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What if everything you needed to know was in the palm of your hand?

Such is the world of palmistry in which, supposedly, you can look at the palm of an individual and tell a number of things about their life.

For a woman, it is the right hand that you are born with, and the left hand is what you’ve accumulated in your life and for the male the exact opposite is supposedly true.

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There are lines on the hand that indicate:

  • The heart line
  • The headline
  • The lifeline
  • The Fate line

In addition, to holding your entire life in the palm of your hand with palmistry what if your technology also could be completely held in the palm of your hand?

Welcome to the world of Raspberry Pi in which your computer can be held in the palm of your hand and can function and have the capabilities of a larger computer unit.

How cool is that in which not only have your computing capabilities contained in such a small unit, but the price is equally small as well.

Speaking of money let us look at ways that we can monetize Raspberry Pi.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money With Raspberry


1. Know all about Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a low-cost computer and is about the size of a credit card.

It has the capability of being plugged into a computer monitor or TV and also utilizes a standard keyboard and mouse.


2. Purpose

Raspberry Pi is the perfect computer for an individual to utilize when exploring the basics of computing and possibly being their first computer.

It is designed and has been constructed for people of all ages.


3. Capabilities

Raspberry Pi has the functionality and capability of performing as if it was a desktop computer.

Those capabilities include browsing the internet, playing video, utilizing software packages to create spreadsheets, create Word documents and playing games.


4. Twitter Bots

As it relates to social media platforms, Raspberry Pi can be a good tool to use to send automated messages.

Through Raspberry Pi, you can connect with Twitter’s API and accomplish that goal.

A Twitter Bot can be utilized for $25 a week and can be a great way utilizing Raspberry Pi to increase your following.


5. Retropie

A retro gaming system is known as Retropie.

This hardware facilitates the ability for individuals to play old video games that they played when growing up.

Due to the vastness of the video game market, this is a good idea to utilize Raspberry Pi not only to be effective for others but if you are into gaming yourself.

Through Raspberry Pi, you can build frameworks for video games, and this will present an opportunity to earn money.

Many of the Retropies are sold directly on such sites as Amazon and can be sold at cost close to $250.


6. Smart Home Devices

Many families have chosen to create smart homes in which everything is interconnected and can be accessed through verbal commands or through scheduling.

Security systems, lighting, even our refrigerators can be interconnected and be classified as smart home environment.

However, this can be an expensive venture as hubs need to be purchased which could include Google Home or Amazon Alexa hubs.

Therefore, a way that you can control your smart home devices and customize your home is through Raspberry Pi.

This can be done in your own personal home or can be marketed to a broader consumer audience.


7. Desktop Computers

An entire desktop computer can be created through an inexpensive Raspberry Pi.

If you have the knowledge and expertise, you can create an entire desktop computer by utilizing a basic Raspberry Pi computer and earn money as you combine multiple hardware parts together to make a PC that is similar to other products on the market but utilizes the inexpensive Raspberry Pi.

You could create these PCs for yourself or for others and sell them.

Certainly, it would not have the same brand name recognition, but many PCs can cost $1,000 or more and by utilizing this Raspberry Pi process you can sell a quality PC to others for a significantly less amount.


8. Security System

The security and safety of homeowners is increasing to the point where the residents are purchasing expensive video monitoring hardware and associated software.

You could set these systems up using Raspberry Pi and charge people for the process that would be a much more cost-effective method of providing security for the home.


9. Make Tutorials

If you are fairly familiar with Raspberry Pi, you could make tutorials about this palm size computer, its power, and effectiveness, etc.

You could create written how to’s in order to instruct individuals on how to incorporate the system as if it was your larger PC.

You could make these tutorials available through your social media sites or on a tutoring website such as


10. Blog

A way that you might be able to earn money is by blogging about Raspberry Pi.

You can set up your blogging website on a host site such as

Your blog site could be about Raspberry Pi, how it can be utilized in a number of ways, talk about its capability, etc.

Monetization of your blog site could come through financial support from your followers, affiliate advertising, and possibly a sponsor.


11. Web Host

There are millions of web pages on the internet.

These websites need to be hosted somehow and you could provide this service by creating your own web hosting platform and charge individuals for this service.

Raspberry Pi would be the perfect opportunity and technology to make this happen and you could charge anywhere from $15 to $20 a month.


12. Make a TV Smart

On the market today are televisions that are classified as Smart TVs.

Many homes have these TVs and many homes do not.

A great way to make an ordinary TV into a smart TV could be through Raspberry Pi and then sell that technology to people with older TVs so that they can have a television set that’s updated

These TV devices are on the market today and sell for about $50 but you could create this technology to make this happen for people with older TVs and charge less.


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13. Wireless Extenders

On the market today our devices known as wireless extenders.

They can be placed in various parts of the home to help the individuals using the internet to boost the signal and provide better wireless service.

These wireless extenders for Wi-Fi could be created through Raspberry Pi and then you could sell these devices to individuals who live in larger homes and need the boosting of their internet service to reach all areas of the home.


14. VPN Server

A virtual private network or a VPN server is in great demand today as people are looking more and more to keep their privacy intact.

