Yes, it’s easy to get money for Christmas, if you know how and what to do!

Reading this article will prove very helpful as it reveals as many as 20 different ways and tips to help you get money for Christmas!


Before you know it, the costumed kids will be at your front door ringing the bell and shouting out trick-or-treat, followed by the exhaustive preparations for Thanksgiving, and then the countdown begins as measured in shopping days until Christmas.

Like clockwork, these holidays occur year after year after year. And, like clockwork, you vowed to yourself each year that you will not use the credit cards or go into debt to purchase gifts for your loved ones.

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Therefore, let us follow up on that vow this year and put away the credit cards.

We will countdown the days before Christmas but in doing let us earn and count a little cash to spend over the holidays.

In other words, let us give ourselves a little present by not utilizing the credit cards, honoring our vow, and not worrying when the bills become due in the cold, harsh, winter month of January.


Personal Story

When I left home in the late sixties as part of my military commitment to our country, the first Christmas that I was away from home was pretty traumatic.

This trauma was because Christmas was a very special time and the memories and not being able to get leave made it especially more difficult to not have the comfort of friends and loved ones around me.

Consequently, being a fairly destitute service member, I vowed that I would begin saving money up for the following Christmas to purchase airfare to get home.

So, learning from my parents, I started contributing to a Christmas club account with my bank starting in January.

The commitment to contributing monies each payday paid off as I was able to save enough for airfare and fly home that following Christmas.

Sometimes, the best presents that we can give at Christmas are the presents of ourselves to one another.

So, contributing to a Christmas club account is one way, what are some other ways that we can earn extra money for the Christmas season?


20 Tips to Help You Get Money for Christmas


1. Christmas Car

If you have a vehicle a great way to earn extra cash in anticipation of the holidays is to utilize your car rather than having it sitting around in your garage during the holiday season.

Ways that you can utilize your car and get paid in doing so can be achieved by becoming a driver for a variety of independent contracting companies that utilize drivers and their vehicles.

Such companies as Uber, UberEats, DoorDash are consistently advertising for drivers to provide delivery services for not only people but transporting groceries as well to individuals who may be homebound or for other reasons.

These drivers can earn a fairly decent hourly wage plus tips.

Generally, the process is to make the application, have the proper qualifications (driver’s license, car registration, insurance, good driving record, etc.), and then the individual may be accepted to drive for one of these companies or others.

They are considered independent contractors and therefore can set their schedules.

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2. Christmas Delivery

Outside of these official delivery companies, an individual can also offer their car and driving service to those in the neighborhood and offer to run errands for them.

For example, there may be that individual who is homebound and simply needs a prescription picked up for them.

Therefore, you as a courtesy to this neighbor or individual that you know can make this errand happen and just charge a little bit of a fee for your service, use of the car, and gasoline.


3. Christmas Garage Sale

Having a garage sale is always a popular activity as witnessed on any given Saturday or Sunday in one’s neighborhood.

There are always individuals who are looking for bargains and ready to give cash for items that you no longer use or simply wish to get rid of to de-clutter your home.

Advertising the garage sale through local print media, posting signs leading up to the place of the garage sale, etc. shoppers will beat a path to your garage.

Also, if you do not have access to a garage then perhaps you can join in with others on this effort and have one big yard sale that may be even more attractive to shoppers.


4. Christmas Clubs 

Another popular way of having cash available for the Christmas holidays is to start early with the opening and contribute to your Christmas club account.

By simply submitting and committing to a small amount each pay period, the balance will quickly grow.

For example, even $20 a month times 12 will net you $240 which may be enough to buy the Christmas gifts for your children or that special someone in your life.

The more that you can contribute to your Christmas club account, the larger your balance will be.


5. Christmas Knitting

You may have a hobby that you indulge in to help you with your spare time.

Why not put that skill and talent to good use and begin to make Christmas crafts and offer them for sale to those within your sphere of influence.

