Looking for facts and truths about medical weight loss and whether it can help you or not?

This article provides more than enough information to help you.

First, a question for you….

Have you tried to lose weight by going on different diets or embarking on exercise programs and failed to lose the weight that you wanted to get rid of?

Of course you have which is why you are here to learn about medical weight loss!

Look there is no shame in trying to lose weight and failing.

We have all been there.

Most people try really hard when they are trying to shed unwanted pounds so it is usually the diet or the exercise routine that you are following that is not right for you.

Some people do get good results from changing diets and participating in exercise routines for weight loss.

They can even lose the weight and keep it off over the long term.

But this is not the case for the majority of people and they will get much better results if they have the support of a medical weight loss team.


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Jennifer lost 102 lbs in just 10 months and won $4,181

Yes, for example Jennifer from Richmond, TX, lost 102 lbs in just 10 months and won $4,181!

medical weight loss

She first got started with trying to lose weight after a freak accident saw her crash her car when she fell asleep at the wheel.

She knew her over 400 pounds at the time and constant alcohol and processed food were to blame. So she began rigorous efforts to lose weight and within 6 months she lost 75 pounds.

But after that she couldn’t lose anymore, despite all she tried.

She felt stuck and knew she needed a better incentive and more motivation to lose more weight.

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She was intrigued by the idea and immediately bet $150 with a commitment to lose 100 pounds in 10 months.

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Medical Weight Loss Defined

Back to medical weight loss…

Let’s start by explaining what this method of weight loss really is.

It is a program for losing weight where you have the support of medical professionals.

Knowing it’s very hard to try to lose weight on our own, this type of program works with the support of the medical experts.

The medical experts or professionals go above and beyond to try to help you lose weight.

They even design the entire medical weight loss program for you and they supervise your participation in it.

This ensures you have a greater chance of succeeding than when you do it all on your own.

A typical medically supervised weight loss team comprises a physician who is licensed, a dietician, a fitness trainer and a nurse.

Other professionals can be involved as well.

With a medical weight loss program you will learn how to eat healthily and perform the right kind of exercises.

You will also learn how to make the right lifestyle changes so that the weight loss can continue for the long term.

The medical team will help you to identify the bad behaviors that led you to put on the weight in the first place.

Even too much food can be one of such bad behaviors. That’s unless you are engaged in food taster jobs where you only taste and still get paid to eat food.

Some medical weight loss programs include FDA approved medications to help you too.

It is not a one size fits all approach.

Your program will meet your individual needs and is completely personalized.

There is a lot more to a medical weight loss program than just losing weight.

It is more about leading a healthier lifestyle and maintaining your ideal weight.

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What you can expect with Medical Weight Loss

Although this is a tailored program for your specific needs there are a number of common aspects about a medical weight loss program.

The first of these is that you do receive medical guidance and supervision.

The medical team will assist you to change your mindset and resulting behavior through the correct diet and exercise.

You will also receive vital information about nutrition and you will learn about medications for weight loss and meal replacements.

Not everyone has the confidence and skill required to prepare and cook healthy meals. So meal replacements are a good option here.

And no, it’s hard to get the right type of food if you are on the lookout for free food.

Healthy foods are what you need here.

These can be a shake, a bar or a pre-packaged meal.

The aim is to make the experience of weight loss as simple as possible.

Advice on sustainability is very much a part of a medical weight loss program.

Personal trainers, dieticians and nutritionists will help you to eat and exercise properly so that you can sustain the weight loss gains that you make.

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The Medical Weight Loss Market is not saturated

A lot of people believe that the medically supervised weight loss market is saturated.

best clinic medical weight loss

They are put off by this as they feel that they will not get the medical supervision that they need to lose weight effectively and keep it off.

There is no truth to this at all.

In fact a study by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) showed that less than 12% of the survey participants stated that a licensed doctor, nurse or other professional had provided them with any advice about weight loss.

