Yes, you can earn money using Google Maps.

This article throws light on how and best tips to help make that possible – as many as 25 best ways and tips to really making money with Google Maps.



There are many ways to get from where you are to where you want to be.

The problem is that if you don’t know the area or the road to travel that can be an issue.

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Some of the ways to reach your destination could include :

  • Being adventuresome, set out traveling, and go by your instincts
  • You can ask for directions
  • Have someone be your guide and goes with you
  • Obtain a map that outlines the way
  • Use GPS

The other way in which you can reach your destination when not knowing a route to travel is through Google Maps.

Google Maps is a powerful tool on the Google website.

The traveler simply needs to put in their current location, and their destination and Google maps will do the rest.

That process includes a visual outline of how to get from point A to point B, written directions on how to reach your destination, the number of hours that will take depending upon your mode of transportation, the number of miles, and much more.

In addition to providing this personal transportation direction service, Google Maps does so much more.

In fact, there are ways that an individual can earn money through Google Maps.

Entering that destination of earning money through Google Maps let us take a look at how to get to that point.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Help Earn Money With Google Maps


1. Know all about Googe Maps 

Google Maps is a service that Google offers at no charge to individuals who wish to use the features that the application provides.

Through this service, detailed information is provided about various geographical regions globally.


2. Route Planner

The common service that a significant number of individuals utilize Google Maps for is to plan their destination by starting with their trip itinerary from where they began to where they will end up.

The service will then map out to the individual the various routes that they can utilize to get to their destination and tell them the specifics about the journey which include time and distance.

The route planner can be utilized by:

  • Walker’s
  • Bikers
  • Public transportation travel
  • Drivers


3. Google Maps Application 

Another feature of Google Map is the Google Maps Application Program Interface (API).

This feature allows for the administrators of various websites to link Google Maps to their various sites or links.

This is an extremely beneficial feature as it relates to companies wishing to:

  • Give travel instructions
  • Used for realtors
  • Community service pages
  • Etc


4. GPS 

Google Maps also offers a global positioning system (GPS).

This feature syncs with the mobile device of an individual and through that process, along with a wireless and a cellular network, allows for the individual to see specifically where they are at using the GPS locator.


5. Google My Business 

Another outstanding feature is when you Google a business or type of business listings of that type of business or business name will appear along with their position on a Google map.

You can click on the specific business and receive directions as well as other pertinent information about the business.

That other information would include:

  • Its services offered
  • Hours of operation
  • Whether it is open
  • Address
  • Phone Number


6. Street Maps 

A very powerful feature of Google Maps is when you have gone to a specific location and the Google Map is on your display there is an icon representing a human figure.

When you click that icon you are taken to the street level of the area that you are viewing and can navigate along that street as if you were in a vehicle and take advantage of that viewing perspective.

This is a panoramic view that can be obtained and can be moved 360° to capture the full visual.


Online Marketing Consultant


7. Type of Business – City

The first step in earning money through Google Maps is to open up Google Maps and type in the name of a large city.

Any major city, it doesn’t matter where.

The second step would be to select a type of service business.

Samples of those types of business could include:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrician
  • Handyman
  • Roofing
  • Etc.

You then want to look for a particular company that hasn’t claimed their business, reach out to them and talk to them about the importance of claiming their business to improve recognition and sales.


8. Ranking

When you have selected a city and a particular service the return reflected on your concrete screen will show the top companies as it relates to their Google ranking.

This ranking is important because the higher ranking is almost an endorsement of the service that you provide and individuals looking for that service in that city will most likely look at the top companies to conduct is in his with.

The strategy then from this point forward is to reach out to companies with a lower-ranking to help them improve and get noticed and increase business.


9. Zero Reviews

When looking at these companies on your computer screen, based on your city and service search, look for those companies that have no reviews listed under their company information.

These are also good candidates that you may possibly work with to help them improve their ranking by getting noticed by customers and potential customers.


10. Claimed

Another important way of connecting with these businesses to improve their rankings is to look for those companies that are defined and have not indicated, by the owner, their claiming ownership.

A valuable service that you can render to the business owners is by reaching out to them and sharing with them the importance of claiming their business.

You can do this at no charge for the individual and begin to work on a business connection as they may possibly feel obligated to reciprocate your act of kindness.


11. Zero Reviews

Another company that may benefit from your service is those companies in which there are no reviews listed by customers evaluating the service that they received.

Customers looking for a product or service rely upon the experience of others and that experience is generally reflected in their customer reviews.

Therefore, a good customer review is an indicator to other individuals that the service or product was good or exceptional and therefore the potential of that service being consistent with others is a strong possibility.


12. Claimed

It is also important that a business be claimed by the owner.

This can be accomplished with the individual logging onto Google maps and in the search bar entering the business name.

The business name is then accessed and the link indicating “Claim this Business” is accessed.

There is a verification option and then the individual just needs to follow the online steps.

The business owner can do this or he or she can grant you permission to make this happen.

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13. Monthly Fee – Keep Them There – SEO

As part of your agreement with the business owner, once you increase their rankings, you can negotiate a monthly fee in which you will keep their rankings high and continually increase those rankings.

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This can be done by search engine optimization, following all of the processes already established, continuing to work on product reviews, etc.


14. Arbitrage

In working with these companies that want to improve their rankings and utilize your services you can through use utilize the arbitrage process.

The arbitrage process means that you work with another individual that can be found on freelancing websites such as  or and hire qualified individuals and pay them from the profit that you receive from the companies who are utilizing your services.


