Yes, there are Mechanical Engineering business ideas you can make money with, if you know what they are and exactly how.

This article reveals as many as 25 best Mechanical Engineering business ideas you can use to make money with.


Why Mechanical Engineering Ideas?  

Every day we use products, devices, or services that are part of our quality of life, and often we don’t think about how these products or services came to be.

For example, if you ate today, you have a farmer, grocery store worker, truck driver, etc. to thank for that meal.

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Or if you went to your wardrobe closet and got dressed, you have a clothing manufacturer, retailer, etc. to prevent you from becoming naked.

As it relates to more of the heavier duty type of services or inventions in our lives that we utilize who do we thank.

For example, if you rode an elevator, made a cell phone call, utilized your vehicle to travel, flew on an airplane, etc., who do we think of?

For the most part, we have the profession and skills of a mechanical engineer to thank for these modern-day conveniences.

A mechanical engineer is a talented individual who understands the basic, finer dimensions, and elements of how anything mechanical works.

As a continual understanding and appreciation of this occupation, perhaps it would be a good idea to look at other ways that mechanical engineers can engage in business ideas to improve our lives and make money for themselves as well.


Personal Story

Growing up in the late 50s and early 60s I was always enthralled with how things worked mechanically,

My curiosity often took me to levels of trying to repair things when they stopped working and trying to figure out how I could get them working again.

Usually, I made matters worse.

One of the fascinating toys that had an educational component to it in the late 50s early 60s was a plastic toy that had a see-through casing and was comprised of several gears and a huge metal spring.

The toy was known as Mr. Machine.

I was always enthralled and mesmerized by the way the toy would, through the system of interacting plastic gears, walk, talk, and move its limbs.

The see-through casing only added another wonderful dimension.

Unfortunately, Mr. Machine stopped doing those wonderful things because I overwound the spring in his plastic body.

Mr. Machine became unsprung.


25 Best Mechanical Engineering Business Ideas


1. Shipping Repair  

If you are geographically located near industries that depend upon water, you could start a business that provides maintenance and repair for ships and other marine vessels.

This would be an industry that should be well researched to determine what are the initial costs of a startup, the competition, what your company would bring as far as added value, etc.

In other words, it would be important to do a comprehensive business plan to analyze this business opportunity and its success.


2. Gun Store

A business opportunity that would be a skilled match with your mechanical engineering acumen would be to start a gun store.

This may be a controversial business opportunity but if something you wish to do and are in an area in America that is not completely anti-gun, this would provide a revenue-generating opportunity.

Of course, you would need to check with state and local governments to find out what permits are needed and also be fully engaged and prepared as it relates to individuals purchasing guns and what background checks, etc. are required.


3. Small Machine Shop  

A good match for a mechanical engineer in regards to a business opportunity would be the start of a small machine shop.

A small machine shop provides general metal repair work and also provides specialized services.

Specialized service in the manufacturing or building of a particular mechanical device.


4. Nuts and Bolts  

As a mechanical engineer, a fairly easy move into the starting of a business begins with the basics or the nuts and bolts of the situation.

A good starting business opportunity for a mechanical engineer would be to have a business that specializes in nuts and bolts.


5. Auto Repair  

Americans are in love with their automobiles and, fortunately, or unfortunately, depending upon your perspective, mechanical things don’t last forever.

Therefore, an opportunity for a good business venture is the opening of an auto repair shop.

You could promote your business through your social media platforms, joining service organizations in town and introducing yourself as a new business, being part of the Chamber of Commerce, and other ways.


6. Scrap Metal  

As a mechanical engineer, you understand the need for recycling scrap metal and redesigning that scrap metal into something useful once again.

Therefore, an opportunity for an environmentally sensitive mechanical engineer would be to operate a scrap metal business that will not only recycle metal but will earn you a profit as well.

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7. Metal Sign  

There are a variety of signs that are created so that business owners can promote their business and attract customers.