If you’re a knitter, you could offer to make specific knitted patterns that individuals can buy to use as Christmas gifts or even smaller knitted items like socks or potholders.

These smaller knitted objects could be used to keep items hot or cold as well as possibly contain the personalized logo of one’s favorite football or baseball team or other personalized message.

These not only would be great gifts but could be used as stocking stuffers for individuals.

The allurement of these knitted items would be that they are handcrafted, unique, and can be personalized.


6. Christmas Freelancing

Another great way of earning extra cash during the holiday season is to do some freelancing.

This is not a complicated process and several freelancing opportunities can be researched through such websites as or

All the individual needs to do is register to be a provider for a variety of jobs and can either search online and see if there is a need or a match for your particular talent or skill or have individuals search you out and make an offer for you to bid.

Some of the needed skills that individuals are looking for through this website include writing, being a virtual assistant, conducting research, etc.

Once a job has been taken and the work is completed payment usually is within 2 weeks and arrangements can be made for that payment to be made directly into your checking account.


7. Christmas Budget

Another way that an individual can earn money for Christmas is not necessarily through the income side of the ledger but on the expense side.

Therefore, an individual can look at their expenses and cut out some of the money that has been utilized for other things.

Prime options of reducing one’s expenses by reducing your expenses and adding income are to limit eating out, going to movies, cutting back on some of the subscribed streaming services, etc.

Although this is not money earned, it is indeed money that is going to be made available for the Christmas effort.


8. Christmas Pets

Another great way to earn extra income for the Christmas holiday and also provide a side benefit to you is caring for someone else’s household pet.

You could offer to walk the dog or care for the cat two or three times during the day for a modest amount of money.

By walking the dog or caring for one’s other household pet, will provide exercise as well as bring additional revenue into your home.


9. Christmas Seasonal Jobs

Typically, each holiday season, retailers bring on seasonal employees.

These seasonal employees can be used in a variety of job functions such as being cashiers, stocking shelves, greeters, etc.

The seasonal position is temporary and usually ends when the Christmas season is over.

This will be a great opportunity to earn some extra cash and not have a long-term employment commitment to worry about.

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10. Christmas Blog

A great way to earn extra money is by creating and writing a blog.

A great subject of your blog could be how to earn extra Christmas revenue for the season.

You could chronicle your journey on earning this extra money.

A couple of ways that this could bring in revenue for you is to have your followers help you on your journey of earning extra cash by donating as well as offering your blog site for companies to be part of an affinity program.

When those that read your blog click on one of the ads and make a purchase then generally the company will give back to you a percentage of the purchase made through that transaction.


11. Christmas Rabbit

A website that matches individuals needing a job done with those individuals that are willing to do the job is called TaskRabbit.

By registering on this site, an individual can use the platform to search for jobs that would be a good match for their talent, skills, and energy.

As a “tasker”, you can search these opportunities and if you decide to take one of the odd jobs, you work out an arrangement with the individual, set up a time, and if both parties agree then the task at hand is accomplished for payment.


12. Christmas Music

Perhaps you have a talent or skill in which you can tutor other individuals.

A classic example is if you can play guitar or a piano. You can offer tutoring lessons for individuals in your area.

Often, a good tutor will be able to command an average of $30 an hour and can teach a young person or older to learn about and possibly playdJingle Bells or other traditional novelty songs or Christmas Carol by December 25.

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13. Christmas Cards 

Another time-honored tradition at Christmas time is the exchanging of Christmas cards with loved ones, family, and friends.

If you have a decorative flair and an ability to write a novel or meaningful sentiment then maybe the creation of Christmas cards can be created and earn a bit of Christmas money.

Additionally, some families use the holidays to create an annual newsletter that captures all of the events that have occurred in the life of the family over the year.

As part of your Christmas card service or as a standalone, you could compose such a letter that the family can include in their delivery of these Christmas cards.

