Yes, you can make money with VPS, if you know how.

Thankfully reading this article will let you in on as many as 25 best ways and tips on making money with VPS.



According to Merriam Webster, 455 new words were added to the dictionary in 2021.

Some of those new words included de-platform, superspreader, digital nomad, and more.

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It is sometimes difficult to keep up with all of the changes that occur in our world and the words that capture these changes.

A significant area in which our language is evolving at a rapid pace in the area of technology.

Words such as modem, bytes, virtual reality, and much more can sometimes create confusion and be a little bit overwhelming for the average computer user.

Another acronym is VPS.

This acronym stands for virtual personal server and not only is an option for an individual computer to take advantage of but also makes money in the process through a variety of strategies.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money With VPS


1. Know all about What VPS is

VPS is an acronym that stands for a Virtual Private Server.

In “computerize” a server is a separate dynamic computer that stores all of the data and the various files that comprise your website.

Add in the power of virtual technology and this provides the ability or option of dividing the one powerful server into various other servers that are virtual.

I suppose it can be likened to taking a whole pie and dividing it up into separate pieces.

The server is the whole pie and your particular piece of the pie is yours and yours alone. The VPS or piece of the pie is reserved especially for you and there is no sharing of any data, random access memory, or CPU with any other users.


2. Know What VPS Does

Even though you are sharing the physical server with other users, the aspect of being virtual provides you with your own private server and provides the full range and benefits of a separate server.

This means that your files are not mingled with other users on the operating system level and your website is self-contained and provides guaranteed resources.


3. Benefits

The benefit of taking advantage of a virtual private server is that you are allocated your own particular compartment or space.

You, therefore, have your own distinct and separate operating system, storage that is dedicated for only your use, powerful CPU, Ram that is scalable, and bandwidth that is unlimited.

In other words, with a VPS, you are getting the full advantage of dedicated service but at an economical price.


4. When

The question may arise as to know at what point a switch to VPS is needed.

Some indicators that this decision should be made include

  • Security concerns
  • High traffic
  • Slow performance
  • You operate an online store
  • Customer software needs to be installed
  • Server errors
  • Other indicators


5. Buy From Right Provider

As with anything else, it is important to conduct your own research and find out what a provider offers the best service as it relates to pricing, customer service, the features you need, etc.

Often, a service provider that offers VPS can be defined into separate categories.

Those two separate categories are self-managed or managed.

The significant difference between the two is if you are having any issues, a managed program will provide that service for you.

While if you are having issues but are aware of how to resolve those issues then the self-managed VPS service may be indicated.

Other factors to consider when comparing VPS services are:

  • Reliability
  • Ensuring that the package you select is compatible with your operating system
  • Offering the latest in Hardware
  • Quality customer service
  • Backup


6. PTP

PTP stands for paid to promote.

The income that you can realize through this process is by running traffic exchange on your virtual private server both day and night which involves promoting a special link.

The potential rate of pay for impressions is two dollars per 1000 impressions.


7. Selling Accounts

Money can also be earned through your VPS by running Otohits or HitLeap.

These sites are defined as a traffic exchange system that allows you to surf the web automatically and earn points.

The points can be used to promote your own website traffic or any other links.

Both of these provide views that are of high quality.

By making a couple of accounts, you can earn minutes/points on them and can sell them for money.

This can be accomplished with any traffic exchange.

Some of those traffic exchanges could be

  • 10kHits
  • WebSyndic


8. Reselling

Reselling is another option to earn income through your VPS.

If considering this option, it is best to buy VPS in bulk so that you can maximize and generate substance significant profits.

Reselling involves the purchasing of VPS at the right price and then making a profit when sold.

For example, if you bought VPS for four dollars in one month you can resell it easily for a higher price and make back the money that you invested.


9. Hosting

Another way to make money through your virtual private server is to host game servers.

When hosting these games, it is important to realize that a considerable amount of random access memory is utilized.


10. Botting

Writing different types of bots is another way to earn money through your VPS.

The advantage of running different types of bots is that they can be engaged in the background while other processes are being performed.

Utilizing this option does not directly profit you but you can run traffic exchanges.

A bot is an abbreviated way of saying robot and is a computer program that simulates the activity of an agent for a program or the impression of human activity.

Bots are normally used in automation to perform certain tasks and do not need human involvement.



11. Proxy

If you are not paying a significant amount of money for your VPS another way that you can earn money and utilize any spare bandwidth would be to run software to use the VPS as a proxy or VPN.

The proxy could be sold for additional dollars and would be a good use of the bandwidth that is not being utilized.


12. Mining

As part of earning money, you can integrate your VPS with cryptocurrency.