Some of those signs are made from various materials and some individuals prefer to have signs made from metals.

Often, metal signs are more permanent and durable.

A business opportunity as a mechanical engineer would be the creation of signs for a variety of businesses in your community or possibly expanding beyond your immediate geographical range.


8. Welding  

Another business opportunity that would present itself to a mechanical engineer is the start of a welding business. Welding is the joining of pieces of metal together.

There are three types of welding with those types being

  • Arc
  • Metal inert gas
  • Tungsten inert gas

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9. Product Assembly  

As a mechanical engineer, you have a good grasp of how things are designed and built and how they should be assembled.

An opportunity to start a business and work at your own pace and get fairly decent money is by being involved with product assembly.

Examples of assembling items would include exercise machines, bikes, grills, furniture, swing sets, etc.


10. Camera Manufacturer  

In conjunction with your mechanical skills, you may also have electronic skills.

If so, the combination of these two occupational talents could combine to start a business in the manufacturing of surveillance cameras.

Although, an opportunity, like any other, you would need to conduct your research due to the possibility of amounts of money needed to invest in inventory.


11. Solar Energy  

A technology to produce energy that is becoming more and more popular and is now required by some states to have installed in new homes is solar paneling.

As a mechanical engineer, this would be a business that you could consider starting due to the reality that the solar panel industry is growing.


12. Recruiting Agency  

Many companies are always looking to hire quality individuals to fulfill employment roles within their company.

One of those quality employment roles is the hiring of a mechanical engineer.

To help facilitate this employment process, many companies look to recruiters or “headhunters” to research and identify individuals that meet the needs of the company that hires them.

If looking to be part of a business that needs a mechanical engineer this would be a business idea to pursue in submitting your resume to a headhunting organization.

Some of those recruiting agencies include

  • Dunhill Search and Staffing
  • Berkshire Search Associates
  • Priority Search International
  • And Others


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13. Supply Chain  

For products to be created and manufactured, there need to be the required raw materials for this to occur.

Although supply chain management doesn’t seem to be part of the job description for a mechanical engineer, the expertise of a mechanical engineer can help design ways for the supply chain to be managed cost-effectively.

This valuable service would decrease the cost of the raw materials and ensure that the flow of needed materials is always in the pipeline.

As a mechanical engineer, you can find innovative ways to enhance the process.


14. Defense Weapons  

The occupation and discipline of mechanical engineering is everything to do with machines.

A potential business opportunity can be contracting with the defense industry.

The defense industry could be sheriff’s departments, police departments, and even the United States military.

Opportunities that may arise could be the manufacturing of tasers, defensive weapons, innovative ideas that require the use of mechanics in protecting citizens as well as defending enforcement officers, etc.


15. Window Manufacturer  

Windows are part of any nicely constructed and inviting building.

Additionally, windows today are fabricated and often double-paned to be more energy efficient.

A good opportunity for a business for a mechanical engineer is to be part of the window production industry by creating various frames that are needed for the different dimensions of the windows.

In addition, it’s not just about windows but could include the need for frames for doors, staircases railings, handrail support, etc.

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16. Fitness Equipment  

With the popularity of many fitness centers and individuals taking better care of themselves as it relates to their physical fitness, fitness centers are always looking for new equipment that will provide a fuller exercise experience.

As a focus or part of your mechanical engineering business, you can provide the unique service of working with these centers and other fitness providers in designing new equipment, repairing old equipment, etc.

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16. Motorcycle Parts  

Motorcycle owners know all too well that it is difficult to find motorcycle repair shops.

Often, car repair shops only do automobile repair or provide service.

An opportunity that would be yours as a mechanical engineer is to start a motorcycle repair shop.

Additionally, some motorcyclists enjoy racing and often want modifications built into their motorcycles.

As a mechanical engineer, you might be able to design such a modification item and then provide it to your customer.

Also, the possibility of creating a patent on that customization.


18. Security Doors  

In addition to surveillance equipment, several businesses still rely on security doors as well as grating around the windows.