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14. Christmas Baking

Christmas time is generally a time where we throw our diets and calories out the frosted window.

If you have an affinity for cooking and baking, then perhaps you can advertise your signature Christmas cookies or chocolate candy and package it nicely in a Christmas canister.

These homemade goods can be sold to others for their personal use or to pass on as gifts themselves.


15. Christmas Shopping 

In regards to spare time at Christmas, people are hard-pressed to juggle and balance all of the activities and still have time to make sure that their Christmas shopping is completed.

An individual who has time can offer their services, for a price, to shop a person’s Christmas gift list and purchase the items on behalf of their client.

This would certainly be a timesaver for the individual as you could advertise yourself as guaranteeing the best possible price for the gifts that they wish to purchase.


16. Christmas Decorations

If you have a flair for decorating and want to put that flair and creativity to good use during the holiday season, you could advertise yourself as a Christmas theme decorator.

You could talk with the individuals and discuss what sort of theme they wish to establish along with a variety of colors.

You in turn would then make that creation of that particular Christmas atmosphere come to life.


17. Christmas Parties

Often, the holidays are an occasion for celebration. Sometimes the celebrations are in people’s private homes as well as in offices.

Nothing quite matches the excitement and fun of a Christmas party.

If you as the individual have a penchant for making these types of events happen, then you could provide your services of planning, staging, and providing a Christmas party for a fee.

As a possible suggestion, your fee could be based on the number of anticipated individuals attending or could be a flat fee as well as you providing a theme for the event.


18. Christmas Cleaning

An opportunity to make some additional income for the Christmas holidays is to do cleaning for other people.

When the family is arriving or they are hosting a party, the hosts wish to have their home cleaned thoroughly and ready for their guests or party-goers.

Also, individuals wish to have their homes clean before putting up their Christmas decorations.

You could advertise in your community as a cleaning professional and build on the idea that you would be providing Christmas cleaning.


19. Christmas Recycling

Another service that you could render that could make you some quick cash for Christmas is to offer to provide a recycling service to individuals in your immediate area.

Again, due to the busyness of people’s schedules, they often don’t have time to make a trip to the recycling center to turn in their recyclables.

For a small fee, you could offer to do this on their behalf and either work out a payment or just simply say that you would pocket the return on the recycled materials.


20. Christmas Candles

How about the beautiful scents of Christmas.

These aromas can be from actual baked goods that are being prepared in the ovens in one’s home or can be through the burning of a candle that has a particular aroma or sent.

The marketing strategy to sell candles could be that these individuals could either use these candles in their own homes or give them as gifts to their friends and family.

As a way of making income for the holiday season, the individual can learn how to make candles or build already on their do-it-yourself candle-making ability.

They could market-specific candles with Christmas scents such as gingerbread, cinnamon, bayberry, etc.

It takes roughly $6 to make a candle. The individual would just need to mark that up to realize a profit.


How to Get Christmas Money FAQs


What Does the Average Person Spend at Christmas Time on Gifts or Presents?

In 2020 the average spending for a family was at a level of $1,048.

In 2021, it appears that spending will be less as Americans intend to spend, on average, $997.79


When Was the First Christmas Card Created?

The first Christmas card was created in 1843 in the United Kingdom by Sir Henry Cole.

He had his friend, John Horsley, who was an artist and designed the first card.


You Can Do It

This is the year that you are going to keep your credit card in your wallet or purse and not have to worry about those statements that are mailed out just before Christmas or after.

This is the year that you’re giving yourself a present by being a Grinch when it comes to making the credit card company’s richer.



Christmas is a magical, memorable and inspirational time of the year.

This year, there will be no lump in your stocking or your wallet for that matter.

You have decided to earn some extra cash this Christmas season and keep Jack Frost from nipping at your nose and nipping at your purse and wallet.

You are going to create Christmas cards rather than use your credit card.

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