This is a possibility, but it is important to realize that some VPS providers don’t allow this process known as mining.

Mining can be considered an abuse of CPU and your VPS may crash because of it.

You should verify to determine whether your VPS supports mining.


13. Hacking

The process of hacking will not earn you money directly.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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This hacking is done by a fraction of people who take payment to attempt to crack a password and run a program called brute force on their VPSs

If approached to utilize this process, it is important to take all things into consideration and approach very cautiously and realistically.

This may get your VPS closed.


14. Tutorials

Another way that you can earn money through your VPS is by contributing to tutorials.

If you have significant knowledge about VPS, you can write for the entire community and submit to a site such as and receive credits for your contribution and teaching.


15. Ask Questions

Inquiring minds want to know and if you have something interesting regarding a question or a topic that happens to be trending in the community, you can earn credits.

When members through the VPS server deem your question as worthwhile, they will comment and judge your questions and may earn you credits.


16. Hosting Game Servers

A possibility of utilizing your VPS to earn money is to host game servers.

One of those games is Minecraft and you can get paid by allowing your server to be utilized.

It is important to realize that to be involved in this process requires a lot of RAM and therefore may impact your VPS.


17. Sell VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network that provides security for an Internet user to receive data across a broad array of public networks and gives the impression that their computing devices are directly connected to a private network.

With a VPS you can sell VPN to your clients through a dedicated server.

This is one of the more powerful ways to make money with a dedicated server as individuals always wish to protect their privacy by utilizing a variety of methods especially the use of a VPN.


18. Sell Backup Server

Through your VPS you can offer for sale storage in which individuals and companies can back up their data.

This would be a great service for customers as they can access their stored information from any place and any device at any time.

Also, if you use a program such as RAID on your storage, the data loss will be minimized.

RAID is a data storage process for virtualization technology that actually blends together various physical drives into one unit.

This would be a good strategy for others as they will have multiple areas in which their data has been stored.


19. Macros

An option to earn money through your VPS is through the use of macros.

Macros are the actual utility that is utilized on Microsoft Excel.

Macros will provide you with points as well as sell the account on any marketplace.


20. HitLeap

Running HitLeap on your VPS may generate hits on the website.

HitLeap is a service that facilitates traffic exchange and is primarily utilized to promote website traffic for its customers.

Although this service may be effective, there is controversy swirling around its use and therefore you should research the process of using the service to see if it is something that you wish to be affiliated with.


21. FTP Servers

Through your VPS, you can create FTP servers.

FTP stands for facilitating file transfers.

By creating an FTP server you can upload or download files and when the files are uploaded they can be transferred from a personal computer to the server.

You can monetize this process with customers who wish to utilize this process.

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22. Referral

You can earn money simply by referring somebody to look at a VPS option.

One of those participating in the VPS sites is

By signing up with their affiliate site and being accepted, you get a tracking link that you can place on your site and anyone who clicks and signs up for the service will earn you $85.


23. Share Knowledge

Through you can earn points by sharing your knowledge.

This knowledge can be shared by providing tutorials and answers to questions from the broad spectrum of the VPS community through social media platforms.


24. Blog

For a number of individuals, VPS territory is unknown.

To help an individual understand VPS services and what they can do for them as well as others and earn money in the process is by creating a blog.

You can write articles or create blog entries on this subject and help individuals to learn and become more knowledgeable.

The potential of earning money through blogging could be realized through your follower’s support, an affiliate advertising and possibly gaining a sponsor.


25. Products

On your website, you can take advantage of companies and businesses that wish to market their product.

You can display advertisements on your site and with this being a server, you get to choose which promotions are of interest to you and that you want to be part of your site.


Personal Story

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All that to say is that before we can understand the words that are used in our communication, we need to know what the words mean.



How Secure is a VPS?

A VPS can be as secure as a server that is privately dedicated.

Of course, there are steps that you need to take and implement in order to make the VPS system as secure as possible.

There are a number of articles and various video presentations on how to best secure your VPS system.


Does a VPS Have a Specifically Assigned IP Address?

Yes, a VPS comes with a specifically dedicated IPv4 address.

This is not to be confused with a NAT IP and if this is what your provider states that they will provide them this is not a dedicated IP.


You Can Do It

Real money can be made through your virtual private server.

These possible suggestions and more can be offered to others as well as actions that you can take to teach others about this private server opportunity and share a piece of the server pie.



There are so many new concepts and words associated with these concepts in the ever-changing world of technology.

In addition to these new features and services that are designed to improve our technology experience comes the opportunity of monetizing these added technological dimensions and helping us to earn even more money.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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