As a mechanical engineer, you can design these security doors to specification and install them to provide an added measure of security for these retail shop owners.


19. Bicycle Manufacturer  

The popularity of bicycles has never gone out of style and it seems that there are always new modifications and designs being created.

As a mechanical engineer, this is a business opportunity in providing service to bicyclists or even combine repair and maintenance with the actual selling of bicycles.

Also, as it relates to bicycles, you can design bike racks that will provide a secure “parking” area for those who utilize their bicycles for a variety of reasons and need to leave their bikes unattended.

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20. Writer  

Being a mechanical engineer is not about being all brawn and working with your hands in the manufacturing or repairing of machines.

As evidenced by your degree and success, the other aspect of your ability includes your thinking or use of your brain.

As a mechanical engineer, perhaps you have a creative side or flair for writing and would like to be engaged in utilizing that talent.

Your writing business idea can be technical as it relates to your process of designing something unique and creative or you could even write a fiction novel about a mechanical engineer who has created the “perfect killing machine.”


21. HVAC Business  

A business that is always in demand in a community is the involvement with the HVAC system in homes as well as businesses.

The acronym HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

As a mechanical engineer, you can discover and implement new ways of being, even more, energy-efficient, and designing systems that would be conducive to specific job requests.


22. Chemical Industry Machines  

Another possibility of a business idea as it relates to being a mechanical engineer is the designing and maintaining of chemical machines.

Chemical machines are paramount as it relates to the production of chemicals produced by many companies.

Another strong possibility would be to distinguish yourself as an expert in the field and therefore secure many contracts from businesses located in a variety of geographical areas.


23. Consultant  

As with any job or business idea, you plan on pursuing, another component of whatever that potential business opportunity is would be the offering of consulting work.

As a consultant, you would be invited into a business that is evaluating and trying to improve its mechanical engineering department.

As an experienced engineer, you would go in and observe all of the processes and based on your expertise make any recommendations that can improve the department’s productivity or possibly enhance the morale of the workforce.


24. CNC Machining Business  

Another aspect of the mechanical engineering field is the use of integrating computers with the control of machines.

Computers control the machine tool process.

Your expertise in machinery would be of great value as you most likely have experience with the way that computers are integrated into the controlling of the machines.


25. Tutoring  

If you have a desire to not only work with your hands in the field of mechanical engineering but also with your mind, you can use your mental capacity in teaching others.

By offering to be a tutor to individuals who are enrolled in a course of study to be a mechanical engineer and are struggling with various subjects associated with this field, you can provide your teaching ability to help.

Your tutoring ability can be advertised through your social media platforms, or you can also register on a website such as

You can charge per hour and make a fairly decent hourly wage given your knowledge and experience.


Best Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineering FAQs


What Are Some Good Qualities That a Mechanical Engineer Should Possess?

Quality skills or inherent characteristics that will serve a mechanical engineer well include

  • Being an analytical thinker
  • Hard worker
  • Creative innovator
  • Strong math skills
  • Mechanical skills
  • Problem-solving skills


What Is the Career Pathway to Being a Mechanical Engineer?

The academic and experiential pathway to being a mechanical engineer includes

  • Earning a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering
  • Earning an engineering license
  • Possibly obtaining certifications
  • Possibly taking mastery courses


You Can Do It

A mechanical engineer is a critical professional in our modern-day society.

Additionally, given your experience, education, and capacity to understand mechanical engineering your opportunities abound as it relates to business ideas and ventures.



On any given day during our normal routine, there are several influential professions, occupations, and services that enhance our quality of life.

Often, we don’t give the use of these items a second thought nor consider the careers that have provided these items for us.

One of those critical occupations is being a mechanical engineer.

Perhaps, the next time we are in an elevator, flying in a plane, or even making a cell phone call, the thoughts of someone’s creativity and ingenuity will come to our mind and we will be less annoyed when the cell phone rings and possibly give thanks.

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