Yes, money can’t buy happiness and this article will show you very strong reasons why that’s the case.

This article also shows some of the ways you can be happy even without having too much money.

You see, happiness is a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Many people spend a lot of money to buy happiness.

But this is not impossible because happiness is a state of mind and it is a choice.

If you are not convinced that money can’t buy happiness then you have to read the rest of this article.


13 Powerful Reasons Why Money Can’t Buy Happiness


1. Money Can’t Buy Authentic Relationships

Authentic relationship with family members or loved ones brings happiness that money cannot buy.

When we have close friends, family and other people in our lives, especially those we love, we’re more likely to be happy.

Relationships are the most consistent predictions of happiness.

We enjoy the happiest moments with family members and friends.

The attachment to loved ones is unique as it gives brings happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

A romantic time with your spouse, a time out around your children, a merry time out with good friends are some examples of authentic relationships that give happiness.

An authentic relationship is real and lasting. It is the kind of relationship where someone would want to spend time with you because of what you have or the money you have.

Also, in an authentic relationship, a couple would be happy even if they are not rich.

So, your money cannot buy a fulfilling relationship in your life.

While there may be those who pay money to get virtual friends online, it’s not likely such payment can bring them happiness as those on the other end are doing it mainly for the money.


2. Money Can’t Buy Time

As humans we need time to spend around family, take holidays, learn new things, and travel to places we desire, etc.

If we don’t have enough time for this, then we would not be happy.

Money cannot buy time nor do ‘extra’ time to achieve what matters to use.

Most people are caught up with doing the work where they focus on saving money instead of spending their time to enjoy their money.

They are often sad because they cannot enjoy the money they make.

The chief reason is often that they don’t have enough time for enjoyment.

So, money cannot buy time and if this is true then money cannot buy happiness.

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3. Money Can’t Change Your Mindset

Changing to become a happy person is not a function of money.

It is a decision you can take from within you.

The way you think will affect the way you live.

If you have a negative mindset towards life, chances are that your perception will not change even with money.

Unless you take steps to change from a negative to a positive person, you will not be happy.

The reason is that you cannot change your mindset with money.

It’s all about the concrete decision you make.

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4. True Happiness Comes From The Inside

There are things that money can buy and give us instant satisfaction.

These include our physiological or basic needs like food, water, shelter, etc.

Other things that money can buy to give us happiness are a sense of safety on your property, jobs, body, etc.

That said, true happiness that comes from friendship, love, self-esteem, and self-actualization, cannot be bought with money.

The happiness from love and sense of belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization is true happiness.

They absolutely supersede the happiness from physiological needs, every single time!


5. Be Grateful and Contented For What You Do Have

If you don’t practice gratitude towards what you have then you will not be happy.

If you constantly want more things then you will constantly want more money and this will lead to unhappiness

Yes, you will think that money is the main source of happiness.

Craving for the money or materials that others have will bring feelings of hatred and jealousy to you.

These are the direct opposite of happy feelings.

Focus on what you do have in life, rather than complaining about what you don’t have.

If you are grateful and content with what you have then you will not view money as a key to your happiness.

Be thankful or grateful for what you do have now and stop comparing yourself with other people.

If you are not contented with what you have, you will miserable.

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6. Stop Living in a Material World

You may think that having material things will make you happy.

The truth is that material things don’t make you unhappy.

Material possessions may give temporal happiness but with time the feeling we have will disappear and we will start craving for new things.

For instance, if we place our happiness on buying the latest iPhone, after one year, the happiness we felt will dissipate because there are upgraded versions with better features than the one we have.

The more we place our mine on material things, the unhappy we are going to be.

Instead of using money to buy material possession, we would get through happiness by spending our money on experiences.

Yes, will get more happiness from traveling, helping others, and learning new things than buying clothes, shoes, electronics, cars, and other material possession.

Buy things that you need.


Money Can't Buy Happiness


7. Money Can’t Buy Job Satisfaction

Money cannot buy you job satisfaction.

You may be working on a job that pays you a high salary with huge mouth-watering benefits attached.

You may still not be happy at this job because of lack of time to take care of yourself, or health issues that affect you, or the pressure of the work.

With more money from your job, you cannot buy the satisfaction you want.

So, it is not how much you are paid that would give you happiness on the job but true happiness goes beyond those things.


8. Money Can’t Buy Kindness

Kindness is what you do to inspire happiness.

It is not bought with money. It is an act of help to others.

There are acts of kindness that bring about happiness.

These include visiting the elderly, donating blood, giving free clothes to those in need, giving alms to the poor, giving scholarship or free stuff to poor students, writing thank-you-letters, and more

You cannot use the money to buy the feelings that go with these. Only a true giving heart will bring you the happiness that is attached to this.


9. Happiness Changes for You From Time to Time

One of the reasons that money can’t buy happiness is that happiness changes from time to time.

What will give you happiness today may not be the source of your happiness tomorrow.

True happiness is a function of what you choose to be happy.

Factors that can give you happiness at a different time could be affected by your age, education, and experience.

So, if there is no balance between your money and intangible things in life.


10. Money Is Just a Tool in Our Lives

Money doesn’t buy happiness because it is just a tool we can use to achieve physiological and safety needs.

Money comes in handy to buy food, shelter, clothing, a security system, and other basic human needs.

However, it would be difficult for money to buy happiness that comes from love, a sense of belongings, self-esteem, and self-actualization.

If you become very successful and reach the top of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, money alone will not give your happiness.

Most millionaires are not the happiest people on the earth despite their money.


11. Money Can’t Buy You and Your Loved One’s Health

Health is wealth and everyone craves the best health.

If you have money without health, then you are not happy.

So, pursuing money without health is not wise. You will not be happy if you are sick.

That said, it becomes important to do all that is necessary to live in good health.

You should eat good food, observe the best hygiene habits, and stay away from lifestyles that could affect your health negatively.

Money cannot buy health but your lifestyle can help you stay healthy. Without good health, you will not be happy.


12. More Stuff Will Lead to More Expenses

If you use your money to buy more stuff then could be accumulating more expenses.

This means that you will have to spend more to maintain those things.

If you go for a bigger house or bigger car, then you will need more money to maintain it.

The money you spend to buy those things will only give you happiness as an owner.

However, the happiness you felt will disappear once you start making expenses to maintain the stuff.

For this reason, money cannot buy you the happiness that comes with stuff.

So, don’t let getting more stuff owned you.

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13. Attaining Goals Is a Function of Motivation and Perseverance and Not Cash

Your money will not buy happiness because achieving the goal is more important than the money you put in.

You can invest some money to buy tools, engage in transportation ventures, buy books, or more to achieve a goal.

However, you will only be happy when the purpose for which you spend the money is finally achieved.

It is not always the money you invested that would give you happiness.

Your motivation and perseverance towards the attainment of the goal will give you more happiness than the money you spend in the process.



As this article has revealed, happiness is a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Having some material things and achieving some goals can make people happy. However, true happiness cannot be bought with money.

The above-shared reasons are why money cannot buy happiness.