Yes, you can really make money with Procreate!

This article reveals exactly 25 best ways and tips to really help you make money with Procreate.


Why Make Money With Procreate?

It wasn’t too long ago for an artist to practice their artistic talent of drawing several tools and supplies to put their creative drawings on a canvas would be needed.

Part of the artistic process was the need for an easel to support the canvas, a variety of paintbrushes, a broad spectrum of colors placed on a palette, and all coupled with the artist’s imagination to bring forth their masterpiece.

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Today, all those items are still needed but can be carried conveniently in one hand and self-contained on the iPad of an individual.

Specifically, the software that can be downloaded only for iPad users is known as Procreate and this powerful software can bring to life the vividness, creativity, and vibrancy of the artistic imagination of the artist there on the iPad screen.

The result of utilizing this software, for many, is the creation of something beautiful.

As a result, there is an opportunity for an individual who utilizes the software to earn money by offering their creations their artistic talent for sale through several processes, websites, and other ways of making money through this powerful software.


Personal Story

Growing up in the Midwest our Sunday afternoons were often very quiet with various members of our family doing different types of things that they enjoyed but all huddled together in the dining area or front room of our home.

Some family members would like to read, and other family members would read the newspaper and drink coffee, etc.

I remember that we would sometimes go through fads and one of the fads was the purchase of paint by numbers sets.

Although I tried my hand at one of the sets, horseheads, I soon found myself impatient at the time it took and matching the right paint with the right number on the canvas.

However, my sister was another story.

She purchased a large paint by number set that depicted a part of New England during the fall.

Methodically and patiently she painted every number with the appropriate color.

My parents were so proud of her work and dedication to that painting that it became a permanent fixture in our homes and always had a prominent place over the couch.

One can only imagine what someone like that could’ve done if they had had access to Procreate.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help You Make Money With Procreate


1. Know More About Procreate

Procreate is an app that is only available for iPads and is a significant application that artists and creative professionals can use to create graphic designs.

In addition, to creating graphic designs, Procreate has the powerful capabilities of helping an individual formulate beautifully illustrated sketches, produce rich paintings, utilize gorgeous illustrations, and also design vibrant animations.

The app has a robust set of tools including a variety of different brushes, pencils, charcoals, inks, etc.


2. Blog

A way that you can monetize the use of Procreate is to develop your blog about everything that this app can provide for the individual to demonstrate their artistic talent.

The blog can talk about your love affair with this app, what you have done with that to bring about creative designs and pictures, how you have sold items on various websites, provide a tutorial through the blog, etc.

You can earn money through your blog by having your followers support you on your efforts and what you are teaching them, obtain affiliate advertising, and even possibly gain a sponsor for your blog site.

You can set up a blog site by going to


3. YouTube

Another possibility of earning money based on your mastery of Procreate is to start a YouTube channel about Procreate and its use.

You can provide many tutorials including basic instruction and move on through intermediary and advanced learning.

Possible monetary support could be provided by your supporters and followers of your YouTube channel, by offering premium content and charging a subscription, affiliate advertising, or obtaining a sponsor.

The YouTube channel can visually demonstrate how to go through the creation of various pictures and graphics and help the viewer to familiarize themselves with all of the available tools.


4. Know How Much You Can Make

In essence, using Procreate is the equivalent of an artist or graphic designer who creates various artistic projects.

Therefore, if you were to look at the hourly rate for a graphic designer or an artist, that is the ballpark figure that you would be able to charge with the use of Procreate.

Therefore, a ballpark figure for a graphic designer ranges anywhere from $24.48 up to $35.82 depending upon your geographical location.

Of course, you may have to charge what the market can bear.


5. Lettering Projects

One particular way that you can make money with Procreate is through lettering projects.

A lettering project is defined as the selling of hand-lettered work on actual physical pieces of paper.

For example, if you wanted to capture a motivational quote and use a particular font, you could create that on the Procreate app and give it the appearance of being an actual hand-lettered quote or other writing on a piece of paper.

The added benefit is that all of the colors can be changed along with the font style to give the look and feel that you wish to have expressed in sharing that particular quote.


6. Create Graphics

The app also allows for the creation of graphics.

This can be extremely useful to businesses that are looking for special ways to make their brands stand out and make them visually appealing to their customers.

Consequently, a business may hire you to create these graphics and even possibly create a logo for their company.


7. Artwork

With this powerful app, you can also create significant pieces of artwork that can be an artistic rendering of people, places, events, etc.

For example, if you have a pet in the household you can draw a portrait of that pet and when completed, you can show your family and friends who may choose to support you in your creative endeavor.

You may even have the opportunity to make money selling the portrait of your household pet to others who are pet lovers as well.


8. Educate

As you become more engaged with Procreate and more proficient, you will have the opportunity to teach what you have learned to others.

This teaching can be done by creating tutorials and providing them on various websites.

One of those websites where you can post your tutorial is or you could also think about creating an eBook and publishing it through Kindle.


