. Gratitude

Another important component of allowing the energy of money to flow is to indulge in gratitude.

Rather than concentrating on what you don’t have, concentrate or reflect on what you do have and being ungrateful, express your gratitude to the energy forces of the universe.


21. Focus

It is important to remember that when it comes to allowing the flow of energy into your life that you focus on the positive.

The law of energy flow or attraction is that you attract whatever you are thinking of.

Therefore, if your thoughts are negative, then you will attract more negativity into your life.

If your thoughts are positive, then you will attract the same into your life.


22. Generous

Another positive action that can be taken to increase the flow of the energy of money to you is to be generous when you are blessed.

When you give as you have received, this makes room for more blessings to come into your life.


23. Visualize

A powerful exercise that you can practice is to visualize what it looks like when you want something to occur in your life.

In this case, and wishing to have the flow of the energy of money into your life, what would that look like?

Could you picture yourself or visualize yourself looking at your bank account and seeing a large balance, or would you visualize yourself paying your monthly bills and not having to worry about whether there is enough money to cover all of the expenses, etc.?


24. Respect

An additional component of attracting more money energy into your life is to treat money with respect.

That money is infused with energy because it was earned and, as such, needs to be valued and treated appropriately.

This means that you spend your money well and manage it properly and wisely.


25. Positive

Words are powerful, and when we use certain words, we can either attract or repel the energy of money into our lives.

An extremely negative word that will stop the flow of energy is the word can’t.

Rather than vocalize statements like I can’t do this substitute with an affirmative statement such as I can.

Therefore, rather than saying I can’t attract the energy of money state, I can attract the energy of money and add on to that statement as to why you think so.

A potential extension of that statement is I can attract the energy of money because I am worthy of being happy.


Personal Story

The fuel gauge was leaning towards E, and so before our 2-hour journey home, I thought it prudent to fill up the gas tank.

Pulling away from the pump, I neglected to see the large pothole, which caused the rear end of our vehicle to slam against the pavement while driving through.

The next thing I knew was that our vehicle stopped dead in its tracks.

All of a sudden, we were not going anywhere.

Long story short, a safety mechanism was built into this the vehicle that when a considerable bump was realized by a sensor, it immediately disengaged the fuel pump.

This feature was brought to light by a knowledgeable mechanic when he consulted the manual for this vehicle.

He reached into a compartment in the rear area of the automobile and flipped the switch back on, which engaged the fuel flow.

We had fuel, and the motor was functioning well, but there was no energy because the fuel flow was obstructed because of the disengaged switch.




Who is the Founder of Positive Affirmation Thinking?

The founder of affirmations is considered to be French psychologist and pharmacist Emile Coue.

This came about when he was treating patients and told the patient how effective medicine was going to be, and in reality, it was just a placebo, but the results of their positive thinking were effective.


What is the Basic/fundamental Principle as It Relates to the Energy of Money?

The basic principle in understanding and receiving the energy of money is to be aware of your thought patterns regarding money.

If these thought patterns are negative or if reflecting an unworthiness of receiving money, that is a significant blockage to the flow of energy from money.

These thoughts, according to


You Can Do It

The physical reality is that money does not grow on trees, but perhaps in our minds, it can.

By understanding that money is energy and its flow into our lives can be unobstructed, then perhaps money does grow on trees and is available to you to harvest.



Energy is the power derived from the utilization of something chemical or physical.

Money is energy because it is derived from not only our physical activity but our mental activity.

If wanting more money in your life, it is important to re-engage the power switch and let the source of energy empower your “motor.”

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