Yes, you can really make money with Blender!

This article reveals exactly 25 best ways and tips to really help you make money with Blender.


Why Earn Money With Blender?

Have you ever noticed how easily and quickly children can become tired or bored of new games or toys that they have received?

It seems like once the initial excitement has worn off or all of the capabilities of the toy have been experienced, then it’s time for the child to move on to another toy or even play with the packaging that the gift came in.

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The same can be said of our love and appreciation for software that is made available to us and can enhance our lives and bring us great joy, bring productivity and even help us to earn money in the process.

One of those software packages is known as Blender and its ability to create all sorts of moving Graphics in 3D format makes it a fascinating and almost limitless learning potential for new and wonderful things to accomplish.

Unpackaging this software let us explore possibilities and ways of the software earning us money.


Personal Story

Recently I found that I had some significant time on my hands and decided to learn more about the Excel software.

I’ve always enjoyed Excel and the use of formulas, recording data, and some other minor functions that I dabbled with and utilized.

But I knew that there was so much more to the Excel program and so during one short time frame on an afternoon I looked up a variety of websites to learn about formatting, creating calendars, conditional formatting, etc.

With each new feature that I learned, my excitement grew but even to this day I still have not plummeted nor do expect to understand or capture the full potential of just that one software program.

So it is with Blender and the possibilities of utilizing this program to the full and making money.


5 Tips to Help You Make Money With Blender


1. Know More About Blender

Blender software is available at no charge and can be downloaded on an individual’s computer.

The software is 3D animation software and has the functionality that can be used by both professionals and amateurs alike.


2. Know What You Can Do

With Blender, there are some significant 3D creations that can be brought to life.

Animated films utilize 3D graphics, 3D printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications, etc.

Its functionality can be utilized in computer games, providing virtual reality, and the creation of artwork.


3. No Cost

As indicated, Blender is provided at no cost and can be downloaded by going to

As an open-source 3D animation software the only requirements would be compatible with your computer which would require a 64-bit dual-core 2 GHz CPU, at least 4 GB of RAM, a 1280×768 monitor display, and a three-button mouse.


4. History

Blender is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and was founded in 2002.

Similar to other Tech giants, Ton Roosendaal work from his attic and grew it into one of the more successful Animation Studios in his country.

In 1994, work on Blender software began, and in 1995 was released to the public.

Through a crowdfunding campaign entitled Free Blender, sufficient money was raised to purchase back the software and in 2002, Blender was released under the terms of the general public license as an open-source contract.


5. Know How Blender Makes Money



Blender itself obviously needs revenue to support its own business transactions and that support comes through donations made by individuals as well as partners from the business world.

Donations are made to the Blender Foundation and donors have an option of participating with as little as $6 per month in providing financial support.



Another revenue stream generated by Blender is through the use of subscriptions.

Customers can pay 9.99 Euros per month to access all training assets provided through films.

Also, the library contains a variety of other training videos on how to use different types of software.


Merchandise Sales

Other revenue generated for Blender includes the sale of merchandise.

The merchandise is available on its own online store and can include books, socks, t-shirts, and more.


Annual Conferences

Blender also has an annual conference in individuals can attend.

The attendance is at a cost of 299 Euros.



Blender also utilizes the use of ads to generate revenue.

Often these ads are found on YouTube channels and with over 1 million subscribers and tens of millions of views, it has obviously gained significant attention.

If partnering with Blender, the channels get to keep 55% of the revenue generated with 45% going to YouTube.


17 Best Ways to Make Money With Blender


1. YouTube Channel

If you are proficient at Blender, you can create your own YouTube channel and use the site as a tutorial to teach others how to use Blender.

You can begin with the basics of the program and begin to move the individual who is subscribed or follows your Channel through the entire program and advance with each new tutorial presented and posted.

Monetization can come through support from your followers, affiliate advertising, sponsorships, and offering premium content to subscribers.


2. Blog

Another great way to monetize your understanding of your proficiency with Blender is to create a blog.

A blog site can be set up by logging on to and the blog can be the writing about everything pertaining to Blender.

For example, you could write about different functions that you have discovered, how to monetize Blender, etc.


3. Custom 3D Stock Photos/Videos

If you enjoy the areas of modeling, then you can utilize Blender as an opportunity to provide these 3D photos and sell them.

You can go to online CGI communities and find out what participants on the sites are having trouble finding or need additional options.


4. Video Game Development

Video games will rely heavily upon 3D software and although Blender is not considered a major player at this point, it is beginning to be noticed and utilized in the development of gaming in the gaming world.

The possibilities or trends of Blender will be more of an important part of the gaming industry.


5. Selling 3D Models

The forte of Blender is the ability to create 3D displays.

If you have created a number of 3D models through Blender, it is important to post your work and let potential buyers know that they are for sale.

Sites such as Turbo Squid, CG trader, 3D export, and more are interested in purchasing 3D models.


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6. Digital Prints

Individuals are always looking for unique artwork that can be displayed in their homes, offices, etc.

