Yes, money begets money and this article will explain exactly why in as many as 25 valid ways.

It also includes tips to help you make this a reality in your life.



There is a great scene in the movie entitled “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

In one particular scene, there has been a run on the bank and also the Bailey Savings and Loan.

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The savings and loan customers have money deposited into the savings account, and they want to draw out their money.

George Bailey informs the customers that the money is limited as to its availability on site.

He then talks most of the customers into taking a portion of their savings out for needed expenses, and when it is all done and said the money that he had set aside for his honeymoon had been reduced to two dollars.

They meet the timeframe, and then the words are spoken to the 2 one dollar bills for them to create additional money or have those two dollar bills beget more dollar bills.

There are many ways to secure money for your future and grow your portfolio.

You could win the lottery, come into an inheritance or work hard for your money and utilize an investment strategy, contribute regularly and over time, and see your investments grow and grow.

For most of us, the latter is likely the most feasible.

It is this plan of action that exemplifies the old saying, “Money begets money.”


25 Best Reasons Why and Tips Why Money Begets Money


1. Meaning of Money Begets Money

For clarity purposes, it is important to know what is meant by money begets money.

This is an old saying which could be defined as a proverb or an idiom that has its roots in English history.

The phrase simply means that when you have money, you get more money.

It is similar to a takeoff on the basic biological function that in all species, where there is normal reproduction, that like creates like or, in this case, money creates money.


2. Thinking

One other contributing factor as it relates to money creating more money is the way that we believe or are thinking as it relates to money.

For example, you may have a limiting belief as it concerns money in that you may not feel worthy to receive more money or due to your upbringing, you may have heard expressions like money doesn’t grow on trees.

If you buy into these beliefs, your creation or bringing additional money into your life can be hampered because your thinking is limited.

On the other hand, if you think positively and you believe that there is abundance for all with this type of thinking, you will attract additional money into your life.


3. Cheaper

One of the benefits of money creating money is that it is a cheaper way to live.

By this, it is meant that when you have money, the extra costs sometimes associated with your use of money are diminished.

For example, it is cheaper to have money than it is to be paying interest on credits and paying down your balance each month with an associated interest fee.

If you have money, you can purchase things outright and not have to worry about carrying a balance or paying a set amount each month that is divided between your principal amount and your interest.

Another example would include if you have the money to put down on a home, 20%, which will negate the need to have private mortgage insurance, PMI, which sometimes can run into hundreds of dollars each month in addition to your monthly payment.

Therefore, having money begets money because you save money rather than spending it on added expenses.


4. Long-Term Goals

When thinking in terms of money to get the money, it is important to have long-range goals.

Those long-range goals should include an amount of money that you wish to have set aside in your savings, retirement account, your portfolio, etc.

To achieve this long-range goal at a set amount, you should have a plan of action in which a certain amount of money is set aside on a regular basis.

When figuring out your long-range goal and the use of this set money, it is also important to figure out what your investment returns will be and then add that into the mix.


5. Accumulate More Wealth

The beauty of money bringing in more money is that when you have wealth, then your wealth increases due to the added dimension of interest or a return on your investment.

Therefore, when you have the money, you make more money because your money is working for you.


6. Invest

In order to use your wealth wisely and obtain more money, it is important to do your research on investment vehicles.

Some of those investment vehicles could include the following:

  • Stock market
  • Precious metals
  • Artwork
  • Mutual funds
  • ETF’s
  • Etc.

When you do your research, it is important to look at the historical returns on these investment vehicles and determine the best investment route for you to go, as well as evaluate your aversion to risk.


7. Save Separately

In addition to your investments, you should have a separate savings account.

The value of having a separate savings account is that in the event of an emergency or a major repair, you will have your savings to draw from to cover the expenses of that repair or replacement.

The availability of your savings will not require that you draw out of your investment accounts and, therefore, not lose any interest or penalties for drawing out your money.


8. Manage

As part of having an investment portfolio, it is important that you have a management strategy in place.

If you feel comfortable doing this yourself, that certainly would be the route to go because it would eliminate any management fees.

However, most likely, individuals don’t have that comfort level and, therefore, would need to engage a personal financial manager or advisor.

If engaging a financial professional, you can research the various investment firms that offer this service and make sure you are comfortable with any commissions charged and that any management fees are as minimal as possible.

The purpose of managing your money is to move various amounts of your financial resources around to ensure that you maximize your investment strategy.


9. Patience

It is also important to remember that investment is a process.

There is no get-rich-quick scheme where you earn a significant amount of interest, and your money is doubled or higher.

The best investment strategy is slow and easy, and therefore the watchword is patience which includes not panicking if the stock market has a downturn for a few days or other events similar to that.


10. Money Works For You

The beauty of money-drawing in additional money is that the money works for you.

In other words, you have worked hard for your money, and it is now time for your money to return the favor.

Through a quality investment strategy and proper investments, your money will work hard for you by returning your compound interest and rates of return if invested wisely.


11. Budget

As part of the process of money begetting money, it is important to have a budget.

A budget is simply a tool in which the finances are listed in two major categories.

Those major categories are income and expense, with the income side of the ledger reflecting all of your streams of income and the expense side of the ledger reflecting all of your monthly expenses.

The budget provides a certain level of boundaries for your earnings and spending, and when adhered to, it will help you to stay on track and ensure that sufficient money is provided and monitored each month.


12. Goals

Another important factor in your strategy-based investment program is to make sure that you have goals.

Those goals can be reviewed in time frame increments of:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly
  • Five years down the road and even extended further.

The goals are not hard and fast but certainly are an indicator and a reflection of where you are at and any adjustments that need to be made, especially if working towards retirement.


13. Automated Savings

A sound strategy in begetting more money is to utilize automatic savings or investment deposits.

Through your financial institution, you can set up an automatic payment or money sent to your retirement account, savings account, high-interest yield savings account, etc.

The value of automating your contributions is that it is done whether you remember it or not and just happens on a consistent and ongoing basis.

It is that concept of doing something automatically and not having to worry about it, and before you know it, you have accumulated a considerable sum of money.

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14. Financial Log

Another great way to provide oversight for your money and identify any money that seems to be unaccounted for at the end of the month is by keeping a financial log.

Have you ever caught yourself saying I wonder what happened to that $100 or $200 and you have no idea how it was spent?

By keeping a financial log, the idea is to write down every expenditure that you make, which would include the date, where the money was spent and the amount.

At the end of each month, look over your log and see where $10 here or $20 there was spent in a spontaneous moment and could have been put to possibly better use.

This concept simply makes you more aware of where your money goes and use the discipline to spend your money more intentionally.


15. Cutting Back

Another way that you can free up money so that it can create more money is by cutting back on some expenses that may be in your budget.

For example, you could look at your entertainment line item and realize that perhaps you have four streaming services and seldom fully utilize any of them.

You could cut back on two or three of those subscriptions and save yourself close to $50.

Or, you could look at your insurance line item, contact your carrier and see if there are discounts offered or perhaps increase your premium or take advantage of any discounts because of your safe driving course that you may have taken.

All of these savings measures will free up more money so that that money can create more money as well.


16. Pay Yourself First

An important part of your budget and when you get paid each month is that the first bill that you pay should be invested in yourself, with that money going towards your investment vehicles.

In other words, the first bill that you pay should be to yourself.


17. Increase Income

Another way that you can bring more revenue into your household is to take on a side gig or hustle.

You could drive for a service delivery company such as Uber or deliver groceries through a service delivery company such as Instacart, etc.

That would be added money that you could utilize as part of your investment strategy, and in return, this money earned will bring in additional money.


18. Diversify

A wise investor will have a certain amount of their money invested in stocks and bonds while a certain amount of money will be invested in real estate, a certain percentage of the investment in precious metals, etc.

This will ensure that if one investment pool is not performing well, then perhaps the others will make up for that lack of production.

As it relates to diversifying your investments, the term not putting all of “your eggs into one basket” comes to mind.


19. Educate Yourself

It is often said that we are what we eat, but it also can be said that we are what we think.

To help with our thinking processes as it relates to having our money to get more money, a good activity would be to learn more and more.

You can read books on personal finance, investment strategies, words from self-help teachers as it relates to investing, etc.

You wouldn’t even have to pay for these books if you utilized the library or read articles online.

By teaching yourself more about your personal finances, your learning will grow and, most likely, your investments as well.


20. Delay Spending

Some people have an issue as it relates to spending when they see the neatest and the greatest items that are available on the market.

Often these individuals rush out and buy the latest in technology, games, and other items.

There is nothing wrong with utilizing your money to purchase items but a good exercise to follow would be to delay this possible instant gratification and delay your spending for at least a period of a month.

If, after that timeframe, the urge to buy an item is still there, then, by all means, do so.

Not only could this help prevent needless spending but also exercise a spending discipline for you as an individual to earn additional money.


21. Research

It is also important to do your own research as it relates to investment opportunities.

Even though you may engage a professional money manager or financial advisor, no one is going to care for your income and retirement accounts like you.

Therefore, it is important to have at least a basic understanding of how your money is being invested and to research other potential opportunities to advance that growth in your financial resources.


22. Debt

One of the worst ways that your financial investment strategy can be impacted is the carrying of debt.

This is especially true when it comes to credit card debt because of the average high-interest rates charged by these creditors, and when a payment is made, a small portion goes towards the principal, whereas a higher percentage goes to the interest which is paid to the creditor.

Therefore, it is important to decrease and eliminate the debt that you may have so that this money can serve you rather than pad the pockets of the creditors.


23. Make Do With What You Have

Another important financial strategy to make your money earn more money for you is to make do with what you have.

This is best demonstrated as new model cars come out every year, and they look so sleek and shiny with all of the bells and whistles.

In comparison to your current vehicle, it could be as different as night and day.

However, especially as it relates to this major purchase, you should make do with what you have because the investment or purchase of a new vehicle will immediately depreciate once that vehicle is taken out of the showroom and reflect a significant loss of its purchased value.


24. Taxes

It has often been said that it is not what you make as it relates to income but what you keep.

A major expense as it relates to our income is the taxes that we pay.

Therefore, it is important to legally maximize any tax deductions that you can to minimize your tax bill paid to the government.

As it relates to retirement accounts, you may opt to go with a 401(k), which allows you to defer your paying of taxes now and pay taxes when you start drawing out, or you can do a Roth IRA, which is the amount that is put into your retirement account after taxes are taken out now, but when drawn upon in the future, there are no taxes on that distribution.

As with all tax matters, it is important to consult with a tax professional to find out what is the best strategy for minimizing your tax liability.


25. Software or App

Another great tool that you can take advantage of to see how your money is growing or producing additional money is by investing in software or a free app.

One such app is Mint, which links up your different accounts (investment, loans, mortgage, savings accounts, etc.) and provides a consolidated look at your total assets and liabilities and creates your net worth.

In addition, a number of other features are tools that allow you to set goals for your savings, see your expense history, provide graphs, charts, etc.

It is a good idea to know where you are at as it relates to your net worth, bills due, savings accounts or investments, etc.

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Personal Story

In 2006 I became debt free.

It was a seven-year process that involved a debt counseling service that had taken over my outstanding debt and negotiated a reduced amount owed to them, and I methodically, for those seven years each month, dutifully paid the monthly amount.

It was a great feeling.

Four months later, I found myself working as a self-employed individual, and with my first paycheck, I was able to seed my retirement account.

I had no idea, financially, what I was doing or how all this worked out, but I do believe in the reality of money begetting money as I honored my debt obligation and then found myself in a surprising situation where I was able to start my retirement account.

There truly is something cosmos connect and as it relates to honoring money and honoring ourselves.




What is the Best Way for My Money to Beget Money?

The best way to multiply or have your money earn additional money is through the tried and proven method of investing in the stock market.


What Are the Best Strategies to Multiply My Investments?

Some of the best strategies to multiple your investments include:

  • High-yield savings
  • CDs
  • Money market funds
  • Government bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Index funds
  • ETFs
  • Dividend stocks
  • Individual stocks
  • Alternative investments Cryptocurrencies
  • Real estate


You Can Do It

You understand the reality and power of money, creating more money.

Now, with these tips and thinking plus your own, you are well on your way to creating a significant amount of money through this dynamic of money begetting money.



Money is created to be spent.

Money is also created to be saved and invested in one’s future.

Maintaining a balance is what makes some individuals successful while others struggle with financial issues.

The reality is that money does beget money, but also a statement that is true is that a fool and his/her money are soon parted.

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