With a Raspberry Pi, you could earn money by utilizing the device on individual’s current technology computers and laptops, and make extra money for this VPN service.

A ballpark figure for a monthly charge could be around $13.

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15. Picture Frames

Individuals today have discovered picture frames that are technology based and provide a ongoing pictorial review of family members, special events, etc. where the digital photographs can be incorporated.

These devices can be pricey and therefore through Raspberry Pi you can make these customizable picture frames more affordable


16. Tablet

Tablets are a great way of having the technology at your fingertip and also incorporate portability and mobility of your technology experience.

With some programming skills, you could make Raspberry Pi, with a few extra pieces of hardware, into your own tablet and also make this available by selling it to other individuals who might be interested.


17. Smart Mirror

Smart mirrors range in a variety of sizes and are actually mirrors in which a person can see their reflection, but they are labeled as smart because of all of the unique features that they offer.

By utilizing Raspberry Pi and added hardware and with your advanced programming skills you could utilize this small computer to create smart mirrors.

When you think that these smart mirrors can sell for more than $1,000, there’s some significant potential for you to earn some money utilizing Raspberry Pi.


18. Mine Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is gaining traction as a virtual currency and a way that you can be part of this process and earn money is through mining.

Through your Raspberry Pi, you can earn extra money by being part of the mining process of cryptocurrency which involves the validation of blockchain transactions.

With your Raspberry Pi board, the creation of a Bitcoin wallet, a few other things, and a compatible SD card you can be a Bitcoin miner.


19. Create Useful Items

One of the standard ways to make money with Raspberry Pi is to utilize your imagination and use the board to create items that are useful, inexpensive, and can be sold online or offline.

Many individuals want ready-made things that they can just simply put to use and this is a service that you could provide at a cost.


20. Reviews

An opportunity to earn money is to provide your opinion as it relates to Raspberry Pi and write reviews.

Utilizing your experience as a Raspberry Pi enthusiast, you can write about your entire process and publish it on your own blog or work with other individuals and be invited to participate on reviewing technology on their particular blog site.

Followers will most likely be gained and upon reading your review and your opinions will possibly support you in your endeavor.


21. Reseller

Another consideration in earning money off of Raspberry Pi boards and their accessories is for you to contact the manufacturer or you can sell the various products associated with this small technology device as a third-party seller on sites such as Amazon or eBay.


22. Write a Book

Another opportunity to take your knowledge of Raspberry Pi and make money is to write an eBook.

You could talk in the book about how the technology was developed, its practical uses, how it can be expanded in using other items connected to it, etc.

An eBook can be self-published and you can go through the website of


23. Social Media

Another great way to create interest in the Raspberry Pi is to take to your social media websites and promote the device.

You could upload short videos, talk about its effectiveness and power that is placed in the palm of your hand, Etc.

The possibility of earning money would be to have individuals want you to help utilize this device or you could direct them to your website.


24. Gaming Console

Raspberry Pi can be utilized as a dedicated server and in doing so, you can make that server a gaming console.

The reality is that you can create a number of servers using the Raspberry Pi boards and host client websites as a service and make money in the process.

Also, the Raspberry Pi is perfect for making consoles for retro gaming.

These consoles can be set up commercially and can run a game shop for you to realize some revenue.


25. YouTube Channel

If you have a fairly good knowledge about Raspberry Pi you could create a YouTube channel that is devoted specifically to this small computer.

You could demonstrate it use through your video presentation, ways that you have utilized the device in creating other technology products, and other features that this computer can offer and be utilized for.

Money can come through your followers and their support of your channel as well as affiliate advertising, and sponsorships


Personal Story

I remember how excited I was when I purchased my first computer.

We were visiting my wife’s daughter and son-in-law and he asked if I wanted to go to a local electronics computer warehouse and of course I jumped at the opportunity.

While we were there, he asked if I wanted to buy a computer and I said absolutely.

Thinking that we would just buy a computer that was already put together along with the monitor, he opted to convince me to go to a different route.

We ended up buying the tower, the motherboard, the graphic cards, the fan, the monitor and other peripherals and ended up assembling the computer ourselves by putting all of the components together that were contained in the shopping cart.

It was pretty exciting to see all of those components interconnecting with each other and when it was all done, the excitement of connecting the power cord and when plugged in the computer come to life.

Now to think that all of the cumbersome components that it took to bring a functioning computer to life and contained in a large shopping cart can now be all placed in the palm of our hand.


Earn Money with Raspberry Pi FAQs


Why is This Small Palm Size Computer Called Raspberry Pi?

The small technological device was called Raspberry Pi because many other companies had taken the name of a fruit to provide a name or a label for their technology.

For example, Apple, Apricot, etc.


Who Invented the Raspberry Pi?

The creator of the Raspberry Pi is Eben Upton.


You Can Do It

Although the Raspberry Pi is inexpensive, it can provide great returns and provide the individual opportunities to earn money through its use.

The money earned can be as flavorful as the name of the computer.



In the mystic study of palmistry, the palm is important as it relates to an individual’s life, future, and longevity of life.

Although, in the world of computing, not as dramatic, the importance of the palm of an individual’s hand is important because the power of technology and computing can all be placed in that small open area of one’s hand.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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