If you want to know the best Metal Lathe Projects that sell, this article is a must-read!

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Why Metal Lathe Projects to Make Money?

First things first…

A lathe is a machine tool that can perform different operations like cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning.

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It is used mainly in woodturning, metalworking, metal spinning, thermal spraying, parts reclamation, and glass-working.

The lathe used in metalworking or metal spinning can be used to make metal lathe projects.

Keep reading to learn more about metal lathes and the metal lathe projects that sell.


What Is A Metal Lathe?

A metal lathe is a machine tool used to craft or shape metals. The workpiece turns about a horizontal axis against a fixed tool.

This tool is used to perform tasks like cutting, shaping, drilling metals.


Types of Metal Lathes

There are different types of lathes used for metalworking.

These could be manual or automatic.

There are also variations based on their features.

The common types of metal lathe machines include:

Manual Lathes

These are lathes you can use in shaping, planning, or sanding by hand with this classic lathe.

They are a cheaper option if you are just getting started and you can make tons of awesome projects with them.

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Lathes

CNC Turning Lathes are Computer Controlled pieces of machinery.

These modern lathes are loaded with CAD files to create patterns and extensive projects.

These machines are controlled electronically via a computer menu-style interface.

If you want to make metal and woodworking projects your business, a CNC machine can be a good investment.


23 Best Metal Lathe Projects that Sell Fast and Very Easily


1. Hammered Metal Bowl

Many people use bowls as cookware. Metal bowls made of copper or other materials sell well. They can be made from a metal engine lathe.

The process of making a hammered metal bowl from start to finish can be achieved with a metal lathe. The wrapping, shaping, and finishing.

The tools used in making this metal lathe project include files, hammers, mallets, a scriber, and a center punch.

If you are new to a metal lathe, doing a hammered metal bowl is a step you can take advantage of.


2. Bracelets

Bracelets are used for adornments. A metal Bracelet can be created with the use of a lathe.

You should consider this project if you are thinking of making money with a metal lathe.

To make this item, tools like files, tracing paper, jeweler’s saw, and the appropriate metals can be used.

A lathe can be used to make holes and design on the bracelet.


3. Pens

A pen is a writing instrument with a point from which ink flows.

It is used by people to write or draw.

So, pens made with metal lathes are among the best-selling products.

You can make a pen that will accept standard ballpoint replacement ink cartridges.

Pens are great gifts and for this reason, a lot of people go for them.

The best seller pens are the ones personalized for people. There is no doubt that personalized items are treasured for years to come.


4. Goblets

Goblet is a drinking glass with a base and stem. It is a bowl-shaped drinking vessel like a Eucharistic cup.

Goblets can be made from metal lathes.

They sell well because they can serve the purpose of a vessel and also be used as a decorative item at home or offices.

Also, many people use Goblets as gifts for events like weddings, baptisms, etc.

Goblets are made in the same way that metal bowls and cups are made with metal lathes.

The best seller Goblets are those personalized and crested with designs.


5. Toothpick Holder

Toothpick holders are used to holding toothpicks – which are strips of wood or plastic used to pick food from between the teeth.

The holders can be made with a metal lathe.

You can make and sell these projects for money.

Toothpick holders can be personalized for customers.

This will help you boost sales.


6. Vases

A vase is an open jar of glass or porcelain used as an ornament or to hold flowers.

This item can be made with a metal lathe. It is also a lathe project you can consider if you want to make money.

You can make and personalize this vessel to meet the needs of different individuals or customers.

All you need do is offer vases of different shapes and sizes. Use the lathe machine to etch names and dates. This will help boost your sales.

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7. Machinist’s Scribe

A  machinist’s scribe is A sharp-pointed awl for marking wood or metal to be cut.

Put in another way, it is a tool used to write or mark on a metal or wood.

It is useful to allow measurements, serial numbers, or key identifying marks to be put on any of the projects that come out of your shop.

A typical machinist’s scribe helps you knurl things.

This is a metal lathe project that you can sell.

You can offer this project today as it sells well.


8. Metal or Steel Cups

Cups are used for drinking. These are containers with handles. They are popular with many people and they sell well.

If you are thinking of a metal lathe project that would give you money, cups are great options to consider.

Some people love to drink water, beverages, or other liquids.

It would interest you to know that cups are great gift items as well.

The best-selling metal lathe cup projects are those that are customized.

You can master the art of using metal lathes to shape, design, and make cups. You can then sell these cups for money.


9. Metal Mallet

A mallet is a hammerlike tool but with a large head.

It is used to drive wedges or ram down paving stones or for crushing or beating or flattening or smoothing.

Metal mallet is a great metal lathe project you can sell to make money.

The making of this tool with a lathe is no a difficult process.

However, you should get used to a knurling tool.

With a lathe, you can create the handle to make the project your own.


Metal Lathe Projects


10. Metal Rings

Metal rings are metal lathe projects that you can make and sell to make money.

Most people use rings to adorn their fingers or toes.

Wedding and engagement rings sell well.

You can use a whole range of scrap metal pieces to create rings.

To make the most money from metal rings, you should input a lot of creativity

So, use your lathe to make quality metal rings.


11. Replica Metal Bullets

Replica Metal Bullets is one of the best metal lathe projects you make for the money.

They sell well and you can easily make money from them.

These projects can be used as gifts, for mementos, and decorations.

If you are into metal lathe projects, the making of Replica Metal Bullets will allow you to utilize the feature of lathe spins.

You will also get familiar with other functions of the machine.

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12. Candelabra

Candelabra is a branched candlestick. It is made withhold lights and used as ornaments.

Candelabra can be made from different metal materials.

If you are into the making of metal lathe projects, then consider Candelabra. They are decorative pieces that you can make from materials like copper or other iron.


13. Blades

Blades are popular metal lathe projects that sell. You may want to consider them if you are interested in making money from a metal lathe.

Blades are used as a tool or weapon. The primary uses of the lathe in making a knife are grinding and buffing.

The end product can range from a utilitarian kitchen knife to an ornamental scimitar.

You can use your lathe machine to make different types of blades for different needs of users.

The best seller blades are amazing pieces of decorative weaponry. Making and selling a replica of medieval swords would be a good selling lathe project.

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14. Steel Jewelry Box

Many people use boxes to save their jewelry. For this reason, they can check out boxes that are strong, durable, and safe.

You can construct a steel jewelry box as a metal lathe project.

This box is customizable and can be used for gifting.

So, use your metal lathe to make a steel jewelry box. This project sells well for its function and its esthetics.

With a steel sheet and other supplies, you can couple this box.


Others are:

15. Wedding Rings

16. Candle Holders

17. Bracelet Flask

18. Lightsaber

19. Metal Chess Set

20. Spinning Top

21. Whistle Necklace

22. Metal Drinking Straws

23. Cotton Candy Machine



The above are highlights of the projects that are made with metal lathes.

The best metal lathes that sell are those customized for the customers.

These projects are creatively designed to solve a problem.

So, they are selling because of their function and esthetic.

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