This very comprehensive Monat review contains a lot about this MLM hair and skincare brand and answers some of the FAQs you might have about it


What is Monat?

Monat is an MLM haircare brand sold online and on social media. This company is based in Florida.

Monat hair care and skin care products are known for their premium formulas.

The manufacturers use naturally-based ingredients like organic sugar cane and sunflower oil.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Monat is a brand of haircare, skincare, and pet hygiene products from Monat Global Corp.

It is a privately-held American multi-level marketing company with headquarters in Florida, USA.

This company was founded in October 2014.

This company has a mission to help people everywhere enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives through their exceptional, naturally based products.

Monat also provides its customers with rewarding business opportunities when they sign up as Monat Partners.

Note though that Monat seems to be having issues with customer complaints and even legal issues as explained in this Wikipedia piece.


The Science of Monat’s Unique Ingredients

The following are the unique blends Monat uses to make their natural blends.

  • REJUVENIQE™ – This is an essential oil. It is a blend of 13+ Natural Plant and Essential Oils rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and nutrients highly compatible with the skin and hair.
  • PROCATALINE™ – This is a blend that features pea extract. It is a high-tech blend that supports and promotes the appearance of healthy, younger-looking hair by helping to protect your tresses from environmental factors.
  • CAPIXYL™ – This is a unique active complex that helps to strengthen and thicken hair while supporting natural growth.
  • CRODASORB™ – This is a powerful ingredient that helps preserve the natural pigmentation of the hair and keep strands protected and strong.


Are Monat’s Ingredients Safe?

Monat claims that all of its natural-based ingredients are tested and formulated for your safety.

All Monat formulations are clinically safety-tested by independent labs. This is to ensure that they do not promote irritation.

Also, the products are formulated to comply with the highest standards across the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Monat further reveals that “When it comes to the safety of our products, we maintain an unwavering commitment to using only ingredients determined safe for their intended use by credible third parties such as the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel (CIR) in the USA and the Scientific Committee of Consumer Safety (SCCS) in Europe.

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Other Safety Features of Monat’s Products

Monat’s products are clinically tested to ensure safety for users.

Other safety features of the ingredients used by this company on its products are:

  • They use fragrances with ingredients approved as safe by the scientific authorities like the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) and the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).
  • They use safe colorants approved by the FDA, Health Canada, and the European Commission in the European Union.
  • They use vegan products only. So, they avoid any ingredients derived from animals or animal byproducts.


What Are Monat’s Products?

MONAT has many quality products for hair and skincare.

These products are formulated with powerful active botanicals that help provide users with healthy hair.

Shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks are some of the products for which Monat is best known.

The following is a list of some amazing products from Monat

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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  • Advanced Hydrating In-Shower Masque


What Is a Monat Business?

You can start a Monat business and start making money when you partner with Monat.

This is a program where you can become an independent partner to promote and sell Monat’s products for rewards.

MONAT engages in the direct sales/social marketing model of business.

When you become a MONAT market partner, you are in control—of how much and when to work, how to share, who to work with, and more.

You can use your social media marketing channels and other similar methods to promote and sell Monat’s products.

Monat will take charge of the shipping, product development, marketing, events, and more.

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Benefits Of Joining The MONAT Movement

The following are the benefits or perks you will enjoy for becoming a Monat’s Partner?

According to the site, you can explore the following perks:

  • You would be eligible for Independent Market Partner promotions and incentives
  • You will get your own replicated website/e-commerce store for easy ordering
  • You will receive 30% commission on retail sales, 15% commission on VIP Customer sales
  • You can access their physical and web-based materials to inform you, your team, and your customers
  • There are no inventory requirements; MONAT ships directly
  • You have the freedom to explore sales territories locally and nationally
  • You can receive prizes and fabulous incentive trips in recognition of reaching your goals
  • You will get access to Product Packs within your first 30 days of enrolling




What Makes MONAT Different From Other Direct Marketing Companies?

You can choose Monat because of the following reasons:

  • You will earn up to 40% as a personal sales commission and other benefits when you join MONAT.
  • MONAT is the first to market a hair care product opportunity exclusively in the Direct Selling Industry.
  • MONAT’s products are in the multibillion-dollar hair care industry. They are often sought out by millions of users.
  • MONAT offers well-researched and clinically tested safe and non-toxic products. When you offer this product to consumers, you feel great confidence in what you are offering.
  • MONAT supports and rewards its Market Partners with bonuses every week as they follow the SMART Start roadmap.
  • MONAT helps its partners make the most of their MONAT business. They offer the online Market Partner Academy as one of the numerous ways to make the most of their business.
  • MONAT offers its partners the opportunity to own their own Cadillac. They can for the MONAT Motor Club and earn a monthly bonus for a white Cadillac of their choice.


How to Start a Monat Business

To start a Monat business you have to take the following steps:


Invest $99 and receive a MONAT Starter Kit.

This kit includes training and marketing materials. It comes with plenty of product samples you can use to share with friends.

An annual renewal fee of $49.99 would be paid if you want to continue with the business after one year.

The training and marketing materials included in the starter pack are:

  • SMART Start Workbook includes detailed information about individual MONAT products and systems.
  • SMART Start roadmap to help you get off to a great start.
  • Immediate access to MONAT’s online Market Partner Academy, with interactive training modules that outline proven techniques and tactics that lead to growth.
  • The Business Product Pack and stand-alone Starter Kit include 35 samples, the Success Product pack has 56, and the Overachiever has 70! These are ideal for sharing with others.
  • VIP Customer brochures to help you introduce the VIP Customer plan and Flexship service.
  • Meet MONAT brochures to help you share the incredible business with others.
  • Product brochures with information and pricing on individual MONAT products and systems

Apart from the above, you’ll also receive a website that helps you market MONAT 24/7.

And of course – as a Market Partner – you will enjoy a discount of 30% off the retail prices of our amazing products!


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As this article has shown, Monat’s hair care and beauty products are very popular. Most people sign up to sell it.

The direct selling or multi-level marketing approach by Monat is admirable.

The features of this brand are worth checking out. With a little investment of $99, you can get the Starter Kit and start your own business.

Make the most of Monat and receive an incredible business opportunity.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE