Do you want to make money with memes? If yes, then this is an article you will find very useful.

It reveals what you should know about memes, their uses, and how to make them.

Most importantly, this article reveals how to make money with memes.


What Are Memes?

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A meme is defined by the online Oxford Dictionary as a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by internet users.

Yes, these Internet memes are through social media platforms and especially for humorous purposes.

Lifewire also explains a meme as:

A meme is a virally transmitted image embellished with text, usually sharing pointed commentary on cultural symbols, social ideas, or current events.

A meme is typically a photo or video, although sometimes it can be a block of text.

So, memes are images, videos, or texts transmitted on the Internet with humorous them and that could go viral.

They are mostly animated GIFs with texts that are shared online.

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What Are the Uses of Memes?

  • They help brands to get higher engagement with their audience.
  • They are created to provide significant contributions toward social issues.
  • They share information in a fun and memorable way.
  • They are a cost-effective way of marketing and reaching an audience.


Formats in Which Memes Are Made

Memes are made in different formats that appeal to the target audience.

Most memes come as still photos, animated GIFs, videos, songs, texts, and fun expressions.

Quality Logo Products blogs reveals that the most popular memes of all times include:

  • Condescending Wonka
  • Grumpy Cat
  • Doge
  • Bad Luck Brian
  • Y u no
  • Futurama Fry
  • First World Problems
  • One does not simply
  • The most interesting man in the world
  • Aliens guy


How to Make Money With Memes (12 Easy Ways)


1. Set Up a Meme-focused Instagram Page

If you have an Instagram account then use this account to make money with memes.

Create an Instagram meme account and post funny and inspiring memes.

Whether you post the memes you have created or those of your friends, it doesn’t matter.

You simply need to post and share memes that appeal to your followers.

You can build a large following when people check out your posts.

On this account, you can sell ads and sponsored posts for money.

Another way to make money with Memes via Instagram is by monetizing your Instagram account.

You can start selling meme merchandise with it.

Making money with Memes via Instagram is very effective but it is also a highly competitive option.

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2. Create Memes for Brands

You can make money with memes by creating memes for brands.

If you are a ‘memer’ with great skills then brands can hire and pay you to make memes for them.

You could be hired as a professional meme-maker and get paid when you have completed the project you were hired for.

So, use your meme-making skill, pop culture knowledge, and dose of humor to create a meme for brands’ marketing campaigns.

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3. Create Real Products Based on Memes

You can create products with themes based on popular memes.

Using the inspiration of popular products, you can make money selling those products to people.

It would interest you to know that you can create both digital and non-digital products.

For digital products, you can sell them at online marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, and other similar platforms.

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4. Repurpose and Sell Unfinished Memes

You can also make money with memes when you sell unfinished memes.

Yes, you can repurpose and sell memes that were created by others.

All you need to do is use your creativity to tweak any available meme.

You can give a whole new theme to the meme and make it your own.

Also, it would interest you to know that some customers are eager to pay for unfinished works.

One great idea you should check out is to create or repurpose memes and dedicate them to some songs or products.

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5. Use Affiliate Marketing to Promote Memes

You can make money with memes through affiliate marketing.

If you sign up with an affiliate marketing network, then you should expect to earn a commission when someone buys a product you have promoted through your affiliate code or link.

If you create quality memes, then it is possible they can help generate traffic or sales to you.

You can create some memes for your blog, website, or social media platforms and see which ones produce more sales and traffic.

To make money with memes via affiliate marketing, ensure you promote items that your followers want.

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6. Open a Meme Etsy Shop

Etsy is an online platform where a lot of people go to display, promote and sell their creativity.

You can sign up with Etsy to promote and sell your memes.

You can simply do this by selling memes merchandise on this platform.

Since memes are printable stuff, you can easily use Etsy to market and sell handmade or third-party merchandise on your online marketplace.

You sell merchandise like mugs, shirts, books, arts and crafts.

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7. Make Money Teaching Others to Make Memes

If you are very good with meme-making then you can start to teach others how to make it.

Yes, you can teach others the art of meme-making and get paid for your effort.

You can create an online course where you teach readers the step-by-step process of meme-making.

This course can be set for download for those who pay.

Another way to teach others how to make memes is to record yourself in audio and sell to those interested in an audio message.

You can upload and sell your online courses in the form of ebook, audio, or video formats on some popular platforms.

These platforms include:

  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • Teachable
  • Pathwright

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8. Make Memes for Others

You can start making good money with memes if you can create great ones that could go viral.

Instead of creating personal memes, you can decide to create for others.

You can work as a freelancer and get connected through freelance platforms like Upwork and

You can also offer your service through Facebook Group and other social media platforms.

A lot of people cannot create memes but you can leverage this to make money for them.

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9. Make Meme Compilations on YouTube

You can make meme compilations as a way of making money with memes.

All you need to do is upload different memes on video sites like YouTube.

You will make money through the ads which would be posted on your channel.

Of course, to attract ads for your meme compilation, your posting must be unique and valuable.

Remember not to violate copyright laws if you are making a compilation of memes created by others.

YouTube is a great avenue where many meme creators utilize to make money. You too should take advantage of this option.

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10. Sell Trendy Memes Before Others

You can start making money with memes by selling trendy memes before others.

Yes, all you need to do is check out the database of platforms or websites where memes are posted.

Be the first to promote and sell any that you feel could become trendy or go viral.

You may not be able to access these memes but you can use the idea behind them to create your version.

Also, if you find a popular meme that relates to your brand or product then you create and sell such to make money.

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11. Land Meme Creator Jobs on Fiverr

You can sign up with Fiverr and start making money with memes.

If you have the creative ability to make memes then you can become a freelance writer at Fiverr.

Small and medium-sized businesses can contact you to create and sell memes for them.

Yes, they can outsource their marketing needs to you to save costs.

You can set the rate at which you create and sell memes to these businesses.

If you want to make the most selling on Fiverr, you can create a portfolio ready to show to potential clients.

If you are very good with what you do, then it would always be easy to land Fiverr jobs.

In case you are not too sure of how memes on Fiverr works, you can search for “memes” on the Fiverr website.

You will find different memes gigs and generate your memes ideas from there.

People are charging anywhere from $5 to $25+ to create memes and videos for businesses and other clients.

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12. Craft and Sell Meme-Based Products

You can make money with memes by using popular memes and turn them into real products.

If you have a meme that has become popular on Instagram, then you can leverage the engagement can create a real product.

Take inspiration from the meme, create a real product and sell in the marketplace.

For instance, if you have an engaging meme about the book, then create a real meme on this merchandise and sell it to schools.

You can take inspiration from the 2018 popular nut button meme that generated more than $200,000 for college grads.

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As this article has shown, you can make money with memes these days.

This article went further to explain more about how it works and the many different ways anyone can make money online with memes.

You can also make good money if you have great skills and market them properly.

The popularity of your meme will give you fast money.

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