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  • ThumbnailIf you’ve noticed a sales slump, it may be time to clean up your funnel. With the New Year, it’s the perfect time to make adjustments to your processes to foster growth and customer loyalty.


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    • Hey Megan,
      Its an interesting topic I must state. Marketing funnel should be made viable or active at all times.

      If there is telltale sign of retrogression in the marketing campaign then its possibly time to reassess the funnel to reignite the sales.

      The 10 ideas you have shared are hands-on. I couldn’t agree more with you on each of the steps to be followed.

      However, it must be stated that for these steps to work, there needs be a plan in place to access the right tools for evaluation.

      More so, there should be the need to consistently “clean-up” the funnel for success!

    • Hi Megan,
      Indeed, if there is a slump in sales, then it could be a telltale sign of cleaning up and reigniting the sales funnel!

      It becomes necessary to understand and implement how the purging and revamping can be done.

      Knowledge of the effective process and the relevant workable tool would also help shaping up things for improved sales.

      The 10 steps approach shared in this post are informative. Although I would like more explanation on step number #4 Establish Better Pipeline processes.

    • Hey Megan I l enjoyed reading your article.

      Lots of value here that refreshed my mind.

      However I was split when you said to optimize your funnel for a new year. That might be a good idea, but I think it would be a great idea to make a sales funnel that converts throughout the years.

      Thank you Megan, I loved all 10 of your tips. Keep up the great work.

    • Every now and then, there is need to make adjustments on the marketing strategy. This is especially when it becomes obvious that sales are slumping.

      However, the good news remains that sales and successes of a business can be affected by actions we take – positive or negative.

      In this vein, it becomes crucial cleaning up the funnel to ensure constant sales.

      Its helpful knowing these ten step approach!

    • Hey Megan,

      I work in IT and the same troubleshooting tips you have here remind me of troubleshooting to find computer and network problems at my job.

      When you find that your funnel isn’t working as it did before or that it has never worked, then it’s time to figure out what’s the bottleneck.

      There’s always room for improve and different approaches to take. Sometimes it’s really simple to fix.

      I found out from troubleshooting that for one, my opt ins had stop working and two they were leading the leads in a different direction than I wanted.

      Thanks for sharing Megan! Have a good one!

    • Hi Megan!

      Great post!

      Very valuable tips you are giving here. My hat’s off to you.

      I think, in my opinion, the most important steps from your list here are number four, number five and number six.

      – Establish better pipeline processes

      – Evaluate your current funnel

      – Make adjustments to your marketing strategy

      Working on these steps, very often, and intensively, is key to your success online.

      You want to make sure that your pipeline processes are returning good conversion numbers.

      This is why you should also evaluate your entire funnel.

      And, finally, you want to make sure you make necessary adjustments to your marketing strategy – because there is no point on working on your pipeline and funnel if there is not good quality traffic coming in on a regular basis, right?! 😉

      Great tips Megan!

      Thanks for sharing!

      Keep up the great work!

      Have an awesome weekend!

    • Hey Megan,

      What an interesting piece on lead clean up. The advice you have shared are helpful. I guess its time to really put them into practice. Indeed, every business wants to “move a lead to a converted customer and a converted customer into a repeat buyer”

    • For 2016 and beyond, the steps you have highlighted would be revealing!

      One interesting point I find useful in this post is that idea of making adjustment to marketing strategy.

      This is important because it will help to accommodate the prospecting leads.

      I guess, if businesses stick to these steps then converting qualified leads would become very easy!

    • Hi Megan,

      There is no doubt that before a successful cleaning of a sales funnel can be achieved, there is need to re-evaluate the current funnel.

      Sure, your post has been helpful for marketers in 2016 but it could still be very useful for marketers in 2017 and beyond. Step 5 is very crucial!

    • Hi Megan,

      There is no doubt that cleaning up a sales funnel would make room for new strategies and policies. This means that it would become easier for new leads to be embraced.

      However , for each of the steps discussed, if the right question is asked then the right answers would be availed!

    • ‘Use lead nurturing techniques such as follow-up phone calls and emails to move leads through the funnel.’ This is one of the high points of this post for me.

      The truth remains that cleaning up and reigniting sales funnel for every business demands consistent action. The marketer must always be at the lookout to apply the action that would bring about the best marketing results!

    • Hey Megan,

      Sales funnel can be cleaned up for better traction and conversion. It takes real practice to follow through with it. The ideas you have shared with us here are practical.

      At least, for any Internet marketer, these steps can be used to re-ignite sales in the new year running!

      Thanks for these 10 steps. They are very practical and result-oriented!

    • Hey Megan,

      I guess it would be vital to master how the sales funnel works before making any attempt to cleaning up and re-igniting it.

      Perhaps, this is the intention of this post.

      However, For the purely unlearned, these are steps that must be followed. I have limited knowledge about creating and running a a sales funnel but 10 steps shared here should be inspiring.

      Thanks for sharing this post!

    • Hi Megan

      Thank you for sharing your post. You gave many concrete ways to energize a slumping sales funnel.

      I like how you pinpoint what to do if you don’t have enough leads, what to do if your leads are converting or get stuck somewhere in the funnel.

      Thanks for sharing and talk to you later,


    • Hello Megan

      My lead generation and marketing is currently stricktly online with no person to person direct contact. However I still took some pointers from your post, in particular regarding the speed of making a call back.

      I already send an eail right after they opt in but it would be worth experimenting with an additional email soon after that and guage the response. Sfter all the very fact that the person has opted in means they are on their pc or whatever device at that moment, so why not connect immediately.

      Thanks for your post

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