Therefore, if you have a penchant for developing landscapes, capturing city skylines, interior exterior scenes, or anything artistically created that could be considered wall art you should think about offering those items for sale.

Some of the sites where you can display your creativity could include or


7. 3D Rendering Service

If you have a background in computer programming, engineering, or graphic design, this particular money-earning option takes the 3-D models created in Blender and formats them into images that are more suitable for printing or displaying.

You can work with a client in real-time and the customer can download the created video without the need for a 3-D animator.



8. Sell eBook

There are many tutorials available on the web that help an individual learn about Blender.

Some of these tutorials can be a blending of words along with visual teaching resources to help in the instruction.

A possibility of being part of this educational component in teaching others to learn about the software of Blender is the creation of your own e-book to provide an added dimension and added teaching dimension to those wishing to learn how to use Blender.

For more information about publishing your own e-book, you can go to https //


9. Sell Animation

Another sales option is direct sales to your customers through your linked Blender account.

After creating a file on Blender and linking your account to your profile, you can utilize the animation services tab on the left side of the screen.

Here you can select what type of 3-D animation you wish to have available for sale.

Your customers can access this area and also you can sell your 3-D animation on websites such as and Amazon.


10. Sell 3D Models

When you have created 3-D models, and you like what you have created it would be the opportunity to start thinking about selling 3-D models.

One such site where you can sell your 3D models would be

On this particular website, you upload your models and pay for that to happen.

You will be then given access to a unique URL for each particular 3-D model.

Also, Blender has a built-in marketplace where this same process can be accessed and followed through on.


11. CG Trader

A website that you can access that is focused on Europe is

On this website, you can unload a number of models and once a sufficient amount has been reached, the website will give you access to their analytics.

When you reach this point, the website will work with you to show you specific categories of 3-D assets that are in high demand from customers.

You then can focus on this particular niche of the 3-D market and begin to sell your products.


12. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a blend of video editing with animation.

Motion graphics are frequently used in the world of marketing and advertising and is an opportunity for the user of Blender to create motion graphics and earn passive income.


13. Modeling and Texturing Game Assets

With a little experience in modeling, 3-D art, or fixturing you can utilize your proficiency at Blender to build a business around the creation of assets needed for gamers.

Many companies hire 3-D artists to create these assets for their games on a freelance basis.

This is a highly competitive industry and the creation of game assets is not only utilized by the purchasing companies but the companies in turn sell them to other companies to make a profit.


14. Freelancing

You can work as a freelancer with this type of work being in great demand by individuals.

One such site could be through

Upon being registered for this site, you can do a variety of searches utilizing keywords such as designers and developers and apply for these freelancing jobs and perform the work that is needed.


15. Animated Web Series

One of the trends that are in demand right now is 3D animation.

By being proficient at Blender, you can earn money by creating your own animated web series.

This can be put together by creating a professional-looking web series that can be accomplished in a matter of weeks and then earn revenue from your work.

Also, a good way to get exposure for your work is to upload a video to YouTube and even add a PayPal button so that supporters can appreciate your work and provide monetary support.


16. Teaching

The old saying is teachers teach because they can’t do it.

This is not true as it relates to knowing about Blender software.

Not only do you know the product, but you can teach others how to utilize this product and in turn make their own particular money as it relates to what they have learned.

Several schools offer Blender courses, and you can be part of the teaching staff to help in this process.

Some of those educational sites could include schools, colleges, and community centers.


17. Product Visualization

Product visualization videos are short in duration that highlight a product and its various features.

This can prove to be very engaging and highly valuable.

Often these videos are picked up and shared on social media and have the potential of engaging viewers to generate significant amounts of traffic.

If you are able to utilize and engage in this process, you can set up your own studio and sell videos to companies that wish to promote their products.


Making Money With Blender FAQs


Why Is Blender So Popular?

The popularity of blender is due to not only it being a free license and available to all but has great functionality with all of the tools that are equipped and software.

Specifically, these tools for texturing and lightning.

In addition to its primary use being for videogames and is now a go-to software for a number of other 3-D printing and graphic presentations.


As a User of Blender What Types of Jobs Would Be a Good Match With the Skill Set?

Types of jobs that would be a great match with your proficiency at Blender would include:

  • Graphics designer
  • Character designer
  • Video editor
  • Freelance artist
  • Concept designer
  • And more


You Can Do It

You enjoy the public domain software Blender and enjoy creating 3-D animations and models, etc.

It is now time to put that creativity and hard work into dollars and cents by selling some of your creations to others who have a need for what you have created.



We don’t live in a one-dimensional world.

With the advent of 3-D printing, 3-D graphics, etc., our world has become even more creative looking especially as it relates to our interaction with computer-generated graphics, games, photos, animations, etc.

Another added benefit is that there is an increasing demand for these products and the skill set that brings these 3-D items to life.

Consequently, people will pay good money for good quality three-dimensional graphics, animations, and other designs.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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