There is plenty of room for everyone that needs help.

Talking about a nurses, do you know there are work from home nursing types of jobs that you can do if you are a nurse?


Medical Weight Loss Clinics or Programs can compete with Large Diet Companies

Here is another myth about medically supervised weight loss – A lot of people think that the large commercial weight loss companies will push them out of the market.

OK, a lot of medical weight loss practitioners do not have the marketing budgets of companies such as Weight Watchers.

But they already have people that know and trust them so finding new clients costs a lot less in marketing terms.

A huge marketing budget is not necessary for medical weight loss practitioners to survive.

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You do not have to take Diet Drugs

If you are on a medical weight loss program you will not be obligated to take diet drugs.

effective medical weight loss

Usually the drugs offered are appetite suppressants that people have been taking safely for a number of years.

Examples of these appetite suppressants are brand names such as Ionamin, Fastin, Adipex-p and Pondimin.

These are all versions of Phentermine.

A medical professional is not going to encourage you to take any drugs if they think that there is a risk to your health.

Even if the medical professional is engaged in work from home online medical transcription jobs, they are well trained on what to do and usually know better.


You are more likely to succeed with a Personalized Medical Weight Loss program

There are many weight loss products and guides that promise the world. The trouble is that not every combination of diet and exercise is going to be successful for everyone.

A medical team will conduct an assessment to determine your current levels of activity and your overall lifestyle and then design the right program for you.

Yes, there are activities you could be engaged in that are right for you and those that are wrong for you.

Activities that get you paid such as doing dog walking jobs are definitely right for you, even if you do them for fun, unlike drinking and partying for fun.

A medical team will know the difference and design the right program for you.

When this happens you end up with specific goals that are personal to your circumstances.

If the medical team requests that you make changes to your program then you will know that this will only have a positive effect on your results.

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You are less likely to “Go Off The Rails”

If you are following a diet and exercised plan unsupervised then there is a much greater chance that you will go off the rails and eat some of the wrong things or miss some exercise sessions.

With a carefully planned and monitored medical weight loss program this is less likely.

The medical team will understand if you do make the wrong choices at times and they are not there to judge you.

They know that everyone makes mistakes sometimes and with their continued support you are much more likely to make the changes required to lose weight and be healthier.


A Medical Weight Loss Program is best for Long Term Success

There are other weight loss programs and products out there which do help a lot of people to shed the weight that they desire.

get fit using medical weight loss method

The problem is with most of these programs is they are difficult to stick to over the long term.

Unlike paid clinical type of trials, with medically supervised weight loss you will learn how to change your lifestyle so that you can keep your weight loss gains in the future.

You will be able to change your lifestyle so that weight management becomes an essential part of your day to day life.


How To Get Paid To Lose Weight (Medically Supervised Weight Loss or Not)

As I said in the beginning of this article, it’s definitely good to do all you can to lose weight, especially as you can actually win money losing weight.

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Trying to lose weight can be very challenging, whether you go the medical weight loss method or not. That’s why awesome programs like the one from HealthyWage help to provide the motivation, accountability and (most importantly) fun needed to encourage you to lose the weight.

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Everyday people like you are winning thousands of dollars setting goals to lose weight and achieving the goals.

Glenn Lost 102 Lbs in 10 Months and Won $1,383

Yes, another real-life example is Glenn from Cedar Grove, NC. He also lost 102 lbs in just 10 months and won $1,383!

medical weight loss


He needed all the motivation you could get and found HealthyWage. That got him started and he bet just $40 with the goal of losing 100 pounds in 10 months.

Guess how much more he made? He made a staggering $1,383 from the $40 by losing 102 pounds within the 10 months.

He simply got rid of processed foods, sugar and meat from his diet, which all helped him achieve his goals.

Even his exercise strategy was simply walking. He was able to achieve all this and make the extra $1,138, all thanks to HealthyWage.

If he could, so can you.

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