What Do You Think About Marketing’s Magic Bullet?



Do you believe there is a marketing magic bullet? A lot of people do.

Hundreds of “consultants” make millions of dollars each year teaching seminars and boot camps, and selling newsletters about marketing’s magic bullet – that one simple thing you can do to fill up your register with virtually no effort on your part.

People buy this tripe because they want “simple” and “no effort” ways to move their business forward.

All those magic bullet consultants are wrong. I have the secret and I am going to share it, but you won’t be happy about it.

My marketing magic bullet: focus, discipline and consistency. Yes, my magic bullet involves some work on your part.

Focus requires you to define your audiences, learn about their behavior, and then provide relevant and believable information, communicated in an original, impactful fashion.

Discipline necessitates developing a marketing plan and implementing it aggressively. Your plan must also include a sales element. I know businesses that market and then just expect clients to flock to them with wallets in hand. Unfortunately for these businesses, it requires some effort on their part. Sorry, no passive income.

Finally, we come to consistency. This means implementing your program even after you are tired of it. And don’t change your message and marketing tactics on a whim. The race goes to the marathon man, not the sprinter.

Some other smart people agree with me. Business Coach Brent Dees says, “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. If you focus, you can accomplish your goals.” Friend Bill Loeffler used to tell clients, “We can’t do everything. Let’s pick three marketing tactics and do them right.”

Remember: focus, discipline and consistency. Unlike those other consultants, I won’t bill you for that magic bullet. Lock and load.

So, do you agree? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. 


  1. Hi Harry,
    I like the words from Brent Dees: “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. If you focus, you can accomplish your goals.”

    This sure gives us idea that we can become experts in what we do. The magic bullet is our ability to master our focus. In marketing, this applies.

    Yes, focus, discipline and consistency are pure elements of the effective marketing magic bullet. I couldn’t agree with you more!

  2. Hi Harry,
    Hmm! I am locking and loading, and thanks for not charging us for the marketing magic bullet you have provided.

    Its awesome and we are grateful about for giving us FREELY unlike the consultants!

    Now back to the subject. Marketing’s magic bullet depends on who is speaking and what is working.

    There are different factors that lead to the success of different marketers but there are basic success principles that bind them.

    This is where focus, discipline and consistency comes to play. Indeed, this is magic bullet that can work for any grade or marketer.

    Focus is all about setting goals, discipline means sticking with the plans to achieve the goals, and consistency reflects the patience that must be exercised when things are not even working well from the onset.

    The marketing’s magic bullet is not easy to come by nor implement, but focus and concentration will see the marketer succeed.
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  3. Hi Harry,

    Very thought-provoking discussion. 😉

    I live by the principle that nothing can be achieved without effort. At least a little of it. Even “passive income” from affiliate, book sales, product sales, etc. requires effort, because you can’t get customers without marketing, and a whole lot of it.

    I agree that focus, discipline and consistency are foundations of good marketing. When we start losing the track and we go out of schedule, the whole plan falls and it’s tough getting back to it, because we lose potential subscribers/customers/readers/followers in the meantime.

    With my poor health these months, I know I’ve fallen in the “tough” area; now working to get back to it, but it’s difficult (and my health is still a mess).

    Going to write down a new plan, one that I can follow with my current conditions. 🙂

    ~ Luana

  4. The marketing’s magic bullet resides in the eyes of the marketer. Permit me to state it this way.

    A marketer will succeed according to the level of information at his/her disposal and by the level of implementation made to achieve success.

    Focus is key in success and it sure provides the marketer with the skill and ability to conquer distractions and discouragements.

    I agree with your take that focus, discipline and consistency is that magic bullet required by the marketer!

  5. Hello Harry!

    A marketing magic bullet! I am sure this is something we thought was possible and have looked for! Yikes I spent the first 3 years online searching for that bullet, and guess what happened?

    Hehe YOU Guessed it! Just like your bad news you shared!

    The MARKETING MAGIC BULLET IS Focus, Discipline and YES Consistency, just as you have explained.

    Nothing will happen without all three of these.

    Great Share.


    Chery :))
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  6. Harry,

    I fully agree. In the “making money online” industry there are a lot of people that have the BSO syndrome (Bright and Shiny Objects). They pay thousands of dollars for products that promise them the world and promise them everything they DON’T have to do:

    (“- No website needed
    – No list needed
    – Etc.”)

    This makes people think there is something like a magic bullet that will make them rich. However, you know that’s not the truth.

    I fully agree with you, Harry. Focus, Discipline and Consistency are the REAL keys to success. But since these things take time, people think it doesn’t work.

    Jeff Olsen said it well: “Everything that’s easy to do is also easy NOT to do”.

    It’s easy to write every day. It’s easy to eat healthily. It’s easy to work out 3 times a week. But because it doesn’t hurt to skip these things once, we think it doesn’t matter. However, you add it up to a lifetime, this actually becomes the difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

    Great topic you brought up here, Harry. Thanks for sharing.

    – Jasper
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  7. Hey Harry,

    So, you’re telling me that the $800 “done for you” letter stuffing plan is not going to make me $20,000 a day like that pretty girl in the ads claims?

    Our culture likes the story of the underdog. That is why we see veteran Internet and affiliate marketers who join a new company and rise through the ranks, get applauded like they did it all in just 5 days.

    This gives those truly new marketers a glimmer of hope, but it also contributes to the lottery mentality that many new online business owners have. That lottery mentality is why the magic bullet will never go away.