As a Business Owner Googe Map Pak


15. What is Google Maps Pack?

When a consumer or potential customer looking for your business service or product utilizes keywords through the Google search bar they are provided a number of results.

Often, the results reflecting the product or service will populate the screen and are ranked for that particular business as an option for the consumer to utilize.

There are three businesses that are incorporated into this featured group of businesses and often a sponsor or ad is displayed near these three listings.

The basic information of these businesses is listed which includes:

  • Basic business summary
  • Address
  • Business hours
  • Price range
  • Featured Photo

Statistics indicate that Google Maps Pack reflects as much as 44% of the total clicks on any results conducted through the search engine.


16. Appearance Of Businesses

The appearance of the businesses is based on a number of factors and various algorithms that the Google site utilizes.

There is no guarantee that your business will be listed amongst the top numbers of the businesses searched for in a city.


17. Claim Your Business

One of the steps that you can take as a business owner in order to get a quality listing as a result of a search conducted on your service is to claim your business.

This can be accomplished by utilizing Google My Business and managing the information that you have the opportunity to provide.


18. Polishing Your Google My Business Listing

There are a number of action steps or ways that you can ensure that your business gets the attention that it deserves.

Some of those action steps include:

  • Utilizing your actual business name
  • Check for any errors in your data
  • Provide as much detail as possible
  • Original and engaging copy for your business description
  • Maintain your address and don’t do any variations
  • Use a local number
  • High-quality business
  • And check periodically with any new information or provide updates


19. Leverage Online Reviews

Online reviews are important to other customers and therefore increase your business.

This is the rationale behind Google’s approach to its rankings and factoring in quality reviews.

Quality reviews by customers add a dynamic dimension to ranking your business.

The standard of a review should be a four-star rating or above as this is deemed more trustworthy by individuals considering your product or service.

If a review falls below the four stars a possible strategy is to reach out to that consumer and find a way to enhance their interaction with the effort of trying to increase that review to a four-star or above.

The more reviews that are good to excellent will enhance your ranking and therefore the potential of gaining new customers.

A good strategy is to always encourage your customers to provide a review as part of the service provided to them.

To encourage customers to review the possibility of providing a discount on their next purchase could be provided.

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20. Citations

Citations are the mention of your business name on the web accompanied with other pertinent information that has a link back to your website.

Citations can be included in various business listings such as:

  • Online directories (City Directories, Yellow Pages)
  • Social media sites
  • Other search engines
  • Online websites that provide reviews (Trip Advisor or Yelp)
  • Blogs


21. Community Engagement

Another possibility of increasing your rankings with Google Maps and earning money through your increased business activity is being engaged in your local community.

Examples of this could include working with your local Chamber of Commerce involved in partnering with other local businesses, participating in charities, etc.


Map Analyst


22. What You Will Do

As a map analyst, your primary job would be to prepare maps, create data sets, and maintain databases for a company.

In this case an employment position as a mapping analysis with Google.


23. Qualifications

To be a map analyst would require:

  • Strong IT skills
  • Understand and work with complex databases
  • Detail-oriented
  • Good communication skills
  • Problem solver
  • Having a bachelor’s degree in a particular area such as earth, science, geography, etc.


24. Lionbridge 

A company that offers a map analyst exam is Lionbridge.

Passing this exam would go a long way towards working with Google Maps as one of their significant clients is Google.


25 Apply for a Job 

The size and scope of the Google Corporation require a significant employment team.

Ways that you can search to see if any Google career opportunities are available and specifically as a map analyst can be found on their career web page.

That web page can be accessed by clicking here.


Personal Story

Part of my job role and description with a not-for-profit was to visit the various chapters and provide assistance as needed.

Often that assistance involved working with the volunteer board, helping with communication, and sometimes fundraising.

My wife was retired so we had the flexibility with her being able to travel with me and sometimes we had the opportunity to stay overnight in a different town to conduct business (of course, any expenses involving my wife were covered by us personally).

The night before I would check with Google Maps to find out how to get there before I had GPS, sometimes find a motel and use the features of Google map to find out what was in the immediate vicinity so that she wouldn’t spend the day bored but would have something to do.

The search also included what restaurants were nearby where she could eat.

The use of Google Maps, especially in the light of our challenging situation currently, was a meaningful feature that we utilized, and made great memories of traveling together.


How to Earn Money by Google Maps FAQs


How Does Google Maps Block Out License Plates?

Google uses a process known as blurring.

This is a commitment by Google to protect the privacy of an individual one Street view imagery is provided.

The technology blurs out the faces and license plates of those items that are captured on Google maps

Also, you can make a written request to Google through the report a problem tool and request any additional features of your particular area that you wish to blur or make the item you’re concerned about unreadable.


What Other Commitments Does Google Make as It Relates to Content That is Not Appropriate.

The policy of Google maps does not provide for the following visual content:

  • Intellectual property violations
  • Sexual content
  • Violent or illegal content
  • Harassment and threats of hate speech
  • Terrorist content
  • Child endangerment
  • Personally identifiable information


You Can Do It

When it comes to Google ways to make money abound.

In this case, earning money through Google Maps is something that you can do for others, as a business owner, or by becoming an employee of Google.



The Internet continues to be the new frontier as it relates to learning, teaching, being knowledgeable, communicating, conducting business, and so much more.

Additionally, the Internet provides many moneymaking opportunities.

One of those significant moneymaking opportunities is through the Google platform and specifically through Google maps.

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