9. Create Fonts

Another great feature of Procreate is the possibility of creating your fonts.

Within the software, there is the functionality of font making and there are various online courses that you could take to learn how to do this.

Once the font has been created it then can be imported into the font-making software on your computer.


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10. Website  

Being proficient at Procreate, you can also create your website.

The website does not need to be extensive or advanced but simply a landing page in which individuals can view some of your drawings and what you have accomplished through this software.

Other features that you can incorporate into your website are testimonials of customers that you have helped and their endorsement of your service.


11. Social Media

Of course, it is important to not forget about the impact of your social media platforms as a way of presenting what you can do and bring to others through this software provided on the iPad.

You can post your work and establish business accounts and then through these platforms provide a marketing strategy to promote your business.

The sites could include videos of you at work and creating projects, how this can happen for them as well, and your willingness to provide this business service.


12. Virtual Store

Once you have created your projects, it is important to know that you can offer these items online through virtual retail stores.

One such website would be eBay which will allow you to post your creativity and showcase some of the designs that you have created using Procreate.



13. Commission

As people enjoy your artwork more and more and see your creative style and realize that you have an attention to detail, they may commission you to do a certain piece of artwork or portrait.

For example, they may have an idea in mind and want you to expand on that idea and create it for them.


14. Limited Editions

Another way you can use Procreate to create revenue is to design a beautiful piece and make it a limited edition.

For example, a particular portrait or design that you have created is extremely intense as it relates to the work involved.

You could make the item a limited edition item, and indicate to customers that only 10 have been created and are numbered and signed by you as the artist.

This may have added value for the individual knowing that they are the owner of such a beautiful designed item and only a certain amount are available.


15. Shopify – Print on Demand

Another website that you can register on and offer your designs and your creative work online is Shopify.

Shopify also offers a virtual store experience for individuals and it is just a matter of uploading the designs so that individuals can shop and select those designs that resonate with them.


16. Sell Through Red Bubble

Another website is Redbubble which facilitates the opening of a virtual branded storefront that will help you to sell some of the items that you have created.

When a customer buys a design of yours and wishes to put that design on another product they can do that through this website.

Click here for more ways of making money selling on RedBubble.


17. Sell As Patterns

Being the creative individual that you are, you can also create templates or patterns that can be sold where the individual can just follow what you have created and personalize it with their uniqueness and individuality.


18. Etsy

The use of Etsy is determined to be a good middle area between having the company print on demand and hosting your website.

Through Etsy, you have the opportunity to take advantage of significant traffic brought to your site, but the beauty is that artists have more control of their processes as it relates to profit and production


19. Patreon

A way for your followers and supporters to provide monetary support for you is through a platform known as Patreon.

This is a platform that is comprised of entertainers, artists, influencers, etc. and often a supporter will express their appreciation for work that is done by these individuals and provide monetary support in appreciation for the products or services that are provided.


20. Teaching

Outside of the blog and YouTube platform is another opportunity for teaching which can be accomplished through several websites.

One of those websites that you can provide a tutoring opportunity for others or teaching would include

Also, through your social media platforms, you can set up conferencing through such telecommunication programs as Zoom and charge individuals for an hour session on how to practically engage Procreate and help them learn the program and make money on their own.


21. Upwork

There are many freelance websites that you can take advantage of as an individual who is well familiar with Procreate.

By logging on to a website such as, you can take advantage of any graphic design freelance opportunities that become available.

As part of your file, you can list yourself as proficient with the use of Procreate and be able to meet the needs of any graphic design job opportunities that present themselves.


22. Freelancer

Another freelance website that you can take advantage of to determine if any graphic design or employment opportunities are requiring an individual with artistic talents can be accessed by going to


23. Fiverr

You can also use like Upwork and Freelancer.


24. Zazzle

Another online retail site that you can access and sell your creations made from Procreate is by logging on to

Through this site, you can upload your art quickly and get about the business of earning money through the selling of your creations.


25. Society6

Society6 is another online site where you can list some of your creations brought to life through Procreate.

Individuals/customers are always browsing on Society6 to see what sort of artistic work is being accomplished and if it’s something that resonates with them, they may purchase that graphic design and then have it placed on an article of clothing, coffee cup, purse, etc..


Making Money With Procreate FAQs


Can You Create Animation With Procreate?

Yes it is possible to create animation with procreate and there are several tutorials and YouTube videos that will help the individual learn the process.


Can You Create Audio Effects on the Procreate App?

At this time that functionality is not available.


You Can Do It

You have a creative flair and have become very proficient through the use of the app on the iOS platform known as Procreate.

It is important to follow through on your creativity to not only continue to use this application but now demonstrate your confidence in your creations and offer these items to others for sale to enjoy.



There are many opportunities for an individual to use the technology of today to not only advance their creativity but use that creativity as a way of generating additional revenue.

It is no longer about paint by number, but it is about the tool of Procreate to provide you all of the functionality to “draw outside the lines” and create works of art.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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