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  • ThumbnailFebruary brought an impressive number of changes and announcements to the platform. Even by Facebook’s very busy standards.

    Reactions are changing the way people respond to your content, live streaming is being […]

    • Hi Marko,
      Facebook is indeed experiencing changes with the introduction of a number of options. The statistics about the effects on engagements are revealing! I am even surprised to learn that

      Post engagement rate in February was at 4.9% of the people reached. This is a 10.11% increase compared to last month, but it’s still the second lowest ER since we started doing our studies.

      The live streaming and Instant Articles features will give Facebook marketers better features to improve and optimize their campaigns.

      Therefore, for the social media marketer to make the most of these new developments on Facebook, there must be clarity as to how these changes would affect or fit into their Facebook campaigns!

    • Hey Marko,
      Indeed, these changes should be considered by social marketers to increase engagement.

      The Facebook Reactions, Live Streaming and Instant Articles are changes that can result in turning points for the social media marketer.

      The bottom line is that Facebook marketers must see how they can leverage these to improve engagements for real!

    • Hi Marko,

      Indeed, Facebook is changing and we can see this in the introduction of many new features.

      However, social marketers should be ready to study and implement these changes if they are going to help their Facebook campaign.

      There would be no need implementing a strategy that will not work nor applicable to a particular campaign.

      The Instant Articles feature seems to me a two-way thing – social and mobile. These are highly needed in present day marketing!

    • Hi Marko,

      Thanks for the roundup on the Facebook new developments, really some nice things are going around.

      I’m beginning to see a future where blogging on your own land could be less effective, or at least…be a tenant in someone’s land in order to maintain your own building.

      Just some hours ago I read about how effective publishing on Medium could be and the advantages that comes along with re-publishing your content on the platform, and now we’re talking about instant articl on Facebook.

      With all these platforms striving to take the place of owned blog, is becoming increasing a matter of concern and future to really think about.

      Thanks Marco, nice sharing.

    • Excellent article Marko,

      I have investigated the newly released Instant Articles. It requires a bunch of work on implementation at this point, but it’s still new and I’m sure will get easier as time goes on and this matures a bit.


    • When you say that Facebook is always changing, you are absolutely correct.

      In order for Facebook to survive and constantly be at the top in terms of visitors and users, they have to keep up with the times and put their best efforts forward when it comes to want the visitors want.

      The information that you have provided is very interesting to know. I did not know that post reach was at an all time high.

      Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Marko,

      There are lots of things on the table for Facebook marketers. The earlier these tools are explored the better for all.

      At the time of writing this comment, the Facebook’s changes discussed in this post have garnered exploration and exploitation, and many do have experienced changes – whether good or bad.

      However, the action points you have mentioned remains ever green for future Facebook marketers!

    • Hi Marko,

      I am commenting after many months of the publication of this month. T

      he truth is that Facebook reactions, live streaming, and Instant Articles have come to be in 2016.

      However, the fact remains that while Reactions and Live streaming have been embraced, Instant articles is yet to be focal point of traffic generation for online businesses!

    • Hey Marko,

      Readers of this article should takeaway the action points you suggested at the end. They are practical and would result in better Facebook marketing.

      However, before engaging in any of these, it is important to define the audience who are probably going to benefit from the reactions, streaming, and Instant articles!

    • A lot of things is bringing changes to Facebook. All are geared towards ensuring improved engagement.

      Reaction buttons, Instant Articles, and live streaming are some of those things that are bring changes today.

      In 2016, these have been the dominant changes. Many businesses have gained better traction with them.

      However, the future is what matters, and adaptation to what is right will increase acceptance!

    • Hey Marko,

      You are right about this: “Reactions are changing the way people respond to your content, live streaming is being prioritized in the news feeds, video ads are getting captioned automatically, and Instant Articles are going live…’

      Social media and Facebook marketers must embrace these changes to ensure a more powerful campaign.

      Reactions buttons have really changed the way Facebook marketing is carried out!

    • Up till today, Facebook is still launching and introducing features for users. These not only help to increase engagement, they also help marketers make more money with the platform.

      What matters is that any change that is introduced must be compared and practiced to ensure success.

    • Hi Marko,

      Indeed, the action points you have shared must be followed. These highlights what to do with Reactions, Live Streaming, Instant articles and the rest on Facebook.

      The links, tools and resources you have shared in this post are very vital. They instantly help to buttress the facts of this post!

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