    I am sure that everyone who comes to Kingged.com is aware that there are no short cuts and your magic bullet of focus, discipline and consistency is a long and difficult path.

    Well, long compared to actually winning the lottery.

    When I think of a magic bullet I think of something that is as easy as pulling a trigger, so I do not think that focus, discipline, and consistency are the magic bullet of marketing success.

    But, I do think that focus, discipline and consistency are the “secret” to marketing success.

    And there are so many “secrets” that we as marketers can share with the fresh crowd that are just as impactful and profitable as a “magic bullet”.

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  8. Hi Harry!

    I love that man!

    F.D.C. – focus, discipline and consistency!! 😉

    I totally agree with you here.

    And I think most people today are just getting way too used to getting things “On Demand” – since technology is evolving so rapidly in our planet.

    “If it requires a lot of time and work – forget about it!!….”

    That is what most people would say in the back of their minds when approaching this industry. It is unfortunate but very true!

    I love the tips you are giving here!

    Laser Focusing is very important to get the tasks done correctly.

    Discipline is BIG one as well!

    Especially Self-Discipline, you know! 😉

    You GOTTA build up the will power to just do what you need to do – and do it in VERY Consistently.

    You need to turn your “Wants” into “Musts” – as Tony Robbins would say. 😉

    When you shift your mindset from “wanting to accomplish a goal” to “you must accomplish a goal” – everything changes from there!

    It is really a simple SETTLED decision!

    Write down your long term goals in life and work on them like your entire life depended on them – because it most likely does!

    Thank you for sharing such value with us, Harry!! 😀

    Keep up the great work yourself!

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  9. Hey Harry,

    I definitely agree with you!

    But I do believe that adding simplicity and awareness completes the puzzle.

    When it comes to marketing you have to be focused, disciplined, and consistent if you want to get anywhere.

    There’s always going to be distractions that’s going to throw you off course, which is why it works to your advantage to have some type of schedule.

    As far as simplicity and awareness goes, from my own experience, you want to make sure that your marketing plan isn’t so convoluted and time-consuming. Even in this case it can be a big challenge to keep progressing.

    With awareness you want to be cognizant of your results by using analytic tools, social share counts, comments, etc… This will tell you what’s working and what’s not.

    You also want to be aware of what your audience is really interested in which falls under your definition of Focus.

    To be honest with you, the only time that you’ll find a marketing magic bullet is when you’re already established.

    That’s when you can take on different business opportunities and become financially successful within a short time in a lot of cases.
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  10. Hi Harry

    I certainly agree with you.

    I would say I always saw attitude as my golden bullet. Attitude controls our lives.

    When you ask me what you can achieve with the right attitude, my answer would be that it will achieve very little without focus, discipline and consistency.

    Attitude without focus is to be prepared for the battle but the enemy is nowhere in sight.

    Without disciplne attitude is nothing but arrogance and without consistency it is something that once brought you some success for a fleeting moment.

    For every bullet, even a golden one – there must be a target. The net is such a big place and targets are hard to spot. I think one of the greatest challenges in Internet marketing is to find that perfect target. If you fire blindly your bullet will lose its gold along the way.

    Once you find it you are bound to succeed. Success has a way of turning discipline into a habit and consistency into one of life’s little pleasures.

    If success continues to be elusive, it may just be that your aim is not as true as it should be. Then it may be time to re-focus and continue your hunt with discipline and consistency.

    Good points. Thanks for posting.
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  11. Hi Harry,

    Hmm! on the lighter side, it is good you are not billing us for this “magic bullet”. 😀 I( we) appreciate you for this favor! 😉

    Well, you are right that focus, discipline and consistency is the magic bullet you are recommending!

    I love what you say about the consistency:

    “… implementing your program even after you are tired of it. And don’t change your message and marketing tactics on a whim. The race goes to the marathon man, not the sprinter.”

  12. Hey Harry,

    A combined implementation of focus, discipline and consistency is sure to make every marketer gain traction and achieve results.

    I love the clarity of your presentation about this ‘magic bullet’ and I couldn’t agree with you more on the details!

  13. Hi Harry,

    Thanks for sharing this revealing post. Unfortunately, many are marketers or newbies are carried away by the perks of online business but never really get to mind what it takes to succeed.

    Focusing on the wrong niche and the wrong strategy is cause for failure. Nevertheless, staying focus and doing what is needed is guarantee for success.

    Looking for magic bullet as a marketer is not cool but doing what is needed to be done is more productive!

  14. Hi Harry,

    Thanks for providing this revealing detail on what ‘magic bullet’ could actually mean to marketers.

    There is lots of deceptions online and many marketers are gullible enough to fall victim of scam!

    Realistically, the idea of focus, discipline and consistency as the ‘magic bullet’ needed for success is true. Thanks for sharing this piece!

  15. Hi Harry,

    Thanks for this awesome post. It reminds marketers that “all that glitters is not not gold” with making money online.

    Caution is the watch word and hard work must follow!

    Looking for the magic bullet is tempting but every online marketer can always create their own ‘magic’.

    Thanks for taking time to explain the concepts of focus, discipline and consistency. The details makes the entire process actionable!

  16. Hello Harry

    I can add something that I have just been listening to from Darren Hardy. He suggests determining your 3 strategic priorities; the three things that you can do in your business that you especially are good at at that have the most impact. Then to eliminate all the other things that take up attention and focus on getting ‘world class’ on those three things.

    Thanks for your post Harry